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Witchcraft plagued school reopens

Headlines Witchcraft plagued school reopens

Mweemba primary school which was prematurely closed in the third term last year in Sinazongwe district following rampant witchcraft that led to all the teachers fleeing the school, has been reopened.

Mweemba Ward councillor Aaron Mweemba told ZANIS that the district education office has sent six new teachers to the school.

Mr Mweemba said the community was happy with the development.

The civic leader has since urged them to desist from using witchcraft on innocent teachers.

He said the school reopened last week and a grade eight class has been introduced for the first time.

Last year female teachers at the school had bizzare experiences such as nightmares of having sex with unknown people.

Their male counterparts would also wake up in morning feeling tired and backache a situation which resulted in most teachers getting sick.


  1. ummhhh, I’m very sceptical with this crap! What?, ghosts and witches were having sex with these teachers? I doubt it. Perhaps we need to study some of these claims under scientific conditions to prove their existence. One question I always have is – if Africa is so advanced in witchcraft, why are we still the poorest? I mean, we could have made tons of money by flying bazungu tourists all over the globe in seconds, we could have found the cure for HIV/Aids etc From a logical and rational point of view, this is all crap!!!

  2. “male teachers woke up feeling tired with backache!” hahaha, give me a f#ckin’ break! I think chaps are smoking some serious marijuana. Gents, nasheniko fwaka, look what it did to Kafupi, the man still has hallucinations up to this day!

  3. The Fact is witch craft exists even in the bible its mentioned a couple of times. I have seen it first hand, the only defence is prayers, prayers believe me.

  4. I have mild psychic abilities so I do believe that there is such a thing as the other realm. Anyone who has never been psychic would never believe the things that are possible in the supernatural realm. I also believe that the forces of Good are stronger than the forces of evil. All these teachers who dreamed about having sex with strangers should not have taken that kind of nonsense lying down, they should have asked God to cast the demons away.

  5. mr Tarantino if you have never had such an experience dont despute those who have. i dont know where in the world you are, but in africa its common i have seen a lot of men (mostly ugli and old) come in the night. and believe me its true. i beleive these people. ZAMBIANS STOP IFYABULOSHI AND LET US EDUCATE THE COMING GENERATION.

  6. Tongas also and indiscriminate sexual practices, shame shame! Now they are even metarmophosizing into nocturnal sexual pundits, ha! It reminds me of one prominent Tonga politician who was trapped in “mabelo” by “runyoka” in this very district years ago. He was able to disentangle himself from the “crack” between “mabelo” but died a few weeks later. There are two things always playing around a Tonga’s head, supporting HH and SEX!

  7. So for the school to be reopened does it mean the witches have called for a cease fire or just waiting so that the number of female teachers can increase again in order to have variety or has the place been cleansed of them. Its a shame. Just like #3 mentioned, prayer is the best weapon.

  8. When a problem is not on you it is often taken lightly or some sort of joke dont take those teachers to be fools. Zambia as a christian nation should know how to handle such matters. Why did they close to school??? Hopefully powerful prayers must have been held 24/7 to eradicate this. Good Churches should respond by sending prayer warriors. Oh well… POLITICS is more worthy for some churches!!

  9. Number 6! Tonga’s are not the only polygamists that we have in Zambia? King cobra is one of them? former state house minister for vendors desk (Mr Chisala)! David Diagamo tops the list with 5 wives. Thanks to cialis and viagra the old king cobra is still able to live up to his ego? though some side effects are severe;blindness or an erection that can last for over 24 hours? If withcraft exists “why did we fail to bewitch our colonial masters that treated us like crap?” Why do we use it to catch chungu and shasonga?

  10. Iwe # 6?Bemba’s say, “aka lindi kamasha?” It does matter who you are? everybody dances..HH, LPM , FTJ including yourself? men of the cloth have continued to fall from grace? all because of aka lindi kamasha!

  11. #1 u are right man, this witchcraft shit is wack. they is no such a thing, those teachers just want transfers from rural areas.if witchcraft exists we would have been in last 8, not on our way back FROM AFCON. guys how is possible that u are sleep someone gets in ur house and have sex with u. hahaha, bullshit.

