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Zambia calls emergency SADC meeting over Zimbabwe


Zambia has called an emergency meeting of the 14-member SADC regional bloc on Saturday to discuss Zimbabwe’s post-election impasse, President Levy Mwanawasa said on Wednesday.

Mwanasa, who chairs the Southern African Development Community, said the crisis required a concerted effort by all southern African countries to find a solution. It was the first move by Zimbabwe’s neighbours to intervene after the March 29 elections. The presidential result is still not known.


  1. I salute Mr Mwanawasa. I know lots of discussions have been going on behind the scene. We however need the SADC Chairman to give a statement. Neighbours should not give a blind eye to what is happening in Zim. It will be shameful for our leaders in the region to start commenting when they see “bodies in the streets of Harare.” Please DO something about it. Mr Mwanawasa the chair should not stop you from being “yourself.”

  2. Its long over due. Zimbabwe’s problems should be taken as Zambia’s and SADC’s or Africa’s. We cannot afford to ignore the plight of our neighbours. Regardless of who is right or wrong, two heads are better than one. The regional bloc should be seen to help break the stalemate. The pain of our brothers should be our pain. In fact, we are connected, that is why you see the effects of Zimbabwe’s economic sufferings continue to spill into Zambia or RSA through her people looking for food. Thank you for the initiative.

  3. good move levy u are a lawyer of lawyers ur wit and uncompromising intelligence shows that u are more effective and forceful. When u openly criticised zim u were attacked by our neighbours even some local charlatans now the whole of sadc and even beyond are giving u more respect than the ineffective mbeki and his quiet diplomacy which is yielding no results. Ba preso continue working hard and ensure sadc achieves its objectives, and consolidate the harmony we have in sadc. Ba prez we salute ur leadership anyone who says otherwise ba mfumu chibaba!

  4. Well done Mr Mwanawasa You are the first African leader to speak up. Perhaps others (like Mr Mbeki)will take courage from your leadership.

  5. Action by SADC and AU can be a message to all leaders that the region, the continent and indeed the world is watching their moves. If Mugabe was to get away with such behaviour, it would set a bad precedent and would-be dictators will feel they can do as they please.

  6. A wait and see stance taken by Mr Mbeki, SA president is not really a solution in itself. Mr Mugabe is as human as every other person. This moment in Zimbabwe is very trick. As SADC, these leaders require one on one reasoning to come out of this malaise. I personally can not rule out the possibility of engaging the UN in this matter. Quite diplomacy, as earlier heard from some quarters will not solve the stand off. If it is happening in Zimbabwe, so it is to zambians, etc.

  7. Great move by LPM. Most African leaders are shunning away from the Zimbabwe problem because they are not sure of who will be next and as such they would not want to set precidence. Shame on Mbeki, the Region expected more from South Africa.

  8. Levy is going to show bold African leadership and rescue our brothers and sisters in the now completely sunk Titanic!

  9. It is indeed a sensible decision to take. However let us see what will come out of the meeting. Mugabe is of the old school in Africa. There is an opportunity I think for the likes of our first President KK who is skilled in such matters to negotiate with Mr Mugabe.
    The situation for Mbeki is very delicate as he has an even more explosive situation to deal with in SA so really one cannot expect much from and of him. I am however tired of anyone playing the colonial game.

  10. Zed being SADC chair, has to be very careful in handling the situation in Zim. Firstly, we have found cheap labor in SADC frm the Zim, like in BOts, Batswana are manually lazy, 2ndly, the market in SADC, in tourism and agriculture, has shifted from Zim to RSA and Zed. 3rdly: RSA and Namibia hav problems of land policy. Both states have started buying land from whites and selling to blacks. This is very controversial 4 both states to condemn Mugabe will be like making a ruling against themselves, who r going throu’ the same transition. Thats y SADC prefered dialogue. How object will our leaders be? That is a thorny question which our leaders didnt want to touch.Its now the moment of truth…

