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Rock kills miner at MCM

General News Rock kills miner at MCM

A MINER at Mopani Copper Mines (MCM) in Mufulira yesterday died on the spot and four others sustained serious injuries following a heavy rock fall in an underground accident.

Mufulira district commissioner, Dyson Mulwa, confirmed the death of Lottie Kanta in the accident that happened between 09:00 hours and 09:30 hours.
Mr Kanta, 37, was a jackhammer operator at MCM.

The injured, who are admitted to Mufulira's Malcolm Watson Hospital, are: Webby Shitima, Webby Mwila, Jonas Mpetamopya and Tressford Mpundu.

Mr Mulwa said the actual cause of the rock fall has not yet been established. Details are being awaited from the contractor, Consorcio Tauro Limited.

"We want to urge the mine to increase their safety because we are losing lives almost every month," he said.

[Zambia Daily]


  1. How many times are we going to hear abt such incidences, what is the gvt doing abt it? going round in mines and factories workers have no proper protecting clothings but inspectors are passing every time why? this is sad.

  2. Thats the governemenet levy and shakafuswa is leading. Now the most irking and irritating factor is the commentator Benny Tetamashimba. For him he sees nothing wrong in this but when someone shouts from the public, he says he has insulted the presido.
    The mines will never be safe as long as zccm guidelines are not followed on safety

  3. We have time and again or repeatedly complained about low complinace to environmental, Labour and safety Regulations by the new investers,in all sectors of the Zambian economy, especially the mining sector.It is eithier killing people by polluting their water source, startvation throgh low wages of directlt through avoidable accidents. The reason to this is low allocation of money during budgeting to safety health and environmental departments of the minning firms. In some cases they look at this important department as a liability and the skeleton staff in these departments in all the mines can attest to that.Continued

  4. Lack of representation at very senior level of the SHE department is also a fact in that decisions are made by senior managers some of whom do not even have sound minning background and thus have low understanding of issues of safety, health and environmnent(SHE. For them maximising profit is the cardinal goal the rest is secondary. Ayway, most of these investors are foreigners who travle very long distances coming here for nothing other than makinmg profits. The problem here is betrayal by first our government. the mine Safety Departmenet is neithier well equiped nor is it well funded.Songs have being sung about making this important department autonomous.Cont..

  5. But it is always lip-service provided.what an uncaring government this is…you boast of the growing GDp but forget about the Pollution in the mines, Lack of responsible wellbeing through underpaying workers by the investors and the new deal government itself.worst still lives of our fellow Zambians is at stake all in the name of service to the inestors. Second betrayal is through negelgience by our own experienced and technically sound long-serving managers in the mines.The likes of Emanual Mutati,Hamukoma,Pius Maambo,etc Cont..

  6. Why are these experienced Zambians letting us down? hy are these bad things happenning so frequently know thatn during the ZCCM time. These Zambian citzens have been in the Minning industry for a long time and served well in the past, but why are they allowing things to happen this way?is it the many thousand of dollars? why dont they advice these investors? May be they have sold us to the investors. With some Zambian s at the helm of some minning firms , we do not expect such things to be happenning.God is watching you bigmen.

  7. Safety is very cardinal in the mines but it is unfortunate that this aspect has been undermined in our mines and other work places. Even at higher learning institutions like the Universities safety has been very compromised. There are no safety aiders and the like. Please the ministry responsible it is high time you put your house in order.

  8. The issue of safety goes as far as government level. Why isn’t there government policy or will power to admit only mining enterprises with good safety records? Answer – because they don’t give a monkey’s. Until a miner who is a first line relative of Mwanawasa or thereabout gets crushed by a rock, the Chinese with their non-existent safety policy will be celebrating christmas every day in Zambia.

  9. Mining will always be a dangerous activity, accidents are almost inevitable. However more needs to be done to prevent the frequency of these accidents. Mine Safety Dept needs to work around the clock to ensure bashi mine get home safe every night.

  10. pipo should stop behaving like rats.How do you make a hole in thé ground call it a mine?When you die there you start calling for sympathy like sivangarai T.

  11. #10 Kwena monk iwe you are a monkey not a typical unza monk.
    Its almost 100% probability that even the academic knowledge u have is a direct benefit from those selfless miners doing the drilling underground. Its shallow brains like you who irk me and its better you stop blog boy.
    Your opinion stinks to the bone.

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