  12. Just before indepence some UNIP Members committed murder by burning a woman Mrs Lillian Burton in her car in Ndola.Four men were arrested during trial three key witnesses were struck by lightening and died at defferent intervals.Two Judges mysterios died suddenly before passing Judgement. The case had to be transferred from Ndola to Livingstone where power suddenly went out during Judgement.At Mukobeko the white hangman died suddenly a day before he was to carry out the hanging. A hangman from salisbury had to be brought in to do the hangings.
    Most Zambians believed it was withchcraft at play while a few thought the occurencies natural

  13. #6, i will not be surprised if at some point this country goes into Civil war. It will be because of people that are shallow minded like you who will be the cause this happen. This is our country Zambia, if we don’t put together our efforts to improve it. No one will ever do. Stop bragging, be the solution and a symphathiser when such things happen. Mentioning people’s names in this blog who are not part of the subject, is shallowness at it’s highest order.

  14. Citizen #14, As a sceptic, I’m very interested in the chain of events you’ve just described. Please direct me to where I can get some more info on this, perhaps the Times of Zambia archive? Without poking fun at the incidents in Sinazongwe, I still believe we are way too superstitious and easily jump to conclusions before carrying out detailed investigations. If we took the time to research some of these occurences, we’d find a logical explanation behind them.

  15. In the past, the following conditions were all attributed to witchcraft & demonic influences but medical research has since provided a rational explanation;(infertility, birth defects, schizophrenia, autism etc). You see, reasearch has shown that several types of herbs have healing properties yet our ancestors prescribed these centuries ago (sometimes over prescribing, leading to poisoning). FYI I am a Christian too, a rational one. I believe in the spiritual realm but also know that man is fond of manipulating “supernatural occurences” for personal gain.

  16. #16 Tarantino
    You can get more information on this subject from books & documents.
    1.The Lillian Burton Killing- by Nephas Tembo/Multimedia Zambia
    2.Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia -by Margery Perham/Oxford publishing press.
    3.AFRICAN religions, beliefs and Witchcraft in Northern Rhodesia-by Mutumba Mainga/heinemann.
    4.Torwards Independence-Goode Adams/Oxford Press
    Case record
    Ngebe & 4others Vs the people -NationalArchives Lusaka
    Ngebe & 4others vs the people-Execution-Confidential Archives Ministry of Justice.
    Livingstone Herald-LF Moore-Rhodes/Livingstone museaum

  17. Let the critics go and be teachers at Sinazongwe. We don’t develop because we rely too much on witchraft for almost everything. In politics, it is witchraft big time. In soccer, it is witchraft big time. In West and North Africa and elsewhere, witchcraft is big time. That is why we African nations have never won the world cup. Witchcraft is real. so don’t be fooled into believing otherwise

  18. #6 iwe chi linyo whatever you are called,do you at all have minds?you have no connection to the story and i even wonder if you went to school,if you did then you must have the dullest bonkers person at that unfortunate school.Back to the issue,i do not think it is true.Theses teachers must be tired of that rural area and probally wana get transfered

  19. #6 iwe chi linyo whatever you are called,do you at all have minds?you have no connection to the story and i even wonder if you went to school,if you did then you must have been the dullest bonkers person at that unfortunate school.Back to the issue,i do not think it is true.These teachers must be tired of that rural area and probally wana get transfered

  20. #6 iwe chi linyo,whatever your name is,i see no sense in your comment.you must have been the dullest bonkers person in class if at all you went to school,learn to follow issues and comment accordingly instead of showing your illiteracy.Back to the issue,more information needs to be dug concerning these teachers,there is more to it.

  21. All you who think witchcraft does not exist you are mistaken. There is a spiritual realm and a natural realm. We as human beings are in a natural or human realm. The spiritual realm is more powerful than the natural. God and angels live in the spiritual realm and so are Lucifer and his demons. God and his Angels are the Spirits Of Light and Good, where as lucifer and his demons are the spirits of evil and darkness. However God and his angels are more powerful and thats why we are are still living today. Thats why we can understand one another.

  22. CTD… So what these witches do is, with the help of satan’s power, are able to go into the spirit and do whatever they wanna do, like having sex with other people or feeding people unknown foods in their sleep. Thats why its not advisable to dream eating food in one’s sleep. I know this is conplicated to a human mind to understand and thats why we need God in our lives. Like someone above mentioned, a prayerful life is the only weapon as through prayer God will assign his angels to protect us from all these witches and satanists. May the name of God be praised. By the way #26 is me Billy SA.

