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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Half-human-Half-calf in Mazabuka

Headlines Half-human-Half-calf in Mazabuka

A cow in Mazabuka in Southern Province has given birth to a half human being and half calf at Village 7 in Chief Mwanachingwala’s area, sending fears among villagers.

The bizzare development has mystified villagers who have linked this to witchcraft.

The half-human-half -cow has all the features of a human being and part of the chest and the other half is that of a calf although there was a slight difference on eyes as the creature had one eye of a human being and another of a calf.

Chief Mwanachingwala, who confirmed the development to ZANIS in Mazabuka today said, the human-cow has since been buried by the owner, Mr Minister Hakaloma.


  1. Oh my God! I have never heard of anything like this! God help us. I just hope there is nothing sinister to this story.

  2. I agree with #4 Makweti, I strongly doubt the credibilty of this report? Why the rush to bury the “alien” thing instead of reporting the case competent authorities (National Council for Scientific Research)? As far as I know, even if beastiality is involved, it’s not possible for human sperm to fertilize animal ova??

  3. Chief Mwanachingwala bcoz of being a Mad Muwelewele Devils party cadre, you see now stranger things are happening in your chiefdom!!

  4. #3 and 7, you have made my day with some good laughter.True Credibility to story needed- otherwise we continue promoting unnecessary superstitious beliefs.

  5. this could have been a deformed calf however what do you expect from that MMD supporter Mwanachingwala. He confirms what he has not seen

  6. This is bull crap. We dont do this S**t LT, give us something real to talk about otherwise you will render the site stale.

  7. Ba LT are at the mercy of malicious ZANIS journalists pushing thru unverified stories bcoz the know that LT will publish anything. Be careful that you are not used to promote division and plz don’t destroy the image of our young nation because anything published on the internet is accessed by the whole world. ZANIS must be regulated by an indepedant media body so that whatever is published is confirmed and is accurate. Most of the stuff that comes out of ZANIS has motives, mostly political and in some cases useless trash that brings no value to our country and it teaches nothing to those who want to learn about our country. Be careful!!

  8. Hmm. Maybe Mr Minister Hakaloma burried the poor animal quickly for fear that people will suspect that he has been naughty with his cow.

  9. Wow some people can be so damn, (#14) why using insults for no reason. You need to be Matured in your thinking,Shame on you!!!!!

  10. umm guys get real dont insult the chief for Gods sake, and just that he holds an mmd card as no. 13 says does not mean that such strange thing can happen in his kingdom, get real guys i think no. 3 and also no. 4 are right we neet LT to send pictures before publishing such non-sense on the internet bcoz such stories turnishes our countries moral standards if some muzungu reads such articles

  11. TONGA’S are VERY SLICK WHEN COMES TO MATTERS OF THE HEART, COWS AND MABISI? what do expect from an individual who spends his entire day following the cows bosoom? wink..wink… that is a hint?

  12. Thats rubbish, there nothing like that, even though pictures can be presented, they can be made up aswell and 22 should know sense sense and rubbish talk.Please keep quit if you dont have anything to say.

  13. Ba LT people have spoken. Lets see stories with substance. Dont make up stories that will attract insults, all will take our eyes off you.

    Anonymous, what is the file called on You Tube? So people in Mazabuka have heard of You Tube? It is a global village we living in.

  14. Wake up Zambia, being a party cadre or the Wajata Ng’ombe can not result in anything like that. Exume that creature and examine it. It is very important to verify some of these stories. Ask Charles Dalwin the father of Evolution theory. I am sure the whole world would be willing to assist in investigating this interesting phenomenon.

  15. pipo if the story in question is true then i bet that the owner of the cow knows something.Things dont just happen there could have been vo chitachita in wanting more cattle.if 4 sure the man does not know anything he wouldnt have buried half human annimal so quick without govt knowladge.let the mother cow be taken for scientific tests and see how possible.

