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ZNBC will not Televise AFCON matches

General News ZNBC will not Televise AFCON matches

The Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) says the vigorous campaign in both print and electronic media to raise the necessary funds has failed to generate the K5.7 billion to broadcast the MTN Africa Nations Cup tournament.

ZNBC Director General Joseph Salasni says the corporation has since given up efforts to scout for K5 billion, as only about K788 million has so far been raised for the tournament which kicks off this coming Sunday.

Addressing the press in Lusaka today, Mr. Salasini noted that time has run out for the corporation to secure the balance of K5 billion.

“As Director General of ZNBC, I have the solemn duty and burden to face and inform the nation about this unpleasant position,” he said.

He observed that although the response from the business community and individuals has been quite impressive, K5.7 billion was out of reach for the corporation.

A 30-member Zambian contingent consisting of players and officials including coach Patrick Phiri has since jetted into Ghana in readiness for the tournament.
Zambia is in Group C with Sudan, Cameroon and defending champions Egypt.
The Ghana 2008 MTN Africa Cup of Nations commences this Sunday 20th of January, 2008.


  1. This is digusting and embarrassing. ZNBC should have started efforts to raise that money last year and not at the last minute Selasini should just own up and resign for failing the common man on the street. Maybe he has shares in DSTV and that could be the reason he left the whole thing till the last minute. Resign or let somebody just fire this chap. And where does he take our 3 pin?

  2. Its a shame coz even eurosport will be showing all the games live, just shows how poor we are as a nation, even private companies can out-do as now.

  3. Where is Mathani?? This is the situations in which we need those business donating to MMD to show how they love Zambian. Chinese Investors, here you are, show them guys. Mopani Mines if you want to win hearts of zambian people, pay for the thing they love most FOOTBALL, I bet they will forgive you for your acid/chemical accidents in their drinking water. Its only K5billion people, its not much. Katele, Chiluba and your friend Yoram Mumba show them guys. Maybe Mr. Kavidele can sign a cheque.

  4. yaba,, wibilima,ur so hilarious you have made me laugh..indeed the mines and all those companies financially stable should come through for the poor zambians.barclays bank here is a chance to shine maybe you might just regain your lost glory.

  5. Too sad this is happening to us Zambians in the 21st century,ZNBC shuld have known about this along time ago,and what about my hard earned 3 sawa that i pay every month…Viva la vito.

  6. Poor planning has put Zambia on its knees. This is the difference we have whites. How do you expect to raise K5b in 2 months to broadcast live matches? This campaign for funds should have started a year ago and by now the money would have sifficed to braodcast the macthes.
    This man called Joseph Salasini is a graduate in economics but he has failed to raise TV standards in Zambia and yet he is still in that office drinking coffee the whole day…..pa zed pa cabe cabe fye….

  7. Fi mwenye, ifima chinese, ifima lebanese ne fima somalians sonkeni akalupiya tutambe akamupila. We’ve done u a great favour by allowing u into zed.
    Mwanawasa naiwe wine kakongole 5bn kuli Mugabe.

  8. This is a sad day in Zambian soccer. it is an obsolute embarassment to the nation. The director general of ZNBC should not be spared but must be fired.His management team should lose their jobs.Whatever happened to strtegic planning? As national broadcaster ZNBC should have known its capacity and should have put measures in place.

  9. It is a sad day indeed. When are we Zambians going to stop begging? How can the whole of a DG go on and tell the nation that he has only managed 788 M out of 6 Billion? That is way below target . He needs to be fired for failling to meet his target.What happened to business Initiative ? we cant go on begging for ever. We need to be business minded and plan for the future.i feel for you fellow Zambians who rely on ZNBC.Since it is too late now the least a caring Govt would do is to pay up

  10. znbc are not serious. the reason is that they management knew that they need to pay so much money, last AFCON, znbc paid 3billion kwacha, now it is 5 billion, why didn’t they look for money all this time. and if we have about 2million Tv sets, *3 pin, that will give u more money. pilz znbc wake up u fools.

  11. pipo this is dullness at its peak. how can Salasini say he doesnt know about AFCON? The chap should be replaced. he knows that AFCON is after every 2 years and he said he did not know. Watch out Salasin or else i will replace you. I pity those who do not have DSTVs guys not that they like no it because they can not aford. so what next ba Zambia. Poor ZNBC close it or make serious shuffles.

  12. Eish… only if I was the MTN Zambia managing director. I mean this was a perfect opportunity for a company thats still finding its feet in the Zambian market.
    Imagin how much MTN would have earned through this ACN

  13. conducting match opinion polls through sms, providing 3G live match coverage, sms soccer bets etc, would have earned the company billions of Kwacha and their much needed new subscribuions.

