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Funjika pays back over K111m

Headlines Funjika pays back over K111m

Former Zambia National Service (ZNS) Commandant, Wilford Funjika has paid back over K111 million, equivalent to 15,000 British Pounds, to the state following a court order in October last year.

Lieutenant General Funjika was on October 31st, 2007, convicted of two counts of corrupt practices and abuse of authority of office respectively, and sentenced to two years imprisonment with hard labour but suspended for two years.

In the first count, Funjika was accused of corrupt practices when 15,000 British pounds was corruptly paid to his children as a reward for awarding contracts to Semyon Holdings without following laid down procedures.

In the second cound, he was charged with abuse of authority of office for allegedly engaging Semyon Holdings to supply raincoats to ZNS at a value of 72,000 Pounds.

After his conviction, Funjika was ordered to pay back the 15,000 Pounds paid to his two children for their school in the United Kingdom by Semyon Holdings as a reward from the company engaged by their father.

Task Force on Corruption Public Relations Officer Victor Makai disclosed in a statement to ZANIS today that Funjika has since paid in court, K111,176,756.00 (15,000 pounds).

“The money was paid back to the state within 90 days failure to which a warrant of distress was to be issued,” Mr. Makai said.

The payment was made on January 18th, 2008 in court.

He said the case was yet another success scored by the Task Force on Corruption in he quest to recover whatever was stolen for the people of Zambia by people in public office.

“It is also a timely warning to all those entrusted with the responsibility of managing public resources that, you should be accountable, failure to which the law will come knocking,” he said.


  1. sounds great! but the question is who will take it now? is it going to benefit the gov or general public at all? hope so.

  2. What happened to Seymon Holdings for corrupting or does the law protect the corruptor-oh do guide me for I beg Ignorance!

  3. ojbeso
    Earnestly, you must be too dumb to ask that question.So who do want to handle recoveries and has been handling the more than ZK 23 billion at hand from recoveries thus far?

  4. being a patriotic citizen of my lovely country zammbia, i suppose this move is good because I have always wanted to see a corrupt free nation with clean hands, seeing to it that all the leaders that we have, delivers to the people that which they were appointed for not enriching themselves @the expense of the national resourses

  5. being a patriotic citizen of my lovely country zambia, i suppose this move is good because I have always wanted to see a corrupt free nation with clean hands, seeing to it that all the leaders that we have, delivers to the people that which they were appointed for not enriching themselves @the expense of the national resourses

  6. #3(patriot) – no question is dumb, silly or what ; (concerned) #2 is clearly saying he/she is ignorant. Try not to use derogatory words, be mature.

  7. # 6,
    To call a thing by its name is not an act of derogatory. And to insinuate that his there is not a dumb question is thriving in dangerous denial.I don’t need to go into philosophical qualifiers that dumb & silly questions exist.If these kids are flattered fake exceptionalism, we will be building an army of dizzy youths.This is why leadership scholars say a popularist mentality is inimical statecraft. It thrives on desire to appease and not to correct wrong.I don’t believe in your approach.

  8. If these kids are flattered with fake exceptionalism, we will be building an army of dizzy & dumb-wits youths time cannot accommodate.Allow yourself to be consistent and hated for your straight talk if public leadership has to develop in you. Truth will lose you those that don’t matter in your long term vision but win unparallel respect among those that strategically matter in life.The goodie, goodie mentality or feel good trails hurts in any leadership.

  9. Detesting what is evidently wrong and detaching yourself from it even by association is an attribute to long term leadership goals.

  10. patriot#8&9
    You seem to be suffering from Hyperactive Attention Deficit Disorder.You cant read cues and always have a wrong perception of every stimuli which enters your disgrantled hypothalamus. If somebody ask to be educated on anything which he/she claims ingnorance you dont respond back with a filthy stinking language which reflects your personal frustrations. After all you have never made any meaningful contribution to this blog. You are just a good for nothing fellow.A Mr Know it all!!!!

