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Kalusha FIFA match Commissioner

Sports Kalusha FIFA match Commissioner

ZNBC Sports News reports that FIFA has appointed Football Association Zambia president, Kalusha Bwalya as match commissioner for the 2010 joint World and Africa cup qualifying match between Lesotho and Ghana.Kalusha said the match is scheduled to take place in Bloefontein, South Africa – Sunday.

He was speaking to ZNBC Sports news.

Kalusha who is 1988 African Footballer of year, is also a member of the FIFA technical and anti-doping committees.

And the Ghana national soccer team has arrived in Bloemfontein for their 2010 joint World Cup qualifier against Lesotho.

Head coach Sellas Tetteh insists his side must win to keep up the spirit high after their qualifier’s opening game victory over Libya.

About 21 players instead of 22 made the trip with player Emmanuel Osei Bnahene dropped for reporting late before the Libya game.



  1. Ba Kalu nabasela bakamba. Thats good. But please use your influence to connect young Chipolopolo players to good european teams. You have got contacts man.

  2. #2 Iwe why Majelasi so…. Of course there is nothing for you but something for other people. Its chaps like u who are corrupt to the bone! U want something for everything…so bad for a Tonga boy i suppose.

  3. Kalusha is disciplined and that is why they give him such opportunities. Imagine if they gave Mbesuma, his head was even going to become more bigger. But thank God he is finished and will not have such chances. Let the government find him a garden in kanakantapa area akaye mukulima.

  4. #2. Don’t depend on others to work for u. You should eat your own sweat. Just work hard for yourself. #5 good thinking. we need people like you pa Z.

  5. I was asking within the reasoning that when Kofi Annan was SG of the UN he appointed alot of his kind in key strategic positions within the system and what did we remain with, as zedians? NOTHING! I was asking within that framework, but as usual this blog gets emtional sometimes.

  6. But ba 5 mwanilasa. Anyhow “But please use your influence to connect young Chipolopolo players to good european teams” this is the comment I should have quoted from #1 which is why I asked kuti we should benefit something as a country from this legend’s connections, I was not looking at personal benefit ba 5. I am one of the few Zambians who think Kalu has done us proud, but as you know being done proud does not put money in FAZ.

  7. Mwiinga, just be happy for the man! Hasn’t he done enough so far? He has put your football on the globe. Kalu is the man!

  8. #1 and #13 please as I always say, let each one sweat for himself. No one connected Kalusha to european countries. Let these poverty stricken chipolopolo players connect themselves and thats when they will realise the importance of working hard. You connect Mbesuma, he becomes big headed and a womaniser, connect litana or wawa, they become womanisers and drunkards etc coz they did not sweat for the money. So no one should connect another, but each one should prove himself that he can play in european teams.

  9. Congrats Kalu. You keep the Zambian flag flying high. The sky is the limit for you. Jealous down.

  10. It’s been TWENTY years since he was African Footballer of The Year. Can’t Zambian journalists ever use initiative and call him something else? One-time African Footballer of the Year…atase!

  11. #15 Monk walasa. Some of these chaps are lazy just waiting for connections from blues. Hard work and discipline is the gateway to stardom and success. These are the virtues in great Kalu’s custody.

  12. What special role can Kalu play as mentor for these kids, maybe that is the question we should ask pantu chachine ba Monk, people have to work hard, but from my school of thought hardwork alone without some form of recommendation from someone does not cut it, this is the real world we leave in. Njooka for the record, bane Kalu is my favourite and he has made it if truth be told, he is connected, networked and it is these networks that we are asking if they would be of help to the greater majority, not that people should be spoonfed.

  13. Do not give a damn about soccer? people deserve three at least three meals a day, employment, education, shelter and basic health care….not this bull crap about kalu? we can survive without football or kalu?

  14. MJ thats why LT has different sections , go to the section thats appropriate for you and leave the soccer pundits enjoy some dialogue here.

  15. What connections do you expect from a man being a match commissioner? If he exposes players you same chaps will be saying, ”Kalusha is an agent”. But as for influence that is a topic for another day. Have you wondered that even the Nike Zambia wears is like Salaula. Not customised to Zambian colours. Supersport deal- dilly-dallying. Was it mearnt to just shut of GTV?
    Kalusha needs to do more with his som called influence otherwise he will be called names. Amano!!!!!

