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Race to Football House Official On

Sports Race to Football House Official On

The race to Football House is now officially on with Faz today announcing that filing in of nomination papers by candidates for the March 29 elections was now open.

Faz spokesperson Joseph Nkole said today that candidates wishing to stand for next months executive committee elections during its annual general meeting should file starting today until February 28l

Nkole said that all nomination papers should be filed in during business hours at Football House between 09:00 and 17:00 the 28th.

“The process leading to the FAZ elections has commenced with today’s (Wednesday) announcement,” Nkole said during Faz’s Wednesdays weekly press briefing.

“The elections like in previous years will be conducted by the National Sports Council of Zambia….Electoral rules and regulations will apply.

“All persons intending to stand for elections should familiarize themselves with the FAZ constitution and the electoral rules and regulations.

Nkole said all clubs and associations affiliated to FAZ must make sure they pay their registration and affiliation fees before taking part in the electoral process.

So far, three people have confirmed they will be vying for the FAZ presidency while the list for for vying for the five committee membership positions is growing rapidly.

Those eying the Faz top job include Lusaka Dynamos supremo Hanif Adams, Anthony Kasolo and association vice president Kalusha Bwalya.

FAZ president Teddy Mulonga has yet to issue any official statement as to whether he will re-contest his post.

Zambia Football Coaches Association general secretary Simataa Simataa is seeking the Faz vice presidency.

And Nkole also revealed that Faz will tomorrow Thursday hold another press briefing that will deal with matters relating to the FAZ elections to be held at Mulungushi International Conference Centre at the end of March.

“I can certainly confirm that FAZ will tomorrow (Thursday) hold a press briefing at 11:00 relating to matters regarding the elections,” the FAZ spokesman said.


  1. Great Kalu, you have been great enough pafula! Let others take over. Mwila temwesha sana ubufumu. If you have failed to prove yourself since missing that fateful penalty as player/manager, forget it. It is time to move forward. You are too power hungry and selfish. We want fresh blood now, we don’t want a FAZ President who will be running national football programs from Super-Sport in Johannesburg.

  2. Iwe Kokoliko,
    are you crazy? Kalusha is probably the most qualified chap for the post. CAF, the south africans and even FIFA recognize his capacities, but we should not. What is your problem with Kalusha, apart from jealousy. Maybe you need to drink coffee instead of kokoliko. If not Kalusha, I hope it will be Hanif.

  3. Kalusha for presidency! Its time he took over. He played for zambia, he coached zambia and is currently FAZ vice president, what next? FAZ President of course! The mam has experiense at all levels.

  4. Anthony Kasolo is a human trafficker or slave trader otherwise known as a football agent for lack of a better term. He makes money by selling Zambian Players to mostly South African clubs. He is yet to sell a player to European clubs and he is a close personal friend to Kalusha

    I think #1 has a point. Kalu will fail to run FAZ despite his experience at all levels. Kalu has a personal Agenda to be a member of FIFA executive and he wants to use FAZ and CAF as a spring board, nothing wrong with that, but FAZ rightnow needs someone totally focused on the Job and Kalu is not. Too much all over the place and a spoilt brat, I think.

  5. Hanif Adams appears to have the business acumen to run FAZ,looking at his sustenance of Lusaka dynamos.I am not sure about the administrative skills of great Kalu as he currently blames his boss at FAZ for been too heavy handed and autocratic.

  6. All the best to every Candidate. I am sure however that Kalu would be a mistake trust me I know what Goes on there. Let us wait and see who will win.

  7. We need a generational change in football just like in politics and let the young and fresh people lead soccer into the next era beacuase its too much bakudaala. So let kalusha and hanif led the way with old folks to support them and not job seekers. wadada irie!!

  8. Having great Kalu at the helm of FAZ will be costly to zambia. Other than being a great player the man does not know what he really wants to be. This is the man who has been global trotting looking for a position, and it seems he is never satisfied. He is in a hurry, and indeed selfish. Remember how he disregarded FAZ constitution to become employer and employee (in-charge of all national teams)? Remember the COSAFA Presidency issue. As someone has said a lot has happened in FAZ and Kalu is the culprit. Hanif is the best candidate and his CV speaks volume.He has admin/management skills to even mentor unskilled Kalu.

  9. Being a great player does not necessarily translate in being a good manager, and thats what Kalu is missing. Kalu is not the only guy FIFA is using, there other great players. There role is specialised. Being at the helm requires maturity (not that of age), and am sorry Kalu is yet to mature. Remember how he confused Lwandamina at U20? Remember how he imposed Col Banda as Arrows coach? Remember that Kalu wanted to bulldoze FAZ in that aborted expertrait coach issue? We say saw not because we hate him, but for his own good and that of soccer in zambia. We know a lot about Kalu and soccer politics, which issues are better quietly resolved. Kalu should be FAZ abassador.

