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Police IG warns against political violence in Milanzi

Headlines Police IG warns against political violence in Milanzi

Inspector General of Police Ephraim Mateyo has urged political parties participating in the forthcoming Milanzi by-election to conduct their campaigns peacefully and avoid violence.

Mr. Mateyo, in a statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka today, said political parties participating in the by-election must keep in mind that violence will not be allowed as a way of enticing or forcing voters to vote for preferred candidates.

He disclosed that the commanding officer for paramilitary battalion senior assistant commissioner of police Peacewell Mweemba and his officers have already been dispatched to Milanzi for the purpose of reinforcing the already existing manpower in Milanzi constituency.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mateyo has directed the police on the Copperbelt to tighten security at Chililabombwe stadium in view of the impending international soccer match between Zambia and Swaziland on Saturday this weekend.

Mr. Mateyo said football cuts across national boundaries and any form of violence or conduct that instills fear will not be accepted because the results will be determined on the pitch.

He added that he has directed that offices assigned to police the stadium both in and outside are only given long and short buttons and should ensure that unnecessary congestion inside the stadium does not arise.

“I have no doubt that enough police human resource will be available in order to address areas of conflict, should need arise,” he said.



  2. What have you done over that allegation of issuing mealie meal.Anyway i know you can’t do anything bcoz if you bite the finger that feeds you,you risk being fired.Mateyo you are one of the best police inspector generals so far but please work on the condition of service for yo officers.Don’t just detail them all day long with hunger.One day you are going to face it.

  3. Mr IG you know the political parties that are violent, they are MMD, UNIP + UPND! so just warn them direct!

  4. I thought PF was more violent or was the Chawama incident when their leader mobilised youths with Panga’s to deal with Samukonga just a one off incident? Anyhow that is besides the point, guys some of you who are in other countries lets take the US, do they mobilise the police to make sure there is no elections violence? Or is this just unique to Africa. And some information reaching me says “Mbeki has told his friend, Mugabe to postpone the election due to non existence of a conducive environment.”

  5. #5 I have in mind the recently past Kanyama by elections where MMD and UPND fought like cat and mince. And mind you this Africa, and zed for that matter and US where democracy is on its mature age.

  6. It looks Like Africs is taking a huge step backwards in terms of democracy. I fear for my children!Ephraim thanx for the foresite but lest hope it will be practical

  7. #6 Okey, I remember that incident, anyhow I think all political parties have a lace of violence, what we should be asking is, why the violence?

  8. We recommend the IG. Do you remember those days when there a lot of grade 7 drop outs officers who, when you go to the station or meet them and you spoke to them in English they would detained, beat or tortue you that you were insulting the government? This time, ranks are on merit not on tribalism or nepotism. Sometimes it used to be embarrassing to see an officer failing to speak good comand of English on the roads. I think even those political parties should try to educate their cadres what democracy really mean. The kaponya cadres fight and assault each other while the candidates sit on their seats fresh and enjoy the fat salaries. What a shame open your eyes ba ZED!!!

  9. Hope they ll do a good job and prevent those hopeless cadres from hacking each other. Have the cops allowances such as night,risk, uniform etc been reviewed for the past two yrs or so?. The figures we got some two ago were very pathetic. They really need to look at the cops condtions critically for them to be motivated and perform better.

  10. We need more police officers with good intelligence system, transport, huge clean remand prisons with within 24hrs decision by the judge for offenders. Then you will see discipline prevailing. Your opinion appreciated too.

  11. I predict a landslide for MMD in these elections there is no other party that will come within a whisker of defeating the ruling party asante bulonga ba ephraim whip those useless fools bringing violence to the elections especially PF cadres beat them up.

  12. IG Mateyo is man of discipline and know the job is wearing the uniform…this man has brough discipline to the force. He is fair and does not buy into partisan politics..THANK YOU IG MATEYO!! We need people like him in the service

  13. mwamona i have not said anything to anyone on this blog but already i’m being insulted and then when i start to dish out insults kubana ba mpofu like number 13 then people start saying ‘ah no moderate u should have manners abc… my friend nakana nshilefwaya let me blog like everyone else

  14. Conditons of service for police officers and other coined wings of Government as Civil leaves much to be desired. New conditions of service on House allowances have shown how the government can take other forces for granted in the name of democracy. There is no way a Polce or Prison officer in the respected Rank of Commissioner eqivalences of Brigardiers could be give an allonce of 500000 kwacha and yet couterparts in Army , OP and other perceived feared organisation are given between 5millin and 10 million kwacha. Democracy does not discriminate and humiliate other workers. The cartegorization of these departmets as civil is just for decratic management of such institutions and does not cal

  15. call for any discmination. There are lessons to learn from Kenya Prisons and Aphganstan when people are taken for granted.The IG needs to improve the condition of his officers immediately if his good work will translate into fruitiful management of his institution in a Democratic Society. Dont take peole for granted and hide in the name of Civillian to dicrimate other depatments which may even be more dengerous if provoked than those you are nursing. Goodluck.

  16. numbers 16-17 although these are useful comments please refrain from using my title there is only one MODERATE and that is me find ur own moniker

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