ZNBC praised for live transmission of Beijing games


Soocer fans have praised Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC ) for its live transmission of the on going 2008 Beijing Olympics in China.

ZANIS Sports reports Zambia Volunteer Soccer fans Association (ZAVOSOFA )patron Peter Makembo saying his association really commends the corporation for the live transmission.

” As soccer fans, we are commending ZNBC for the live transmission for the Beijing games. This is as it should be, ” said Pastor Makembo.

He noted that the T.V license fees being paid by most Zambians were now manifesting as most television viewers in Zambia are able to watch the games live.

Makembo explained that most Zambians have no access to pay televisions stations to watch the games, but with the national broadcaster’s deliberate move, people are are to watch the games live.

He said the nation was witnessing a new era in ZNBC management.

“It is our plea that this continues for the corporation to provide Zambians television services, ” said the ZAVOSOFA patron.

The soccer fans have urged members of the general public to continue paying T.V licenses to enable the corporation to improve its services.

Meanwhile, Zambian boxing authorities have expressed disappointment at the poor performance of the country’s boxers at the Beijing Olympics.

“It is unfortunate that our boxers have been knocked out. As an association, we put in all we can to prepare the boxers,” Zambia Amateur Boxing Association (ZAMA) president Steve Simpemba told Xinhua in an interview in Beijing Tuesday.

He said the association would now go back to the drawing board to see what went wrong and start preparing for the All-Africa Games which Zambia will host in 2011.

“We are going to start identifying young boxers whom we intend to groom for the 2011 All Africa Games,” he said.

The official said Bwalya, who is also an African champion, lost the match because of being too over-confident while Makina lost because he had too little time to prepare. He was only called up two weeks before the start of the games to replace a Kenyan-based boxer who was injured.

Zambia sent three boxers at this year’s Olympics but all of them have been booted out in the preliminary rounds.

Zambia’s medal hopeful, Hastings Bwalya was eliminated in the light weighterweight category after losing 12-8 to Mongolia’s Munkh-Erdee Uranchimeg while welterweight Precious Makina was defeated 21-4 by Hanati Silamu of China.

The other boxer, flyweight Cassius Chiyanika was defeated Tuesday by Italy’s Vincenzo Picardi.

With the knocking out of the boxers and the country’s badminton representative Eli Mambwe, thehope now lies in swimmers Ellen Hight and Zane Jordan, both competing in the 50-meter freestyle and runners Rachel Nachula (400 m) and Tony Wamulwa (5,000m).


  1. Where is ZNBC when we want live transmission of the Africa cup/World cup? Anyways good start to what seems as a promising future for ZNBC

  2. ba Pastor muzitekanya,ZNBC hasnt spent a single kwacha on airing the olypics.why dont you find out before you rush for publicity please?

  3. #3 even the Post will not publish a story thats has been done by other papers to give variety to the readership. Ok!

  4. I saw Zane Jordane last night. He came third in his heat ebatiung a bunch of other contestants!! He was all smiles!! I hope he can sail through!! has he already been eliminated??

    Go Zan!!

  5. I saw Zane Jordane last night. He came third in his heat eliminating(correction from the earlier posting) a bunch of other contestants!! He was all smiles!! I hope he can sail through!! has he already been eliminated??

    Go Zan!!

  6. Why are they being praised? What did they do for them to receive praise, we might as well match to the chinese embassy and praise them for giving us these games for free. “He said the nation was witnessing a new era in ZNBC management.” true pastor makembo an era of only being shown sports activities that come free when you pay TV licences, what an era!

  7. Ala mwandi what praise do they deserve, even after paying all those TV licence fees ba ZNBC are offered free coverage and yet some people want to praise them!? Kwena zoonaa this is malabishi. Bango gola ma motoka pali ma tv licence fee instead of improving the programmings! shame!

  8. what a load of hypocrisy coming from the pastor, we only sent 8 athletes to china why should ZNBC receive praise when it cant broadcast sports where the heart of the nation lies.

  9. Praised for what, what the hell do we pay tv license for? infact their programming sucks – what has improved ever since we started paying? where does that money go, we should hold this criminals accountable –

  10. That does not deserve any praise, it like a father when he provides food in the house, and you start praising him….. come one thats his job!

    So znbc thats your job and please grow up we need znbc tv1 based in lusaka, znbc tv2 based in kitwe & znbc tv3 based in livingstone.

    Zambia was amoung the first countries in the region to introduce tv broadcasting and yet we are still behind, sad nation.

  11. I dont see why they should be praised, isnt it supposed to be the norm that a national broadcaster transmits the games.. what a shame!!!!

  12. There only good at broadcasting free things. Even then, they only broadcast very few games. Maybe if they can run 24hrs to accomodate more games.

  13. why don’t they usually televise Afruca cup or wrodl cup live?they failed to trasnsmit Cosafa cup recently?so tell me ,who paid for the transmission? Chinese embassy or our Licence fees?

  14. #4 you are dull havent you noticed that most if not all the stories are from ZANIS and not done by Lusakatimes. the truth is that there appears to be poor news judgement on this blog!!!!!!!!

  15. ba ZNBC are still backwards, we need a variety of channels 2/3 as at now.we pay them tv license fees and all we see is trash daily, thats why a number of zedians have opted for dstv/gtv where there’s variety.what is this pastor talking about? he doesnt know that znbc hasnt spend any money on those live transmissions.

