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Invest back home, Mbula urges Zambians in the diaspora

Economy Invest back home, Mbula urges Zambians in the diaspora

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Leslie Mbula has urged Zambians in the diaspora to take an active part in the development of their country by investing back home either as individuals or through joint venture partnerships with their foreign counterparts.

Mbula says the new deal administration of president Mwanawasa has created a conducive atmosphere for investment in agriculture, mining. tourism and other sectors of the economy which Zambians in the diaspora should exploit to develop their motherland.

The High Commissioner made the appeal in a message conveyed on his behalf by second secretary for press at the Zambian mission Philip Chirwa.

This was during the Zambia Association in South Africa, ZASA, annual general meeting held at the Zambian High Commission premises in Pretoria.

In a statement from Pretoria to ZANIS in Lusaka today, Mr Mbula said he was aware that there were many Zambians living and running prosperous businesses or holding very responsible positions in various organizations in South Africa who can use their connections for the development of their home country.

“The Zambian government is encouraging private sector investment in all the productive sectors of the country’s economy, notably agriculture, tourism, manufacturing and mining. I would like to see more of our people in the diaspora invest in these sectors either as individuals or through entering into joint partnerships with foreign investors,” Mr Mbula said.

Mr Mbula also urged the Zambian community in South Africa to stay clear of trouble spots which have of late been targets of xenophobic attacks on foreigners.

Todate, however, there has been no report of any Zambian being affected by the attacks but the High Commissioner said this did not mean that they should remain complacent.

Meanwhile ZASA ushered in a new executive committee to lead the South African based Zambian community in the next two years.

Mr Daniel Mundea was elected unopposed as chairman while Ms Martha Chonya retained her position as secretary.

Other committee members are Mr Noah Banda (vice chairman), Mr Agrippa Simonga (vice secretary), Mr Remmy Mukosa (treasurer), Mr Augustine Phiri (vice treasurer), Mr Mulumba Lwatula (publicity secretary), and Mr Bright Phiri (vice publicity secretary).


  1. I wish we had a Zambian Group that is well organized in the US. Nice Job SA guys , this could be a new begining for Zambians to move forward.

  2. What is the economic conditions for investment in Zambia. Does it favour us or the interests of foreign investors. We are willing to do so and bring in our entreprenurship skills.And also create some jobs.

    And how much support can we get from the small business industry?? Does anyone know. That country needs pro growth small businesses.

  3. #2 dont be an armchair investor if you are interested in investing in Zambia dont just ask, come on the ground and find what you can do for your country, most of zambians in the diaspora i have come across just want to talk and have not even built a house which is an investment in itself, when are we going to stop saying that the investment atmosphere favours foreigners when you have not even come on board and see what is on offer for young zambians.

  4. # 3 I appreciate your comments. But I would also like to hear views of others. I did not mean to argue with you. If you really read my blog, I was requesting for feedback. Whether I have interets or not also depends on what other supporting entreprenurs and professionals would advise me. I did not ask for failures of those in diaspora as you outlined.

  5. Its a good idea to invest back home but the problem is lack of trust between partners. I personaly have tried partnership with a Zedian using a loan facility from a bank. I sent my partner money to find land where we can do the business. He got the Title deeds for the land i was told. Wen i went to check the premise, the guy wasnt in Zambia. He took a girlfriend to Mauritius for a holiday and that was after he bought himself a car i could never afford in UK.There was no title deeds. In short, the biggest problem is trusting a Zedian with money. Believe me some people are better being poor. By the way, am still paying the bank what belongs to them.

  6. At least 12 people have been killed in the South African city of Johannesburg since Friday in a wave of violence directed at immigrants, police say.

    Police have used tear gas and rubber bullets to try to stop gangs of armed youths from attacking foreigners and looting and burning their property.

    Five people were killed overnight in the area of Cleveland. Two of them were burned and the others beaten to death.

    More than 50 were taken to hospitals with gunshot and stab wounds.

    During the day, a church where about 1,000 Zimbabweans have been taking refuge was attacked.

