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SA company mining in Luapula

Economy SA company mining in Luapula

Alfa and Crux Mining Group of South Africa have supplied mining equipment worth over US$2 million to Kampelembe Manganese Mine of Mansa.

Alfa and Crux Mine Engineer and Quality Controller, Gerhard Weltsz, said the equipment would enable Kampelembe mine to raise its manganese production to over 1500 tones from one tone per day.

Alfa Mine had secured mining rights on a land area covering over 1.2 million acres in Luapula province.

The company has however sub-contracted twelve local small scale mining firms in Luapula to mine and the minerals on their behalf.

To improve the efficiency of mining amongst the local small scale sub-contracted miners, Alfa and Crux Mining Group started supplying them with the state of the art mining equipment.

During the hand over of mining equipment and commissioning of operations at Kampelembe Manganese Mine Luapula Province, Acting Permanent Secretary Clement Siame, said there was need to invest in the mining industry and exploit the untapped mineral resources in the area.

Mr. Siame said increasing investment in the mining sector in Luapula province would alleviate poverty amongst the people in the area.

Mr. Siame said government was in a hurry to open up Luapula province to more economic developments through the exploitation of its natural resources.

He said once fully exploited, the minerals would provide employment to many people, which would lead to sustainable development in the province.

“Luapula province has huge copper, manganese, cobalt, iron ore and many other mineral deposits that are unexploited. We are calling upon investors to invest in mining here to help alleviate poverty amongst the people,” Mr. Siame said.

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  1. What happened to Mansa batteries? By now Spark batteries would have been competing against Energizer and Duracell!

  2. This is good news for the people of luapula province, more investment is needed in this province in order to provide employment, and there is need to minirals exploration, luapula has vast land for agriculture,Investors should really look at invest in the province.

  3. Analyst it was sold,Chiluba and his people pocketed the money leaving the poor people of that province poorer, just like he did to the entire zed.

  4. #Kmart Be serious when you call us Northeners thieves we laugh at your stupidity.But when we call you tribalists you cry foul.Northerners are nice friendly people we love everyone.We are the ones who encouraged one Zambia one nation.You guys wanted to break away and form Barotseland which has got nothing.We formed cha cha cha and drove the British away you guys were not serious about Zambia’s independence.Nkumbula was busy drinking,smoking and screwing women instead of fighting for our freedom!!Northeners came on the scene,enter Kapwepwe and Kaunda and we now are independent.One Zambia one Nation!!

  5. Gee #6 Mulenga you have no morals and you’ve just exihibited your hate against another ethnic group. How can you tell that Kmart is from Barotseland when he or she hadnt indicated so. You may say that Lozi’s have nothing but as far as I know we have what we fondly call kwa Hae. That is the only important thing in our lives. Bless you with whatever riches you have. Mwanyanya hating people for the sake of hating them. You are pathetically below human decency!

  6. #8 It is you who no morals and decency, If northerners are thieves why is northern not developed? Secondly I have come across afew bloggers who behave like bush products in this modern age where they are suppose to promote unity and the culture of living side by side regardless of any discriminatory factors.Even Kmart is just lacking decency. I have worked with my brothers and sisters from western, southern and north western with no problems. Though hisory will remain history, few people will tell armed robberies that took place in CB in 1980s many armed men were from Zaire because at that time the police was full of westerners and southerners they labelled Bembas as thieves. Bemba is widely

  7. contd. used as a result make will be called bembas. Without Bembas coming up with Chachacha, today we would have been ruled by the colonial masters. I dont want to go on any tribe for their unwilling to join forces to get independence.

  8. Sad that some Zambia today are practicing tribalism and trying to blame others for this and that. Why can’t we learn from the west, who live side by side irrespective of ethnic origin. Tonga, Lozi or Bemba you are my brother. ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION. ZAMBIA WILL NEVER BE DIVIDED. WE ARE A CHRISTIAN NATION. LETS LOVE ONE ANOTHER IRRESPECTIVE OF TRIBE AND STOP POINTING THE FINGER. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  9. As far as am concerned Tongas,Lozis and Bembas are the biggest bigoted tribalists of Zambia,

    it’s amazing how each never misses a moment to pour some tribal verbatim on the other,

    before you label me with whatever tag you have,i belong to all 3 groups,

    so just calm and swallow the bitter pill of truth

  10. #13 (23. Rubbish says: Jul 23rd, 2008 at 9:24 pm
    I love insulting chiefs. Bring them to me and i will shower them with royal insults)REF: Nyakulenga oil in northwestern province.

