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Excommunicated Milingo urges married priesthood

Headlines Excommunicated Milingo urges married priesthood

Excommunicated Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo took his campaign for a married priesthood to the Pope’s backyard on Thursday at a raucous book presentation where supporters cheered him and critics shouted him down.

Milingo, dressed in the same Catholic clerical robes he wore when he was a Vatican official, sat with his demure Korean wife Maria Sung as he spoke in a Rome bookstore about a new book he co-authored called “Confessions of an Excommunicated Man”.

“We are claiming our rights. We are priests forever and we are members of the Catholic Church,” Milingo said, raising his voice at times when he was contested.

The Vatican excommunicated the 77-year-old archbishop in 2006, when, in a blaze of publicity in Washington, he ordained four married men as priests as part of his group “Married Priests Now”.

Milingo, who became famous as an exorcist and faith healer when he lived in Rome and Zambia in the 1980s and 1990s, has made it his new vocation to push for a married priesthood.

He says that only by allowing a married priesthood can the Church deal with the shortage of priests. According to some estimates there are at least 150,000 men who left the priesthood to marry and many want to return to the active clergy.

“The Church from the start was the Church of married apostles,” Milingo said. “Christ did not tell the apostles who were married to leave their wives,” he said to the applause of some in the bookstore in central Rome.

“You don’t understand anything about (Church) tradition,” one man shouted at Milingo.

Priests were permitted to marry during the first millennium of the Church’s history, before the celibacy rule was adopted at the start of the second millennium.

In 2001, the former archbishop of Lusaka, Zambia, stunned the Vatican when he disappeared and showed up in New York. There, he married Sung, a 43-year-old Korean woman chosen for him by the controversial South Korean-born evangelist Sun Myung Moon.

He attended a mass wedding in a tuxedo and kissed his white-gowned wife for the cameras in a ceremony in a hotel.

In his book Milingo calls Sung a “soul mate” sent by God.

Milingo later left Sung, rejoined the Church and went into seclusion for a year of rehabilitation in South America before he returned to Italy and moved into a convent near Rome.

But in 2006, he again went missing from the convent, turned up in Washington with Sung, and has been criticising the Vatican over its celibacy rule ever since.

“I am sure that the Holy Father can do much more to clarify the issue of celibacy,” Milingo said.

Pope Benedict has repeatedly reaffirmed the Church’s celibacy rule, saying it is a gift because priests can dedicate themselves fully to the Church, effectively marrying it.


  1. I might not understand what this guy is up to, but I like him and proud of him as a Zambian. It just shows how deeply convicted the man is about his beliefs so much so that he is willing to take on one of the biggest establishments in the world. That is the Zambian spirit. As a Zambian am proud of you man. I know the catholics on this blog are going to cream me. But Milingo, I like your determination. You are an Icon, man. A true genuine Zambian article. May your God help you in your cause.

  2. Chanda Phiri #1, couldn’t agree more, this guy rocks and hey….that mama looks good doesent she? I reale cant wait to see how the Daughters look. I got good looking sons.

  3. Hai guyz since Milingo decided to marry it would have been better,if left the priesthood alone. We now what happens there but if he is genuine and what to continue as a catholic he must denouns his priesthood and become a parish chairman. Since every clubs has its own rules, then as a member you have to obey the rules of that club, if you cant then the prefects will deal with you. It this case being excommunicated. Uku wanyata noku wanyata chimbwi afwile ntagalalo.

  4. So all these years you have been having sex behind the pope`s and the church`s back, milingo you are an hypocrite.
    How many women have you slept with, this is the highest form of hypocricy, you make us believe that you practise this and yet you where doing something else, shame on you.
    Leave the catholics alone and form your own organisation of hypocrites.

  5. its better to have an open minded person challenging the situation than having a bunch of priests and nuns pretending to practice celibacy and yet having sex worse of without condoms. Eg.The story of Priest who had sex with with a Child in Mansa and only to be tranfereed to another parish by the Catholic Adminstration is an indication that the Bishop himself and other priests who conspired to have him transfered could also be sex offenders otherwise he could have been suspended.

