Buffaloes 1-1 Highlanders


A penalty converted in the dying minutes of the match by defender Lawrence Phiri brought Green Buffaloes Football level with Highlanders of Zimbabwe.

This was in a CAF Confederation Cup second round first leg match played at Nkoloma stadium in Lusaka.

Highlanders scored one of fastest goals of the competition when Curthbert Malajila scored in the opening minute of the first half.

Malawian referee, Kalyoto Ngosi gifted Green Buffaloes a penalty after striker, John Musukwa was brought down in the penalty area in the 82nd minute.

Before the penalty the army side were staring defeat in the face.

The spot kick decision angered Highlander players and officials who claimed the referee’s was baised.

Buffaloes Coach, George Lwandamina said the early goal unsettled his players and it took them a long time to find their rhythm back into the game.

FAZ Premier League Results

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Kabwe Warriors 1-0 Konkola Blades

Nchanga Rangers 1-0 Green Eagles

Power Dynamos 0-1 Nkwazi


  1. Hard for you GBFC.But I guess you can still go and win in Zimbambwe although it won’t be easy.Too bad for Power 90!! Losing to Nkwazi 1 nil at home is a shame especially after you sliced Zanaco 5 nil at Sunset!!

    As for my lovely club Konkola Blades,I would say we gonna have it tough this season.Played 2 games and losing both is very worrying.However,we may pick up form with time.Just continue working hard and remain focused.Bravo Lusakatimes for updating us abroad,job well done!!!

  2. Grennbuffaloes you must thank the referee who helkped u secure a draw, otherwise u wuld have been dead and buried, we will finish u of fat BOURBAFIELDS in front of our 40 000 Voceforious fans and u wont have a chance this time there wont be any referee to help u thru.

  3. Green Buffaloes you are in deep trouble.

    If you try to play all attack in Zim we will bury you.

    If you defend we will slaughter you.

    Best option – dont turn up for the match !

  4. Uyadelela wena jack mhlathi wakho. We will bury this pathetic zambian team kwaBulawayo. No ref to help them this time.

  5. The rest of Africa and the world continue to Underestimate Zimbabweans and that will be Green Buffaloes biggest mistake ……….How dare you think Zimbabweans are Hungry LINGABODELELA MHLATHIYENU………..For the record we are meat lovers and Green Buffaloes are on the Menu ,A good meal for 40 000 Vociferous fans at Emagumeni.

  6. VIVA POWER 90, win or lose. We will definitely recover from this over confident attitude and show all the arm chair critics that football is about remaining focused.
    I still have faith in GBFC, they will do it in Zimbabwe, very few zambian sides have failed to win in zimbabwe. GO POWER, GO GBFC.

  7. Come on Zedians, whatever happened to your compassionate hearts, dont grief the the hearts of your starving neighbours anymore than they are already. However, the fact is GBFC will carry the day in Zimbabwe love it or not. Sorry guys(zims) concertrate on your cricket. WINA AZAFA, GONNA BE BUFFALO STAMPEDE, EAT ENOUGH MAFELA.

  8. I am a staunch GBFC supporter but on this occasion please give credit where its due.It will be hard but not impossible to overcome this score.
    Remember the 0-1 score between Zimbabwe and Zambia in that Cosafa match in harare?
    40,000 or not,its the 22 men on the pitch who will have the last word.

  9. Viva GBFC. You know what happens when you wound a buffalo! The Zambian team was not happy at all with the results. The Highlanders gonna be butchered in front of their voiceferous crowds in two weeks time. It was sheer lack that they scored the fastest goal of the tornament otherwise buffaloes gona show them the exit in two weeks time.

    Watch out in two weeks time!! A barrage of goals from GBFC would silence and save the voices and energy of Highlander supporters kwa Bulawayo.

  10. I watched the game and to say the truth bufaloes wont have it easy i dont think they will advance to the next round. All the best.


  11. GBFC will win in zimbabwe because this time around the good food that they ate before the game wont be available in zim. Expect a cricket score.

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