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UK backs Zambian plan on Mining Wealth

Economy UK backs Zambian plan on Mining Wealth

The British Government says it supports the Zambian Government in its objective of achieving a more equitable distribution of natural resource wealth, whilst at the same time ensuring Zambia remains an attractive destination for mining investment.

A statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka today by the British High Commission and the Department for International Development (DFID Zambia), states that this is why the British Government is one of the two Co-operating partners who have provided financial assistance to the Zambian Government to obtain its own independent technical and legal advise on renegotiating Zambia’s mining development agreements.

The British Government said it also endorses efforts by the Zambian Government and fellow Co-operating Partners to support the Environmental Council of Zambia (ECZ) in strengthening and enforcing environmental law and regulations.

The UK government however stated that it is better for Zambia to ensure it has the right regime in place for the mining sector rather than rely on changes to legislation in each the countries where mining companies are registered.

Government has since introduced a new mining tax regime aimed benefiting the Zambian citizenry from the country’s endowment of minerals.


  1. The sentiments in the so called ‘backing’ seems a little conditional and teasy.

    This makes some of us doubt the integrity of most of the so called developed nations. UK should realise that despite our country may not being upto speed with their form of development, we are also relatively well equiped with suitably trained and educated Zambian Nationals who can’t wait to be in the driver’s seat of such projects.

    One thing they tend to forget is that their countries have been built by the African handmanship and wealth.

    “Regime, regime”…,what a song; the current Zambian generation is the right Regime. When will they ever stop under-estimating the capabilty of a Zambian intellect.

  2. well thats great news but when are they gonna start implimenting those same projects and we expect zambians to be heading such projects not we start seeing another muzungu runing it as if we dont have the gotd to do it. well done british council even though tumavisa twanu mumatitana

  3. Stop insulting people who have been in the forefront of helping you. Remember it was the current Prime Minister’s (Gordon Brown) who impressed upon the IMF, World Bank and other lenders to forgive your country’s debts when other countries like Germany and USA were opposed. Stop fighting stupid pseudo anti imperialist struggles! Are you the same age as Mugabe?

  4. Mbulawa,No 4.

    Every time I come to this site, I just meet angry people. Can’t we all be civil, and try to deal with stuff in a a mature manner?

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