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Rising food prices begin to hurt

Economy Rising food prices begin to hurt

The global trend of rising food prices may not be very far from hurting Zambia after the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) increased the price of fuel.
A check by ZNBC news at Soweto market in Lusaka showed that the price of most commodities are on the rise.
There has already been a marked increase in the price of fish and beans.
A marketeer, Miyomba Nchimunya told ZNBC News that the price of fish has more than doubled forcing most fish traders to stop selling the commodity.
He said the rising cost of fuel is pushing food prices up because food items have to be moved from far flung areas like Mongu in Western Province.
Meanwhile, the price of vegetables have remained stable largely because green vegetables are sourced within Lusaka.



  1. We should tighten out belts because hard times are yet to come. We are not producers of fossil fuel which is always going up. Not only that but also it is finishing undergound.

  2. increasing in food and fuel prices sld go together with salary increase, how can you tighten your belt when you are unemployed or you get peanuts at the end of the month,ILL of HIV/AIDS and Malaria, you need to buy drugs coz they give prescriptions at the hospt.

  3. Poor people a go rebel and loot from de rich. Weh else you expect dem to get food from, eh? All dem need is guns an’ ammunition…wait a while, blood a go run!

  4. We are seeing the END DAYS brethren. Jesus NEVER LIED when he talked about the signs of the end of this age. Dont be blinded, this is the opportunity for you to accept him as you can see how lawlessness, immorality, greediness etc have increased. Its written in plain language and lo, he who is on the rooftop should not go down to pick a coat, like wise he who is righteous, should continue being so. Very soo, we will be hearing 666.

  5. A pure reflection of an incompitent government,that bosts of achieving good GDP’s,but yet we witness bad economies at the end of the day.where are we heading to, civil servants salaries remain constant in figure whilst there salary value is decceralating exponetially,and we are busy preaching against corruption the one that feeds your bellies.Thieves, thugs, prosititutes,poverty,aids are all a result of your makings.its a crazy world,no one knows how it will be,if christ tallies.

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