  6. # 4 How is Milingo a hypocrite? Milingo just got married and openly indicated that he nolonger believed in celibacy. How does this amount to hypocricy? A hypocrite is one who says something and completely does the opposite. E.g If press reports are true, the Bishop of Mansa may be sayed to be a hypocrite for tranfereing priest after being involved in Child defilement. The priest and a nunny who were found having sex in a car recently in Zambia are all good examples of hypocricy. Not Milingo

  7. Milingo is not an hypocrite infact he did well to come in the open and marry.I urge other priests to do the same instead of having illicit sex in privacy.by the way i also had a chance to thump one of the Nuns in ndola so as speaking from experience.

  8. To be honest i envy that man.First he so overwhelmed the world with his healing powers that the Vatican felt threatened enough to summon him to Rome so they could control him. Then he hooks up with rev Moon of all people and ends up laughing last with that gorgeous woman! And looking at the womans smile she is very content. more power Mlingo!

  9. Iwe who told you rules of the game can not be changed. Afterall the bible doesnt not disallow marriages. Its a personal choice to have a partner. When does sex becomes a sin, yet Gods first words are you go and multiply. How can you fulful this wihout doing it. After Milingo is not th first Paul to get married. John Paul the first was a married man before he become a Pope. Believe in what you and ask God to guid you.

  10. Easy #10 i find you to be a compulsive liar.When did john paul 1 marry? john paul 1 was a celibate priest, got elected to papacy in 1978 and only reigned for 33 days.Now tell me what you’re talking about.Get your facts right! don’t confuse people.Rules are rules , people that are fond of manipulating rules and laws so they could fit their selfish needs are never welcome in any society.

  11. This saga between Chiluba and Yoram is deepening. Chiluba should this time not be allowed to get off the hook, he should sue Mumba so that we know what really transpired. From what I think, Mumba has facts, it would also be interesting if the Post can ask Sikatana, Miyanda and other still surviving coup plotters to tell us the truth. For all I know, what has Mumba got to gain from this lie? Chiluba is now a stinking murderous thieving coup plotter.

  12. # 3 has a point that can lay this debate to sleep. ” EVERY CLUB HAS ITS OWN RULES” If Milingo wants to marry he can be a lot of things but not a priest.The rules of this club says you cant marry and be a priest.

  13. # 14 you are way out of line.As for Mr Milingo i would truly like to understand what he is trying to achieve.He claims to have those healing power and yet he does not use them reason being the church refused him to do so.He has kept quiet.When it comes to his marriage, he wants to challenge the Church. He seem to be exhibiting double standards.I agree with those who are saying every club has its rules.Mr Milingo leave our Church alone , you can make your own church you know

  14. For God to Creat man and woman he knew what he was doing. For the word having sex to exist there is a reason and same applies to marriage. There for a man shall leave his parents and marry the two shall be 1. He knows Roman Catholic has its rules. When being ordained he took oath and there after he remembered how nice the fruit was and he ignored his oath and married. Guys these things are nice beyond any explanation. we know them and we do them and we enjoy them.He should go to another church.

  15. Milingo has every right to protest and stay within the church. Who’s going to bring change to this hypocrisy where priests and nuns indulge in illicit sex. Let him stay in that club and denounce the hypocrits.

  16. The Roma Catholic should stop the abuse on our brothers thro out the world and marry.It is proved they need some, hence they should be allowed to marry.I would not trust a RC priest near any young boy.Go … Milingo go, maybe you can be the sensible pope afterall.

  17. Milingo was right to marry. He has confessed his sins of hypocrisy. In Africa, many priests and nuns do commit sex big time and some have brought forth children without the cildren knowing who their father is. Sadly, in Western countries, many priests and nuns do get involved in the sin of homosexuality. These are the hypocrites and not Milingo who has confessed.
    There’s a need for a revolution in the catholic Church and Milingo should be left to help bring such a revolution.