  11. imwe ba mugabe no.11 u are trying to kick some knowledge here be original with ur comments, firstly, 2ndly, 3rdly, wtf what do u mean moment of truth? imwe ba chimbwi when u are full after eating pap u like posting utuma comments exhibiting a basic grasp of the issue at large and yet there is nothing u are saying

  12. Everyone should learn from experience and history. The trouble and pain we once experienced, even though it cannot be compared to that of Zimbabwe now, should make us act with compassion and empathy. If you recall how our women suffered and were grossly humiliated to cross over just to buy bread or butter, make Zambia uniquely placed to understand and act wisely in this situation. Our prayers go to all our leaders and our brothers and sisters across the Zambezi. After all, we are one. “Out of many, we are one,” Obama.

  13. # 10 Those who remember history ya ba kk and mugabe knows that tabeleumfwana – kk was closer to nkomo than mugabe. This is why ba kk bashibomfesha strong language against mugabe – he prefers dialogue. The truth is he knows the man shud back off now.

  14. If there is anything that I am proud of Mwanawasa its’ his unwavering stance on Zimbabwe since ripples started in that beautiful country. For this moment only my confidence and belief for this man is on a momentary high, only for it to be scuppered when he blunders in the not-so-far future. I wish he exerted himself to the affiars of country with the same passion he has for justice in Zim. Go LPM Go!

  15. Diplomacy is the key issue here and LPM should be extra careful because Zim is an independent state. Domestic policies are so extreme that has made it rather impossible for foreigners to understand Zim. Mugabe’s policy came rather too late when the Rhodesians had already established themselves. KK Zambianized all the lands and Parastals. MDC campaign for change was not as revolutionary as MMD was and there was no factions then, hence Chiluba’s vitory.

  16. Mwanawasa do something with your friends to recure the lowly, poor, sick from the anarchy people.
    We are waiting to hear from you boss of SADC

  17. # 17 you are right on observations on Zimbabwe in comparison with Zambia (KK’s decisions), however, it is worthwhile to note that Mugabe’s “late” decision was tied to the Lancaster agreement which had a time frame. I presume was partly a tactic of buying time in the hope that a new leader was unlikely to have implemented or vigorously pursued the agreement. Mugabe surprisingly “overstayed” to see to it that what was agreed upon was honored. It was of course not without trouble. He had touched sensitive places that should not be touched.

  18. I hope it is not just another time wasting veil like AU in Kenya, tell the monkey in his face to swallow his pride and accept the results.

  19. This should have been done long ago. but i am happy that our leaders are thinking now. hope for the best for our brothers and sisters in zim.

  20. Thanks Dr Mwanawasa you are the only one to save Zimbabweans, you are real and i feel you are the man for Zambia. We want your 3rd term of office to save Zambians from their sufferings.

  21. I hope the SADC leaders will put pressure on ‘Uncle Bob’and not just meet for tea or coffee on Saturday.The have to come up with something radical cos the are dealing with a cunning old man in Bob whos been in the game too long.
    They whole region is being held to ransom by one silly old man.

  22. #22 3rd term for Chuchu! MY FOOT! Think b4 you write dont allow yr emotional to takeover yr capacity of thinking.

  23. Good First Move by Levy, very encouraging. But the problem with our presidents in Southern Africa/Africa they all freeze in the presence of Mugabe. They can speak up agianist him but when they face him, all of them are scared to confront him, Levy Inclusive.

  24. Good move by our President and the SADC Chair. I suppose change in Zim requires external influence. MDC and Makoni and others can not compel Bob to do any thing that he does not want. And while most people are worried about relations with Zim if Zambia put presure on Bob, One would say Africa or Zim can not afford to sacrifice the lives of millions Zimbabweans for sake of one man – uncle Bob. This is not interfering with Zim issues esp that half the Zim population is scattered all-over it’s neighbours (Zambia, Botswan, RSA etc). Uncle Bob needs to be managed regardless of what-ever is he smoking.

  25. Positive move Levy. We do not need Zuma to take a leading role as if he is alreaady a President and SADC chairman. Zim really needs our help. The common man in Zim has suffered enough.

