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Buy Zambia Campaign should be driven by quality

Economy Buy Zambia Campaign should be driven by quality

Government has challenged manufacturers and producers of goods and services to strive to produce high quality goods and services if the ‘Buy Zambia Campaign’ is to succeed.

Commerce, Trade and Industry Acting Permanent Secretary Siazongo Siakalenge says the campaign can only succeed if complemented by the production of high quality goods.

Mr. Siakalenge was speaking in Lusaka today at the sensitization workshop of the dairy sector.

He said government is concerned about the inability for goods produced locally to compete favorably abroad.

Mr. Siakalenge said goods produced within the country should compete with goods imported from outside Zambia both in terms of pricing, quality and delivery time.

He said there is need for the Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) and other stakeholders to change the negative perception people have about goods produced in Zambia.

Mr. Siakalenge said locally produced goods should be able to penetrate the international market if high quality is emphasized.

He said it is in this regard that government continues to promote production of quality goods.


  1. Wise guys buy our local products. When people say there is a shortage of soft drinks they simply mean fanta and coke, the coca cola company is worldwide and they are making alot of money. Lets improve on the quality of our products which will increase the demand thus creating job oportunities and boosts our economy(support your local term) for our own good.
    You find when you take a girl out and you ask them!”what do u take madam?” koka kala sir or fanta shame, dont you know other locally produced drinks?,anyway the bible(bibele) says in the last days the richer will even became more richer and the poor will became more poorer.

  2. There will be romours of war(mugabe),Nations will turn against nations(Iraq),there will be diseases without cure(HIV/AIDS), Children will turn against their parents( today we are reading abt a man raping his own mother) and it goes on saying when you see all these look up for your own salvation. I even remember pastor Matandiko MHSRIP. The end is about to come choose your own way now.

  3. [3] if you further read that book you have quoted, those things were there even in ancient times. Those jews were always at war, or had a war brewing; they had diseases like leprosy (then incurable), and where do you think the word ‘sodomy’ comes from? Is it not from the ancient world?

  4. Went to Mug N Bean sometime back and read a poster advertising “Zambian Coffee” in SA. I was so chuffed and proud to be Zedian.Then I talked to my young bro to bring me some and he did.Wow … Munali Coffee is one product that sounds and looks very exotic.And yes, definately still drinkin it. Point being the products back home are growing into International standards and this is one product I can sell to anyone in the world.

    Looks promising bigups … and hope it works.

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