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China to play Zambian music


China’s Director General in the department of International Cooperation, Ma Xuming pledged to assist ZNBC broadcast some of its programs on China Central Television Station (CCTV).

Mr. Xuming said the ministry of Information in China is ready to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with its Zambian counterparts for technical and training support in order to educate and effectively disseminate information between the two countries.

He said the Chinese people appreciate programs from Zambia especially Zambian music adding that it would be great if it was televised on CCTV.

Government has commended China for its continued technical and training support to Zambia.

Information and Broadcasting Services Minister, Michael Mulongoti thanked China for assisting government to acquire transmitters and equipment which has enabled the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) to effectively disseminate information on radio and television.

Mr. Mulongoti said this in Lusaka today when the visiting Chinese delegation led by Ma Xuming paid a courtesy call on him at his office.

Mr Mulongoti who is also Chief government Spokesperson called for continued support and exchange of information between the two countries to improve the media industry.

He said people in Zambia and China need to share and learn about each other’s culture and economic developments in order strengthen their ties.

Mr Mulongoti further appealed for assistance from China in the upgrading of television equipment adding that most of it is obsolete.


  1. Which Chinese can appreciate Zambian music, thats a damn lie. Let them get Zambian musicians to go to China as ‘Music exports’ to go and earn a living as they they come to earn a living here. C’amon abena Danny go to China.

  2. total blackmail,giving us scum for minerals ,hell yea.want to benefit kamillion in exchange of our minerals,ba swine.

  3. why not extending the same gesture in terms of salary increament to the miners,we can never be blinded for so long,let them talk of development,funding some education program or something,not zambian music,what has it to do with development when the music industry is full of fools and prositutes who used to dodge classes during there school days,let the chinese learn to substantiate.

  4. Quote: “Mr Mulongoti further appealed for assistance from China in the upgrading of television equipment adding that most of it is obsolete.” End Quote.

    It seems ZNBC and the Minister of Information are used to free stuff. If 1,000,000 tv licenses were paid for (Hotels and Lodges pay per TV set), it would earn ZNBC 3Billion Kwacha per month! ZNBC also receives grants from Govt and makes a lot of money from adverts. Why can’t they plan to upgrade their equipment and spend the money they get from us? They keep asking for assistance and donations. They said “if you pay, it will show,” they have been receiving license fees for some time now but their programing is still poor.

  5. Arts and theatre are not taught in higher institutions anywhere in Zed. We should put forth the effort as a country to establish and promote Music and Arts Schools.

  6. MUVI TV which is a private TV station is Zambia only relies on TV ads. They have no TV licenses or any assistances from Govt. Yet MUVI TV is behind SABC and BTV but 10 years ahead of ZNBC. There programs are at most entertaining. People watch more MUVI TV than ZNBC. The only thing you woul hear is, “did you watch that show on MUVI TV”. If MUVI TV manages to bring in quality entertainment to Zambians through TV ads, why cant ZNBC be much better than MUVI TV since they have tv licenses, ads and grants from govt. Thats the problem with Zambian companies, CEO’s are concerned with there pockets than they are with the company. We need to change our attitudes.

  7. Music? Pliz! Knowing how passionate Zambians have become about music, the Chinese want to use it to divert criticism on their labour standards or lack thereof.

  8. Aweh mwe!! ba imbwa aba, how is Red Linso playing in China going to help Joe Nobody in Kalingalinga put a meal in his stomach?

  9. Who are you to judge? China has 2 billion people if hundred thousand by Zambian Music its a lot money. Remember that Zambian music is not known by Americans and Europpians. Even when Zambians perform abroad attendees are 99% Zambians based abroad. Lets not cheat ourselves that China can not prove to be a better market or add to foriegn recoginition of zed music. beware of being infected by anti- chines Party. He will destory the nation.

  10. #14, come back after you’ve learnt to spell. China isn’t known for anything other than half-wit products that you have to McGyver every week. Get serious, we’re talking about China here – it’s so westernised and by that, I hardly see Zambian music being marketed as western music. give me a break.

  11. Guys.Zambian music on CCTV,BTV,TJTV,TYTV and all these more than 100 chinese tv stations?
    It will be an embarrassment,they have quality video productions and they take ours as FEIZHOU music,barren music.I have been here for 7yrs now and i know that Chinese consider music from America as music and not from African Americans but from whites.There music only play on one radio station called China Radio international an English oriented Radio.
    It would be nice if someone would say they would like Zambians to produce their music videos in China.
    Guys,R.Kelly,Boys 2 men and the like have been here just to be laughed at as HEI REN..TOO BLACK for the chinese.
    If you wanna be a statue and a

  12. cont; laughing stork come.
    Anyway which TV channel is gonna accept you?For how long?
    Why can’t these guys say they just support sport and other things coz we can build far much better friendship in sport than enermity in music?.
    Chinese people listen to Chinese chinese movies.End of story.
    Meet students who have studied in China before and they will provide you with enough info

  13. CCTV 9 has news in english news and other few prog in english.The rest of the channels are in their dialects.
    Please people.We need to win local zedian love but mh mh mh not this kinda propaganda:::::Not at all.