  26. # 25 could be right, i think Mugabe is a witch,why balamutina kanshi.We just hope the best will come out of sadc and hope there will be peace in Zim again.
    We pray the lord delivers the ZIm nation

  27. Well done President Mwanawasa for calling a meeting, but be bold enough to tell Mugabe that if he has lost or not let the presidential results be known. What was the purpose of holding the elections? The end result of Mugabe will be a very sad one. He was supposed to retire with dignity but his behaviour is like that of street war veteran. For sure Mugabe lost the presidential elections. There is no way if he had won he would not have kept quiet. Time has come for Mugabe to pack and go. Byebye.

  28. Indeed its time Southern Africa rose to the occassion and stopped pretending that things are ok in Zim.
    Evidence is there for everyone to see what sort of sufferring is going on in Zim. And Mbeki should stop think that his quiet Diplomacy is working. iT hasnt helped anyone, least of all SA itself. Just look at how many illegal Zimbos are in SA. Time to act and tellMugabe to own up.

  29. I am looking upto the President of the Republic of Zambia, Levy Patrick Mwanawasa, to assist the Zimbabwean people together with us all who are infected with and affected by Zimbabweans in this matter. I know that Mr President, Dr LPM, will stand his ground and present the case as he sees it – loya wama loya (lawyer of lawyers).

  30. number 22 U`re stincking with yo thots. Eimwe monaula intungushi. even when ba chuchu has failed in many areas but just becoz he is able to fill yo stomach with what ever U benefit imwe ni third term. i pit U. may God deliver U

  31. number 22 U`re stincking with yo thots. Eimwe monaula intungushi. even when ba chuchu has failed in many areas but just becoz he is able to fill yo stomach with what ever U benefit imwe ni third term. i pit U. may God deliver U

  32. Lets look back at what our very own Julius Nyerere did to Idi Amin. Zambia should just invade zim and disband bob’s junta

  33. Sorry guys on this blog for airing my negative views pa ma neibazi besu. One thing which suprise me about Zedians is that they care too much about there neighbours, we have helped many countries in southern Africa when they where/are i need, but what we get from them when they are fine is pathetic, they even tease our economic status. The move by Levy seems good, but i question myself, if truely chuchu is the chairman for SADC why is it that Morgan, first went to Mbeki, then to Botswana, and now since Levy called for the talks it when Morgan want to talk to him. Some times it pains me when i talk with my fellow Zimbos in the diaspora the say, Zambia or no Zambia we will be better

  34. well done mwanwasa keep an eye to mugabe why did he allow elections if he was not ready for it? he should leave zimbabweans to decide for their future,robert kubabebele just leave you are not the only one.

  35. I understand that when your neighbours are sufferin you too feels the pain, but uncaring neighbour is in pain help and let him no that you have been kind to him. All what i want to say is that Levy for your good move you are still counted least by the Zimbos to solve there problems, they preffer there rich friends.

  36. SADC leaders have let us (Zimbabweans) down by promoting Mugabe’s dictatorship through their silence. Some may argue that we should free ourselves from this authoritarian rule but how how do u expect civilians to fight against this de facto coup when the army is on orders to shoot and kill!! certainly rocks and stones will not suffice. Besides which, violence only breeds more violence, SADC leaders SPEAK UP!!!

  37. the coup in zimbabwe has been the most thought out in the history of mankind! its been bloodless and the international community does not even seem to realise that this is what happening in zimbabwe. totally amazing! they dont call mugabe “old man” for nothing! he has outfoxed everyone on the political scene. he must be laughing at everyone. the old man is truly a fox! and people thought the age was getting to him

  38. indeed i agree, there has been a de facto military coup in zim. this morning in zim, ministries were ordered to take orders from “ministers” but isnt it that during a transition period ministries are run by permanent secretaries. the situation in zim certainly implies that mugabe and his party are in power as the ministers (that did not even win parliamentary seats!!!) are now back in office. this will go down in history as the slickest coup ever and yes indeed other governments may take weeks to realise that it has actually happened!