    Bishop Paul Veryn of the Central Methodist Church which was attacked told SABC radio: “We consider that the

  7. According to what I have been reading in the zambian papers South Africa seems to have a very pipo oriented zasmbian embassy. Keep it up Mr. Mbula.

    #3, #2 is not trying to be an armchair investor. He is simply talking about realities. I have taken a simple research here in diaspora. Most of the Zambians I have spoken to have the enthusiasm to invest in Zambia, big-time. And they have the money for your own info. But, the questions of trust on the part of zambians at home, including how the GRZ (agents) is going to treat you really raises a lot of fear.

    #5, has hit the nail on its head. It also happened to me and I know it has happened to many a…

  8. …Zambians. I did a similar thing of taking a huge loan from a bank, entrusted it to a fellow zambian to buy at least 3 houses in good residential areas in Lusaka. He abused the trust and just ate that money. I have no interest in expanding what happened, but I am still paying for that huge loan. On the other hand, we here that foreign investors are given a tax holiday. Is that extended to ZAmbians abroad, too? Foreign investors can come in with equipment, material, and machinery pertaining to their businesses without having to pay customs tax or any charges. Does that apply to Zambians abroad, too. It shouldn’t matter how long one has been living abroad-he/she coud have been there for…

  9. …a year or less. But, if one thinks he/she has accumulated enough, the GRZ must give him/her an encouragement to invest. After foreign investors have all the money than struggling Zambians whether at home or abroad.

  10. #2,3 so whats the way forward,becoz we have to do something for mother z.may be the govt should put up an agency for z diaspora for checks and balnces.becoz no trust to even our brothers.

  11. …#5, back to you. Dude, personal advise is that don’t trust anyone in zambia. Just find time to go there yourself. I appreciate how almost imposible it is to juggle work and personal ambitions. Othrwise, that may cost your job. I finally, decided to go to Zambia (I ain’t gonna go into details but I did a lot of wonders) and discovered that actually one can do a lot in Zambia. And I did and discovered quite a lot such that this time I am only working on an implementation stage. I have done so much extensive research on Zambia and even abroad along the lines of things that work and I am pretty satisfied my business direction is spot on.

    This is not an advise directed only to you #5, but…

  12. …to every Zambian living abroad. Mind you I even encountered a situation whereby a Zambian lady sends money home to the father for building her a house. But, I am pretty sure when finally she sees the house she will cry. I am pretty sure the instructions she gave them are not being followed. They are just chewing most of the money. SO, ZAMBIANS ABROAD, JUST DIY.

  13. #10, to answer your question, I would agree with Peter, Giving a tax break to Zambians that are willing to invest would be great idea. If foreign investments managed by foreigners are given tax breaks, I think it would only make sence for the government to extend that offer to its citizens. Investment that would creat jobs helps our economy to grow.

  14. I have tried to invest in Zambia and have been constantly disappointed. My form of investment has involved sending money for higher education fees so that some of my family members could get degrees, but of all the people that I tried to educate, only one of them actually used the funds to pay for school fees. She is now doing very well, married, and has a family of her own. She is also getting a good salary, and is the reason why I will try again to educate more people. As for the rest, they used the money to get married and start families that they can’t support. Others used the money to impress girlfriends and get women pregnant, etc. I am not givng up though.

  15. An East African friend of mine worked very hard and sent money to a builder in his home country to build him a large beach front home. He was told that the home was built, so he retired, went back home only to find NO HOUSE! He is suffering. A West African friend of mine worked like a dog in order to send money to his brother to start a business. However, every time the guy sent money, the brother used the money for dowry and then added more wives to his own household. The lazy brother now has several wives and a big house, while the hardworking one is having a hard time supporting his small family. Zambia has a lot of opportunities, and I hope more Zambians have a positive experience.

