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ZNAN pumps US$28m into HIV/AIDS fight

Health ZNAN pumps US$28m into HIV/AIDS fight

The Zambia National AIDS Network (ZNAN) has started implementing phase two of the Anti-Retro Treatment (ART) programme worth US$28 million under the auspices of the global fund.

And the Zambia National AIDS Network has flagged-off a nationwide distribution of bicycles worth K1.2 billion to ART implementing partners.

Speaking shortly after he handed-over the 3, 994 bicycles to ART implementing partners, ZNAN Grants Manager Banabas Chiboboka said the US$28 million global fund would play a pivotal role in the fight against HIV/AIDS pandemic in the country.

Mr. Chiboboka further said the US$28 million global fund will help in scaling up the fight against HIV/AIDS as it will target key areas that would include prevention, care and support services to the affected people.
He urged organisations dealing with HIV/AIDS programmes to apply for the funds saying there is need to scale-up the fight against HIV/AIDS through prevention, care and support.

He said there is need to fight the HIV/AIDS pandemic which he said has continued to rob the nation with the most skilled human resource.

He said the handing-over of bicycles to ART implementing partners has again marked an important milestone in the country’s national crusade of fighting the further spread of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Mr. Chiboboka noted that the donated bicycles to implementing partners will be used in community HIV/AIDS outreach activities.

The ART implementing partners that have benefited from the 3, 994 bicycles include the Development AID from People to People (DAPP), International AIDS Alliance, SAFAIDS, KARA Counseling, Africare, CHEP, ZATULET and FHT.

Giving a vote of thanks, DAPP Programmes Manager Amos Lwando commended ZNAN for its continued role in the fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the country.

Mr. Lwando said the donated bicycles to implementing partners will go a long way in enhancing mobility during HIV/AIDS sensitization activities as well as the provision of care and support to the HIV/AIDS infected and affected persons.

He further disclosed that his organisations has received about K7 billion from ZNAN from the time it started partnering with ZNAN.

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  1. That is what we need, access to medication and supportive services? It is sad that Kafupi and his stoogies plundered more than $28 million that could have utilized in this sector. Kafupi would have benefited from the program as we all know “why he goes to South Africa? Thank God for our civic minded donors that believe in philanthropy. NGO’s do what what our government simply talks about? I am glad the funds are not allocated through the Zambian government as we have “Bulaya” as proof of how our government operates. I hope is found guilty. Bless the Global fund.

  2. #1. I wonder if you will even access any coin from these funds. All of it will be chewed by politicians. Unless you are HIV positive then you can access a bit of ARVs.

  3. #2 is right on these funds. He is very, very right. Most of these organisations accessing these funds fron ZNAN have formed internal fake small or family groups and are busy sharing the funds.
    ZNAN should get the lists from these partners and distribute to the very areas than through some of these partners. Already the opening up of provincial offices by ZNAN has upset some partners.

    Accountability is what is lacking in this country…. Too much greedy guys all over the country.

  4. Zambian in Sydney at #1 – If you always think of the negative things that happen in Zambia then you are contributing to it. I have family that are living with HIV and have benefited tremendously from Government efforts in distributing ARVs.

    We as Zambians need to put ideas across that will enhance our country. If all we do is condemn and do nothing about it then we are cut from the same cloth. Many of you on this site are in developed countries and I am sure you will agree with me that it is not the geographical location of a country that renders it developed but the mind set of its citizens. THINK FORWARD MY FRIEND.

  5. Mikomfwa….we all have benefited from NGO efforts? NGO’s are the one that deserve the credit? Tell me what our social services ministry has done to supplement those affected by HIV? it is now that our government is partnering with NGOs. we owe our gratitude to president Bush , president clinton, bill and melinda gates, elton john and not the zambian government. Wake up my friend, your government would rather buy a chopper for LPM and allocate him billions for his state house slush fund than purchase HIV medications. My friend this is Zambia we are talking about and not Sidney. welcome to the real africa? THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX? SEEK THE TRUTH

  6. Too many corrupt family NGOs around. Others have even turned the funds from ZNAN into one man or one woman source of enrichments

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