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Aliens are a danger to national security – Mbangweta

General News Aliens are a danger to national security - Mbangweta

The Immigration Department has appealed to Zambians to desist from harboring illegal and prohibited immigrants as this is a risk to themselves and to national security.

Immigration Department Public Relations Officer Mulako Mbangweta told ZANIS in an interview that harboring foreigners is a danger because some of the foreigners may have criminal records from their countries of origin.

Ms Mbangweta said it is unfortunate that some Zambians were renting out houses to foreign nationals with no valid permits or any other legal documents permitting their stay in the country.

She said the Department, with the support of other relevant authorities, would soon swing into action to weed out illegal immigrants.

Ms Mbangweta warned that Zambians harboring illegal and prohibited immigrants would not be spared and would face the full wrath of the law.

Meanwhile, the Immigration Department has reiterated its appeal to Foreign Missions in Zambia to assist in the repatriation of their citizens languishing in Zambian prisons.

Ms. Mbangweta however commended the British and American embassies for the help they have been rendering to the department in repatriating their foreign nationals.


  1. I wonder why these imigration officers don’t arrest those foreign criminals in Kitwe they are plenty, all what they do is marrying young gals and killing innocent pipo just because they have money to pay off the entire police squad.

    Please do something to already exisiting imigrants.


  2. Ladies and gents Egypt has beaten Ivory coast 3 goals to 1.zambia drew with egypt.OOps so zambia is bad news so see

  3. #4 You are talking like our former presdo Kafupi!! Demanding the proof when deep down you know there is no smoke without fire.

  4. Am i the only person who finds the term alien offensive when used in this context? Human beings reman human beings whether legally in Zambia or not.

  5. When I hear the term ‘alien’, the first thing I think of are scenes from War of the Worlds, creatures from outer space. I think this term ought to be used in connection with non-earthly beings, not the way it is used by the Immigration Department

  6. you cant take it away from them they are illigal aliens. what we should do is think about the treatment we get in their countries.
    let them go zambia for zambians.

  7. Then you talk of african union?you niggers won’t get it right.Historically we have been divided hence we have fallen.African Unity will not be achieved ever we do not contemplate what’s at stake here.aliens my foot why don’t you find ways of normalising these people and use them to the country’s benefit?why do we always label people as if we even have the compassion to feed fellow zambians,learn how these guys(some)work to take care of themselves may-be we can pull our selves out of misery.

  8. How are Zambians supposed to be treated by people who come in from other countries, mostly in the name of Missions?

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