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Levy to Address Press Conference


President Levy Mwanawasa is tomorrow expected to hold a press conference at State house.

Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Mr. John Musukuma confirmed this to ZANIS in Lusaka today.

Mr. Musukuma said the press conference will start at 14 hours .

He said members of both the local and international media are expected to be seated at State House by 13 30 hours.

Mr Musukuma however could not state the issues the president is likely to talk about during the press conference.


  1. Kindly address the Zim issue in a pragmatic manner now.Please stop sparing with ZANU-PF.
    A stitch in time saves 9..

  2. Am having butterflies in my tummy. Something is not good here. Firstly we diplomats are summoned to zambia and then this. Guys its getting ugly

  3. Number 2 and 4 you are both spot on.
    Some of these diplomats who came for the diplomats’ meeting are not going back. ba mambala amachito

  4. We need strong,committed leadership here.Most public officers are discrediting the president so they have to go.Leaders must be examples of our youngsters.I am very much impressed with Sata’s reconcilliation.We have matured in politics in Z.Sata must know we still need him as an oppsition leader who should restore checks and balances on the gvt.hat is what democracy is.Bring out the issues,lets hear them rather than personal attacks

  5. LT. What English is this? How can Levy address press conference. Next time say, Levy to address the Press, or Levy to host a Press Conference.

  6. ah bena ba mwisho twalibasula.. i know people will get fired ali-bebele aikona ama sangalatoni poelple will get fired thos geneticaly modified diots!!!!!!!

  7. Zambian High Commissioner to Great Britain Mr Chibwa has been recalled and will be leaving London for Lusaka in December, 2008.

  8. Most of these diplomats are just silly party cadres Levy appointed to their posts simply for campaigning for his re-election. The one issue he has to address at length is the Zimbabwe one, this is the time he should just clearly come out in the open and call Mugabe for what he is, a rapid dog that should be put away.

  9. Levy today will speak about Zimbabwe without boarders.
    I am sure Mbeki has told him that enough is enough!

  10. Levy is tough on Robert , we are closing our borders for security concerns and cutting ties with Zim! unless Robert allows for free and fair elections….viva levy

  11. i think Levy has done well in both of his terms.I know he has had tough times but that is normal in this Job.Please lets support him in the good things he is doing and only criticise him for others he is not doing right or on his gvt who i think most have let him down eg Lands ministry,education etc etc.That way we will be building our nation instead of destroying it.Thats why i applaude Sata’s u turn.Sata has presented a plan to the GVT to inprove hospital infrustructure,this can only benefit us all not personal attacks.Somethings are beyond party politics.

  12. Levy should forthrightly cut ties with Mugabe.Shaka will definately be removed and sent into diplomatic mission for embarrasing Levy. Mulongoti for giving false statement as regards compensation to accident victims.Temtamshimba will be given a full ministerial appointment.Dora Siliya will be moved from Tansport and posted into another ministry.Chulumanda will be recalled back to zambia and appointed as a provincial minister.Mr Leslie Mbula will be retired in the national interest.

  13. LPM cannot afford to risk an attack from Zim. He can only do so with the support of the camped Selous Scouts in Mkushi area!

  14. No 21 Ndajoka in 5 years time.How have you been?Some unfinished business here.
    Some political appointments should be challenged by the public if they know that some appointees are not suitable.EG Tony Blair tried to salvage the political career of David Blanket on two occasions but people brought out issues which made Blanket’s position a non starter.Our courts should also not let us down.Sometimes we dont need to blame Levy but we need to blame officers who are discreditibng him and the nation at large.Courts can certainly do better.Why do cases take so many years to dispose off?

  15. I dont see how and why Zimbabwe can want to fight Zambia.If it did i would join the army with immediate effect and simply wipe them off.They have failed to rule themselves.They are a problem in South africa and we can not allow them to bring those problems to Zambia.we looked after them for years hence they should learn to appreciate.
    We have our own problems but we are solving them in a civilised manner, why cant they learn from us?As much as some didnt like LPM as president but he won the elections hence we shut up and put up.Mugabe lost hence he should do like wise.Killing people in cold blood is no solution at all

  16. Pliz keep updating on this one. i just depand on you people on this net for updates. Thanxs for last game updates you are great we want to know how is going and remaining.

  17. Kindly update us with the outcome of the press conference for those of our friends who are close to Zed. A press conference if for the press/media but pa Zed its full of ministers and govt officials.

  18. #24- after 5years…chimutengo chetelela (simply means are you failing your exams) to peek yourself in Queens land?Lol..mbuya!!!!

  19. Unfortunately so my bro. Morgan is out of the rerun race. I see worse things happening in Zim. God help us.

  20. Zimbabwe is now deep in the bowels of the abyss, and I hope Thabo Mbeki is very happy because this is all his own making. And mark my word, today marks the end of any diplomatic solution to the Zim crisis, by this time next month, there will be exchange og gunfire in the streets of Harare and Bulawayo. These people have been pushed against the wall for way too long, they will fight now.

