Government says exclusive breastfeeding of children born from HIV positive mothers has proved effective in preventing children from getting the virus.

Lusaka province minister, Lameck Mangani, said children who are exclusively breastfed for at least six months have a higher IQ than those who are not breastfed.

Mr. Mangani said that in 2002, exclusive breastfeeding rates in Zambia stood at 41 per cent.

He was speaking at the launch of international Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) held at Cresta Golf View in Lusaka yesterday.

Speaking earlier, IBFAN Chairperson, Tina Nyirenda, said her organisation was committed to the protection and supporting breastfeeding as a basic human right.

Ms Nyirenda said IBFAN was, with other organisation in Zambia, in support of breastfeeding culture in the country to enhance child survival and safe motherhood.

Speaking at the same function, Regional Coordinator for the Breastfeeding Association of Zambia (BAZ) Pauline Kisanga, in a speech read on her behalf by BAZ Secretary Margaret Mbelenga, said breastfeeding is among the strategies that target to achieve Millennium Development Goals on health by the year 2015.

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  1. My experience with exclusive breastfeeding is that the child doesnt suffer any diarrhoea even throughout the teething stage. The child grows very healthy. In fact, breastfeeding should be a right for all babies unless if it is medically indicated that the mother cannot breast feed. Failure to breastfeed should not be a mother’s choice and should be punishable by law. Nothing comes closer to the God given norishment for the child. The opposite is true with infant formula feeding, diarrhoea, constupation, passing green stool, abdominal pain and irritation as the child adjusts to formaula, IT IS NOT JUST WORTH THE MONEY AND DOESNT HELP THE BABY!!


  2. It’s true to say exclusive breastfeeding is best for children. But saying that failure to breastfeed should be punishable by law, is going to far. How many working mothers leave a short distance from their home to be able to provide exclusive breastfeeding for six months? If your maid had a baby, would you allow her to bring her child to work so she feeds the baby?
    I am sure I know your answer!



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