  16. Was it dead to warrant burial surely! I thought it was a living thing and it deserve to live not to be buried alive, thats murder case the owner should be prosecuted.

  17. I have heard of people calling themselve TONGA BULL, but this is a little extreme, haha!!!! There seems to be a credibility issue here. Mwanachingwala,s people have stumbled( allegedly) on an incredible scientific find. Dig up the evidence , then print! All of this sounds like hearsay, and no self-respecting journalist should write a story he cant back up with facts, otherwise this just becomes another tabloid.Give us FACTS,ala! And by the way, where is it on Youtube anonymous #27? ati badaala baka jata ng’ombe!its laughable indeed.

  18. The story is truly fake . why rush to bury it first and inform the public later. it must be exhumed to prove the correctness of the story.

  19. What about the tortoise delivering warnings (or letters) in the heart of Kitwe, were there any phots or video on that? Yet it sent shivers among the public. I think these papers are simply capitalizing on the superstition inclined public to inrease readership. It seems to work though.


  21. In a nation were recreational and entertainment facilities are virtually non-existent such stories provide the missing link.


  23. Nemesies, I have a video for the dove found outside the kitwe businessman with the letter tied to its leg on my 4n. The master planner for that idea though was a Zambian and not Tanzanian. The Dove and Tortoise where planted in the early ours on debtors yards. Just sheer cleverness, no muti envolved!

  24. Tongas are a pathetic lot, the only thing that flies they do not screw is an aircraft while a car is the onlr crawling one they do not nail, making the submarine the only acqua ta ba gisi kubunda. Mwatu sabile imwebo basuntwe.

  25. linyawe lamashfimifimo,#47
    you dont want tribal differences coz you know the result of such. study your biology again, then you will realise that a man cant maka a cow pregnant. be sensible!

  26. Are there any qualified journalist employed by ZANIS? Or are those employed in 1952 still working? This is “ilyashi lyapano isonde!” Alot of nonsense… From another point of view, whenever such bizzar stuff occurs Africans have to take advantage to use as source of tourism and scientific research, and not your low minds of proclaiming everything as witchcraft. I can’t wait to rule you people!!

  27. I do wonder why most of us don’t realize the importance of scientic research.Come on guys.Don’t we read books and see some diseases where a person is bone with minimal human features?
    Why wasn’t this animal taken for research?
    Even now is not late for that scientific research to take place.This is why we have qualified men in forensics and the like.
    No witchcraft involved.
    No one took photos of that the whole damn tongaland?
    Oooh Mbuyaza don’t embarrass me like this you Tongaz.Am so sure my beautiful wives are not allowing you to leave yr doors.I will take them back from you.

  28. That kinda thing is not the first of its kind in Zambia.People have been giving birth to babies almost looking like a Goat.If one is too young and has never travelled arround zambia’s rural areas then they can say takwaba things like that.
    Anyway,am also disappointed with men who confirm news of what they have not witnessed.
    It’s not easy to convince anyone without tangible evidence.
    We should learn to obtain proper evidence to support any news publication.That would sound so professional.
    See how the Zambia Police service is working.They will report on something with facts including on corruption cases.
    VIVA ba buzhu.VIVA BWANA for that good work.

  29. Mob justice uli mubwa ,sokwe wamuntu.I just siad you are a dog and monkey.mind your language.If you don’t have anything to say,stay out!

  30. Its quite sad but suprising if its really true! could somebody utilise technology by geting a picture of this mesterous creature! and let the veteran and doctors come up with a biological proof and tell the world about it!

    For those beliving this,pliz provide proof and stop beliving in sometings you cannot show proof.
    Lets use sience to justify our findings.