  16. # 10 why do you want to be left with something? work your way up. So was it good that Anan brought his kinsfolk? Thats tribalism or watever its called. And that is what you want? favours? Corrupt chap! Merit not just aisha mwana kwesu all the time….

  17. #22 please dont lag behind. Football is one of the world’s best employer. It has made millioniers in George Weah, Beckham, etc. In developed countries footballers earn more than directors of companies or even prime ministers and presidents. Clever footballers have created employment in their countries of origin e.g. Abedi Pele, Viera, Quinton Fortune etc by investing in all kinds of ventures including academies, shops and the kind. Not everyone can get a job. Football could be the way out for some people. Its a pity our people who have gone professional have come back home with nothing to show for it even when they are paid not less than $1000 every week.

  18. It’s good, you see, there are possibilities. Zambians can be successful…

    Just not sure what a “match commissioner” is. anyone have any idea apart from maybe drinking some champagne? ZNBC, we are no the wiser?

  19. congrats to ba kalu! when u are good good! this how kalu is. He deserves to be given such opportunities and mind u such opportunities do not come easily or kwati amino ya…mu…GO BA KALU GO..

  20. Hypocrits pa z. Mulonga was given the same duty on the weekend and he even declined another one and he did not get the praise. But just because it is kalu people start jumping. I think we have so many Kalu worshipers pa Z. That is why we wont even qualify to the 2010 world cup.

  21. mwiinga i dsapointed with you on the silly coments you are passing on kalu,you dont appriciate for what the legends of this country has done.leave the man alone and let him take zed on another level so that improve.GO KALU GOOOO!!!

  22. I think am the only moma that suports the Chipolopolo boys,is there another girl apart from me on this blog?

  23. well done ba kalu..but am disappointed with some of the comments which are being passed here,some pipo are even contradicting themselves its hard to understand what they are toking about,or which side they are on(i mean criticising or appreciating ba kalu)because they say this now and then..

  24. Thats good news for Zambia, since the Soccer team sucks, let Kalu put us on the World map as a Commisioner. To those who feel jealous about this development, guys every person in their life want to move up, This is the start and one day he might represent our Country as FIFA PRESIDENT.

  25. a good player will be noticed on merit during ones career? what connections! Do expect Kalu to call PSV or Club Ameirca to buy a chipolopolo player he likes? Bane it does not work like that . Mbesuma’s expliots in SA got him to europe.

  26. Right now we need to focus on the upcoming games. We should stop discussing people. By the way is a corrupt organisation to say the least. Adidas, Puma, Coca Cole and many others have bought them. Being appointed match commissioner, simply means FIFA have an obeserver during the match, it does not mean anything. Blatter is just paying back for the support he got during his run to FIFA President, those that did not support him are no where to be heard of, that is just the way it is, things will never change. Congrats to Namulambe for warning FAZ over player selection, he knows what he talked about and he knows who want to interfere, so the earlier said the better.By the way Goerge Weah won ..

  27. the African, European and World footballer of the year award the same year, Abedi Pele of Ghana was crowned African footballer of the year three(3)times, played for OM in France, won the European cup before moving to Italy. Until we have players playing in Italy, Spain, England and top clubs in Germany, Portugal, Greece etc we are nothing. I am talking of clubs like AC Milan, Inter Milan, Roma, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletical Madrid, Man Utd, Chelsea, Asernal, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Werder Bremen, Bayer Leverkusen, FC Porto, Benfica, Sporting Lisabon, Olympiakos, Panathinaikos plus Ajax Armstadam, PSV, Anderlect, Lyon, Lille, Celtic and Glasgow up Rangers noti Paderborn, kicker….

