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Halt your communication facilities Celtel told

Economy Halt your communication facilities Celtel told

Sinazongwe residents in Southern Province have called on Celtel to close down their communication facility if they have failed to run it following persistent loss of network for three days.

Most residents talked to by ZANIS said they have crossed over to MTN because they could not wait for their business to be affected when there were other better networks.

Richard Kalyangu said he has lost business because of Celtel’s failure to repair its communication facilities in the district.

“Now I have bought an MTN card because of the nonsense from the so called people’s network, right now we are stuck we can’t communicate,” said Kalyangu while brandishing his new MTN simcard .

He said Celtel was losing out to MTN whose rates were lower.
Mr. Kalyangu noted that it was shameful for Celtel to take three days without attending to faults on its network.
He said despite reaping huge sums of money in the district the company has failed to apologise to their customers for the inconvenience caused.

“The fellows are quiet when they are reaping huge sums of money in the district, I condemn this silence because a genuine business entity would have at least apologised,” Mr. Kalyangu said.
Vernon Muyaba a Teacher at Mine Maamba GRZ in Maamba pointed out that Celtel was failing to deliver according to people’s expectations in the district.

Mr. Muyaba said serious business has been grounded to a halt in the past three days when the mobile cell phone provider’s network was failing to operate.

“It’s a let down I have finally gone to MTN because my business is ruined,” Mr. Muyaba noted

He said Celtel should learn to respond to their network failure on time to give people the right service that they deserved.

In the past one week Celtel network has been a problem in Sinazongwe district and most people have shifted to MTN.
Owing to the rapid shift to MTN in the district, most of the MTN dealers had run out of air time in Sinazongwe.
Two weeks ago residents in Namwala district also complained of Celtel’s network failure and they threatened to dump the Mobile Service provider in preference to MTN.


  1. Yaba!!! This villagers still mourning about network – ZOONA VINABWARA MOCENDWA!! CELZ pls business yaoneka!

  2. I hope this guyz in rural zambia understand that celtel makes money each time they make a call or write an sms and this simply means that the outrages being suffered are deliberate.its just the celtel must have realised that there is no profit in some areas and will always be relectunt to send Engineers and Technnicians to rural areas due to high fuel costs and allowances.The guyz here to be blamed are the communication authority of Zambia and communication ministry who are failing to dictate standards to mobile companies.Its like there are no standards in Zambia that is why companies are able to neglect and exploit their clients.Its like Government is not concerned

  3. Everybody seems to complain about celtel.What really has gone wrong with this mobile provider? Can the Communication Authority talk sense to these chaps. These villagers should not be taken for granted. If its not about Zesco in Sinazongwe, then its Celtel. I really pity these villagers.

  4. No, No, NO, Guys u do not get it.Let them screw themselves out of business, in this whole of competition, there is no room for mediocre service.

  5. wat you guys must understand is that its not only Sinazongwe or Namwala complaining, its the whole southern province. i shud thik its time we say Bye- Bye to Celtel and its Zain Group ,you now they are saying they want to impower the people by leting them by shares, these guys ( celtel) are just a finnished bunch of failures. Where is david Venn? sya something man?????????????

  6. where i am working from every evening we lose network you can’t make a call,sms and all gets bad till 23hrs.i am just waiting for MTN.MTN mubwele nakuno

  7. For a long time, i have never liked Celtel coz of their exploitation.when these chaps first came to Zambia,they were charging the Simpack at over K200 000.When they heard that MTN was comig to Zed,they started running around in the pretext of covering the all country without investing the corresponding infrastructure to handle the customers.This desperation was due to the fact that Celtel knew how efficient and cost effective MTN was and they were not ready for the Challenge.Well done MTN,Show these chaps how to do business and we are behind you.

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