  14. As much as am no pleased that ZNBC has only raised enough cash, two things to note:
    -ZNBC should have done more rather than coming out so late. Does anyone know when he started scouting for funds?
    -Fellow Zambians, this just highlights how weak our economy has become since the days the old guards left. We had serious companies like Lonrho, Mazembe, Anglo, our own ZCCM who will meet and easily absorb the cost of televising the matches-what is known as Social Corporate Responsibility.

  15. Continued from 19.
    Now we have the KCM Indians with high metal prices and they can not come up and show appreication for the resources they are milking. Selling assets in a corrupt way has killed us. This is true for the falling standards of football. You could not expect “Nkana” or “Mighty” to survive on its own like the way Man U or Real Madrid can. Chiluba got it wrong and Zambia is paying heavily for the useless blind privatisation-what a shame for mother Zambia

  16. As much as am no pleased that ZNBC has not raised enough cash, two things to note:
    -ZNBC should have done more rather than coming out so late. Does anyone know when he started scouting for funds?
    -Fellow Zambians, this just highlights how weak our economy has become since the days the old guards left. We had serious companies like Lonrho, Mazembe, Anglo, our own ZCCM who will meet and easily absorb the cost of televising the matches-what is known as Social Corporate Responsibility.

  17. You mean, actually, … ZNBC cannot raise 1.5 million US dollars?
    Yet Chiluba could spend that kind of money on clothes in one shopping spree? Ubelievable! Maybe our country is not as rich as we think. Maybe we should be worrying more about bread and butter needs for the people instead, since football is too expensive.

  18. nemesis, we pay 3000 kwacha everymonth, so if we have 2 mill TVs tht is 6 billion,and we were told if we pay it will show? than why the hell are they not showin.

  19. The 3 pin you pay is what enables you to watch what you watch on tv. Do not blame ZNBC, it is in a financial quandary just like yourself who is not able to subscribe to DSTV. Well done Salaseni for the effort. it is just unfortunate that you could not meet the target. So guys lets face reality not just yapping ifyabula amano.

  20. Fellas!the 3pin we pay goes to improve ZNBC’s workers condition of services and also paid as allowances for the crew covering ministers in rural area as they propagate, can some investigate? If you ask or look at ZNBC workers, they look somewhat happy comapared to before the TV license thing was introduced.Let us wait anything can happen the same happened when President Mwanawasa used his powers.am confident we are watching the match on small screans in our Tarvens

  21. ZNBC You have the money.Don’t tell people you don’t. Mwanawasa replace this chap with Prof Chirwa.Simple arithmetics-3,000,000 tvs by 3000 per month? This will give more you than the 5 billion grand you are looking at, and you will get some change to pay your Bosses.

  22. In the first place why should ZNBC rely on donations for such a broadcast? They have a duty to bring it to people. But since they are heavily subsidised by the state they have affected the market negatively and as such they cant make money out of their own industry. ZNBC may afford not to make money out of the industry but rivals cant. ZNBC cant be relying on “social corporate responsibility” when they are in an industry where they can make their own money. Govt must stop subsidising ZNBC Period

  23. Ubupuba ba Kolwe! Why does the government still hold on to an Institution they can not sustain? With private sector partnership, we would not be talking about such nonsense. This is the highlight and summit of African soccer. How then do they account, let alone refund the donations from the poorest of poor Zambians? I give up. So, when you pay, it will show – Mwanawasa and His Monkeys.

  24. K5billion is too much for ZNBC to sponser soccer on National TV .
    For those of you with DStv and GTV why dont you invite your friends to watch from your screens. It would be cheaper for ZNBC to screen these matches in Public Galleries in all the Villages by subscribing to GoTV.
    Be serious, ZNBC is poor and your 3pin is nothing but just to keep it running and LPM & Maureen on your face all the time.
    Even Nigeria Natnal TV cant afford!!!!.

  25. Poor marketing Strategy.ZNBC marketing should have started raising the money even 2 years ago and possibly ask international companies which have nvested in our mother country to contribute to this cause.

  26. #37 kuntanshi nikuno kwino no other future boi awe its too much mudala. Twachula pafula. pipo are getting more rich and the gap between the poor and the rich is too much boi.

  27. I hope the boys in Ghana are not aware that they are not being watched at home… it can demotivate them. The Mwanawasa govt has failed to capitalize on the ‘feel good factor’ it might benefit from the tournament. The breweries and watering holes with ZNBCTV only will not anticipate the good sales they dreamt of… the lucky few with DSTV are not spared,Zesco is not doing them any good either….I miss the days we used to have Dennis Liwewe soccer commentry on wire less radio- Chipolopolo iyee.

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