  28. katwishi, Brøndby, Rennes, Braga, China katwishi, Malasyia katwishi, Strasbourg, Helsingborg, Freestate stars, Golden Arrows, Bay katwishi, naku ma Tunisia, takwaba fye bane

  29. About Mbesuma bane the saying says “YOU CAN NOT TEACH AN OLD DOG NEW TRICKS” NANGU ATI “UWA KALEMA TAKALEKA”. All these calls about helping Mbesuma are completely rubbish, just how many people are suffering kuno kumwesu, has anyone of u dogs evr helped them? They are still suffering ba kolwe. Mbesuma should help himself, if he needs help that should come fom abo anya nabo. Kwena fwe be na SAMBIA tuli ma fontini, no wonder anyway the jungle is better

  30. Did Blatter start as match commissioner. By the way what has just happened in Liberia after the FIFA inspecting team that included uwa ku zed had inspected the stadium, result 9 deaths so far, elyo bafiakala ati pono pono, mulenda ko ba shi mabolo

  31. Breaking news!! Mbesuma might be heading back to Kaiser Chiefs according to e news this morning.

  32. Our players have to strive to make it big.Guys like Essein,Drogba,etc started in the French second Division before they made it big.You’ve got to sart somewhere.Though Angola went to the World Cup without players in big clubs they just made it as a unit.Egypt apart from Zidan won the nations Cup with local players.Though with players playing top class football you become a stronger National team.

  33. bane,
    There’s nothing strange about Kalu being appointed match commissioner, after all its part of assigments of a football association president. Remember Evaristo kasunga/Ted mulonga carried out similar assignments but it wasn’t big news.

    Fat boy, go back to chiefs maybe you ll lose weight & regain yo form.

  34. you chaps here dont know the real Kalusha. the ***** is eggocentric, self opinionated and just full of himself. Kalusha is getting all these favours because he tells FIFA he is the only one capable of doing certain things. he is not a leader because he can not delegate. these invitations come through the President and its the duty of the president to delegate to others. why is it that its only him being given responsibilities. the Presidnet of the Country delegates some of the functions but why cant your Galu do the same. to me there is simply no benefit and this whole thing sucks. i would have loved someone to be appointed other than the same face again.the same man is on anti doping.

  35. anti Aids and so many committees. why. has been involved with Fifa for a longtime now and what benefits have we derived from this association. nothing so whats the fuss. to me this is a routine assignment worth nothing but something for his pocket. the Minister indirectly refered to him when he said the coach should be responsible for team selection.kalu wanted to force Mbesuma down the throat of Renard but the frechman refused and reported this to the delegation leader. Kalu is busy pushing his own agenda and all you do is whizz and say majelasi. stop attacking those Like Mwiinga who have other views as you should have respect for debate which should have opposing sides. i rest my case.

  36. i think num 55 u’re the one having personal issues wit kalu,why dont u leave him alone,why are u so emotional about his achievements.workhard to attain urs.

  37. #55 Do you think the whole of FIFA can be influenced by Kalu.Mudala FIFA is too big and powerful an organisation to listen to one man.The have structures there they don’t just appoint someone from nowhere to do FIFA work.Even in South Africa the use people like Danny Jordan to be Match Commissioners they don’t just appoint one because he is part of FAZ or SAFA.Whiles i agree with you it’s good to welcome other views but to suggest Kalu tells FIFA that he can do all the jobs is not true.Unless the guys at FIFA can’t think or see thru Kalu’s lies kaya?

  38. Zambia needs Kalu to prosper in Soccer, support him even though he is selfish. He mght learn when he read what we write on this blog.

  39. People there is nothing sinister about Kalu being appointed match commissioner.

    The debate on this blog simply shows the amount of imapct Kalu has on the Zambian population.

    He has impacted big time on Zambians and anything about him will not pass without a comment (positive or negative).

    It also exposes the lack of heroes in the Zambia (Kalu is the only true living hero in Zambia). Appointing Kalu has match commissioner is normal considering his current status (Faz President,FIFA and CAF Technical Committee member). Evaristo Kasunga, Teddy Mulonga, Jabe Zulu have been there so it is not a surprise or is it because its Kalu this time around.

    Good luck Kalu

  40. People there is nothing sinister about Kalu being appointed match commissioner.

    The debate on this blog simply shows the amount of imapct Kalu has on the Zambian population.

    He has impacted big time on Zambians and anything about him will not pass without a comment (positive or negative).