  23. Ba Tarantino na scientific approach yenu. My friend, that which you call science at one level just changes into what we call a META field of learning, e.g. Meta physics, Alchemy, astronomy etc. Tell me what is the basis for these high level branches of science? Simple answer i can give you is BELIEF!!! believe that the matter existing was just made and believe that out there there is an unknown planet. No mathematical logic is applied here my friend. Stop duping yourself into this science nonsense. Witchcraf is there and if u want type in the name David Copperfield in google and do a search. Wachepa sana mwana

  24. I want to let you all know from first experience that witchcraft is very real. So are Demons and evil spirit. People that have been possessed are people that don’t believe in Jesus Christ. The devil or a demon looks to find a home inside you if you do not believe in Jesus Christ. When you read about Jeffrey D, whom is use to chop & eat people and looked like your ALL-AMERICAN NORMAL GUY. Consider what is REAL. “REMEMBER THE EXOCIST” IT WAS A TRUE STORY FOR SOME THAT WERE TOO YOUNG TOO YOUNG. MY UNCLE LIVED DOING THAT TIME AND IT’S REAL.”PLEASE WAKE UP ALL” YOU EITHER DO BELIEVE JESUS OR YOUR HOMED TO SATAN.

  25. All of this is just a load of b…Sh*t, When the bazungus where colonising us it didnt work, there are even more thieves discuised as investors stealing your minerals under your nose and there is nothing that has been done. You must always remember that the brain is a very powerfull thing and can make you see things that are not there, or may be these boys where on some bad ass weed lol.

  26. # 30 u are not yet there where u under go the sub conscious phenomenom.
    Life has dimensions and one of them is the material or physical dimension. Life on earth is supported by this fundamental of physicality.
    Now the realm of the spiritual is devoid of physical matter and its this realm that u need to be careful with as simple minded people like u and Tarantino cannot phathom what exactly witchcraft is all about.
    Indeed the brain is so powerful an organ that u can use it to be witch another person

  27. Its very intersting to realise how much spiritual enlightment we all need as a people. I know most people make this alaughing matter and all that. But i want you to know that the supernatural realm is so real.

    We can never win the war of the spirit by physical means or science as some seem to be suggesting.
    Spiritual matters can only be spiritually discerned and understood.
    There is so much I ca say,but I will spare you wit that for now. Suffice to say for now that NO amount of learning or scientific research can make you understand how the spiritual operates.You need Jesus to conquer all evil in your lives. As for the teachers in Sinazongwe, have faith in Jesus!

  28. The Bible says ” I can do all things through Christ which Strengtheneth me ” Phil4:13 (KJV)

    In another place it says ” I give you power to trample upon snakes and scorpions and nothing shall by any means harm you.
    Christ was refering to all the forces of evil.

    And to the skeptical who claim to be Christian, it beats me as of what breed of Christians you are.
    John 10:10 (KJV) “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill,and to destroy:I am come that they might have life,and that they might have it more abundantly”
    When you read Luke 4:18-19 Jesus was making known His mission on earth.Its clear that He needed to be annointed with the Holy Spirit to be able to deal with evil.

  29. mwebantu i dont care if witchcraft is real not not but what i know is that the bible says that if only you call on the name of Jehovah will be saved. so whatever transpired at the school just prayers are the only answer

  30. What’s wrong with this picture? All the female teachers are sexually victimized in their deep snooze by total strangers.
    Meanwhile all the male teachers wake up very tired with terrible backaches. Mmmmm. What we are not told is if these experiences take place on the same nights or different teachers on different nights. It seems to me that someone among them is using date-rape drugs on the female teachers through beer or food and then with a condom helps himself to the ‘bewitched’ female! I bet if they subjected those teachers to DNA testing every time this happened a culprit would be found. I don’t believe in W/C but respect and fear those who do.

  31. Are you thinking of casting a spell? Just because i suggested the possibility of D/R poisoning i cannot offer my own perspective? By the way i’m not writing home. I’m on cyberspace Mr Witchdoctor sir!May the world tremble at your mercy…Ha Ha Ha! Ho Ho Ho! Ha Haaaaaaaa!

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