  18. the catholic church has made pipo loss the focus of God by the way they conduct themselves.u dont need to tell the universal church has being satanic but all is there to see that the catholic church practices thou saith man and the pope in particular.the celibacy thing and the batizing of infants,pagatory and many other beliefs are in themslves satanic.its time this church changed or many pipo will perish with it

  19. Milingo, go for it. the only thing we should tell milingo and Mary is that they should not look at Rev Moon as a Messiah. Jesus is the only Messiah.

    God bless married priests now

  20. I earlier said the catholic church is useless because of hypocrisy. Why is that there more catholic orphanages? The orphanages are the duelling place for the children of ordained priests and nuns. Priest and Nuns, like Africa #20 said, involve in a lot of sex and bear children whon the raise in orphaneges. This is hypocrisy of the highest order.

  21. Milingo is a mad, inconsistent and a disgrace to african norms. How do you allow a reverend Moon to choose a wife for you. Couldnt he find a nice Zambian lady for him when he decided to marry. There are a lot of former priests and nuns that have left without the fuss Milingo is creating. Do you campaign to eradicate a law after you have broken it.Priesthood is voluntary. If you cant cope then quit or form your own church. Leave the catholics alone. They too know what they are doing

  22. If priest has an eye for women marrying may not be the solution. Don’t we have scandalous Pastors who are married? LT can we have developmental topics other than covering incosistent mad men. I still remember the interview Ben Kangwa had with him the last he reconciled with the catholics. Sum everything up and he is a nut case and probably found himself stranded for finance after ditching the RCC. Moon now bankrolls his lifestyle and somehow he has got to pay back by recruiting the gullible

  23. Anonymous#24, You have asked an important question: “Why is that there more catholic orphanages?” I never thought of orphanages in this way and now I see sense why there were many ophanages when we never needed theem? You can understand why we have them now and not before 1990. Now, I know that these orphanages are the duelling place for the children of ordained priests and nuns. Theoretician, scandalous pastors do bad things of what they accept in marriage which these priests officially reject

  24. Quote
    *”He claims to have those healing power and yet he does not use them reason being the church refused him to do so”.
    I don’t know if this guy has ever attended Milingo’sprayers sessions at all,and i don’t even know how much he knows about what made Milingo be found in the vatican.Find out my brother and you will really learn how gifted the man is.How heused to perform miracles as a student at St Mary’s Serminary school,et al.You cancritisize this man anyway you feel like but not insult

  25. or stand against the power that the Lord Godgave him.
    DO you remember what happened to the “WHITES”,Racists who never believed in what the offered unto him?
    Do you know exactly where he comes from and which miracles he has performed?
    Brothers,lets not be so radicle especially with things we have no proof or have less information concerning them.
    You attend his prayer session,you don feel cheated like those guys who claim to heal but come with their own dramatists,take ya cash and go away…no.

  26. Ya ya like one guy said, The gentleman is said to have written a letter to the pope that please allow me to marry because I have developed high voltage! So which voltage are we talking!

  27. It is Satanic which milingo is practising, which man in zedian society will want to marry at 77. How effective can he be? Can he produce children? ALA BULOSHI FYE SHIKULU ULECITA.

  28. Viva milingo, those are the men we need in Africa, Men who can identify a mistake and not only complain but take actions. Such people are not easy to find.MILINGO YOU ARE MANY MEN IN ONE

  29. #4 Most of the conributors here are brainwashed by ideologies from Europe and have been made very straitjacketed by these foreign beliefs. They use these foreign beliefs and values to condemn their brethren. In Africa men and women are meant to marry. Someone cant come with their religion and impose his cultural values on us. #33 What is satanic about marrying at 77? Have an open mind. #20 Africa is right but dont restrict people to Jesus.