  16. There is an anomaly in our broadcasting sector. ZNBC owns shares in Multichoice Zambia. Therefore, to ensure the continued popularity of DSTV, ZNBC have neglected to raise their standards thereby causing people to resort to Pay TV. Punch for punch, ZNBC cannot match the privately run MUVI TV in news, entertainment and other content. Is it not a mystery that despite the resources at their disposal, the programming they offer still leaves much to be desired? They deserve no praise at all.

  17. #6. Unfortunately Zane has been eliminated. The plus is that he is still only a 17 year old schoolboy. The reason for his excitement is that he has massively improved on his time and taken part in his first Olympics. He should be among the medal contenders in 4 years time in London if he remains disciplined and committed. There is no better place to learn swimming than in Australia.

  18. Did you know that South Africa only had its tv broadcast in 1975. And we had ours in the late 1960S,But when you look at the difference between SABC and ZNBC you can literally cry.ZNBC is a disgrace to say the least.

  19. Hey, it seems any jim or jack can be called a pastor. Too many hypocrites amongst these guys. Remember the third term pastors, who were heeping praises on FTJ, If there are any Pastors on this blog, advice your friends.

  20. First TV signal Zambia 1961 radio 1941 but where are we with all this head start, nowhere and somebody should be praised for doing nothing, anyway this country is strange if we can award MPs salaries for doing absolutely nothing.

  21. You Zambians are a cursed lot. At every turn you have made stupid decisions. Look at the so called International Gateway; all your trading partners in COMESA have liberalised theirs and they are reaping the fruits of a competitive ICT sector. They have joined the global community. And you lot are still talking about SECURITY. Remember Zamtel was also formed in the 60’s but todate it only has 96 000 landline in a country with a population of 12million. Botswana Telkom formed 1981. Landlines 344 000 Population 1.8m. Zambia sucks!


  23. Well ZNBC is not there just to sit ducks and loom large.Licence payers need to get value for money through programmes ZNBC shows and this is far behind modern developments.It’s long overdue!

  24. for what when they are expected to do it. we pay these guys alot of money and to be frank they must share this money with movie tv not just buying beers in chilenge and playing football all over the country show

  25. Does any of the nation leaders ever read on blogs as these? Ba Zambia mulimusebanya. No valueable medals and think you can win after training for only two weeks? Tiyeniuko. ZNBC plz kulini we tired of crap from your stupid irresponsibility.

  26. We need to improve on our sports portfolio. I am happy with Nachula the 18 year old who has so far qualified to the 400m semi-fianls. lookig at her time, she will be lucky to get to the finals..But she has potential.. Let us get her a sports scholarship to a college in America or Jamaica. She is likely to come 4th or 5th in the Semi heats which also include Sanya Richards, 1 jamaican and Russian all with better season bests

  27. Wow!… just saw lightening USAIN BOLT smash his own world 100m record(9.72 secs),

    and replace it with a new world and olympic record 9.68 secs rounded off to 9.69 secs for some dont know why,

    now this guy is not human he’s from another planet,the calmness and compuser was phenominal

    with about 10metres to the finish he was strodding and celebrating….phew!!!

    guess what he can definately run quicker than that,had he concentrated and not celebrated he could have clocked somting like 9.5 secs there abouts

    he’s only 21,i can’t wait to c him develop and peak in the next 8yrs or so

    and he’s not a natural 100m sprinter but rather a 200&400m sprinter,hope the folks so that in Zed

  28. Like someone remarked it’s such a priviledge to be alive to witness to such remarkaeble black talent around the world,

    imagine being told or reading about Obama,Condoleeza,Tiger,Venus n Serena now Usain and many others in history books a few centuaries from now,

    nope!..not for me wouldn’t trade it for the realting,

    happy weekend povo

  29. We have a new bad man on the block,

    not this Phelps being hyped by the media,

    USAIN is the Bloody Man !!! Dude was blasting into orbit !!! A BOLT for sure !!!!

  30. @ OBSERVER,

    Not everything has to make business sense,

    the other day we discussed sports improvement in the country,believe me this is one of the many ways arousing interest in kids,apart from hosting a tournament,

    if you been to continental Europe you will notice a stark difference with say the UK and US,
    In continental europe the Arts are subsidised,u can go to the theatre,mueseum etc every weekend while in the UK pipo take on binging as a passtime,as a result this has an effect on pipo’s lifestyle the french are into nice food,cafes,cycling etc..,

  31. contd,

    today if you come across a francophone afriacan say a senegalese,ivorian etc there attitudes to having a nice time is different to we Anglo africans, who always believe it’s loud music,getting stone drunk etc

    Now what am i trying to say,if there’s something to subsidise it’s things like things,
    this provides an opportunity for povo to witness sports they have never seen in there lives,
    infact i would advocate a 24 hr sports channel,not just football but all sports to encourage sports interest and healthy lifestyles for the povo

  32. Well at 18 she looked pretty compared to the American and Canadian atheletes,

    with Sanya Richards on her immidiate left that must have added to her stage fright,

    Sanya just flew past her in the first 4 secs or so to wuin the race at 49.9secs,

    Rachel was left way behind to finish last with 52+secs,

    she looks quite short and small for a 400m athlete,compared to others with long legs and huge upper body,
    helpful with those long strides and endurance…

    tough luck better luck next time

  33. Yeah u rite wat seemed 2 strides for sanya was 4 strides for racheal seems like height plays a role in this sport. hope the techincal bench looks at a taller 400m runner to take part nxt tym otherwise good effort by rachael

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