    It also exposes the lack of heroes in the Zambia (Kalu is the only true living hero in Zambia). Appointing Kalu as match commissioner is normal considering his current status (Faz President,FIFA and CAF Technical Committee member). Evaristo Kasunga, Teddy Mulonga, Jabes Zulu have been there so it is not a surprise or is it because its Kalu this time around.

    Good luck Kalu

  41. Anonymous please dont insult. lets debate. i know i have touched on your nerve but we can still disagree without using insults. peace be upon you.

  42. I am a footbal tycoon in zambia.highly recognised,feared,worshipped,respected,and soon the most successful faz president as i bring the world cup for the first time in an african soil.continue supporting me.i am the man

  43. People why is it Zambians are so negative about themselves? Leave Kalu alone, if he mess up thats his problem. We know people are not the same, look at like Charles Musonda, Lucky Msisika, Johnstone Bwalya, Stone Nyirenda, these guys after their soccer careers was over, they chose to stay in europe and they have become citizens of those countries, their kids play active soccer for those countries. Kalu came back home to rebuild Zambian Soccer. We all have different reasons to do things. Not anyone can do what Kalu has contributed to Zambia anD Africa in general. Guys support him and ZAMBIA WILL BENEFIT FROM HIS COURAGE AND HARD WORKING. LET’S SUPPORT OUR PEOPLE.

  44. The great kalu has done it again.I want that cup with Italy in zambia,Then my soul wil rest.As you do your administration remember the Gabon air disaster including my line up:efford chabala,derby makinka,ukah chitalu etc, you know them

  45. Labbish ka mbesuma u have failed to put zambia on the world map wen u were given a opportunity to play in one Of the best league (engish league) all u concentrated on was eating BERGER & shakez.

  46. Kalu needs our respect, we all grew up watching the GREAT KALU, HE IS THE MICHAEL JORDAN OF ZAMBIA. YHE GREAT PELE, GEORGE BEST, PLATINI OF ZED GUYS

  47. BIG NIMWEBO. i believe in suscess yu guys who are critisizing ba kalu wht have you done for this nation [zambia] yu are just showing your cowdness. other countries should not be teaching us how to respect kalusha lets not be 2 quick 2 forget but quick to apreciate others when they are doing fine.kalu has alot of invesment in zambia nichifye umu GUYS tayumfwa he takes things at low profile i know him better than some of you.LET’S SOPPORT OUR PEOPLE.


  49. Kalu is not the first Zambian Match Commissioner.Despite Teddy Mulonga leaving Football House last March, Mulonga has continued to play a role in the continents football, he remains a match commissioner with both FIFA and CAF-he also still serves on various committees of the continental soccer motherbody.

  50. NATIONAL Olympic Committee of Zambia (NOCZ) vice-president Teddy Mulonga has been appointed to commission two 2010 Africa/World Cup qualifiers next month.

    According to the CAF website, Mulonga is scheduled to officiate Saturday’s Group 12 match between Malawi and Djibouti in Blantyre tomorrow.

    Mulonga was also expected to be in Windhoek in a fortnight’s time for a Group Two fixture between Namibia and Guinea but withdrew.

    When contacted on Wednesday afternoon, Mulonga said he asked to be excused for the Namibia assignment because of a busy schedule ahead.

    Mulonga, who left for Malawi on Wednesday, said it was always a challenge to represent the country at any level.

    “I’m humbl

  51. Its normal nothing special Mulonga does it as well he did it last weekend for the Malawi vs Djibouti game and declined the other one. So I do not understand what the fuss is.

  52. thanks 80. it shows that these are just normal assignments but there are chaps who develop an orgasm when Kalu is mentioned as they think its something extraordinary. others like Mulonga even refuse such appointments.

  53. shidada windhoek, keep quite,let zimandola speak.
    kalusha betrayed us : He failled to score a penalty against Angola,failed to win us the africa cup when he was coach.
    The man is a failure!

