Lusaka Mayor U-turns on NCC


Lusaka Mayor, Steven Chilatu, has withdrawan his participation from the National Constitutional Conference (NCC).

In a Letter to Patriotic Front President, Michael Sata, the Mayor, said he was duped to particpate in the NCC by people who he claims had ulterior motives.

Mr. Chilatu further said his participation in the NCC was not only a violation of his party’s regulations, but also an act of betrayal.

The Mayor, who has pleaded with Mr. Sata to forgive him, said he has betrayed the confidence and trust that the party president had in him.

He said he was naive to participate in the NCC and that it is one of the most regretable and costly mistakes of his life.

Mr. Chilatu has asked Mr. Sata and the Patriotic Front to accept him back into the party, describing himself as a prodigal son.


  1. Wecipuba ka Chilatu!!hahahahahaaa!!what a useless and so low mayor !what the hell got into your head?Sata and his party on a political drip and almost finished.NCC is the right thing for a well meaning and well thinking hell with you and PF should just expel you.

  2. Chilatu has taken Sata to court saying that PF has got no constitution and that it should be declared non existence by the court. nomba ine nadabwauyu mayor amono yakwe yalipelebela. chachine ulichipuba iwe ka chilatu, we will soon expel you from PF as a sign kufipuba fimbi ifilimu NCC, ukutemwe indalama ka Chilatu!

  3. Well perhaps Sata was right all along. The mayor guy has just discovered that you cant buy a constitution. You cant buy groundswell. You cant buy a Nation.

  4. Chilatu is an embarassment. Maybe he is seeking a third term as mayor now that he has moved into a council mansion in Ibex hill. Kwena poverty is bad. God will judge the lunpen

  5. Chilatu must reimburse the boma all the allowances he has eaten todate.What Sata does with him is their own bedroom matter at PF.I cant believe we have such a joker as the mayor of the capital.

  6. Too bad for Chilatu, this is costly mistake. The best thing is to step down right now and pave way for another mayor. He cannot be expected to lead with such tactics. He funked up big time and Sata should just ask him to resign on his own or get the boot. They are other capable men and women who are waiting to get the job he gave up on a silver plate.

  7. Recycled politician’s behaviour. Waonamanje wayambakulila. You will create a job for task force if you will not pay back what you got.

    Ndiwe chimutimba kubili ng’oma yamuganda. Ugoma nakufukulaso noka chokola nakukalyaso. We can hardly trust you in PF.

  8. Chitula wat is your problem? Are your sure you dont know wat you are supposed to do? resign. As for PF, Sata old man do not listen to these smooth talking liers in MMD and all who suppot them blindly. Some people must learn to stand their ground even in the face of money.Chulita, wat you do with the money is up to you, we hope you have learn’t your lesson.

  9. Good move chitalu,we ar receiving with open arms,lets hop more defective MP’s will find courage to do the same…umwana walubile nabwela.

  10. I wonder how many more will be leaving NCC.Sata was right and pipo are now realising that. Sata was also right on mineral taxes yet MMD cant even acknowledge that.NCC is a scam. Money is being put upfront before the nation. I cant wait for sata to rule this nation.

  11. Hi Zambia,

    The Zambbian POlitical scene is full of GROSS POLITICAL IMMORALITY. Politicians have no principals what-so-ever!

    POliticians have no clear-cut and consistence which they can be idetified with.

    We don’t know weather they are liberal (Modest or extreme) or consevative…

    Weather Gorge Bush was right about the Iraq war or not one thing I respect him for is his consistency in opinion and policy. His principles are unwavering!



  12. Chitalu ulicipuba, are you telling us that you never thought before taking this stance, what a sham, ulepenena ukutali not mu PF

  13. Chilatu kana yebo uliciyanga wamvwa!!uli musilu kapati!satana wako ooyo musilu have to resign as mayor on moral grounds.It simply shows that your thinking capability is unstable mudala….sata walala……PF wabunda ……NCC is for Zambians not Congolese like Sata and Chilatu…..Guy Scott is a muzungu….

  14. A chitalu namwe undele bukomenge! Ka nichifukwa chakala kanyama mukulya kamukhwele? Ndipo muli kukazula chomene, ise ivyo mukulya vya mukhwele tikulema! Sono mwabona vyamumalani zele, mutu winu mulijilethu oro kamoza, nchibekete chambula kathu mukati, chinachiwawa nyengo zose! Ndipo ndimwe bazeleza, mwatiselusya, mulute kutali shaaa! A kambwe imwe, mukujilengesya na banja yose. Chawaka waka iwe! Ndiwe muthakati chaiyo! Namala ningamala mazyo! Leka nikamwe phele ni friday lelo unganinangila nyota!

  15. chilatu,u r a disgrace,a bootlicker.A man of no principles.ur political career is gone.didnt sign up 4 u.u r so shallow minded.nigger get a life.

  16. Iwe Chilatu, you are a brainless hopeless bootlicker. And because you have no morals you will not see the need to resign. Time waster

  17. what do you expectfrom a man who was a fire fighter in the Council……..ala mwandibane, we need to boot out such characters from leadership positions!!!!

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