  30. milingo should just tell the whole world his agenda??? the rules of the game state that u take oarth on celibacy.. if you think u dont like it buzz off and join those that have taken the marriage path. Some how milingo has also NOT taken the marriage vow seriously because the MOON girl was practically forced on him.You actually dont have to campaign for a law that has already been broken by him…alot of nuns and priest have left and have married the men or women of their choice without bubbling

  31. Sex is probably the most sweetest thing you can ever!!! do with a female,milingo tried to hold on but he has also failed,many priest are doing it in private coz its so sweeeeet! but at 77 he has probably missed out alot,iam only 25 and guess what? i do it almost 3 times everyday continous contry men! ifi fintu fyalilowa ndemyeba.Milingo enjoy it whilst you can and good lucky!!

  32. The Roman Catholic archbishop who scandalised the Vatican by breaking his vow of celibacy and marrying at a ceremony led by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, has bowed to the Church and publicly renounced his wife.

  33. The Zambian cleric, Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo of Lusaka, went on Italian TV to say he would still love his South Korean wife “as a sister” but had to “return to the fold” It was the first time the archbishop had appeared in public in over two weeks and he read out what he said was an unsent letter to his estranged wife, Maria Sung, in which he explained why their marriage was over.

  34. But Mrs Milingo, who is still on a protest hunger-strike in Rome, responded by saying she would fast to the death.
    My Mother the Catholic Church has appealed to me to return to the fold,” the archbishop quoted from his letter, which he said officials from the Unification Church of the Reverend Moon had prevented from reaching Mrs Milingo.

  35. But Mrs Milingo, who is still on a protest hunger-strike in Rome, responded by saying she would fast to the death.
    My Mother the Catholic Church has appealed to me to return to the fold,” the archbishop quoted from his letter, which he said officials from the Unification Church of the Reverend Moon had prevented from reaching Mrs Milingo. As for his wife herself, he said: “I love you as a sister, and I will continue to pray for you all my life.”

  36. As for his wife herself, he said: “I love you as a sister, and I will continue to pray for you all my life.”

    But it was impossible to marry again: “How can one resist this faith, this trust that the Holy Father showed me?”

    Asked if he thought that his wife would understand, he said she was “not a girl – she’s an adult”.

  37. The 71-year-old archbishop was ending a sensational marriage which began with a group ceremony in May in New York led by the Reverend Moon at which he married Maria Sung, a 43-year-old acupuncturist.

    The marriage provoked fury at the Vatican, which threatened to excommunicate the bridegroom.

  38. Archbishop Milingo had a personal meeting with Pope John Paul II on 8 August after which he disappeared from public gaze until his TV appearance.

    For the bride, it is a clear case of the Vatican attempting to manipulate her husband.

    “It’s not possible, it’s not possible,” she told reporters after Friday’s broadcast.

    “He’s been drugged, he’s been drugged.”

    Mrs Milingo launched her fast to demand a meeting with her husband whom she said the Vatican had kidnapped.

  39. Milingo should find something constructive to do with his life rather than figting the catholic church on celibacy. He knows that best reform is from within..he is out! With all the international media around him; he should take about issues that affect zambians: lack of hospitals in rural, poor sanitation and need for better governance in Zambia…There is more life larger than celibacy for catholics…
    Get real and use the media well; why shouls zambians be known as ones objecting to celibcy

  40. Milingo should find something constructive to do with his life rather than figting the catholic church on celibacy. He knows that best reform is from within..he is out! With all the international media around him; he should take about issues that affect zambians: lack of hospitals in rural, poor sanitation and need for better governance in Zambia…There is more life larger than celibacy for catholics…
    Get real and use the media well; why should zambians be known as ones objecting to celibcy

  41. She has now said in a radio interview that she will fast to the death and love the archbishop “for the rest of my life”.

  42. The Vatican has announced that Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, the former head of the Roman Catholic Church in Zambia, under threat of excommunication for breaking his vow of celibacy, intends to return to full communion with the Church.

    The controversial archbishop married a Korean woman in New York last May at a mass wedding organised by the religious sect known as the Moonies.