  14. U can play in a club where we zedians na ba pa tz and a few guys we play with will attend

  15. Why does any topic on China bring out such hostility? Guys, what you post here is tantamount to outright racism. You need to think hard and search your consciences as supposedly decent human beings. The Chinese come to Zambia to do business. It is up to us to be hard nosed when negotiating contracts. Above all, we should enforce labour and other laws. You will agree with me that we Zambians are not well known for upholding laws. Politics of envy are ugly. We need to engage the Chinese aggressively but fairly to ensure their investments benefit all sides. Throwing out the Chinese will just drive out other investors as well and we will be the losers.

  16. The Chinese official is playing public relation relics. Who really would stomach what he said about Zambian music among the Chinese. This is just a cover up on the mess and suffering inflicted on Zambian workers by the Chinese investors or is it infestors. For once let the minister of information and ZNBC start thinking of ways to upgrade the mass media from intenal resources. There are a lot of opportunities to do that. Wake up minister. Don’t turn Zambia into a begging nation in that manner. Is ZNBC a national disaster? SHAME.

  17. Come on guys let us give the Chinese a break. do we even have music to export anyway. Its just crap. We dont even have muscians but singers. malabishi. tuvi

  18. #20, are you laborer at a Chinese disaster waiting to happen? Wayamba upuba manje…China is a heavily branded country. The consumerism there is not where you find munkwani or kalembla pa city market or ka shat in Pep Stores. We’re talking BIG BRANDS…you have to be top dog to make it in a country of such a population. It’s just another case of “tell the Zambians anything so they can take it in the backside like they always do.”

    What next, Kabanana with Chinese subtitles? Ba ngwele imwe!!!

  19. Do not blame the chinese, blame the government, which has been slow in changing some labour laws, especially in relation to wages, of which the chinese have expoloited.

  20. choncholi cho cho cho choncholi believe me guys its a sin to be in zed this time because there is too much bushit between chuchu`s boma and chinese,now znbc,tomorrow they will take over broadcasting and i hope you all understand chinese language.

  21. These guys love making mickeys out of us, they play Zambian music on their radio stations then what? They have gotten drunk with the money they are easily making pa Zed compounded with cheap readily available icamba na maule. They are behaving like first time fornicators who sabaila ” inkakushitila umweshi pacitenge”.

  22. Imwe. let us produce more music for them. The lyrics should be insults. they would be dancing to our insults!

  23. You bloggers. What time do you have for your wives and men. You spend time screwing your seats (where you are seated). Find something better you foools. become bedtime critics. make children. Fill the earth you foools

  24. The DG of ZNBC should also request for staff training on blacking out sensitive video streams like riots,protests etc.
    They the Chinese are containing the brutalities on the Tibetans so well?Sic!!

  25. just means more chinese crap on znbc.what good program have been created by znbc.maybe muvi tv.with alll the tv licences fees,dstv connections,government sponsers and lord knows how many others and yet the team is still shiite..

  26. Posted on March 20th, 2008

    North-Western Province Deputy Permanent Secretary, Nkolola Hazemba says there is urgent need to scale up HIV/AIDS preventive activities in the Province due to the increase in economic activities.

    Mr. Hazemba said a lot of people from different places with various backgrounds have trekked to the province due to booming activities thereby posing a lot of challenges in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

    The Deputy Permanent Secretary said this when he officially opened a one-day stakeholders consultative meeting on ”Development of the HIV Prevention Strategy” organized by National AIDS Council (N.A.C),in Solwezi today.

    Mr.Hazemba implored all players to reflect on God’s

  27. #23 You are exhibiting the characteristics that I was talking about. You are incapable of arguing without using words like ubupuba. No one forces you to work for these Chinese companies. You do because, like most Zambians, are incapable of building businesses. Until Zambians start running the mines, we will have to work for these Chinese. The only thing we can do is use legal means to obtain better conditions. Resorting to insults and violence only show that we are a primitive people. You should not be too exercised about this statement because you are probably not even a musician anyway. Your only problem is hatred of the Chinese because they are more successful than you.

  28. … By the way, I happen to know that a lot of West African and Congolese musicians are very popular in Japan and China. The likes of Youssou Ndour, Baaba Maal, Femi Kuti, Kofi Olomide and others routinely play to huge crowds in China and Japan. Mind you these guys are talented, unlike the our so called musicians.

