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Classroom block collapses as pupils go for break

Rural News Classroom block collapses as pupils go for break

Dozens of pupils escaped death when a one by three community school block collapsed in Mwinilunga district shortly after the pupils went for break in Chief Chibwika’s area.

Comfirming the sad development to Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in an interview, Chibwika UPND ward councillor, Fordwell Chikondu, said no one was hurt when Muwozi community school collapsed due to the heavy rains experienced in the area.

“ Muwozi community school has collapsed in my ward due to the heavy rains we experienced in the area,” he said.

Councillor Chikondu explained to ZANIS that the pupils have been left in the cold and without a school.

However, the councillor said arrangements have been made for the pupils to start learning in a near by church building.

Councillor Chikondu has appealed for assistance from the Ministry of Education to assist by rebuilding the community school soon.

He noted that at the moment the community has no financial strength to build a new community school without the assistance of the government.

The councillor said the community school in question has played a major role in breaking illiteracy levels among the pupils in the area.

Meanwhile Councillor Chikondu has appealed to the World Food Programe (WFP) to consider allocating relief aid to Chibwika ward.

Councillor Chikondu explained that families have been hit with hunger following last year’s floods that affected the area.

“In my ward people are suffering because of last year’s floods. We need to be assisted with relief aid,” he said.

The councillor maintained that the relief aid will assist to cushion the hunger situation in the area.

He said some families are walking long distances in the quest to source food from the chief’s palaces.

“Some families are walking long distances just to look for food from the chiefs’ palaces. The situation is bad,” he noted.


  1. Moeny should be taken from Levy’s private treatment and given to this school. These kids’ future is far more important that Levy’s life.

  2. But Levy is a man who has never thought of this country and its citizen apart from himself.
    He is currently busy adding or is it looking for titles that can come before his name. We have a president is more more occupied with his health and security. He is ever checking his shoulder and sometimes even running away from nothing just because Michael has revealed a K48 BILLION plunder.

  3. We thank God for kids who were saved! Govt plz should our children be still going to classrooms that were built in the early 60s

  4. The leadership of this great Nation must surely be ashamed of themselves. I believe the one who coined the saying and I quote, ” Prevention is better than cure” was no fool at all.

    Let us not only be skillful at sympathesing when calamity strikes but lets be proactive enough to take acre of certain things before they escalate to disastrous levels.
    Thank God none of the young ones died. Wake up leaders. We did choose you so you could be chasing cocktails everywhere.Actualise your manadate!!

  5. guys God is really great, thats no incidence but God intavinced in the matter so that no one should be hate, now its time the MP for the area to think of arranging for funds from the government to rebuild that school with modern prevention structures and noot just ba MP manje bayambego kuimba wenge kubafana but bashopinga pa manda hill. pliz mr mwanawana intervene in this matter even in other areas where nothing has happened yet and not to wait tragedy to happen

  6. Governments money should be used constructively. Don’t put the lives of kids at risk. They are the future leaders maybe even better than today’s leaders. Don’t be egocentric use the money to construct better schools. I don’t think we would ve our leaders alive today if they went to such terrible schools. shame!

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