  11. Bull crap! the chap was supposed to be jailed? By paying the money back ….the chap should actually be found guilty?

  12. Eastern power
    Sir the general was convicted which means he was found in guilty of the said crimes.He has been convicted and saving a suspended sentence on health grounds.The payment was just a part of the judgement.Thought you could use a little knowledge about the case Mr.Eastern Power.

  13. The stinking General of faeces has paid back our money.Now its the rotten and badly stinking Katangese called Chiluba who should be made to pay, with interest and a jail sentence

  14. # 10,
    I respect your tendency to mutate and vainly fend yourself when rebuked plainly.Do i need to vest any more time than i have painstakingly charged against your dumb # 1 entry???.To the best of your sanitized ability is the # 10 entry under Anonymous you call the best contribution.Who between you and me would be frustrated? Whose side has made gains in line with our divergent inputs? Is it your anti-MMD reigning or the pro MMD presiding over Zambia? Has any of doomsday rhetoric been realized over the years?

  15. Tally (enumerate) your gains and predictions against the MMD if any, then talk about the balance of frustration.MMD is in charge and will reign past 2011 a fact our side has kept forewarning you.Then who takes the frustration?Do you see your Sata in Nkwazi??Watch the space.

  16. Frankly, this is a score for the people of Zambia – A conviction, plus the fine being successfully paid! Well for the future, I would encourage that Zambia puts in place necessary measures to prevent potential corrupt practices from happening. I am not too sure if this has been the focus. What we Zambians would like to see is the measures clearly engraved… That would be a more effective deterrent in my opinion.

  17. Shame to see our “generals” be convicted of corruption like this. Before the MMD, we had respected men and women in our defence forces who retired to their farms aquired through hard work and straight means. However, after MMD took over power, the wave of corruption was just unbearable. We have seen cases against Singogo at ZAF and other high profile top brass in the defense forces,something we don’t see in other countries even in Africa. It will take time to root out corruption brought in by Chiluba and his “thugs”. Visit grey Zulu at his farm, and you will realise how sincere these old men worked for the country without “long fingers”. I must mension that the MMD has a few principled chaps

  18. Thats good but he should be dealt with since that proves that these Generals are stealing. In the name of security, these Generals are not kept in check!Today, they are still stealing! open your eyes people.How many cars do they drive?How many soldiers are walking?Leave they pay themselves yet ill-educated! animal farm, frustrating young ones!Nepotism!Buy office cars cheaply!Human rights abuse!OPSD,ACC,DEC where are you?recruitment for their kids!Education does’nt count!ZNS and ZAF are even better.Rich at the expense of sincere nationals!

  19. Wish the auditors could be much open to the nation!It took them 6 Months to audit the Army, why?Why are retirees holding financial positions?Some Generals became contractors!some officers somalian business of blocks!Abuse of military fuel! appointments are on who you know basis!more money is given to them but squandered.How much is spent weekly?how much is allocated to rural stations?How many vehicles do you have to share in rurals?their accommodation?procurement?suppliers? how do they prepare their troops for retirement?Some countries built houses for soldiers!Generals can but mwansa can’t.watch this!

  20. #20
    We are trapped in this labyrinth of plunderers nurtured by FTJ the chief plunderer. All these jerks must be hanged for crimes against millions.

  21. Let the similar sentence be issued to Kafupi where he will be found guilty and told to pay our money back and given a 15-20 years suspended sentence with hard labor.. This way we don’t have to pay any more money on his incarceration in Jail. His Jail residence may make us pay at least $5,000/day till he is released. we shall also need to renovate his Cell to meet the international Standard like those Britain VIP Jail Cell…Give him a suspended sentence and Debt recovery Schedule on his pension and belonging and stick him with criminal record which is long overdue from the early days of his life-stealing School Certificate, the K10pin etc.

  22. Theo # 19! life has not been easy as a mature student? please carry on with your intellectual debts and wisdom? I do not understand if the same laws applies to everybody? such laws tend to surface when a high profile individual is implicated? trust me.. we have hundreds of petty theives taking TB meds in our jails? It such a shame that we have more graduates, but still lack proper leadership? FTJ is to blame for promoting the culture of theivery in government. I also condemn the general population for allowing it to happen? more especially the educated populace? and that include you …Theo?

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