  10. Most guys here are just looking for faults or wrongs in Kalu.Remember this and that.If we were to scrutinize each Candidate we will find wrongs in all of them including Hanif Adams.Lets focus on the Canditates strengths not weaknesses.
    The are people who will tell all the bad about Hanif or Kalu.What we should be looking at,is past achievements and present abilities.
    Jealousy out and no personal grudges.
    Amongst these guys who can take Zambian Football forward and market the game Internationally.A guy with International contacts and someone who can make Faz independent from handouts Don’t tell us what this guy did wrong cos all of us have made mistakes. For me Kalu & Hanif

  11. would make a powerful Team.But the biggest question we need to ask ourselves is,”are these two guys willing to work together”?

  12. I beg to suggest that Kalu will be the next big mistake at the helm of FAZ if elected its president. Despite all his international contacts, powerful CV and global fame, he has failed to translate that for the benefit of the Zed game in particular and FAZ in general. FAZ has become synonymous with internal wranglings, all coz one man is too powerful. Kalu spare us another episode from your never ending sequels.

  13. Imwe bonse advocating for kalusha to be faz presido mwalipena. CAF, FIFA, SSport and 2010 LOC SA recognise him because he is always there for them. Its not about jelousy but about the good of Zambian soccer. How can you run FAZ from SA? The problem with this guy is that he wants to be everywhere at the same time. Only God can be everywhere at the same time. Cosafa president, Faz president etc, eish Nomba you will here ati MMD president and eventually Zambian President. Mwaiche Kalu tekanya. bika bola panshi. There other Zedians who are capable. Learn to share responsibility. Just stay in SA and work for SS, CAF, FIFA and WC 2010 LOC. Kwapwa.

  14. Iwe Sibs you live here in SA. If you watch SS he is always there on TV making comments. Just last night he was one of the analysis in the match btn Arsenal and AC Milan, when he is supposed to be in Zambia organising football back in Zambia and especially the league which is about to commence. Please guys be analytical in your thinking. Its not just about names here, its about people committed to the good of Zambian football.

  15. Kalu has done a lot for Zambian soocer especially as a player and he has contributed immensely to putting Zambia on top in football terms but despite all these I honestly do not think he is the ideal person to lead zambian football. The Gentleman is too busy and it seems his interests lie somewhere away from zambian football and his motives are clearly for personal glory.

    This is my opinion and I do not expect everyone to think like me.

  16. However we need Kalu as FAZ liaison officer owing to his contacts across the global but not as the President because the guy lacks leadership qualities. Remember how he threatened to sort out Simaata because he (Simaata)had challenged Kalu’s dual roles (coach and veep) in faz.

    Let others try.

    Hanif is my man in this role. He has to come show us his story a well. We are tired of the same Kalu story

  17. However we need Kalu as FAZ liaison officer owing to his contacts across the global but not as the President because the guy lacks leadership qualities. Remember how he threatened to sort out Simaata because he (Simaata)had challenged Kalu’s dual roles (coach and veep) in faz.

    Let others try.

    Hanif is my man in this role. He has to come and tell us his story as well. We are tired of the same Kalu story

  18. 20 Ba Kemps -Mwape Mwelwa you are spot on.
    Simataa who is vying for V/President and Kalusha for President don’t get along. If the unthinkable should happen and both win the elections there would be chaos i FAZ. Anthony has always been Kalu’s lap dog. The only Credible man is this case is Hanif who has demostrated management abilities and is not involved in this petty football politics.

  19. The best Kalu has done as Veep i FAZ is to make it impossible for Mulonga to run football, he has always created opposing camps and parrallel shadow structures. He is just one greedy and power hungry individual riding on his former glory as a footballer but with nothing to offer as an administrator. KALU a grade tweleve failure is trying to outdo graduates in administration.

  20. I cannot believe we rate Great Kalu so low as Zedians.The whole bows to this man yet we just demean him on this blog.I do not care what you guys think this man is zambia, himself.Let him be the face of zambian football as he did as a player.Forward thinking people like germans always put their heroes to run the sport.When u say enough, enough of what? Look at the mediocre coach we have , just becoz of our zedian know-it-all attitude.FIFA rates this guy highly, the only african on the technical panel at WC2006 in Germany.Hanif is not indeginous enough, can run nightclubs or mid-table teams , not zambian football.Come zambia you deserve the best … Great Kalu.

  21. In all fairness Kalusha is the better bet than Hanif. Kalusha is more exposed and has more contacts than Hanif.Hanif can serve better as an assistant.

  22. #24 Its not the name and fame that matters here but leadership qualities. We deserve better. The medicre coach you are talking about is a product of the current faz executive of which kalu is a senior member. So who is mediocre? FAZ is. Fifa, supersport and Caf, like me, rate kalu highly on his technical know how but this is leadership bwana.

