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Government proactive on climate change

Economy Government proactive on climate change

The Zambian government has commissioned the economic climate change impact study that will ascertain the economic costs of climate change on the country.

The findings of this study are expected to help government in planning ahead to reduce the impact of climate change on the nation’s economy in a bid to ensure that economic development is not compromised.

The main objective of this study is to quantify the socio-economic impacts of climate change in Zambia so as to enable the country prioritize and devise strategies for sustainable socio-economic development.

Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources Todd Chilembo says Zambia has not been spared from the adverse effects of climate change as evidenced by the floods that caused widespread damage to crops and infrastructure while leaving hundreds of people displaced.

Mr. Chilembo was speaking in Lusaka today at the official inception of the economic impact of climate change study which has attracted experts and resources persons from the Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources, UNZA School of Natural Sciences, UNDP and other key cooperating stakeholders.

Mr. Chilembo said it is imperative that Zambia prepares through the setting up of National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) that provides a road map on how the country can reduce the impacts of climate change on vulnerable sectors and recommends interventions measures that need to be undertaken by relevant implementers.

He pointed out that to show commitment, Zambia is both a member of the Convention of Climate Change as well as the Kyoto Protocol which allows industrialized countries with Green House Gas (GHG) to invest in emission reducing projects in Developing Countries including Zambia.

The Deputy Minister commended the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for financing the Study and its continued support rendered to Zambia in areas of environment, health and governance.

Today’s study seeks to make recommendation to the Zambian government on how Zambia can make economic investment to lessen the impact of climate change and identify significant potential to attract ‘green’ investments in the country.


  1. GRZ weren’t you told that the climate changes every 35 years in social studies, what is new?, we are just lucky/unfortunate that it is happening during our time and we also witnessed a solar eclipse. There are other things you can spend money on if you have nothing to spend it on, pay the pensioners.

  2. Zambias energy/capita is one of the highest in africa. Its not too far from Nigeria who have a 10 times our population.
    This means we spend to much energy per person in Zambia.
    Apart from the harmfull effects of polution this high energy consumption contributes to, The high energy costs are thus passed to other parts of the economy, making Zambia a very expensive place.
    GRZ you need to look into this high energy/capita figure by seriously looking at renewable and sustainable energy.

  3. GRZ has no much monies to sort this out.All has been wasted to these politicians.Climate changes or global warming has been preached so many times to these summits our guys normally attend, but no one has ever taken this seriously.stop sleeping during these summits, you are missing alot.We see you on TVs dosing after a heavy meal.Change this system guys.

  4. As a concerned youth I feel the subject global climate change need to be brought out to individual focus as to preserve zambia and its natural vegetation through defining and training pupils in school and rural communities about effects of a changing global climate by supporting the advocacy programmes.Kenny Gondwe climate change youth advocacy foundation mpika.

  5. Lair! What is the GRZ doing about the crazy deforestation going on across Zambia due to the immoral high electricity tariffs?

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