  16. I don’t understand…why send money home to people you NEVER gave 50 ngwee when you were here? Upuba.

  17. Guys, lets not make excuses here.Definetely, u cannot trust anyone with money even in the diaspora.So why try it now, I also been having same issues.I have decided to put a man on the ground and I will not involve money with him.He does the ground work for me, I pay him and monitor his progress.When its a transaction I will fly over there, myself to sign and pay.I have found some piece of land.I’m saying lets not get discouraged , but be more innovative.Lets not be more serious about it and not dish money to anyone, it does not work.Pipo at home always think we do without that money. In short D.I.Y

  18. The Customs regime at the border will hit any Zambian really hard as there is no consideration towards promoting citizen incvestors coming into Zambia with capital equipment. There is no groundwork in place to ensure that citizens coming in from outside have no obstacles. Mbula is speaking from his heart, not his brain. The fact that the environment on the ground has NOT been made any better for citizen investors from outside means that he has joined the dreamers like LPM and his wife.

    Check with ZDA on any policy shifts to encourage citizens to invest in Zambia… there is none! They will ask you to get an Investment Licence and must have adequate funds to show them.

  19. Is there anything like a repatriation policy , I just hear this from pals, where u are allowed some stuff back home for free? I do not know I’m asking …

  20. yes there is miyoba. when you live outside Zambia for more than five years you are entitled to a tax exemption on all goods returning.

  21. Thanks man #21. I left Zed 96 so got abit dis-oriented and I’m trying to get as much info as possible.How can some1 engae this SA-Zambia group? Maybe some of these issues can be addressed by these pipo as they meet GRZ officials.

  22. I believe mr mbula can assist us by making land access through the embassy much more streamlined with lands dept back home. Because one might find the land but would have to wait 6 to 12months for title deeds to be released in the new owners name. This opens it up to other possibilities best described by other bloggers.

    What we need is a responsive organisation and embassy that caters for the needs of Zambians in S.A without much bottleneck problems that clearly indicate lack of thinking through issues.
    I propose, those windows at the embassy be run efficiently such as; counter one for passports, counter 2 for etc. And other pressing issues such as investments be delt with by pipo clued

  23. cont/ clued up with what it entails to have returning residents buy land without those katondo chaps collecting the revenue meant for GRZ.

    Lands dept must gazette areas of land for S.A embassy to showcase to the Zambians who want to return home someday.

  24. Certainly miyoba, these guys at ZASA are indeed a force to reckon with but without the support and participation of Zambians there is little much that can be done.

  25. Personally i have more faith with Zambians in South Africa than Zambians in the west. Zambians in SA at least come to visit the country every year. They are even showing interest to invest in Zambia.
    As for Zambians in the west, they just don’t care. They don’t like Zambia anymore as if they where not born there. They forget where they came from. They are busy getting fat eating Macdonalds and KFC and not thinking of investing in there home country. Mr Mbula i support SA Zambians but as for Zambians in the west, they don’t care, don’t bother with them.

  26. I think this is a good idea. It would be interesting to know if Zambians in the USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, EU also have such organizations. If not, they should get busy and start them.

    I think through these organizations, it’ll be easier to reduce on the bad experiences other Zambians in the diaspora have had.

    Just my thoughts

    But this is very impressive.

  27. Also i read that the govt is encouraging higher learning institutions (in this case CBU, UNZA, maybe ZCAS) to teach on entrepreneurship.

    This is good.

    It’s time Zambians started doing things for themselves.

    Like i said before, give a man fish, or teach him how to fish.

  28. # 11. Peter, how can we travel when we have no papers. We are not ready for one way tickets.
    Illigos also want to invest but have no mode of investment.

  29. its not easy staying here in the diaspora and we are not a charity. you can also form up some association in Kitwe to look after pipo in Chilubi. we are working and not running a charity. Qatar and USA.

  30. #14 seems you sent to the wrong guys. You need to follow up on your investrments on a regular basis in order to see results and have a firm hand over your investments. Not every ZAMBIAN IS LIKE YOU FAMILY MEMBERS WHO ACCORDING TO YOU ARE LIVE ON LUXURIES.

  31. #26 You sure are a typical Zambian. Negative. I have lived in both South Africa and the UK and alot of us make yearly trips to Z and are investing back home in many ways. Please do not say things you have no hard evidence to back your statement up.

