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Govt supports aviation industry

Economy Govt supports aviation industry

Finance Ng’andu Magande has reaffirmed government’s commitment to effectively contribute to the development of the aviation industry.

Mr. Magande said the performance of the aviation industry is a perfect example of private sector development in the country.

The Finance Minister was speaking when he launched the Zambian Airways Business plan.

Mr. Magande noted that the launch of the plan by the Airline symbolised Government’s efforts to empower its citizens through private sector participation and development.

He said Zambian Airways has always continued to grow into a regional force in the aviation sector despite encountering a lot of challenges along the way.

Zambia Airways Chief Executive, Mutenbo Nchito said the new business plan is aimed at providing a relaxing and comfort atmosphere for business people on both international and local flights.

Meanwhile, the National Airports Corporation (NAC) has spent K3.4 billion to upgrade air navigation services in the Zambian Airspace.

NAC Public Relations Manager, Geofrey Chipolyonga said the corporation has implemented the Remote controlled Ground to air communication system to address the existing air to ground communication deficiencies.

The new equipment at the LUSAKA international Airport was installed by a South African company called – Grinteck Aviation.

Mr. CHipolyonga said NAC will now be able to accommodate future Aeronautical Communication requirements such as controller and pilot data link communication.


  1. Atleast the Navigation System is working now. Congrats on the good job you have done.

    Natinal Airports Corporation, we need proper air conditioning at our Lusaka International Airport. The last time I was there, it become so hot that I was sweating like I dont know.

    All the best in your upgrade work.

  2. Funny the same MMD goverment that presided over the demolition of Zambia Airways is today championing the cause of “Zambian Airways”! Could it be because they now have sunk their teeth into all the juicy morsels falling their way and therefore in their personal interest to “support” the industry?

  3. Sorry to say this ,that every time i go through our airport to me, its a shamfull site which Zambia like london heathrow could have benefited dearly due to it’s central location.Can the goverment pliz invest into this God given land were we dont even need to consult the locals about the expansion unlike the saga of Terminal 5 LHR.Airports do serve as a good source of employment.

  4. Who really owns Zambian Airways? Is it the lawyers for the Task force? If so where have they got the money from? I am interested to know as I leave far away rom home.

  5. Mutembo is one of the shareholders and he is reaping from both ends – civil service and private sector. Wake up Boma!!

  6. Should’nt have privatised the original Zambia Airways! It was the only remaining beacon of our national pride, especially after our best ever national team perished. Man, those were the days… good times are now history in Zambia!

  7. #3Zambia Airways was a terminally ill parasite(sorry parastatal). It chewed more GDP than it created. Plane loads were full of employees or those with complimentary tickets. While QZ bled financially and relied on handouts from govt treasury; its mgrs and employees boasted that QZ could not be liquidated becoz Zambia was landlocked. Subsidising air travel in a poor country like zambia is irresponsible.Rich Italy is at pains with Alitalia. The decision to liquidate QZ was correct. #7 I wonder what was good about only UNIP officials and upamwamba’s being the only ones able to fly. Today even kaponya’s can fly to Jo’burg and Dubai

  8. CTD: Try and nationalise Nchito’s Zambia Airways today. And be assured of a meltdown within a year. Zambia is vey bad at running state companies for various reasons (politics/tribalism/culture/lack of entreprenuership/skewed education system/socialist orientation from KK etc) I will not delve into details. A real business does not rely/receive christmas gift/handouts from govt treasury.Some parastals were misconcieved eg NCZ was built in Kafue and without linkage to local sulphur or phosphate deposits(key and bulky ingredients in fertiliser and sulphur manufacture; uneconomic to transport over large distances)No wonder no investor can buy NCZ.It cannot compete with SASOL. POOR STRATEGIES!

  9. # 3 you are right,this is no doubt some groupthink,definately some government officials are beneficiaries of this tight circle,hence the enthusiastic support.recall the concorde supersonic airliner and the atomic energy programme in britian they all occured under precisely these circumstances.

  10. #4,The size of any airport is directly proportional to the size of traffic it handles. Despite been relatively small LSK airport remains with excess capacity becoz traffic remains low.Not so many people fly into, out of or thru Zed, neither is cargo traffic high enough. You may be relieved to know that LSK airport ranks well when compared to other airports with similar levels of traffic.Take a trip round Africa or central and south America and you shall understand why.You cannot compare it to Heathrow, JFK, Brussels, Jo’burg. Those are in another league.

  11. let me say something on ZAMBIA AIRWAYS it is there because the share holders are crooks like ZUMULA’S and MUSA of MUSA BAKERY they are using the Zambians as a front and I feel sorry for them these 2 are the biggest crooks in ZAMBIA no Indian want to be with them or do any kind of business with them I think some one should look in to this 2 and throw them out of the country then the bribery will finish like MUSA one has only to sit out side his bakery and see what kind of people come there and get fat envelopes from him

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