  23. Now that you have made resounding comments on Kalusha Bwalya and Hanif Adams, I don’t know from which planet whether chadiza or Kashikishi, none of you is thinking of or trying to check out the combination of Kalusha Bwalya and Simaata Simaata at the helm of FAZ as presdo and vice presdo. I see Simaata spending his time at the Force Head Quarters each time Kalusha will be landing at Lusaka International Airport from analysing soccer on Supersport. Koma izankala yamene FAZ. I can imagine a catoon showing Simaata ranning to Force Head Quarters to report that Kalusha is after his life!!! Koma nimasebela aya ka.

  24. Man, I love Kalu to death, but i don’t think he’s right for FAZ at the present time just as others have said. There are other people who care about football too. I think it’s important leadership realizes and accepts the state football is in so we can begin to improve it. In my vision i would have Kalu play and outside pr role where he could really use his profile to highlight things. I don’t mean to insult anyone, but i hope men will not work against one another destroying thngs in the process, let it be amicable, let everyone play to their strengths.

  25. #16 Mwandi u are right, because this composition of Kalu and Simaata if at it all it works will be ZERO. We all know there is now a tag of war between these groups. Simaata Simaata and Kalu hada wrangel of which we do not know who was wrong. I know Kasolo and I think I could make a good adminstrator, my only doubt is with Kalu, Simaata and Hanif pantu aba bantu will cause more harm than good to Zed soccer

  26. #16 Mwandi u are right, because this composition of Kalu and Simaata if at all it works will be ZERO. We all know there was a a tag of war between these groups. Simaata differred with Kalu and their were insults. Simaata Simaata and Kalu had a wrangel of which we do not know who was wrong. I know Kasolo and I think he could make a good adminstrator, my only doubt is with Kalu, Simaata and Hanif pantu aba bantu will cause more harm than good to Zed soccer

  27. bane kalu failed as coach, where Zed camped in France, he chose the wrong players and we lost 2-1, 4-1 and won 1-0 3 points, with Phiri we won 3-0, lost 1-4 and drew 1-1 4 points, we call that improvemnet bane

  28. Hey guys tell me five good things Hanif has done as the CEO/owner of lusaka dynamos apart from selling players to SA and malaysia then I will tell you ten great things how Kalu will turn Faz into with his global contact and modern soccer admin runining skills he has aquired as fifa tech member I don’t give a damn what you all say period,Hanif what!

  29. KALU,Please leave that country alone,people will continue to insult you they forget what you have done and achieved ,dude come to america they are looking for[people with your resume,fishe

  30. Hanif my Ass,let that dude continue vilimba and some shit like that,what contact has Hanif got? hooo i forgot he buys burnt cd`s from china f… that shit,when all is said and done that pank is trying to eat,even the little we have.na boila manje

  31. #26 Groom leadership and the best way put him there and he will grow to what FAZ needs.Point being, leadership is , to me, soft skills that can be leant easily.But that football brain and passion in him in irreplacable, my man.Look at the big picture here.Other administrators come in this as just a money spinner.Look at how Germany developed kaizer, look at brazil “pele”.These pipo leant pipo skills on the job.Lets get simataa as his vice to bridge the skills gap.Hanif will just open more discos …. if these still exits in zed.

  32. Observer #17 i have seen your your comments.Personally i don’t mind who runs Faz as long as that Person is capable of turning the organization around,of course he has to be Zambian.We tired of the seeing ‘the Mickey Mouse’ stuff we have been subjected to at times in Faz.As the other guys have said a Kalu & Simaata team will need us to bring the UN at Faz House.Miyoba #24 i think Hanif is Zambian enough to stand for the office.Lets not look at colour of the skin here we have had great Leaders in Zed like Dipak Patel and theirs a business in Lusaka who used to help in Faz just forgotten his name i think he owns Lilayi Lodge or something.He has a football ground in the Makeni area at his farm.

  33. Hanif is the man!
    Hanif is the man!
    Hanif is the man!
    Hanif is the man!
    Hanif is the man!
    Hanif is the man!
    Hanif is the man!
    Hanif is the man!
    Hanif is the man!

  34. Chamanga in further talks with Swallows

    21 February 2008 (16:01)

    James Chamanga © Gallo Images
    Everything is coming up roses for James Chamanga. The man who was off-loaded by SuperSport United as surplus to requirements and was signed by Moroka Swallows finds himself on top of the world and in high demand.
    Chamanga is currently leading the race for the golden boot in the domestic Absa Premiership and has received an offer from Norwegian side Stromsgodset IF which he is expected to sign sometime next week.

    “I have been called back to Norway to finalise the deal,” said Chamanga, who scored the solitary goal for Moroka Swallows at home on Wednesday when Santos defeated the Birds

  35. Chamanga deserves this, he’s a hard worker not really talented.He’s done it for zed and thanks.I feel thats all I do not expect alot from this guy.Well done.

