All hotesl fully booked in the tourist capital


ALL hotels and lodges in
Livingstone have been fully booked this easter

A snap survey conducted by ZANIS in Livingstone
yesterday revealed that all rooms at Sun International
Hotel which comprises Zambezi Sun and Royal
Livingstone were fully booked.

The situation was the same at Chrismar hotel and the
Zambezi Waterfront.

Sun International General Manager Operations Joanne
Gorman confirmed that all 173 rooms at the Royal
Livingstone and 212 rooms at the Zambezi Sun were
fully booked.

Ms Gorman said the hotel was also enjoying the
patronage of local Zambians.

She said the hotel had lined up a number of
entertainment activities that will keep the guests

Chrismar hotel has 59 rooms while the Zambezi Water
Front has 28.

All those who wanted to make a late booking for this
easter weekend were being refered to other hotels
which were apparently also fully booked.


  1. Are you jealous? Really all you can think about is sex? You must be a lower class individual. It is indeed a long weekened and a good number of families are going on a break from the stresses of life.

  2. Exciting news that finally the message the Ministry of Tourism and ZNTB in particular has been pushing has resonated so well amongst Zambians.”Pwando” is a key element of a progressive and successful life.

  3. Well,it sounds great that all expensive high class hotels are fully booked but the question is does it benefit the local livingstone people or zambians. The tourists comes already paid for all things in south africa were the revenue remains and they come to zambia just to sleep and see our mighty victoria falls and our beultiful nature. Our zambians working there are getting little at the end of the month, they are mistreated and fired on a daily basis. People travel all over to l/stone looking for jobs in these hotels but they find the mojority of permanent workers are foreigners and our locals are classied daily employs they can hire and fire any time. Politicians you should look into this

  4. The new visa regime will assist Government in raising revenue from increased tourism traffic in L/sone and other areas. Ownership by Zambians of lodges and guest houses will also ensure revenue filters into the local economy

  5. You people get off your backsides and do some real work! A litany of cpmplaints will never make your lives comfortable!

  6. I agree with #9. Why is it that we want to have the cake and eat too? Brisk tourism business especially around holiday seasons is is heavily looked forward to and aggressively promoted in most countries and not just advanced countries.What they do behind closed doors and drawn curtains is nobody’s business as long as they keep the registers ringing.Everyone knows that one of the main reasons people go to hotels at this time and most any other is for sexual daliances and fun or to ‘take a break from the stresses of life’.In short Ubuchende is an integral part of tourism! If it were at all possible i would get away from the stresses of life every week.Employment policy is another issue.

  7. Zimbabwe’s loss is Zambia’s Gain. Vic falls is a world class natural phenomenon. The market has room for plenty more luxury hotels and tourists to fill them, if only Zambian officials and police could support the infrastructure instead fo lining their own pockets.

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