The Road Development Agency (RDA) has strengthened the supervision of contractors who are awarded contracts to rehabilitate roads in the country.

RDA Head of Public Relations Loyce Saili said all contractors who do shoddy works risk losing their contracts.

Ms. Saili was reacting to concerns by Chiawa residents’ that Agente Contractors who are working on the 134 kilometer stretch of the Chiawa central road have done shoddy works.

She said the contractor has a four year contract, which commenced in June last year, and will have to replace the culverts that have been washed away following heavy rains that the country has continued to experience.

Ms. Saili also called on Chiawa residents to understand the scope of work that the contractors are doing on the road before they condemn them.

She explained that Chiawa central road is under the Output Performance Based Roads Contracts, which runs for four years, with the first six months set aside for light rehabilitation works on the road.

Ms. Saili added that the contractor is expected to continue carrying out maintenance works on the road until the four years elapses.

She said the RDA will only pay contractors who perform according to the Agency’s expectations.

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  1. I am mindful of the fact that its the tax payer’s money being paid to contractors irrespective of the quality of the works. It is unfortunate that the RDA should only realise to strengen its supervisory wing after a complaint from the members of public. As I have said before and I repeat, I will not pay a builder of my structure unless I am satisfied that the work done is as planned. Let the contractors be paid for the roads that last longer. Short of this there is an element of corruption.



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