  43. Guyz on this blog Lets try to follow rules in the clubs we are in, if we dont we will be expelled, that we now 100%. If the rules says out then it means out. I think we are all atleast educated and know to abide by the rules.Its not wrong for milingo to get married, But since the rules in his club dont allow then he must step down and become a mere catholic. Holding two thingz at once in this club is not allowed. Please Ba Milingo twapapata. We still respect you and you dicision.

  44. The thing which is suprising me is that why is it that Milingo starting his campaign after gettin married and not before?????? He he is geniune he who have fought for priests to get married when he was single and that would have carried more sense not after sinning then launch the campaign that makes me worried. Ba Milingo twapapata please leave the church aone. We also wanted to be priests but since we knew we cant follow the rules there we choose the the sacrament of marriage.

  45. ‘Priests forever’

    “We are claiming our rights. We are priests forever and we are members of the Catholic Church,” he said.
    As quoted on BBC today. Guys which rights is he claiming for???? This is about religion and not politics. If you failed just stepdown and keep quite as you said some did so.Dont politicise religion. They educated you and now you rebel aganist them, ya it human………..

  46. According to Rules of ordination, Milingo whether he is marred or not he is still a priest.So those of you who are using vulgar language mind you, thy shall not touch the anointed.What we can say here is that, there is something that we can learn from milingo about the Roman Catholic priesthood since he is an Arch Bishop and he is speaking from experience. Those of you who are calling him names,Do U think you know more than Milingo? Milingo knows what Billions of catholics don’t know.Think Big

  47. #54 thats right but breaking the rule and then start fighting againist it makes me think big. Why not before.

  48. Milingo rocks guys. He is setting the trend and he is great man who will go in history to have challenegd one of the most feared Cult in the world.

  49. Mr kangwasenuka Education is a two way affair. Noone educates someone unless that someone is willing to be educated. Moreover you dont get educated so that you can say thank you. You get educated so that your mind can be opened up and you can claim your rights. What you do afterwards is your responsibility not that of ‘those who educated you.” Milingo doesn’t owe allegiance to ‘those who educated him”

  50. #57 thanx for the comment.But the man should just enjoy his marriage and continue to be a good catholic. I think when entring he declared that he will not marry. But why now?

  51. #58, Because he saw the light!!!
    Catholic celibacy is a fake and outdated. If a practice is abominable and un sustainable it is time to leave it behind. A lot of our African Brother and Sisters has cast asides traditions like UKIPAYANA etc because they are outdated, and out of fashion. The in thing now is that Priest are no longer Celibacy..but infidels..Why not allow them marry and be good priests.

  52. Why should Milingo leave the catholic church? The issue here is celibacy in the catholic or should we say the lack of it. Its time for someone to put up a fight be it Milingo or someone else for the hipocrisy to be stopped. So what if Milingo is 77 and married someone from the Moonies; would the people against this take a different stance if he married a zambian woman? Let us not be naive or in denial about whats taking place in the catholic church.

  53. The Anglican church allows its priest to marry. Next Gay bishops wanted to be ordained and the church got split. Women wanted to ordained and the church split further.Next we dont know who will demand to ordained, maybe pornstars or prostitutes. It is human nature to push the limits. Same sequence of events are bound to hound the catholic church if gaven in to milingo. Celibacy is not only in catholicism it the in hinduism , Buddhism, christian orthodox

  54. You cannot satisfy everyone. Where do you want those who cherish to be celibate nuns and priests to go. Force them to marry? The idea of a reverend you have never met matching u with a woman you have never met for marraiage in mass wedding is unfrican (especially for a senior citizen). It is the worst form of RABID CULTURAL IMPERIALISM from Asia. Where is the family involvement? I wonder how Milingo’s relatives have stomached this marriage.