  54. I`ve always admired Kalusha`s discipline which has brought him such deserved success.The only problem I have with him is that he`s so self centered and I`ve got reason for such claims.Firstly when Zambia played against Bafana at independece during the WC 98 qualifiers,Kalu frastrated Charles Musonda and made sure he wasn`t included in the team.Secondly,he couldn`t work under Mulonga at FAZ as a result formed a Kalu led faction.Instead of naturing upcoming talent like Mbesuma he was busy getting money from such kids so that he could give them favours.Kalu is personal friends with people like Wenger but can`t organise a single trial for any Zambian.

  55. Ya! As usual degenerated into an emotional debate, adios! How can you compare Mulonga who was once DG at ZNTB (Tender Board) and say he was not a hero that is why we are not commenting on him. Strange country we leave, just like football is played by 11 men at one time all of us could not be footballers and I guess thats why the emotions and the weak basis of asking what others have done for Zambia. Guys word of advise and I know some of you will bash me for this, but debate your opinions with all the full faculties engaged, sometimes people engage the faculty of anger and they bash everybody which shows how immature we are as a nation to express opinions and counter opinions in a civil way.

  56. anonymous just shut up. you are the one who has swayed the tide of this debate by introducing insults. if you are yearning for an exchange of insults too bad. today is just a day for intelligent exchange of ideas. but dont push your luck too far as others may bash you.

  57. Chapi #85 you are full of lies. Musonda couldn’t play because he was injured.He has never returned to soccer after that injury. Musonda and Kalu are still friends! You say you admire Kalu then you go on to list an encyclopedia of imagined flaws in him. When did Kalu get money from Mbesuma? He is much richer than the young boy and doesnt live on favours. As for match commissioner this is an everyday chore that FIFA gives to national association members so I wonder why some people feel it is the greatest honour to befall Kalusha.

  58. #84 Basimandola mwansebanyasa sana for that poor comment about kalu, ASK a person who invated a bulb we were told that he failed for many times and later on he susceeded. And to day we count on him as a great Archiever missin a pernalt will not make some one to be a failure recently CRESTIANO Ronaldo missed a panalt against chalsea in the champions legue but the guy is still been hunted by BIG teams like REAL MADRID. SIR in life we susceed through mistakes,othr wise yu will end up calling your freinds to be failures yet its you who is a failure. what about the GREAT GOALS kalu has scored? you HAVENT written abt them? Apreciate your freinds and they apreciat yu SIR

  59. now I can see tribalism creeping into this blog. Shame. lunancy is another. why insult? we are supposed to agree to disaagree. again ni ba Zed…..

  60. there is no tribalism my friend. we are debating. if you have no points to put across just read on. no need to start imagning things. whats tribal about laying it bare about Kalu. who doesnt know where Kalu hails from. you perhaps want to start another dimension to this topic you dirt tribl chaps. we all love Kalu but we want to help pipo understand his other side. that way pipo will have an informed view about a person who we all admire for his exploits on the pitch. no tribalism invloved unless in the minds of one chief tribalist going by the name of Anonymous.


  62. Read comment 26 please #93, though that was specifically targetted at me, I think that is where 91 and 92 could be getting the impression, again I am speculating, nothing factual about my comment.


  64. ba Mwiinga no need to be apologetic. its better you tell someone the language he will understand


  66. Mwiinga you are a sensible bloke. when you make statements that are well intended but are seen to be segregative by others its good to own up! Thats the spirit of discussion and debate mwana.
    KALUSHA may be a hero but he must be criticized when he goes genuinely wrong. No 2 ways about it. Big up!

  67. Zimandola, did kalu ditch you sister? Kalu is what to Zambia, what Barack Obama will be to the US.
    Viva Kalu.

  68. #89 Soccer fan #?
    Do not live in denial about well known facts.Ask insiders about the actual reason Charles didn`t play against Bafana unlike displaying your ignorance.Who do you think exerted undue influence for fat boy,unfit and clubless Mbesuma to be recalled for the Togo game?Ask Harry Milanzi what role Kalu played in his transfer to Mexico and who was the main beneficiary?Ask how much Kalu benefited from Mbesuma`s transfer to pompey?