  36. Imwe bantu please tell me, where has Kalusha Bwalya ever exercised administration skills. He is only good as a soccer analyst.In management were are taught that you can promote a worker to a level of irrelevance. Because one was a good driver you promote him to become a fleet manager.

  37. #41 where did Franz bechenbauer learn the admin skills, so does pele, etc.Lets appreciate our heroes and groom them, pipo with football in their blood otherwise FAZ will continue being a mickey mouse affair.This guy has the image, money will poured into our league,coaches will get better training as per connections, etc.Great KALU for FAZ pres.Let him learn now and Zed will gain.

  38. Ba #13 what fault finding are you talking about? Is having critical analysis fault finding. What is a CV? If you are working why were you asked for a CV? Senior positions like FAZ Pres requires demonstrable work experience in similar positions. What are you to say about Kalu other than that he is the Great as a player and has contacts? Why not talk about his achievements as FAZ veep to warant him the Pres? You can’t run away from your past, you have to account for it. Don’t mislead kalu coz i can see that You can even mislead KK and FTJ that they can win 2011 elections. Kalu will do well to FAZ ambsssador, especially under Hanif. We all love Kalu and we want him to help Zambian soccer!

  39. I still stand by my words. Kalusha may have been a talented player. However, he is neither a good football administrator nor a performing coach. The problem in Zambia is that we tend to be fanatical in the way we support individuals. If Kalusha was a good administrator or coach he wouldn’t have come back to Zambia at the time he did. It’s nonsense to argue that he came back for the love of mother Zambia. He just failed abroad, full stop. He failed to get his contract in South America renewed due to poor performance. He came to Zambia, and since then his record in Zambia is there for everybody to see. What good CV are you talking about? We need to move forward. We need change.

  40. I think kalu is ideal for the job.fAZ has gone through alot and it needs someone who can up grade the score stands that have fallen.And kalu in this case is capable.I like the comments my fellow blogs are making that he is too ambtious and ever in SA.FAZ needs a man who is hard working and one who understands international football.Times are changing and the standards of football must change.Someone who can read zambain league as well as international.In my opinion i think kalu qalifies.

  41. Kalu we probably win it and if not Hanif Adams these two fox have better chances and expriences in runing a soccer organization. I would not be surprise at all when the results comes out. Good luck to the participates of the this year’s race. God bless Zambia.

  42. I agree with Kokoliko. Zambians you have made him big headed and that is very sad. The question should be how has he used these contacts as FAZ Veep. All he has done is caused squabbles. In fact these contacts he has should have made him win COSAFA but he lost badly so maybe you are making assumptions that he has them. At the end of the day Kalusha will not be the next president. You guys who watch from outside will be shocked making your assumptions will see.

  43. #44 kokoliko do you have some kind of personal beef or is it the inborn hatred you have towards the great Kalu,look here dude all your comments about Kalu does not hold water because you’re a very sad guy to see Kalu achieve his goals through the sport he played excellent with passion,why do you think supersport signed a deal with Faz and what about the Nike deal Faz has who’s influence was it? thats your food for thought and you know what some of the admin skills you don’t need to have a PHD just experience and exposure one will be able to run the show look at the guy who is managing Esther Phiri the Zambian lady boxing champion,so stop this hate and just support the guy of your choice.

  44. Quoted from BBC> Zambian legend kalusha Bwalya says he is the right man to lead football in his country… Bwalya says he wants to use his international connections and his 21 years as a player to restore the Chipolopolo to their former glory. “Running for the presidency is the next step given where i have come from, the former zambia coach told the BBC. “I feel it is time for me to head the association and implement the ideas i have. My dream is that zambia should one day be able to go to the world cup,” said Bwalya who is a member of both caf and fifa committees. “I also represent the people who wont rest until zambia goes to the world cup and reclaims its position as one of the best teams.

  45. X-Killer, go back to the bbc web site, you can listen to a wav snippet from that interview. The man asks him how he will run Faz from SA, he doesn’t answer directly, perhaps he is saving that for before the election. I’d like to hear more of what the candidates have to say, but i feel they will all hold their cards for now.

  46. Top notch players like Pele, Franz, and even currently the Beckhams of the world, learn the business world as their careers move on.They have a variety of academies and football themed activities and charity events in which their full input and occassional participation is essence. These types of structured events/organisations put at their disposal invaluable skills in organisation,adminisrative and fiscal responsbilities which they can later mesh together for their eventual leadership roles.Suffice to say that preparing leaders in this regard is a process.You cant just cross the bridge when you get to it.Plan.


  48. I do believe all the concepts you have introduced to your post. They’re really convincing and will certainly work. Still, the posts are too quick for beginners. Could you please extend them a bit from subsequent time? Thanks for the post.

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