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LWSC calls for legal allocation of land

General News LWSC calls for legal allocation of land

The Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC)has appealed to the Ministry of Lands to ensure that plots are not allocated illegally.

LWSC Public Relations Manager Simon Mwale said this when the company demolished an illegal wall fence that an unnamed Asian national is building around a 10 acre portion of land said to belong to the water utility company.

The company has four established boreholes on the land which supply water to over 300, 000 residents in George and Chunga compounds.

The Asian national who represents NISCO industry is said to be planning to set up a factory on the land.

Mr. Mwale stated that the Asian man illegally obtained title deeds to the land and has since called on the Ministry of Lands and all investigative wings of Government to thoroughly investigate the matter.

He said it is illegal for any individual or company to put up structures within 500 meters from the water source as this may cause water contamination.

And LWSC Area Manager Lwenga Mwape said the excavation works that the Asian man is carrying out on the land are risky because they may puncture water lines which would in turn cause water contamination.

Mr. Mwape said one bore hole has since been closed because of water contamination allegedly caused by a brewery in the area.



  1. Atase, mwenye nankwe, let them deal with his whole line of corrupt incorridgeble buggers, maybe he obtained it the time Frightone Sichone was commissioner.

  2. The ministry of lands must really clean its closet. Recently a foreigner from a neighboring countries acquired a huge plot in lsk and during the filing of papers he wrote he is a Zambian citizen when he is not. Proper background should be done before land is allocated to these thugs. And now he is planning to sell it exorbitantly to a Zambia who failed to acquire land due to bereaucracy. Lets be sensibe.

  3. Levy was right when he sed the ministry of lands smells with corruption!!! it still doesnt seem to be any better even after the propsed clean up.

  4. This chap thinks this is india where the drink dirt water, i went to india recently these chaps are so dirt and i happen to leave with one in student hostels this guy is so dirt he always leave dirt pots on the sink, please our Govt if they want cleanlyness let all these indian shops be directed to have them painted in approved coloured codes as with the buses, then we may acheive some sanity in our building architecture

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