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One person dies at Chinese coal Mine accident

Economy One person dies at Chinese coal Mine accident

One person has died while several others have been injured at the Chinese collum coal mine accident in Sinazeze in Sinazongwe district.

Maamba Hospital Superintendent Dr Angel Mwiche confirmed the death of Trywell Siapukwe that he was brought in dead on Monday at night.

Dr. Mwiche said three accidents have happened at the Collum mine within one week and the hospital has been attending to injured patients resulting from the rocks falling on the workers under ground.

He said Mr Siapukwe died from the rocks that fell on him under ground while Joseph Mutinta sustained some injuries and an x-lay was being done to determine if he was stable.

The Doctor disclosed that another injured person was brought to the hospital in the morning on Monday but he was treated and discharged the same day.

Dr Mwiche said of the three miners that were injured last week two were discharged while ,Jerical Siankuku, who had a fractured spine and displacement of the back borne was in a critical condition.
He said Mr Siankuku needs to be referred to the Univerisity Teaching Hospital (UTH) for specialist treatment but efforts to have an audience with the Chinese Collum coal mine Management was delaying the process.
“As at now the patient is paralysed and if the injury has gone to the spine chances for him to walk again are slim,” the Dr Mwiche.

He said the rate of the accidents at the mine were worrying adding that something has to be done to improve on safety.
A shift supervisor who refused to be named said tother workers were treated of the injuries at Sinazeze clinic and they were discharged.

Sinazongwe District MMD Constituency Chairperson Simoni Chali who visited the patients appealed to the Minister of Mines to close the mine until safety measures were followed to reduce on the rate of the accidents.

Mr. Chali noted that the rate of accidents were a danger to the lives of the workers at collum mine.
Chinese Mine Manager Xu Jin Lianc who brought the dead person could not express himself in English and only said that the accident occurred at shaft two.

Last week Nkandabbwe ward Councillor Patson Mangunje said it was unfortunate that the Chinese were failing to observe safety measures to protect miners underground.

He reaffirmed that the Chinese were also failing to compensate the injured workers adding that the mine has not paid the three miners who were crippled last year as result of the underground accidents.
Mr. Mangunje condemned the Mine Safety Inspectors for failing to conduct proper inspection at the Chinese mine because two days after their inspections the accident occurred.
In another development a ZAMBEEF casual worker in Sinazongwe is also battling for his life in Maamba Hospital after two tractors crushed his left leg as he was on duty.

Dr Mwiche confirmed the development and that Kennedy Siakayinga sustained a broken leg and managed to stabilise it.
The Doctor said that he would be alright though one leg will be shorter than the other.

Speaking from his bed side Siakayinga said the accident occurred while was on duty and one moving tractor accidentally rammed into the stationed one which also crushed his leg.
“ I shouted for help and told them that you have crushed my leg, actually the driver who caused the accident has no licence but he is allowed to drive,” Mr Siakayinga said.


  1. Very sad and pathetic… if these are the types of investors we are getting from foreign countries, then we should be looking inwards. Government and banks need to support locals on this one. To be honest, I think a Zambian would be more caring than some foreignor whose sole interest is making maximum profit. SHAME! Do not get me wrong, I am not xenophobic, but simply speaking out for our own!

  2. The President should create a new ministry for Dora Siliya called the Ministry of Sex and Love Affairs. If what has been posted here is true then she has more than enough ‘experience’ and ‘qualifications’ to handle such a ministry. It would then be right to call her the horny minista …sorry the honourable minister. The question I have though is, didn’t Chisha Folotiya know Dora’s past role as a ‘public worker’ at UNZA? Guys before you decide to settle down with some of these girls please do some BSC (background sex checks)!

  3. My condolences and pliz put the logistics in place to ensure evrything if safe.That’s why we want mines to be 57% tax.

  4. Does govt know that such things are happening.Ine niba misa ba kk mwe.Kunalimbe vaso.pliz ba mwanawasa help these miners

  5. Ooo my God another tragid? MHSRIP!! I recently sent a web and the topic to search on google,to advise my fellow Zambian about these Chinese investor and those who read what I said would bear with me and those who also did conduct a search on China’s africa takeover, will understand what I am talking about.
    Thses guys are not concerned about our safety or security never!! they are very much interested in money to take back to their homes where they are over-populated,hence them ending up even using old type of mining?( cheap labour)
    Why is it that our people are the ones been traped en killed? thats the question? They are even secured at their residences,No one is allowed to enter thr hmes!

  6. It is only those boneheads in the grz who seem not to understand that China is the capital of mining and industrial accidents. The managers of Chinese firms in Zambia have a very poor background on mining or industrial safety because in their country nothing exists on safety.

    Levy and who ever is responsible for allowing such investors will have to be surcharged at a later stage for crimes against humanity in mining and industrial activities during their reign.

  7. I really don’t know what our country is coming to. Ninshi abama guyz teti baye Kumwabo ala twanaka nama rubbish yabo!!!!!
    Ala ba Levy bachitepo fimo nabu Docota bwabo twnaka!

  8. Lets not wait until we loose more lives! I am hereby making a formal complain to all the Zambian people to be observant and report all forms of inhuman activitie to either our local authority or International authorities,mostly those that support and donates more funds to our government!

    People lets talk and report them.Our gvt has no remorse onto us! these guys are only intereted in Money not in our well being!
    I will fight this until justice is saved no matter what! am currently abroad but keeping an eye on my country and its simple to learn their tricks and catch them! Just talking to the right people then all will be done! STOP killing Our Brother you money Lovers

  9. flag We all know hw 2 complain.but wat can we do to make sure that our concerns are dealt with?thats y in 2006 we wanted noah to take over,he wud hv dealt with the chinese,but the same dying villagers wanted chuchu,kuzigon'a

    Anti chuchu

  10. This # 4 fellow seems to be a big problem.Please remember that whether you like it or not Honourable Dora remains your minister.You are actually spoiling this site because of your uncalled for remarks. If u have nothing to say you better shut up!

  11. Prophetic words: Chuchu is an angel of death, since he became presdo of this country (2001) there has been a lot mass deaths and his relatives have died in numbers!

  12. flag We all know hw 2 complain.but wat can we do to make sure that our concerns are dealt with?thats y in 2006 we wanted noah to take over,he wud hv dealt with the chinese,but the same dying villagers wanted chuchu,kuzigon'a

    15 u r right,I think chuchu cud be a univesal church priest,a satanist.may be all these deaths caused by chinese jokers and all his late relatives are his sacrifices.

  13. #16 Where have come from? Why are using a box for names for writing your msgs? STOP YOU ARE SPOILING THE BLOG, NIWE KAMUSHI SANA!!

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