Poultry industry records a 20 percent growth


The Poultry Association of Zambia (PAZ) has disclosed that it recorded a 20 percent growth last year due to the good micro-investment policies prevailing in the country.

PAZ President Mathews Ngosa says the good micro-investment policies that the government has put in place have helped the poultry industry to scale up production of chickens..

Mr Ngosa told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today that the poultry industry has continued to perform well due to increased investment in the poultry industry and livestock control by government and the private sector.

He noted that the poultry industry has started seeing the trickling down effects of the good micro-investment policies.

And the Poultry Association of Zambia says it has started working out modalities aimed at promoting the Zambia’s poultry industry with a view to enabling it penetrate other international markets.

PAZ President Mathews Ngosa says although the poultry industry has continued to perform well as compared to other industries in the country, there is still need to device a mechanism aimed at marketing the Zambia’s poultry industry so that it can penetrate other international markets.

Mr. Ngosa stated that the Zambia’s poultry industry has enjoyed favours from other countries in the region because of the disease control measures that government and other cooperating partners have put in place.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ngosa has appealed to government to consider liberalising the Veterinary services in order to attract the private sector participation.

Mr. Ngosa said the liberalisation of the veterinary would call for the private sector investment which will then help in the setting up of more test laboratory departments in the country unlike the situation where Zambia is referring laboratory tests to Botswana and South Africa.


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