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German committed to improving ICT use in Media

General News German committed to improving ICT use in Media

German Ambassador to Zambia, Dr. Irene Hinrichsen says her country is committed to improving the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the media industry in Africa.

Dr. Hinrichsen said the use of ICT in the media industry is key to enhancing efficient coverage of vital information.

She said this when she officiated at a cocktail party at the on going computer area networking in radio and television workshop in Lusaka last evening.

Dr. Henrichsen added that regular and consistent use of ICT tools such as computers must be encouraged among media personnel as they are multipurpose and can be used for the efficient gathering and dissemination of information to masses.

The Germany Ambassador has since urged media personnel in the country to also take advantage of the ICT policy that government launched and use it for the benefit of developing the media industry in the country.

And speaking at the same function, Deutsche Welle (DW) Akademie project manager Karl Lippe said it is inevitable for today’s media to use ICT tools.

Mr. Lippe said there is need therefore to regularly train and familiarize media personnel with the new ICT developments.

He said the DW-Akademie will continue to train and update journalists in African countries about newly developed media programmes in the ICT industry.

And Zambia Institute of Mass Communication (ZAMCOM) director Daniel Nkalamo said his institution will continue complimenting efforts aimed at building capacity among media personnel both at national and continental level.

He added that ZAMCOM will also continue to provide a platform for the improvement of the media industry in the country and the continent.

The three week computer area networking in radio and television workshop has attracted journalists from several African countries including Zambia.


  1. Many thanks to the Germany assistance as long as our own personnel does not leave for greener pasture after being trained. Twalumba.

  2. It is encouraging to see the strides ZNBC has made of let particularly broadcasting online.This has enabled people outside the country to be upto date with the things going on at home.Technology is the way to go and the sky will be the limit.

  3. This is lovely to hear , ICT is vital in this day and age,without people being well informed through such media as computers / internet , the nation and its people will completely be lost. There is lot happening out Zambia and one of the many ways of being informed is not to travel and witness on spot , i mean , you just cant manage .Thats why now there is internet . The world has now become a global village and zambia should not be seperated from that village . The internet service providers should also be listening to this good thing , it is just too expensive for people to access the internet in that country, Give people information and the nation will see itself to an economic boom

  4. Germans are rascists. They want to keep their Germaness in them. They dont likely accept other nationalities. Thats the national stand so to say. Turkeys are suffering there coz they are gaining in numbers. But the young ones are free minded. Lets analyse each country and its policies. For me China is ok but we need to work on the labor policies and human rights. Our market is turning East. India okay but it has its class segration system even amongst themselves which makes it dificult to work with them. But their ICT city in Bangalore is good. We need just to work with the east and sort out a few problems. Europe is finishing.

  5. #4 By the way its not “Turkeys” but “Turks”. My apologies to all Turks especially my former Turk girl.

  6. Turkish people are not suffering in Germany, where do you get your information from?
    In every society you will find racists even in Zambia, mind you, not all germans are nazis there are three germans married to some siblings in my family. I find black South Africans very discriminating towards other black african nationals, just be grateful that the germans are there to help out on this one, if there were all that racist they would’nt give a monkeys fcuk!
    Tamama! Kapiert? Got it!

  7. Nice one #6! Dass sollte er kapieren! Mugabe seems to suffer from prejudice, I guess he’s never even had a German close friend and that is why he is so narrow-minded. A beggar is not a chooser, so if one of the leading countries in technology offers assistance, only a foolishly proud nation will say no!

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