  39. Though belated, I think this is a very wise move by Levy. This did not come as a suprise because for one, Zambia liberated all these “maweleweles” called SADC. Its them who owe us one not the other way round, so we’ve no need to fear “Sekuru’ Mugabe. Secondly, it was Tanzania and Zambia that deposed Idi Amin, Gen. “Zoz are Zoz” Masheke as a Colonel led a Zambian batalion which was one of the first to storm Kampala on April 10 to depose the tyrant Idi Amin. Through diplomatic pressure, Zambia should easily toss the clearly neurosyphilitic skunk Mugabe out of office.

  40. Quite rightly, SADC should work together in this situation. The should facilitate the change from President Mugabe to President Tsvangarai. Welcome to the club President Tsvangarai and bye-bye President Mugabe

  41. The unusually principled way in which Nyerere looked upon international politics was again evident in his uncompromising stand against the brutal regime of Idi Amin in Uganda in the late 1970s. Despite almost universal condemnation of the dictator’s excesses, it was left to Tanzania to intervene militarily and dislodge Amin. A brief invasion of Tanzania by Amin in late 1978 brought a swift reponse from Nyerere: Tanzanian troops, joined by Ugandan exiles, were mobilised to drive back the invaders. But they didn’t stop at the border. Kampala fell in 1979, with its residents lining the streets chanting the name of the Tanzanian leader. It was the first time in African post-colonial history tha

  42. Quite rightly, SADC should work together in this situation. They should facilitate the change from President Mugabe to President Tsvangarai. Welcome to the club President Tsvangarai and bye-bye President Mugabe

  43. that one country had invaded another and captured its capital. It was a fundamental breach of the principles of the Organisation of African Unity. But Nyerere weathered the storm.

  44. #37, 39 has a serious point. A lot of Zimbos think Zed is usely toothless on this issue and that our economy is a shame even compared to their current weak one.

    However, they Bible indicates that let us pray for our enemies and even help them in times of need. This written, I think we should still help the Zimbos regardless of how htey perceive Zed and Zedians in general.

  45. Thank you Mr Mwanawasa.But please convince your fellow Mugabe tht we are now sick and tired of poverty,hunger,begging,inflation nhamo etc.We voted him out because we now want change.BID HIM FAREWELL PLIZ ON SATURDAY WE ARE NOW SICK AND TIRED.

  46. Diplomacy is the key to sorting out disputes but I don’t think there’s any dispute here!The results haven’t been announced and ZEC is quiet.we need the results announced asap!what need to be done to this Mugabe boy?

  47. Mugabe knows that he lost the elections and what he needs is assurance that he won`t be prosecuted and persecuted by the man he`s totured on a number of occasions Tsangirai.In a nutshell,all he needs is guranteed immunity.

  48. Will Bob listen to SADC? Doudtful! Ian Smith once said Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) would never be ruled by a blackie. It seems Bob attended that lecture. He has also said Tsvangirai will never rule Zimbabwe. As it turned out, Bob never ruled Rhodesia. He has ruled Zimbabwe. Maybe there should be a name change in order for Tsvangirai to rule!

    On a serious note, running away to RSA at a rate of 1000 persons per day can only encourage Mugabe. The comrades should stay and take him on within Zim. They’ve given him too much latitude!

  49. The last time i checked, Mugabe walked out of a SADC meeting when Zimbabwe was being discussed. Why does Mwanawasa think he will listen this time is it because it is rumoured he has lost. Like one lady joked about Kenya, Kofi Annan literally has to shift to Kenya to implement the resolutions of the meetings he chaired Zimbabwe might be heading there in no time!