  55. The catholic church is an organisation and it derives a lot of strengh from it celibate corps. Can you imagine a convent full of wives,husbands and kids to look after? How will they manage to look after the needy? Hand in hand with celibacy is the vow of poverty. Do you think wives of Bishops will agree to leave in shared houses benind church halls and drive a second hand toyota corolla? They want to live in mansions & drive Mecerdes Benz cars. Little wonder why some churhes always preach MONEY

  56. No suprise the first point of call for splinter church in Zambia was NCC conference. Reason ZMK250million aloowances.
    It would be advisable to view the milingo saga not just from the celibacy/sex point of view. Put in it in an organisational context with the RCC one hand and the Moonies on the other. The are competing for souls the same way organisations would compete for customers. Strategies come into play of undermining the enemy and/or self preservation etc. What is the final reward?

  57. Millingo’s behaviour is a disgrace both to the church and to the marjority of Zambian catholics.No one has tied him up against his desires.Why not leave priesthood a noble and dignified man?He erred by going against his vows and should have stuck to his beliefs than using celibate laws to justify his sexual egos.The man must just gang up with Dan Pule,Rema Pastor,Jimmy Swaggart,Rev Jesse Jackson all these fallen preachers cos of sex.
    Elo iwe mwaice CK#38 you need to see Shikapwasha for your

  58. ctd from #68 failures,at 25 you can only manage 3 rounds?you are a let down,that is what Milingo does at 77. what will happen when you are forty(40)like Citizen? Come on mwaice you need serious attention and help.Lt Ronnie Shikapwasha is a sex guru with herbs contact him.If you have difficulties contacting him speak with Easy,they are buddies.Have a lovely weekend

  59. Is it in the interest of the nation to allow people with big malaria to contest the presidency?Shikapwashya comes to mind.

  60. Milingo should also know that life is not about having sex, no one would have even known him if it has not been for the church, they educated him , opened up the world to him and now he thinks he can stand up to them, all the money he has is because of the catholics, so what is he talking about, young priests watch out this man has made all his money, go with him
    and you will end up with no job and you will be a street priest/kid.

  61. Last time I watched Ach Bishop Milingo being interviewed on tv I could clearly tell that he was not the same man that mesmerised the faithful with his faith healing in the 80’S clearly my ngoni kinsman from Mnukwa village Chief Nzamane had lost his marbles and had gone overhill. He is senile. Whatever he does or says nowadays must be taken with a pinch of salt.

  62. JB #72 what are you talking about? Life is sex. All of us are here because of sex. Life insures it continues via the evolutionary urge for sex. If sex was not as exciting as it is, sentient life would have been by now extinct and there would have been only trees and rocks and wind on the planet. Respect sex.

  63. Anyhow there’s no scriptural backing for celibacy.God’s word says ‘those with the ability to make room for it, can, but for the privilance of fornication, it advises for marriage.-
    1 Cor.7:9

  64. First and Foremost Milingo new about celibacy. He was even
    quoting some scriptures in the bible about celibacy. He should
    appreciate what the Church has done for him instead of
    criticising the Church. He can just form his own church for
    married priests. Because even the homes there are rules.

  65. So guys why did Milingo wait this long to marry is he strongly believes he is doing the right thing? Why wait until he was old and on viagra to take a bride?What happened to the Milingo Sisters (Nuns in chitenge outfits)?The church is right to boot him out. He should either join the Angelican or form his own church. Many priets who are weak find themselfves blaming society for something they themselves started. Milingo is old and is seeking attention. The church looked after him, let us remember

  66. If one of Milingo’s reason for campaigning for marriage in catholic priesthood is to increase the number, then we would rather have the few celibat ones.After all what matters in anything is quality not quantity.

  67. What is the alternative to Mlingo’s actions?
    We know it will be infidelity; pedophilia, and all the evils that the Bible speaks up against. C’mon do not be foolish. I wish all priests were married.Mlingo is pullling priests, including the pope from hell!

  68. i just want some priests to answer my question,

    is it really ban for the priests to be married?

    is it a rule on the church?

    i hope the priets will answer this question.thanks

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