  29. Zedians, lets see what benefit we could get from the Chinese in music. Insulting Chinese pipo for our own mistakes is foolishness. We do not blame our govt for bad labou laws, but we prefer to insult the Chinese, that i the beginning of our failing.

    Do you guys know how much is the required minimum wage in Zed? Find out before you blame the Chinese.

  30. aint no feizhou de(african) music can be appreciated by chinese..period!! zhenshi tai hei le! ahaha.. you hei you nan kan!! they feel africans are too blak and ugly!!

  31. I really wish we could use such a forum for very serious discussions. This is the forum where those Zedians who are empowered with knowledge in such issues could enlighten us and give ideas as to what can be the way forward. If we continue like this we will continue remaining backward, undreveloped and we will be complainants for the rest of our lives and the lives of the generations to come.
    We need to Change if we are to move our country forward and that change can begin with thinking constructivly all the time. So lets discuss real issues; if the Chinese are bad people lets talk about how can we exploit them as well and turn that badness to our advantage. Come on Zedians!!.

  32. Chinese will soon out number Zambians in Zambia! If you take the whole of the Chinese population and compare to the Zambian, “12 Million is the populaion of a village in China” These guys are invading Zed in the name of investing before you know it they will be more chinese than zambians in zambia, then Zambians will be dancing to the chinese music like clowns.

  33. Awe kwena, guys mulasekesha!!! #39 brought me tears of laughter that I haven’t had for a long time.
    Otherwise, I can only agree with # 41, let’s get serious when discussing issues that affect the lives of our people, every thing else is pure leisure.

  34. Mc wabwino was at CBU and he struggled like hell en it was a miracle to complete,nasty D failed terribly including her sister mwaka.At which university was Kamillion?
    Moreover what is MBA,every dull chap is pushing for that.Talk about real masters.probably i will do listing for you.Anyway thanks for your feedback,wish you success

  35. I don’t really get it how are the Chinese are goimg to play Zambian music on CCTV 9?According to what I know CCTV 9 is a type of channel like CNN,BBC, basically 24hrs news channel .How do they intend to play Zambian musc there?Will it only be for a day in form of a documentary about ZAmbia then they will play a few of our songs?That above all is just normal culture exchange,it should never over cloud burning issues of poor labour conditions in most chiunese firms operating in ZAmbia.We don’t want to be hoodwinked that easily by them just playing our music,then what?It means nothing to the people of Zambia who are working so hard to make a living with those poor below average salaries.

  36. Let Nalisa # 17, 18,19…tell us what is previling on the ground. Is there any Zed or African band playing out there??? What has been the response? I guess the chocholis would find it adventurous in their thousands/millions to go and watch Zed music or African music SAY if it were a live performance?? They will take turns and watch while Angela Nyirenda shakes it…and earn their monies…Singers, get their invitation, go try it !!!

  37. 47. kawalala says: Marsha Moyo, Ballard Zulu, Mhango, Kachaka….I can tabulate more for you. Unless you want Rocket Scientists

  38. kwena olo twalipofula! do they honestly think that they will win our hearts by playing our music in there country, first of all how many Zambians play their music? Cant these people understand that we do not want there presence here and thats because these people are so bad but I honestly don’t expect much from ex-convicts and this man called Mr Munogoti is very silly how the hell does he say thank you to the people who are killing us financially if I were to come face to face with this man I would make sure I slap him twice because honestly what has ZNBC showed us? “nothing!!” yet we have been paying and still paying but all we receive on our TV sets is RUBBISH!forgive me for the bad langua

  39. For your own information, there happens to be a number of African Bands playing from 1 club to another In China, I therefore do not find it any suprising that the Chinese are looking at facilitaing this …..There happens to Be a Tanzanian and A Zambian band playing in China…….so let someone come to me and tell me that the chinese didnt have a starting block when they thought up the idea. Besides with the Many Many Zambians in China, i think this will help keep the Zambian music scene in the Hearts of the many ZaMmbians….!!!!

  40. And so? Do the chinese fancy listening to those zed/Tan bands? The zed band…do they play kalindula or what music? How has been the response in case you attended? Is it true that they are sidelined in favour of western music?

  41. There its goes: ChaChacha CheCheChe ChoChoCho ChiChiChi ChoChoCho ChuChuChu malabishi malabish malabish zoona zoona zoona

  42. Yes guys this may seem like we are racist but its just a fact.Chinese have nothing to do with a black man’s stuff.I can proof this first with the name of Africa in chinese”???feizhou) that means wrong doing people.Seens i can to China i have never seen or heard any positive thing about a black man.I see no point saying the chinese will play Zambian music if the cannot even play black american songs.who’s K millian when you compare him with Chris brown?Chinese will never play Zambian music unless Zambian become white people yes this is not just a joke its real woke up Zambians.For example when we are using the Subway everyone in the train points at you others they even laugh at you.

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