  21. Talking about Zim, Morgan has just pulled out of the election runoff. I hope our African leaders will do something about the madness going on in Zim..

  22. Watchout for the summary after the press conference, it is on Zimbabwe anyway. Summary will follow and it started late becoz of the MDC issue. He is talking tough though so far.

  23. We all remember to well how Rwanda started. This is another one in the making. We have stood arms akimbo helpless as our brothers are being slaughtered mercilesly by a depostic regime of RGM. Where are the Julius Nyereres of our time, the KKs who would not stand by and watch all this gone by un abated. We need men of valour to come and rescue the situation. God help Zimbabwe

  24. This failure to bring peace and democracy to Zim is directly pointing at Mbeki. As a mediator, Thabo has not been assertive enough to call Bob to order. As usual Mbeki continue to be sturborn about his ‘very quite diplomacy’. So quite that every time he meets Mugabe, Mbeki listens carefully as Bob outlines his grand plan for life presido. I had alot respect for Mbeki..all is flashed in a drain. Sad how our Presido – levy has been fooled by Mbeki and Bob. Frankly, now it is even more difficult to address Zim issue as Bob will be declared unopposed and sworn-in as life presido.

  25. I suspect ZANUPF somehow forced MDC to withdraw. Its annoying that Mugabe has been allowed to violate people’s rights with such impunity.

  26. No thing new the PC has come to an end with LPM suggesting to the ZEC that they should postpone the election. He also has expressed dissappointment at the fact that he could not speak to Mbeki and they promised to call him back which they have not. Dos Santos in today’s post is talking tough except with Dos Santos I do not trust. LPM claims he has consulted with atleast 5 leaders in SADC

  27. #39 I agree Mbeki has just lost it big time. #40, there was bound to be a rally for MDC today after the courts yesterday threw out Government ban on opposition campaigns but guess what the rally was dispersed by the government police, now tell me isn’t Mbeki seeing this, I actually prefer Zuma at this stage, this is a basic divided we fall principle, LPM is not receiving support.

  28. The Press Conference has ended with all the questions asked, the highlight basically is that he asked ZEC to postpone the election, the ball again remains in RGBs court with his fellow disgruntled friend Mbeki. The situation in Zimbabwe is scaring now, MDC has pulled out too easily and I personally do not believe in not having plan B, and the only probable plan B for Morgan is the bush, watch this space. Somebody mentioned Rwanda and zim have the same ethinic structure, iy will be Ndebele’s vs Shona’s.

  29. #39 i reject ur assertion that levy has been fooled by mugabe and mbeki, infact i dont believe u are zambian , so dont say “our president” as though u are one of us, one mbeki is the one who is a fool because his legacy will be the ineffective appeaser akin to Neville Chamberlain and the only world leader to dispute the existence of aids, two mugabe has been killing his own people the same people who have allegedly been voting for him to stay in power so #39 if there is anyone who is foolish i say its mugabe, mbeki and zimbabweans themselves because they are responsible for their own demise.

  30. #46 agreed, the fool in this case in Thabo Mbeki, our LPM is just doing his duty as SADC chair, should the Zimbabwe issue escalate into something else, like second level of diplomacy (iraq style) our LPM will not have been held accountable for not having made an effor. So it is true the fools here are Mugabe and his friend Mbeki.

  31. Thabo and Mugabe are crazy and runnig out of ideas.Go back to the village you two as KK could surely tell you.

  32. We need to pray for a solution in Zimbabwe, lives are being lost and with the situation now we are also at risk due to proximity. Mugabe needs to be eliminated like Saddam. It is uphauling the cowardice of Zimbos, they surely need to overtake their system now coz it is disfunctional and remove the tyrany with stones.

  33. My advise to all Zimbos is that you guys go back and vote that Mugabe fool out….if you all keep on runing away from your situation there,who is going to vote him out?

  34. Some zambians on this site are just stupid.What else can they be if they can blame LPM for problems in Zimbabwe.LPM was the first head of state to seek dialogue to resolve Zimabwe’s problems and now you areblaming him WHY?We are notgoing back to a situation where we blame the president for everything even losing a football match.We need to think better than Zimbabweans.We have always been respective of our leaders andof other people,thts why we haveever had a civil war and we will never have one

  35. Levy today made every Zambian proud!!! Well done Mr. President – you have shown true character and balls…

  36. one boxer from South Africa was shown how it can be down in the ring in the seventh round,Mbeki you that? Tell Mugabe his tym is comming.We shall wait and see what comes up in 10 yrs from now…that head will be rotten to hell that even his supporters will be running aawy from him.

  37. Mbeke twakula miponona mu ring boi…..even football you guys are a big let down to host the world cup cos you can´t go no far in the African cup qualification games.

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