  32. It’s very much interesting reading all these postings…#32 is write. If you can’t go 2 Zed physically, use reliable investment channels. If you want to buy real estate use agents or other reliable businesses e.g Fumbeshi & co and others(I’m not saying go to Fumbeshi coz i don’t know if they still exist) and ask them to manage it for you. If you want to build, a building contructing company will do.How about striking a deal with Madison Insurance co, Cavmont, Invest trust bank and or Intermarket discount they have great and massive investment channels!!! Remember to request for audited accounts of those you intrust you money with..gud luck to you all!!!

  33. #26 I will tell you, Thinking like a Typical Zambian can get you nowhere. I appreciate the fact that I was born there but that does not give me the right to think like you have suggested. I don’t understand it anyway.

    If you mean just what #32 has explanined, I can never associate myself mith that type of mentality. My friend we have been exposed and we live very happy lives. We are involved in community activities and surrounded by people that want to help you in many areas of our lives. You will be surprised what happens when you get out of your own box.

    That is what myself and my familiy decided engange with people that think differently but encouraging. NOT NEGATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. I’m having a hard time convincing my friends Bill Gates to invest with me in Zambia because he says it will not be profitable for him. Do you guys have any arguments I can use to change his view?

  35. why not lead by example Mr Mbula,zambia is a lame a** country and I aint stashing my greens on it.
    #26 SA is just in Zed,just at the back yard,cant compare with those that have crossed seas you fool.Dont you have balls to get your own greens,should we start feeding your lame *ass,we gat alot of bussiness to take care,we pay for H*les $100,we pay for weed and alchol,now you want us pay for ya Lame A**,gat damn it.Stand tall,pro H***

  36. #35-There are many reasons one is Malaria, TB and HIV Through his Gates Foundation. Second such people are difficult to win their direct investment, however a simple courtesy inviting him to see the vic falls will certainly sweep him away and during the time of his visit make sure all computers in Zambia have his legal software!!!

  37. #30 is very right,these zedians alwaz want free things,typically Zed mentality,also those guys in SA are typically Zed,here there in nothing for free,we wont encourage laziness, you pipo should learn to plough your lands,go to your villages if life in kitwe and Lsk is becoming tricky,otherwise you will never see a penny from us,we aint chatitable organisations

  38. No-one is forcing anyone to invest in zed, its just a good idea and we are all exploring better and safer ways of doing it it.Whats this “I live with pipo ready to help me ” bla bla bla. If u do not like the topic or have no clue , shut it.

    Remember a song in the seventies “A phiri anabwela”.

  39. Buy shares in Celtel, closing date is 30th May. Reserve some money for ZANACO shares also coming soon. You can also buy shares in existing listed companies if you cant participate in an IPO right now – this is simple and smart investing at home, no relatives in the middle to send money to and then get long stories after that. I think we should open a blog discussion here for people interested in investing back home.We could invite a willing party from a brokerage firm or investment company in zed to moderate or answer questions. This would be more productive than some of the mudslingings that fly across this blog sometimes

  40. #41 I agree, I see a lot of opportunities but as usual if you do not have enough information about the risk you are taking it becomes dicy. sorry for those that have lost money in the process and like someone said, finding someone trustworth with money is a needle in the hay stack, But do not be discouraged guys, Peter #11 made a sweeping statement which I beg to disagree with, there are still good zambians you can trust around, not long ago I was visiting SA and the colleague I was lodging with was a visited by a zambian who had energy the guy was talking mega bucks, but guess what he could not even afford a 2000 rand flat, so trust, maybe Zambians in the diaspora have reached a different..

  41. .. of sofistication and those of us within Zambia deserve to be untrusted wholesale as Peter suggested. I was equally talking to anothe fellow who said the worst thing about us as Zambians is that we are our own worst enemies. Maybe this is a topic we can reserve for future debates.

  42. Mwiinga, point noted, there are ways to safeguard financial transactions, even conventional banks at home are developing instruments to capture zambians abroad so there is really no need to send money through a channell whose trustworthiness you cant vouch for.

  43. #37 BigBen, Thanks for your enlightening words. I hope he comes along with me on my next trip to Zed, that way, the tourism sector will at least benefit.