  11. Kmart,my brother now you are talking sense,we should look at what foreigners are doing for our country.A few statistics,Lebanese living abroad remit back home more than $4billion annually,Chinese remit more than $100billion,Indian also in excess of $100billion,I can go on and on.We need to take charge of our resourses.Each and every province in Zambia has a lot of wealth which if we have responsible governments we can all prosper as citizens of this country.We can even be able to look after orphans,old people,the unemployed,disabled very well like they do here where I live.Imagine they do not even have natural resources.Shame on you UNIP and MMD for destroying Zambia.

  12. You are just being racist. Zambians do steal. Britons do steal. Americans do steal. Thieves are in every society. Even Indians do steal but that doesnt mean every Indian is a thief. Indians are industrious. Instead of being jealous about this we should just copy their positives and do what they do!

  13. #20 You are spot on my brother,this Kmart talks a lot of nonsense on this site.He hates every one who is not his kind.These people are clever,like I have pointed out earlier,we should emulate them!!

  14. ……I hear Tonga witches ride on a loaf of Bread when they are going to witch at night? TRUE OR FALSE?

  15. I thought manganese is used for manufacturing batteries. The mine should have been providing Mansa batteries with the necessary raw materials had it not been sold. The company should be revitalised. Viva super ken, viva LPM abash ka chiluba.

  16. #20 stick to your guns,you are like the indians in london when the whites call them “paki”,suddenly they call us blacks brother.



  18. Forget this tribal talk we are all zambians ,lets beat up those boers who mistreat us in zambia.

  19. “Mwikala patalala mwine apa talalika” Meaninf “For you to have peace you have to be at peace with yourself”. All triblalists here do not heve inner peace with themselves. Advice stop the nonsense and find that peace for yourselves first.

  20. Zambia’s independence was not won by one TRIBE. It was a collective struggle waged by all Northen Rhodesians including those from Nyasaland (KK) to attain our freedom as an entity, united by a common vision. Kapwepwe, Nkumbula, Lewanika, Kaunda were just front runners and could not win the struggle on their own without the help of the people. HITORY says volumes on this topic.

  21. Alot of skilled people have died because of the shat down of Mansa batteries.good heavens let some1 do something for that factory before it dilapidates even more.
    Revamping that mine is good news hope the factory is also considered.something would have long been done about that factory but the problem is that over the years govt has done nothing but use it as political mileage.It’s sad that they actually had unallocated funds in last years budget when there’ve projcts like that factory(*mansa batteries).alot of money lying arround yet pipo are dying in abject poverty.it’s very…. very sad!!!felow blogrs try brainstorming this issue as some1 might have a solution for that factory.we might

  22. not have any influence on national issues but we coud put ideas in some1’s head blog on…………………

  23. who says it is developement we are bein exploited have you stopped to think wat wil happen wen the minerals run out?who is benefitting mo we or the south african owners.Zambians lets wake up.not evrythin wit i=the face of development will do u good.Colonialism yaishile na ship,and we allowed it coz we thot they were superior.Dont make the same mistake 2wice

  24. #1, thats Zambia for you. Your question is the same as “what happened to Kapiri Glass Factory”. Tell us you guys in the know.

  25. I wonder how these students manage to perform in their exams, they r always here blogging, good to share info, but most of the times they r just playing around! They dont even know how many people open this site and what perception they may develop about Zed. Zed is the best country for all Africans, no traces of xenophobia, no words like kwerekwere, everyone who is hard working makes money and enjoys like pa Zed. No tribalism whatsoever, only imagined one by politicians. We marry across tribe, race and can even accept UFOs in matrimony. We r a peace loving country, we value human life, CAN NEVER SET A PERSON ABLAZE! we have hosted most countries from the region with love during their libera

  26. While,dats a good thing that we gat more investors who want to really put zed on top by pumping in their cash through mining.

    But the other thing dat shuld be born in our minds as zed pipo is dat we gat not to leave evry thing in the hands of the so called investors.ZED shuld be consered as 4 zeds,hence let zed pipo develop zed en enjoy our lovely en piecefully country.

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