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Coca-Cola Company donates US$100,000

General News Coca-Cola Company donates US$100,000

The Coca-Cola Company has donated US$100,000 to the office of the Vice President, Disaster Management and Mitation Unit (DMMU) for humanitarian support to flood victims.

Chief Executive Officer, Neville Isdell said his company is aware and concerned with the torrential rains that have rocked the country adding that it has a negative effect human life, business and the economy as a whole.

Mr. Isadell said this in Lusaka today when he paid a courtesy call on Vice President, Rupiah Banda at his office.

He as the company’s social responsibility, they have a mandate to assist government in mitigating the flood situation in the country.

Meanwhile, Coca- Cola Company will in the next three years invest US$50 Million in the Zambian economy.

Mr. Isadell said his company is impressed with the growth of the Zambian economy in the recent years.

He noted that infrastructure such as roads have signifantly been improved adding that the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has also performed well.

Mr. Isadell said he was confident that the investment of Coca-Cola Company will not only help the Zambian economy grown further but will bring employment and intellectual capital such as skills training and technology.

And Vice President Rupiah Banda said the high levels of unemployment in the country were worrying.

Mr. Banda hoped that the US$50 Million investment by Coca-Cola will expand activities and help reduce unemployment.

Meanwhile the Vice President said the flood situation in Lusaka province is becoming a great concern to Government.

Mr. Banda said Lusaka Province just like Southern is experiencing heavy rains which has destroyed property and displaced hundreds of families.

He appealed to business houses, stakeholders and the corporate world to continue assisting government in mitigating the flood situation in the country.

And President Mwanawasa has appealed to Coca Cola company brand and Zambian Breweries group of Companies to assist the Zambian government to host the forthcoming SMART commonwealth partnership meeting.

In a message read on his behalf by the Special Assistant for press and public relations, John Musukuma, Dr Mwanawasa said Zambia will be hosting the meeting where 20 heads of state from the common wealth have been invited and other delegates from the international community.

Dr Mwanawasa said government will need assistance from the corporate world to host the 400 delegates from Africa and the international community who will be in attendance.

The meeting will be held from the 28-31st July, 2008.



  2. So typical and cynical of some Zambians. Bonse ni bakabolala. Why try to make political capital out of a flood. That money is going to help flood victims, full stop. We are in trouble if everytime a gesture of kindness is seen as clandestine or has the potential to be messed up. Oh yeah and Iam not affiliated to any party, just a patriotic Zambian. Lets grow up bane. Cynicism is a killer

  3. Let us be realistic – the money is not going to be spent on the flood victims.This is a govt weighed down by bureacracy and corruption. Whatever the good intentions of Coca Cola – it is wasted gesture.Being patriotic (#4) does not mean you stop critising your govt.Just like people in UK&US failed to question the WMD evidence for fear of being unpatriotic.Let’s not lose sight of what is going on here by using words that hold little meaning to people affected by the floods.Patriotism indeed.Perhaps we can remind ourselves of the what happened to the donated monies from the last floods.Anybody know?I thought so.

  4. I agree with Solution. It would help though to know who else has donated what and/or how much. It will be usefull to monitor those donations and to evaluate afterwards. Let us ask for public statements of disbursements just like the donations are informed to the public, that helps accountability. That does not mean that questions will not be asked-it straightens things out.

  5. Where are the pipo who spearheaded fundraising money for the mozambique floods in 2001 or so? Why are they not fundraising for their mother zed? Has the money fundraised reach the intended pipo? Why are they quite this time around? Pipo like Kopulande I remember he is in forefront and the account was opened at one of the commercial banks. Why cant the same thing happen to our floods in zed. Or is it becoz they wont have a chance to pocket the money????? I need answers bane to above questions!!!

  6. good questions anonymouse. there’s plenty of mooney in Zed and we should be raising money home first before appealing to australia and other countries. well done coke. grz, account for the money.

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