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PF will scoop the Kanyama parley seat – Lubinda

Headlines PF will scoop the Kanyama parley seat - Lubinda

Opposition Patriotic Front (PF) says the continued flooding of Kanyama Constituency will not affect the performance of the party in the forthcoming parliamentary by-election.

Party spokesperson Given Lubinda has said although the floods have affected mobility in the area, the party remains confident of scooping the seat.

He further said it would not matter if the polls were pushed forward as the PF has the backing of the Kanyama residents.

Mr. Lubinda told Journalists in an interview that his party is merely awaiting the Election Day.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lubinda has said that the PF does not subscribe to the Zambia National Service (ZNS) Pulling out of the constituency because of the forthcoming elections in the area.

Mr. Lubinda, who is Kabwata MP, said ZNS should be beefed up with more resources so that the suffering of the people in the area can be alleviated.

He said people deserve to live in a conducive environment which is in line with the fundamental principle of human rights.

The Kanyama Seat fall vacant last year following the death of the area MP Henry Mtonga

And The Lusaka High Court today adjourned to February 13th, 2008, a ruling on preliminary issues raised by opposition Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata and his Secretary General Edward Mumbi.

This is in the matter in which 33 PF Members of Parliament participating in the National Constitutional Conference (NCC) obtained an injunction against their expulsion from the party.

Lawyer representing Mr. Sata, Mumba Kapumpa informed PF members who were waiting for the ruling in the courtroom that the matter had been adjourned to February 13th, because the ruling was not ready.

He said the notice for Judge Gregory Phiri to prepare the ruling was not ready today.

Earlier, PF cadres and some MPs had a hostile exchange of words with those participating in the NCC whom they labelled as betrayers.

Those who turned up at the High Court included Peter Machungwa for Luapula constituency Faustina Sinyangwe for Matero, Marjory Masiye for Mufulira, Lubansenshi’s Lazarus Chota and Barnabas Chela for Wusakile constituency.

Last year, over 25 PF Members of Parliament, led by Kasama Central MP, Saviour Chishimba, applied for an injunction in the High Court against any impending expulsion from the party because of their decision to participate in the NCC.

The preliminary issues which Mr. Sata’s lawyers raised during the last hearing in court were that the endorsement of the writ of summons and statement of claim by the plaintiffs did not disclose any cause of action against defendants.

They submitted that the claims should therefore be dismissed as the actions did not disclose the violation and breach caused by the defendants to warrant this action.

But plaintiffs’ lawyers said their clients’ claims were based on the prouncements that the defendants made in the print and electronic media in which they threatened to and warned to expel those participating in the NCC from the party.


  1. the boat.lol.the most fanatic cadres ever.its sad how the cadres of every party in zambia egulf themselves so much for the leaders who afterwards only seem to want to increase their salaries.

  2. Cadres are just used as tools by these politicians. Some even end up losing their lives in the process just to enrich a few individuals.

  3. #5 Abantu baya,
    For as long as politics exist, there is no where in the world where you will not find political cadres. It is a normal thing. All you need is to eductate such cadres that there is no need to eliminate lives of those in the opposing camps.
    And again let us not encourage recycling of political leaders if national wealth is to be evenly distributed – otherwise, again politicians do get rich EVERYWHERE!

  4. #6 spoken like a true politician..the problem is every politician always promises roses to the cadres.the cadres are not usually the well off part of the community so they have no choice but to support them.some politicians even offer wages and beer during campaigns.they don’t see them after.first thing the mps did was increase salaries for themselves…you have to be rich to be a politician in zambia so its only rich people getting rich

  5. PF seems to be doing well in the urban areas , only if they can do well in the rural areas as well then PF will seal all loop holes and will be confirmed as the next Govt.

  6. #4 maybe look at the demographics first, does Zambia have more people in urban areas (where ur PF is strong) or more rural dwellers (where PF is dismal).Looking at a 60 something future prsident is a far fetched dream, especially if your 30 something of age.

  7. Come on Zedians, if Americans are seeking serious change in the name of Barrack Obama or Hillary Clinton, I suppose we need to seriously consider change. Time is now & do not wait for 2011!!!
    HH or Prof. Chirwa…..

  8. Let Americans do their thing and we shall do ours! We need a man/woman that will understand the needs our people who are dying out of poverty. We have heard from HH and we know he has nothing to offer other than greed. UPND fell with the death of a real son of Zambia in Mazoka. The Prof may be better if his translated policies and vision can meet the needs of the suffering masses.

  9. Cycle Mata will never set foot in State Hse. What has he got to offer that he failed to achieve when he was Kafupi’s right hand man for 10 yrs? We need fresh blood to succeed Chuchu, and I’m not talking about Maureen! Zed is not short of capable, competent leaders.

  10. Anonymous #19, pls elaborate the great wonders that your King Cobra has achieved…and pls don’t tell me fly over bridge and Avondale! Zambia deserves better leadership, someone without a shady track record (panga wielding goon a.k.a the costable).

  11. Bane wen is it going to sink in your brains the Sata will never rule Zambia.Y ignore the writtings on the wall.
    Its tym 4 real change not stone age politicians.

  12. Trantino and Wanzelu,

    you seemingly dont know what you ar talking about,Mcain is somewhat same age with president sata and you can see american republicans have overwhelmingly voted for him,sata for president!!lol abash medical tourism at the expense of my pipo’s hard earned cash!! zed twalila pafula,change we will believe in 2011.

  13. Indeed change we can believe in Viva 2011 pa cibwato fye. Today’s health system has a lot to do with Sata, let’s not forget Local govt. We need the man. Who else is making sense?? lol bana Chipo will make sense ku Teka farms not state hse.
    Viva pa bwato.

  14. The boat is powered by hunger and frustration. PF have no workable vision for Zambia, only a lot of chibuku to temporarily dull the senses. Only time will tell which is the greater evil between MMD and PF

  15. Sata is a very selfish politician and I wonder why some peole are voting for his party. The man has no agenda for country, he just reacts to what others are doing. Kenya problems will one day visit zambia because one tribe think that they are the only ones who must rule the country. Zambia is a cursed country because even those who are saying late Mazoka was atrue son of zambia did not vote for him when he was still alive.

  16. kashimani you are the one with a problem. get over you self mate this isnt tribal. ngawalishishita and doing nothing do you really expect people to notice you. YOU COMMENT IS STUPID AND POINTLESS.


  18. No. 24.Can u in yo ryt sane mind compare Sata’s calibre to that of Mcain.
    Sata hs unfinished business with Prof Lungwangwa’s Ministry.A cheap populist & dictator with excessive hunger 4 power.
    The likes of Sata belongs to stone age.

  19. Pipo have the right to go for the party which they feel is best for them, but one thing we shold always remember when choosing the party is the future of the party and that of the young ones who are coming behind them. the future for their infants in terms of employments, education facilities, health facilities and alot more not just for the sake of voting and be happy for nothing.

  20. #28 You are too tribal for my liking. Much as some of us want to vote for HH, but bcoz of pipo like you who are too tribal we are put off. You are same pipo who want to bring Kenya problems our country bcoz you want at all cost, the presdo to come from your area this time around. Na it does work like that bwana.

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