Western ULP secretary resigns, joins UPND


Western Province United Liberal Party (ULP) Secretary, Nambula Tebuho, has resigned and joined the United Party for National Development (UPND).

According to a press release made available to ZANIS in Mongu today and signed by ULP Provincial Publicity and Information Secretary, Saxson Kashumba, Mr. Tebuho cited irregularities in the ULP administration as the reason for his resignation.

Mr. Tebuho said the removal of Mr Sikwindi Situla and Mr Edwin Simusamba from the National Constitution Conference by Party President, Sakwiba Sikota without blessings from the National Executive Committee (NEC), was a clear exhibition that ULP was not a listening party.

He further accused Mr. Sikota of having appointed Crispin Shumina as both Party Secretary General and a commissioner on the NCC, removing Mr Sikwindi Situla and Mr Edwin Simusamba without consulting the NEC.

Mr. Tebuho said he has decided to join UPND because the party had credible and receptive leaders likely to form the next government.


  1. We all knew Saki would not make a good leader for UPND and I think Mrs.Mazoka in her own right was correct.Most of the se chaps followed Saki due to frustration and thought they were sidelined but a good leader will alwasy pull pipo to his side.HH is the young man that just took up a very heavy load that saki would have failed to bear.get back home where you belong not ULP.Lubinda is always frustrated as PF spokesperson but his heart yearns to get back home,late Mtonga died a UPND supporter in his heart.Saki you messed up.

  2. Nambula Tebuho is just a failure and job seeker you will see what it means to just join parties you do not even understand

  3. The grass always appears green in the next meadow.Party cadre politics is usually about what one can gain.Come next elections,expect more cross party defections.

  4. Leave Tebuho alone. He knows more politics than those that know politics by paper. His decision cannot be questioned, after all Sakwiba is no leadership material at all !!!

  5. Good move Sikota, Liberal politics is what Zambia needs. ULP needs to partner with PF. PF is weak in Western, N/ Western and Southern, if the made a partnership, ULP can win more sits and will form the next gov’t with PF. We all know MMD’s days are numbered and that tribal party UPND is going nowhere. Viva Democracy, Abash tribalism!

  6. PF can not make gov’t alone, they need another party that can bring them votes and support in parts of the country were they are weak. That party can only be ULP. HH and UPND will find it hard to shake off the tribal tag which means their support base will remain small. Hasn’t Sikota got a bemba wife or something? I think it is clear that the man is liberal both in his personal life and his politics which makes his party a ‘natural’ partner with PF. With time running out, MMD will not have enough time to find a candidate who can outshine Sata and PF. When it becomes clear that MMD is going down key members will most likely jump to PF and ULP making these two parties form the next gov’t.

  7. The biggest issues in the 2011 elections will be mining. MMD is failing the people of Zambia. CB and Lusaka, Central, Northern and Luapula will go for PF. N/western will be disappointed when it becomes clear that they are not benefiting from the mines and will most likely be listening to those talking about benefiting from mining. This is fertile area for PF to win hearts and minds. ULP needs to take the same stance to win the emotional swing voters in N.western, Western and Southern. Eastern will swing towards PF. So between PF and ULP they can form the next gov’t. Strategic thinking will be needed to win the 2011 elections.

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