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MMD warns presidential hopefuls

Headlines MMD warns presidential hopefuls

A senior Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) official in Kafue, Lusaka Province has warned of disciplinary action against district party officials found campaigning for MMD presidential aspirants before the final whistle is blown.

MMD Kafue District Chairman Goodson Sansankuwa sounded the warning in an interview with ZANIS today saying he was aware that despite the president’s advice notto start presidential campaigns, some self proclaimed presidents were busy introducing themselves in some wards of the district.

Mr Sansakuwa who could not disclose the names of presidential hopefuls noted that the MMD succession should be left to the president alone.

He said all aspiring presidential candidates have been advised to stop declaring their interest before the party shortlists its own preferences and adopts the right candidate who will be floated for the 2011 elections.

And Mr Sansakuwa has disclosed that preparations for this year’s branch and ward elections in Kafue are progressing well and all contestants are ready.

Mr Sansakuwa said elections at the lower party structures in the district have reached an advanced stage with a lot of highly educated people showing interest to contest various positions as per announcement recently made by the party’s national executive committee.

Mr Sansakuwa who is also Kafue District Council Chairman and Kasenji MMD ward councillor said that he was happy with the calibre of people who are showing interest in contesting the elections at branch level because educated people previously used to shun politics as they thought it was meant for thugs.

He said intellectuals should realise that they can also contribute to national development by participating in party elections such as those MMD will hold.

Mr Sansakuwa has also advised those with intentions of joining the MMD to get familiar with the party’s regulations and manifesto

He warned that MMD in Kafue will not support any imposter not conversant with party regulations and procedures to avoid misleading members.

Mr Sansakuwa said he will defend his position as District Party Chairman when district elections are held. He boasted of being a NEC material and capable of taking the party to greater heights.

Meanwhile, Acting United Liberal Party (ULP) Secretary General Sikwindi Sitwala and the entire Mumbwa ULP constituency executive has with immediate effect resigned from ULP to join the United Party for National Development (UPND).

Mr. Sitwala together with over 5 000 party cadres announced their resignation at a media briefing in Lusaka today.

Mr. Sitwala explained that his exit from ULP has been necessitated by dictatorial tendencies exhibited by ULP leader Sakwiba Sikota.

He cited the nomination of people to sit on the National Constitutional Conference (NCC) as one such issue where the ULP leader allegedly single-handedly chose people to sit on the NCC without the input of other party members.

Mr. Sitwala said the decision to join UPND was based on the fact the UPND is democratic and has an able leadership.


  1. HK
    Teta rightly advised Levy not to impose Maureen on the MMD because Zambia wants to take a break from the Mwanawasa FAMILY TREE. If Levy insists on his wife taking over the reigns,then MMD will end up being like UNIP.It will even be worse for MMD because it`s a bankrupt party without any tangible assets.

  2. President Maureen Mwananwasa
    President Magande
    ” Chituwo
    ” Mulongoti
    ” Prof.Chirwa
    ” Pande (Kabinga)
    ” Mutati (Felix)
    ” Shakafuswa
    naba Sata,HH, Sakwiba and Kavindele.Brothens,help which one?joke of the day

  3. bet we always looking at one side of the coin and thus blinds us from seeing the bigger picture. “Barking dogs do not bite!!”

    zambia needs clean break!!

  4. #3 Joe Danza, You have a point. U president wa bowoka pa Zed mudala. We need to think Big. Maureen Mwanawasa will definately be hand picked by the husband to be the presidential candidet. Honestly Maureen, Mr Magande, Mr Chitubo ,Mulongoti, Mutati, Shakafuswa, Sata, HH,Sakwiba, Kavindele, and now its Shikapwashya. Mayo mwebantu, I can hardly see a presidential among the above. May Prof. Chirwa.

  5. Ya! iyi politics yatu niyovuta.It’s like Zambia is fond of these oldtimers politicians, are you telling me that we don’t have young fresh minds to lead us? why do we have to keep these old folks on the reign? Zambian presidency has been lowered to that of like ba MP. Over 30 years independence, numerous graduates from UNZA, we are still trailing. The biggest problem with Zambia is illiteracy,a few corrupt politicians and the majority of bakaponya consists Zambian politics.

  6. In the absence of a party Vice President, the race is open to all! Let people start campagning and the electorate will decide. Learnt anything from Thabo Mbeki and the ANC?

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