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Kenyan Airways to double its flights to Zambia

Economy Kenyan Airways to double its flights to Zambia

Kenyan Airways is to increase its flights to Lusaka from the current seven to 14 flights per week.

Kenya Airways country manager Rose Kiseli says the increase which is is effective July 3rd, 2008 is in response to a rising demand mainly from traders and business executives who require better connectivity out of Nairob.

Kiseli told journalists at a media breakfast in Lusaka todya that the move is also in line with the airline’s policy of providing convenient air travel across all cities in Africa and connecting its customers to the Middle East, Far East and European Destinations.

She said the 14 flights between Nairobi and Zambia will be serviced by the airline’s Boeing 777, 767, 737 and the Embraer 70.

Ms. Kiseli said the move will further increase air travel capacity for the anticipated influx of tourists to Zambia and the region at large ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa and the 2011 All Africa Games in Zambia.

The Kenya Airways country manager has since called on Zambians to take advantage of the flexibility and improved connections provided by the airline to enhance their corporate and business agendas.

Meanwhile, Ms. Kiseli revealed that the post-election violence in Kenya at the beginning of this year cost the airline a 30 percent slump in tourist passengers.

Ms Kiseli said the airline was now working with the tourism council in Kenya to remarket Kenya Airways now that peace has been restored in the country.

Established in 1977, Kenya Airways started flying to Lusaka the same year with only two flights weekly.


  1. This is why we need a proper national airline, not Zambian airways whose formation is as cloudy as chiluba’s brain.

  2. Zambia is the heart of Africa and should take advantage of it’s central location and improve tourism to the maximum, am glade Kenya can see into the future of our country and yet we fail to acknowledge this ,so too is South Africa. Goo!! for it Zambia it’s never to late.

  3. Yes we need a National Airline not Zambian Airways. Zambia is losing a lot of money by not having a national airline. I thought madam Dorah Siliya with her Masters degree which would pursue this issue through her ministry since she is the minister of transport and communication? I sometimes agree with those who say having an academic qualification does not make you an automatic leader.

  4. I think one of the legacies Dr. LPM should leave for mother Zambia is to create a national airline.

  5. If Levy is to correct some of bad things Chiluba did, he should crate a National Airline. The Western countries do not even think Zambia exist. Our only bro now is China. Some one told me that China is ready to partner with Government to create a national line. Nothing bad about this because Airlines are not manufactured in China. All what we care is to have Zambian wings flying again.

    Why is the Governmnt taking its time?? Does it have to take an oppposition lunatic to create a national airline.

  6. Remember that LPM has no interest in the well-being of the vast majority of Zambians. He has no guts to create a national airline given that he is benefiting from Zambian airways with his side-kick Nchito. We do not have a national leader but one masquarading as one. We only have economic hoodlums at the top.

  7. oh am surprised zambians a now travelling to kenya wats booming in kenya to deserve 14 flights ? anyway bena zed tamwa lazy tho u should support your own ntional parks and tourist resorts . it will b great have our own airline doing long haul . any progress on kasama airport hope zambian airways will do weekly flights its quiet far by road

  8. I do not think Zambians are traveling to Kenya on the basis of Tourism but rather on the Basis of Business.

    I think it is actually Kenyan’s traveling to Zambia to do business.

    Already we have Kobil which is one of the biggest oil companies in Kenya (mind you it is Kenyan Owned) doing business in Lusaka.

    I think it is business rather than pleasure.

  9. On the thing of National Airline, you guys are just pessimists who don’t update yourselves often.

    The Zambian govt has announced on more than one occasion that it plans to have a national airline. The issue is still being planned, i’m sure in due time, it’ll be implemented.

    Also the Zambian govt has announced that all govt officials traveling to the destinations where Zambian Airways flies are to use Zambian Airways. Meaning if a govt official wants to go to Joburg on a business meeting, he/she is to use Zambian Airways.

    This is supporting not only Zambian companies but also putting back the money into the Zambian economy.

  10. sometimes we should blame ourselves for being so irresponsible,kukonda va free country collapsing and laziness pamushi,e.g what happened to tazara the whole train FREE PASSES and former zambia airways the whole plane free passes for employee and families how can we devolope????who is to blame???

  11. Once upon a time.the defunct ZAMBIA AIRWAYS QZ. was beta than KQA. Kenya AIRWAYS..BUT bcoz of use less leaders.. we find our selves been beaten by ba kenya

  12. The thing is Kenyan Airways is really doing us a better service, why you pipo waste so much time on debating who is to bring this and that Airline?
    Better to have KQA than scramble 4 free passes and which only benefits the very pipo who can even afford the Air ticket just from Runch Allowance and not a common Zambian even if it took him/her the whole Annual/Housing allowance Sararies.

    Thanx to Kenyan Airways atleast we can say; lets work hard for ourselves and not wait for this leader, as we are All leaders in our own being.(Happiness 4 Yourself)

  13. Those that use Kenya Airways must be careful with rampant luggage thefts from Kenya.I have so far lost thee big lugages on three seperate occasions and i know iam not the only one.For them it is normal to steal someone else’s property

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