  50. This is really a litmus test for SADC.Mugabe should be in attendance at this meeting and the outcome should be a just one for the people of Zimbabwe with every bit of fairness given the bigger picture of what is at play here.Mugabe has got genuine fears of persecution once he leaves office and may be looking for guarantees of protection.SADC heads of state must not fail to use this opportunity to demonstrate that stone age politics of ruling by coersion should should no longer be acquiesced to in the region and every leader must respect the outcome elections in their respective countries

  51. Kulibosha ta, kwamba yawe! Anyhow you are right my mate, guarantee is what Mugabe is looking for. The question is how low should we sink as Africans to always abrogate the law to suit individual interests. Is there a way we can start thinking of a shrewd way of dealing with this thing. Break the law fine, but do something like accusing Tsvangirai of embezzlement or something which makes him ineligible and then say Makoni who is more allied to ZANU-PF takes power to protect my back. Should we be like US sure where the invasion of Iraq even a day old new had nothing to do with WMDs. we can do better guys!

  52. FYI, President Mugabe will attend the Lusaka emergency summit

    The President will attend an emergency meeting of southern African leaders in Zambia, a Zimbabwean government spokesman has said.

    The meeting on Saturday will discuss the political deadlock in Zimbabwe where results of the presidential election held 11 days ago is yet to be announced.

    “Because of the deepening problems in the country, I felt that this matter should be dealt with at presidential level,” said Levy Mwanawasa, the Zambian president.
    Mwanawasa said that resolving the crisis required a concerted effort by the region’s leaders.

  53. The move to hold a summit came as a Harare judge said he would deliver his judgement on Monday on an opposition petition demanding the release of election results.

    A lawyer for Zimbabwe’s electoral commission earlier said that it would be “dangerous” for the high court to order the release of presidential election results as demanded by the opposition Movement for Democratic Change.

    The MDC has said its candidate, Morgan Tsvangirai, won the March 29 vote outright and accused Mugabe of delaying the results to orchestrate a run-off election.

  54. Fact: Levy and Mambilima subjected us to the same agony of a very long wait for election results in 2006. He has now even rewarded Mambilima with the position of Deputy Chief Justice for making him win.

    Opinion: Levy has no right to talk about Zimbabwe. Let Mandela,a man who showed leadership by serving for one term only, talk about Zimbabwe and help that great nation move forward. My thoughts.

  55. finally cabbage is awake.Thanks to moreen for waking up her sweet heart.At least he has started but god knows when he will finish,since it has taken him closs to ten years to arrest kafupi.Advise to brothers in zimbabwe is not to trust cabbage.

  56. The zimbabweans are just dull pipo. very dull.
    cabbage, instruct your ministers to take advantege of this. Buy most the industries laying idle. The south Africans, chinese are doing it. Call more white farmers, we have plenty land in Zambia.

  57. No 15, I remember very well, in diplomacy one “talks” with ones enemy, i agree with you that tabeleumfwana. It was the same with Botha and De Klerk in South Africa-KK was an important negotiator. KK has a different understanding of the situation in Zimbabwe. He also has the experience of bowing down after the people have spoken. I still feel that he is important in this process.

  58. Africa has a big leadership problem. Even the current President Mwanawasa won elections in Zambia under the same circumstances as in Zim except that Zambians are peaceful people. What lecture can such a leader who lost to Zambia’s opposition leader, Michael Sata give? let’s wait and see.

  59. It will be very interesting to have President Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai at the Lusaka summit.SADC must organize a good shona interpreter to deduct from Morgan Tsvangirai’s broken Grade seven English characterized with shona. With Morgan Tsvangirai’s serious natural communication deficiencies, it will be interesting to be pitched with the master of rhetoric Mugabe who Blair and Gordon fear to take on in debates.

  60. Why is that what is good for Mwanawasa – rigging elections is bad for Mwanawasa?

    Mwanawasa rigged elections with Chiluba in 2001 and in 2006 with the help of Rupiah Banda in Eastern Province. As far as I am concerned, Mwanawasa has no right to wasy anybody’s ass when his is equally dirty!

  61. this is an open letter to President Mbeki and all other credible SADC leaders and the international community at large.Just about anyone,please!!!!.
    All I just wish to tell you is that you have failed this country of ours and you(President Mbeki)know that.
    Maybe you plan on being the next Bob!!
    Who knows !!!!!!

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