Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Zambia nods growth triangle


The Zambian government says resources are being mobilised at regional level to finance the opening up of trade links in the Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique Growth Triangle.

Commerce, Trade and Industry Permanent Secretary, Davidson Chilipamushi says a number of projects have been identified under the Growth Triangle.

The projects include the opening up of roads to link the three Southern african countries.

The development of infrastructure along the Zambezi River has also been placed on the priority list for the three countries.

Mr. Chilipamushi said resources at the African Union level are also being mobilised to finance projects in the SADC and COMESA regions.

Lack of infrastructure has over the years been hampering regional trade among the three African nations.


  1. The Minister has collectly pointed out that infrastructural development has a bearing on regional trade. He was probably shy to put a mention on the state of issues at nation level. Nationally, poor rood network and stagnated railway line development has increasingly hampered transportation of goods and intranational trade. Less attention has been paid to opening up to the rural areas, which have great potential of boosting trade and consequently reducing poverty levels.

  2. Growth triangle? What happened to SADAC? What’s the one that Mwanawawasa opened with Angola last week called? Love circle? he? why coin all these funny phrases that wont change anything?
    the bottom line is: we must just upgrade our road links with our neighbors and then produce 100% more maize, sugar, sunflower seed, rice, wheat and more foreign exchange than we did last year them our neighbours will start upgrading there road links with us. finish!

  3. one of the reasons you founded SADAC was to improve road links within Southen africa so why coin Love triangle? Are Angolans, Malawian and Mozambiq not in SADAC?

  4. hehehe… Ati not every SADAC member is my neighbor? so what are you going to name the triangle you are going to start with Namibia and Zimbabwe? Southen triangle?

  5. Hey guys, the DRC have been the main importers of Zambian sugar and Tanzania is equaly importan to our economy as it gives us access to the asian market so why not form another triangle their?

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