COSAFA Tournament to continue


The Council of Southern Football Associations (COSAFA)has resolved to continue holding the annual regional championship

COSAFA President Suketu Patel has assuranced that the regional Cup tournament will continue despite the withdrawal of South African Breweries as the competition’s main sponsors.

South African Breweries announced its withdrawal in mid-2007 after an 11 years sponsorship.

According to kickoff online, Patel was in South Africa over the weekend in connection with securing sponsorship for this year’s competition.

” There is great interest from companies but I can’t reveal their names at this stage. I am hopeful that within 10 days we will have finalised new sponsorship for the tournament,” he is quoted on the soccer website.

Patel also hinted that there is a possibility of a change of format for this year’s Cosafa tournament and also that the date for the start of the tournament be shifted from May to later this year.

” There are a number of tournaments to be played this year and this can also cause us to change the format and the date of this year’s event,” he added.

When South African Breweries, through its Castle brand, announced its withdrawal from the regional showpiece there was widespread speculation of the imminent death of the tournament which enjoyed enormous popularity around the region.

For the past eleven years, the brewing company paid lucrative prize monies as well as travel and hotel costs for all participating teams on an annual basis. Home associations also filled the coffers as they were allowed to keep the gate takings.

The competition, which started in 1997, pitted the 13 Cosafa members against each other, initially in a knockout tournament spanning most of the calendar.

Later, because of rising costs and more countries taking part, it became a series of mini tournaments.

Namibia finished up as runners up in both 1997 and 1998 but have been less impressive since then, going out at the first round stages.


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    Nothing new here. He said the same thing 3 months ago. Surely by now Patel should be able to name the new sponsors, if they exist at all.

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    #1 It is because he does not have any at all, so he has to buy time. Zambia should seriously consider to rejoin the East & Central Senior and club championships

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    Yangu ba Mwata… kabili twambe bu muselela kwakaba, awe ifyo tefyo! Let us be patient and wait for the issue to be resolved. Teti naabantu bamiseka. Zambia is a southern African country and not an East African country, besides the teams in that tournament are not as good as the teams we have in COSAFA. Cabashani?

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    #3 COSAFA CUP yaku teya pali 2 days is not good. Why not have 8 teams divided in 2 groups playing the finals over a period of say 14 days, that way it will be more attractive. By the way it is only Angola and SA apart from Zambia that are better teams mu COSAFA. Maybe should be changed so that it included the best from East and Central Africa where we can have teams like Zambia, DRC, Uganda, SA, Angola, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Congo taking part, this could be beneficial to all teams

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    This tournament has led to great improvement of football in the sub region and it would be sad if it was discontinued. Let us wait for the announcements on the nu sponsors.

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    I agree with # 3 teams in East Africa are not as strong and competitive as the Southern Africa teams.Though i would love to see Faz use the U-23’s in COSAFA like the will use the U23’s in this new local Nations Cup.That is if Sponsors are found for COSAFA.

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    I conquer with # 3 and 6 kenya, Uganda, TZ etc are not strong enogh opponets to enable us test our penetrating power as Bullets.Beside, let us not have short memories..less that 3years ago Zambia won the CECAFA and were not given the trophy on flimisy reasons that they were just invited and were not part of the Region-East Africa.

    COSAFA is the best way.

    Congartulations Mr Patel for being elected COSAFA President. i know you will not fail us..God bless.

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    Its gud dat the cosafa cup has continued as this wil give southern african countries 2 hav beta hopes to qualify 2 da 2010 fifa world cup thro dis competative tournament.

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    Its gud dat the cosafa cup has continued as this wil give southern african countries 2 hav beta hopes to qualify 2 da 2010 fifa world cup thro dis competative tournament.

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