Blood sucking flies cause havok in Kazungula


Blood sucking flies have infested in
Kazungula District, attacking and killing donkeys, cattle, and pigs.

The flies that are believed to have originated from Botswana are
attacking animals in Sikaunzwe and part of Makunka areas in Kazungula

According to Kazungula Central Veterinary Assistant, Athens
Hamankolo, the deadly flies were first reported in 2006 and claimed 15
herds of cattle, mostly dairy animals.

Mr. Hamankolo told ZANIS that thousands of flies are found on each
animal which he said is making animals to fail to graze or move.

He said all animals in the area are affected and dying from lose of
blood and hunger.

Mr. Hamankolo observed that the flies are actively biting animals
from the early hours and late hours of the day.

He further said that the deadly flies are thriving in wet conditions
especially in flooded areas.

“The flies are mostly found in flooded areas and increase in number
during the rainy season. In dry conditions they disappear,” he said.

Meanwhile, Winfred Machaya, a veterinary assistant in Makunka has
advised farmers to buy cylence dip, which, he said, keeps flies away
from the animals.

He further urged farmers who are affected by floods and need to move
to higher and drier ground to avoid moving their animals during the

Mr. Machaya said moving animals during the day will result in the
spread of flies to others areas adding that the flies are attacking
animals during day time.

He said so far samples have been sent to Lusaka so as to
determine the disease that the flies could pass on to livestock and to
help determine the type of drug to be used.

The blood sucking flies have so far claimed five donkeys since they
infested the area in January this year.


  1. What last days? It is just a new breed of flying insects that has evolved under prevailing conditions. They may not even be genetically the same as the household fly. Entomological Research will soon to the bottom of this. So, do not just sit down and hope this problem is just a fullfillment of some unproven ancient prophecy!

  2. Fools die, you dont have to force people to move to higher grounds. thats the way nature gets rid of dumb people. if those morons are resisting to leave the flood area, nature will take care of them period!!

  3. Its a shame that some of you are too damn to leave under the sun.These could surely be signs of the end, but we should not sit and do nothing about it. Let vet do their home work.

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