  44. #22, a Flight from Joburg to Lsk, or Ndola is GB Pounds 160 on average; a Flight from Manchester to Lsk or Ndola costs me GB pounds 900; how many flights could I make in a year if I was living in SA? In fact you can even travel by bus if you live in SA; most of us cannot. C’mon, its not about forgetting Zambia, in fact people are in Diaspora because Zambia forgot it’s people. If you are in finance, law and or politics, Zambia is the place for you. If you are in Engineering, the west is the place to be right now.

  45. #47 if youre in engineering China is the place to be. The west has shipped all its tech jobs to the East

  46. 41. Thumbs up!! that’s logical and postive approch to issues like this.i bought a plot with meanwood ibex hill but the guys are a let down promised to do much on that project but to no avail only a cheap road, to fool who? Mr Robinson Zulu,come on you can do better than that.

  47. I see the Mwanawasa MMD government and all its agents in the likes of Mbula are quite happy to ask us to send and invest our money back home but are not as ready to let us participate inn the nation’s politics!! How hypocritical is that?

  48. #50 Could you please enlighten us on your bad experience with Meanwood before we fall in the same trap. I for one thought these schemes were the way forward. With the looming world recession we need to pull up our socks and get ready. Have you tried the Lilayi Housing project? Any views on this one, anyone?

  49. #41 good advice.
    Pipo, you can also invest in infrastructure through the banks, its not a smooth process but once all is laid down you good to go. I have engaged a construction company to do some construction for me and they are doing the job very well. All I have to do is send the money to the bank which disburses on my behalf. No relatives/friends-strictly business.

  50. #29, stay where you are. Work hard and save. As I wrote not in a too distant past, I ve been conducting some extensive research on what is, and not possible in Zambia. In less than a year from now I will be up and running. And the business will involve even creating a database of Zambians abroad and see how we can help directing diaspora pipos’ resource to the right investment of their desire or helping them to choose what will work there. I am currently, not in a position to disclose my personal details. But, as soon as I pass the planning stage and implement the project it will be know very quickly. And prospective investors at home and abroad like you will be using the facility. I have…

  51. #43, that wasn’t a sweeping statement. Just ask around n u ll come across a number of chaps whose trust have been abused in a similar manner. In any case u are right. There are a lot of trustworthy Zambians but one may not be in a position to know them. And why should keep on trying pipo? One is probably better off dealing with an organization. And u guys don’t compare pipo who live SA and overseas. Travelling from overseas is not just about an air ticket. It involves quite a lot.

  52. Aba kaamba aba nabo balelanda saana pama diasporees. leave us alone. We have good minds to decide when and where to invest.

    Anyways…atleast, he’s doing his bit on attracting investment. i guess we can try to invest back home Isreal style.

  53. Just wanted to add one thing.

    There are those Zambians in the diaspora saying things about they are not a charity and they cant invest, yet they are the same people complaining about “selling the country to foreigners or foreign investment”.

    What i wanted to say is if you guys don’t want to invest, then the govt will find someone who wants to invest (weather Chinese or White). Also if you don’t want to invest then never complain about foreign investment.

  54. Investing in one’s own country is a sign of patriotism.Those who can manage, please do so, and we shall support your cause; for we are right at the base. If you need any manpower for your form of investiment, feel free to contact me. I have good advisory skills which will see you sail through. Get me right, I will not squander ur resources, for I will account for each and every scent.Ask for my contact details if you are serious! one Zambia one nation.

  55. Another way is to invest at your job 401k program if in the US, not sure of UK but its similar to Napsa so that when you retire -you have invest some money.


    The Lusaka Stock Exchange (LuSE) has received numerous queries from investors abroad on the operation of its stock market. In response, the LuSE has now made arrangements for Zambians abroad and foreign investors to easily buy and sell shares on its market. Please follow the notes and guidelines below.


    Select a broker of your choice from the list at the back and fill in an e-mail application form to open your share account. Upon receipt of your e-mail application form, the LuSE Broker should send you a note to confirm that your share account has been

  57. I have tried to invest in Zambia, but it does not work if you are not physically on the ground. Last year, I saw that my family members were living in poverty and I wanted to assist. I spoke to 10 family members for each one of them to come up with a business proposal I could finance. I paid each K10M to start a business. No even one of them has a viable business. Money was spent on mobile phones, buying cars, clothes etc. The problem we have is dependancy syndrome. Never trust anyone including your relatives.