  31. Let us all be wise in our actions and words. Note that words cannot be UNSPOKEN once uttered just like you cannot untick the clock’s hand once it ticks. Let us learn to respond accordingly rather than insult innocent leaders. The Chief has trusted people who confirm reports to him before he comments, just like the I.G. of police reports on matters all over Zambia without him being on site. AFTER ALL WITH ALL THIS SATANISM GOING ON IN OUR BELOVED CHRISTIAN LAND ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. SUCH ARE THE TIMES WHEN ONE SHOULD CONSULT THE HOLY BOOK, OR THE QURAN IF YOU ARE FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF CHRISTIANITY.

  32. Good Greif!! it’s obviously a deformed calf – it does happen you know!! The state vet’should have done an autopsy, that would have verified the logical reasons for malformation. It’s just bad luck for the owner…shame, bad enough that this sort of thing would have cuased upset in the village – poor reportage, how about getting some scietific explanation first.

  33. Surely, you do understand that such a story greatly undermines the credibility of your online paper?

    It’s interesting superstition but the right media for it is “National Fairy Tales” .

    From a scientific point of view, two species cannot be made to produce half of one and half of the other, at least not that easily.

  34. they said chief er. ( what was his name again ? ) , he buried that alreayd. lol! what a big lie. Like we will fall for that sh.it LMAO @ him

  35. It is clear that our calibre of journalists is pathetic. This again reflects the poverty in our educational system. There is no way a well knowledged and educated journalist would write and believe in crap like this. These fellows who are as lazy as their party leaders will not advance the knowledge and true facts on anything.

  36. Scientifically, this is not possible; the genetic make up of a cow is not compatible with that of a human being. I say this story is fake.

  37. the power of witchcraft or bestaility. take your pick!!!! do not be too quick to dismiss,stranger things have happened.

  38. Get outta here!toally bullshit! i dn’t c hw 1 can do the dudlydudly wit such big an animal.he must have turn’d in2 an animal himself, then the product=full animal.

  39. There is absolutely nothing wrong to be born a Tonga. It’s really very disturbing to read these insults especially as we are a christian nation. Why the hell do we have to deviate from the topic at hand then opt for insults. I wish one of you could say this in front of that tough tonga boxer coz you could earn yourselves some disturbed dental formulars. So be carefull and mind your language.Please take this as a friendly warning coz next time i may not volunteer to warn you. So please be good to Tongas coz they don’t do the things you think they do.

  40. We need to be really thankful for the job that LT is doing. More especially for you folks that have been blessed with the opportunity of living outside Zambia… without something like LT, I am sure you wuld not have much in terms of electronically coming together and sharing thought or comments regarding what is going on here back in Zed. It sounds logical to ask that LT question credebility before posting etc, but if that were to be LT’s duty, hosting and reasearching stories, and updating all the time would require a min of 3 fultime people doing an 8 hours shift each, whi you need other people on the ground to check out all the stories, to me that means lots of money. If we contributed t

  41. towards maintanace of site, then that would be a real genuine demand. Let be fair by no leaving insults on the sites please. Please lets us not make LT a site where our we expose our preconscieved ideas of tribal hatred etc, that is very unZambian

  42. It is worth remembering that human and human lives are the battle grounds for the fight between Light Vss darkness; Love Vss hate, Right Vss wrong, Righteousness Vss evil, God and satan. So long as the great controversy between the continues, we will always have such events happening. Zambia’s declaration of Christian nation should not be looked as watering down the fact that witchcraft still exists. Stories of half human half other animal have always existed. Some cases where a result of people using witchcraft to get back at people that store their animals etc….. there is real good chance that the story os very real. The owner of the creature needs no be blamed for having buried the crea

  43. in land where despite having a majority professing chriatianity, there are a lot os social stigmas associated with anything that can be linked to witchcraft, or rather biologically impossible suspicion that owner of the animal may have had intercourse with the cow. Our duty should be to pick the right battles, Neither the cow owner nor the chieftain deserve our insults beacuse they ait our enemy, the the enemy is the devil. Our duty as loving and concerned Zambian I think has be to look at how the story has negatively affected people both here at home and else, and how we can best contribute to undoing the negative social or spiritual caused by the story.