  69. Look Mr Chapi your ignorance is even worse now that you cite these cases. Do you know what role a FIFA football agent has in a transfer? Kalusha, Johnson and Charles themselves were taken to Europe by an agent who had businesses in Zambia. I wont mention him cos you wont remember him as I can see you are a kid. He was entitled to a cut in transfers. That is an accepted business practice in the football industry because a footballer cant do two things..focus on his playing skills at the same time as he looks for openings. Its not a rip-off

  70. Kalu is just a human being, you can look at him and what he is doing and say anything you want. Truth is he is a former player, who is now in administration and running of the game. He is ambitious and he also seems dedicated, those are the reasons why fifa might look to promote him at some point.

    It’s good that a former player is looking to further the sport after he’s played, more players should look to do same and look how successful he will be. We’ll see his involvement in the WC…

    From what people are saying at least he won’t get short changed, he won’t be cheap, he’ll get his money from fifa. How can we say everything bad that happens is because of him.

  71. If he helps players personally it’s bad, if he doesn’t help them, it’s bad. which one is it.

    He is just human and he can make mistakes just like everyone. For now i think what he is doing is good. He has allot of responsibility and power and he should look treat everyone as fair as he can… Eyes on the ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. #102 please be factual. Mbesuma has an egent whose name is Mike Makaab. Mike found Portsmouth for him when Bolton wanted him but insisted on a medical. It’s a fifa requirement that an agent be paid 5% of the transfer fees and this is practised worldwide. A professional player, and now even most coaches in Europe, can not be bought or sold without going thru his agent. If Kalu was Milanzi’s registered agent then he was entitled to his agent fees. Please stop expessing your ignorance unnecessarily. Kalu’s assumed selfishnes maybe at times won us games as he took on defenders single handedly and scored great goals. If SAFA respects him so much to make him their 2010 ambassador why shouldn’t we?

  73. #108 south Africa has brought shame to the black race,humanity and Africa as a whole.South Africa and SAFA let them just relax.Its even disgusting to talk about them.#108 in other words you are telling us that we must practise xenophobia

  74. Soccer fan #? and Disgusted Spectator
    Don`t tell me that you call yourselves a soccer fans yet you`ve got no clue about the politics behind the sport you support.Open your eyes and look beyond the face value of this wonderful sport.Don`t take everything you read in papers as the only truth.Why do you think big Sam when he was at Bolton was being investigated if agents are the only ones involved in player transfers.
    There was nothing wrong in Kalu being involved in Mbesuma`s transfer but he should have also natured and advised him rightly.

  75. At least Zambia has WON today. Question: Won what? Answer: A match Commissioner … lol ….lol… lol…..lol … lol …… lol….

  76. Mwaiche Soccer fan #?
    I was there at Dag during Kalu`s debut international game against Sudan which ended in nil-nil.The only time computer master dribbler Alex Chola missed a penalty.So I`ve seen Kalu`s progress and I only hope he can expose young ones the way Samuel zoom Ndhlovu did without any bad motives.
    Do not worship Kalu coz he`s just as human as you`re but simply praise and appreciate his achievements.Do not hesitate to point out his weakness so that he can be a better admistrator.

  77. Please #109,#110 the xenophobia in SA is condemed but has nothing to do with Kalu. The wc 2010 was won years ago with Kalu as one of their ambassadors.
    Yes there is politics in soccer but if an individual player is indisciplined why should that be blamed on the agent? Portsmouth put Collins on a diet which he failed to keep to himself. How does Kalu come in? Collins should know his own limits as a player. Kalu has preached dedication and discipline by players since he was a player but how many of our talent has fallen by the way side due to indiscipline? Is it all Kalu’s fault?I’m not Kalu’s hero worshiper but lets be fair to the man. He has done his bit for zed, most of us have not.

  78. I call time on this discussion May God guide Kalu in his endeavors particularly hs weak areas we all accept Kalu is a LIVING LEGEND no one will ever take away hs âchievements as a footballer bt other areas he may ve hs failings bút GOD HELP HIM

  79. spread the wealth BRING YOUR FELLOW MEN IN! Kalu a man of your stature should be able to organise trials for young zed players in europe or maybe it’s ‘ALL FOR ONE’ WITH YOU.The great Zambian team was a long time ago, you can’t tell me that in this great nation of ours we haven’t got players better than Kalu.Give every kid a chance to show us and not just the ones that have access or are rich after all the best players in the world all came from the streets.