  58. #63 – not everyone can run a business some are only good at working for others, you could have sved a lot of money by founding out whether of relatives of yours can indeed work for themselves. The whole investment mania in Zambia nowadays is overwhelming to most of our people who still grapple with the dependency syndrome.

  59. #63-Spot on mate. My brothers and sisters went to buy Tellys and Mobile phones. School fees were secondary. Will never do it again.

  60. i dont understand why in zed relatives don’t care much about the money we send them for school but yet buy mobile phones, cloths and alike the problem we have in zed is kulibonesha wanting everyone to see us ( not refereeing to kulibonesha blogger here) i have tried to send money to my brother for school but i was just learning from my sisters that he only pasy half the bill if not nothing but spend most of the time in bars with friends, but i tried to buy some shares in celtel using my other brother in his name and i hope when i hit zed sometime ill be able to get a share transfer in my name… ive tried pangeas but its another piece of sh**t company of which i applied to open the account.

  61. ….contnid but all the time i have to call them and they say theyve processed my documents but nothing happened so instead i used my bro. the problem with zed companies is that we are too rigid with rules and lack of innovation thats why they cant even compete with good well set up companies. why shouldi fly to zed just to signa dammn document when they can just email me in PDF the document or just fax it. come on guys our friends stock markets in the west works better than ours when are we going to change.

  62. Guys,Zambia is heading in the right direction.


    A multi-million dollar shopping mall is under construction in the mining town of Mufulira on the copperbelt.

    The mall is being built in the new surburb located at the Bamboo open space near the junction of Chatulinga road and Ndola road.

    Work is expected to start by August this year.

    Mufulira Town Clerk, Charles Mwandila said Retail Properties limited, a South African Company, will invest $5.2 million United States dollars in the construction of a shopping mall.

    The mall which will be a first of its kind in the district will house Spars Chain Stores and other business stores.

  63. To all the Zambians abroad. I would urge u to contact the Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) if u have interest in investing in the country. They can provide guidance on the procedures as well as the areas that have tax exemptions.
    Whatever u do, don’t send money to ur relatives thinking they can invest in ur stead (remote control). If u can’t do it abroad, don’t think u can do it in Zambia as u will just be disappointed. If u want to buy a house, contact the real estate agencies such as Homenet, Frank & Knight etc incld NHA. Most companies are beginning to have websites hence, take advantage and utilise this facility.

  64. #69, there are some information i would like to obtain from ZDA on tax exemption. But, whats their website? I would be very greatful if u can blog Zambia Development Agency. I mean this is one of the major problem we have in Zambia-finding info about anything is almost imposible. Try and google mozambique (images), one can find even a needle in a hay stack. Thanking u in advance #69

  65. Yes, Zambia is heading the right direction. It is time to set up businesses and industries. In a country like Zambia we lack industries, we have loads to offer but lack production-line management operations.
    We cannot even produce baby nappies, baby food, children’s clothes, or build computers, or car manufacturing, nor medical drugs. Every thing has to be imported.

    It is true people at home think that if you live abroad you earn alot of money. Most Zambians living in London are on poverty line. High rents, and high borrowing is doing to make them change their way of living. These people work long hours in shops, manufacturing industries, hotels, carehomes and hospitals, cleaning mostly.

  66. Guys do not be fooled bu the Lilayi project and Meanwood. better apply for land at ministry of lands i did it and it worked am going back home asap. do not push for nichekeleko. its straight forward and needs a little bit of patiency. building save more and take 3 weeks leave you will do it i did it. october roofing. period.

  67. Too many times, in the aftermath of mass atrocities, we’ve promised “never again”.

    “But in a world where so many states remain wedded to the principle of non-interference and the primacy of sovereignty, how do we make the responsibility to protect a reality, not a slogan?”
    SA need some interefernece just like Zim.

  68. zambians outside if u have money nd u want to invest why not just work hard and invest were u are.people are seriously investing in other stable economies not zambia,dont just do wat everyone is saying invest home invest home think like the rich look at there investments most of the serious investments they ev made er not even in there home country.

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