  44. We are living in a time and age where: we talk more but say less, where there is more knowledge but less judgement, more degress but less sense. Science is great but it aint the ultimate answer, coz humanity iant wrestling with flesh and blood always but aigainst principalities and spirits in higher places. Whatever we see or hear, is not the whole story, it is just part of it. Hence part of our duty is not only to take what is read or heard only, but also try to think through how the battles of Love against hate, Light against darkness, God against satan plays out or manifest themselves in the story.

  45. In light of Zambian being a ‘Christian Nation’, thought the followng passages of scripture could potentially shed more light as far the possibility of half man-half cow story is concerned in these ‘dying / last days of human history/existence’. “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:” 1 Pt 5:8. ” Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea (multitudes of people)! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time”. Rev 12:12.

  46. The point is, whether the story is real which is more than 50% likely, or just made up, either way, it just goes to tell that the ‘enermy’ is going to employ all means necessary to bring about some of the most unsual occurences or stories, in order that he can destroy or confuse and secure as may peoples as possible while ‘his’ times nears the end. May our eyes of understanding be open so that we able to see/understand not only matters that can be scientifically tested, but also matters of spirtual, or devine reality.

  47. Why does the conclusion have to be witch craft??? This could have been a new species formed as a result of inter species mating. It is an open secret that people in that part of the country do love there cows sometimes a bit too much. So forget this witch craft talk thats what keeps us behind…..

  48. maybe these ZANI’s reporters are just lying, coz av noticed they report rumours. If that really happened then where are the photos????????

  49. Those insluting Tongas, please give us a break! Be careful for such behaviour is likely going to lead you to eternal destruction.

    Please, Zambians and all those who comment on LT change from this attitude of insulting. It will not bring development to Zed.

  50. #22 you are buushit and stupid. look at your words. Do you have big pipo where you come from? I know you are just a steet adult/kid

  51. Please lets all arrive at the 21st century together, no wonder Africa is so bloody backward when newspapers print crap stories like this, and even more illiterate imbesiles choose to believe it, it is not even April first yet…..

  52. It seems LT has no humour without rumour. How come this story is no where else to be read? CNN, BBC and AL Jazeera would be the first to know! But give these Africans a superficial story and you get an endless debate.

  53. I think this is utter nonsense. It makes no sense at all… its a waste of time reading this kind of baseless stories.

  54. hey pipo.Careful not to insult us tobatonga.the jata ngombe issue doesnt exist .the article is just nonsense

  55. This is just Sick! It takes alot of nerve to pull such a stunt.

    Peeps in zed should stop blasting animals! True or no true, peeps seem to be going in live with animals, and u blasting an animals the least you can use is a plastic if u have no Rubbers.

    I am wondering if this guy would even eat this cow or even milk it,since its now his partner!

    This is some serious sick, crazy, pyscho stuff!

  56. Seeing is believing,……when it comes to these issues i would ask LT to do the blogges as while as the readers a favuor which is including a picture of what you put up in here.This has nothing to do with Tongas for once.For those going this far,you just expossing how narrow you minds are. Let there be a Zambia which every zedian will be proud of and not these shtstem where some think they are more clever or more human than the other. In all,this story holds no ground.

  57. plz give us something worth alking about and not mere speculation. Evidence. Please…………

  58. At first it was mukuni blowing up his fuse, thereafter a human -cow. Tongas are always a problem we don’t know why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. This is fiction, and why did the ower bury the “animal-man” so fast? We need proof, or it will owez be a fiction. >:):(|)3:-o

  60. ba ZANIS report on things that can be proven and not speculations. Musebanya uyo. you will be sued before you realise. WHO IS CHIEF MWANACHINGWALA. COULD YOU BE TALKING ABOUT THE SPOILED CHIEF.

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