  80. Ba Zimandola, What achievements have you accomplished in sports or atheletics?? At what level have you competed oe coached??You can not blame K, He’s has been oustanding on so many occassions.

    Weren’t you all sitting at the tips of your rotten seats when he was taking free kicks!. You were the first one’s to buy the times or daily to read about his arrival date or to get news about his flight itenary when you were all impatient. You have a short memory. And here you are today negative towards a great sports man in Zambian history. You have that Zambian Mentality we need to eliminate

  81. #118 is not the real zimandola.i stil mantain the fact that you people who hero worship kalusha.you will regrate when the man disappears into the thin air in south africa.he is more proud there than here .he is indeed a failure wait and see you agree with me

  82. Zimandola you are NUTS. You need to check in at Chainama. You don’t know what you are trying to say. You are making 360 degree turns on all your comments. What do you really wnat to say??

  83. Kalusha is right to make money off players. The problem is he cannot be coach or an association boss and do his agent stuff as his interests will be compromised.The Mbesuma recall stinks as this chap is clubless. Who made the call? The french coach is new and does not know Mbesuma as he confessed1!

    #87 It takes one to know one! in other words it takes a theif to catch a theif.

  84. I am not not an ardent soccer fan. But I would assert that that Kalu has served the country well and has achieved what many our zambian soccer players have failed to achieve.(His level of education though modest (form 5)and upbringing in a stable home and urban environment (mufulira Ku ma yadi)has shaped him and prepared for what people like Elijah Litana, wawa, Mbesuma are untrained for in their upbringing. That is not to say he hasnt got his weak points like all human being do including myself.I think sometimes he overates himself like when he upstaged Mulonga to stand on the COSAFA? Board at the Sychelles meeting. He went stood and bit the dust.

  85. Yes he is a great footballer but he his not a great sports administrator/entreprenuer. However, I wish him well in his new role as FAZ chief.Other than high level contacts in global soccer fraternity and knowledge of the game I do not see any major strategic plans,thrusts,resource mobilisation and target setting/control/evaluation from him and his team necessary to elevate Zambian football to new hieghts.Contacts alone are not enough.Having SAID THAT I WISH HIM AND HIS TEAM ALL THE BEST. WORK HARD AND GOOD LUCK!! A man can only do so much!

  86. There are only a few Zambian Sports men that have excelled. Kalu happens to be one of them. The problem in Zambia is that we have too many people that are Jealous and would rather see someone fall than rise. Zimandola and your negative crew, we know how you operate.

    You have no place in Society.HE’S THE GREAT KALU!! Its not “hero worshiping” as others say. I don’t even understand where they got that term from. He’s been a great athelete on the face of the earth.He was good at what he did. God given talent is always good by boys.

    I mean the guy was just good.Lets face it. Whether he never scored against Angola, thats OK. There are Win’s and losses, just like life.

  87. Its high time we had the soccer hall of fame. Kalu’s name would be among the top. For those that don’t know what the hall of fame is, google it.

  88. congrat great Kalu.you are not only a soccer star but an inspiration to many. move on and represent Zambia on higher portfolios.we need people of influence like you.God bless your efforts.

  89. Hippos of great Kalu, dont grow big for ur pants. What have u done urselves in society? Kalu is an inpiration to many. May the good lord bless him thru and bring glory to mother Zambia.

  90. Im a Zambian living in mexico and l think the mexicans are proud of kalusha than we are .l am proud when l go to CLUB AMERICA games and still hear people talk about how great kalusha is and how he was the best player ever .KALU ERES EL MEJOR JUGADOR Y FELICIDADES.Zambians take pride in yourselves and give credit where it’s due..
    Te Quiero Kalu

  91. Amazing, Lesotho will lose due to corrupt match commissioner, Kalu stinking corrupt. Too much love for money. Kabili hes uneducated, so no source of income!

  92. Thank you, I’ve recently been looking for information approximately this topic for a long time and yours is the best I’ve discovered till now. But, what about the bottom line? Are you certain about the source?|What i don’t understood is in truth how you’re no longer actually a lot more smartly-liked than you might be now. You’re very intelligent.

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