A local book publisher says local book publishers have the capacity to supply books to the nation without the aid of imported books.

SOBI Managing Director Gheewala Ismail says government should hence be commended for zero rating taxation on all books.

Mr. Ismail told ZANIS in an interview that the move would protect the local publishers by restricting the entry of imported books into the country.

He said this would help the local publishers make more money from their sales, adding that the public will also benefit from the rich locally produced literature.

Mr. Ismail explained that with the zero taxation on all books, customers would buy the products at a lower price as compared to the previous years.

He observed that book publishers were not getting expected profit before government introduced the zero taxation on books.

Mr. Ismail further added that publishers have since expanded their sales capacity in the last few months.

He has since called upon the public to take advantage of the initiative and buy locally manufactured books.

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  1. That’s a very good stance taken by the government man!Magadeconomics is now working …these local publishers have to enjoy the incentives and let our reading culture improve.Books should be so cheap on market.



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