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MPs warned against use of bad language

Headlines MPs warned against use of bad language

Speaker of the National Assembly Amuusa Mwanamwambwa has warned of stern action against Members of Parliament uttering unprintables against a fellow member during the parliamentary deliberations.

Mr Mwanamwambwa who guided the house against the using of unparliamentary language while in the house said he would not be hesitating to eject MPs uttering unprintables against their fellow Members.

He said it has become too common for Members of Parliament to be making noise and uttering unparliamentary language which he said were disrupting parliamentary deliberations.

Mr Mwanamwambwa warned Members of the House against making noise while a Member of the House was on the floor debating.

He further cautioned Members of Parliament not to be debating rumors in the House saying that the House was a highly respective institution where all MPs should debate on pertinent and factual issues.

Meanwhile, government has instituted a Technical Committee to address the educational impasses at the country’s higher learning institutions.

Education Minister Geoffrey Lungwangwa told Parliament in Lusaka today that government has been prompted to institute a Technical Committee to deal with problems facing the higher learning institutions such as the University of Zambia and Copperbelt University with a view to creating educational stability at the institutions.

Professor Lungwangwa said the Technical Committee has been tasked to device various mechanisms that will help the higher learning institutions to become stable from unnecessary closures.

The Education Minister was responding to a oral and answer question raised by Nchanga area Member of Parliament Charles Chimumbwa (PF) who wanted to know if government had intentions of coming up with deliberate measures to address educational impasses at the country’s higher learning institutions.

Professor Lungwangwa further disclosed that government had completed auditing the University of Zambia (UNZA) which he said would also help in resolving some of the problems facing the institutions.

He however said that government through his ministry was concerned with the behaviour some students were exhibiting which he said was contributing to educational instability at the high learning institutions.

Professor Lungwangwa further called on the opposition political parties to come onboard and complement government efforts in addressing problems facing the higher learning institutions instead of using Universities as political battlefields.



  1. Waste of resources please! Why are you in govt if you cannot address problems in the education sector? How many committees are we going to form in this country? Anything, a new committee has to be constituted. This is indeed rubbish. As a govt deal with the problem squarely than hidding in the name of forming unnecessary committees.

  2. Ba Lusaka Times muleposako amano pakulemba news mwaumfwa?!!
    Charles Chimumbwa is not an MP anywhere in the world!!!
    he is a kaponya kukapisha pa street!

  3. A committee is only necessary where we do not know the root cause of the problems. Its public knowledge that the difficulties at UNZA and many other learning insitutions are as a result of under funding and difficulties of accounting or is it proper utilisation of the little resources. The committee will sit, i believe at the now standard NCC rates, enjoy themselves and come up with the same old issues and as usual GRZ will drag its feet to implement anything, then UNZA re-opens and the cycle continues. HOW SAD

  4. we students must learn to demonstrate/protest without the use of violence. we are in the 21st century, we can use peaceful means and ways to show our grievances. the govt isnt doing enough to address our problems. these new committees is just another way of money wastage. that same money can be used for something “developmental”. only the members benefit from most these committees, while our problems remain unsolved.

  5. IWE mwana imbwa you think even if someone is talking nonsense in parliament everyone has to keep quiete. now that your salary has been increased and you don’t want anyone to disturb the debate on salaries.these noise in parliament has been their for quiete long. where were you.

  6. Well, let’s just say Kaponya mannerism have infiltrated all aspects of the Zambian socio-economic-cultural desposition. Thanks to FTJ, he even ‘invented’ street kids!Some of them are now members of parliament. I’m not surprised this is happening.

  7. You already know the problems, you even have the solutions. But you want to behave like bena Chishinga of Luapula, going round and round an issue instead of being straight forward!


  9. Lungwangwa or luwawa (jackal) whats the technical committee for honestly? is it not in this country where commissions have inquiry have been set over higher learning institutions and have made recommendations? this is just a way of giving money to his friends. guys this kind of nonsense should not go on. its disgusting

  10. There’s no other person to know the problems at uNZXA than Jeff…if you are not interested MOE pliz step aside.your entire family is there afterall…two daughters,wife and ex-wife!MPs should not use for their political gain,tell Mumbi Phiri if that’s what she’s thinking!

  11. There’s no other person to know the problems at UNZA than Jeff…if you are not interested MOE pliz step aside.your entire family is there afterall…two daughters,wife and ex-wife!MPs should not use for their political gain,tell Mumbi Phiri if that’s what she’s thinking!

  12. i know of lumpens in that august house. the chief lumpen is that chap whose name when translated in nyanja means a small hole.

  13. I wonder what the so called prof. was doing as UNZA Dep.V.C.if not to find solutions to the same problems. No wonder the fat one was always not seen each time there was some serious issue to be solved. I think he even had atunnel from the office to his residence. Coming from there, he should have been the best Min. of.Education but alass, ki butata shangwe. He had promissed the people of Western Province a University which he has not spoken of since his election or was it e–ection.

  14. #4. good aboservation; Charles Chimumbwa is no longer Nchanga Const. MP the MP is Wilbur Simusa (PF). Chimumbwa wantend to start running before he new how to crawl that is how he found himself out. Very stupid indeed!!

  15. #8 Bo Ndate stop making fun of street kids.They did not choose to be in the situation they are in.I hope you have life insurance plus enough resources to leave your own children.

  16. Mwanamwambwa is right. Those MP’s are so loud believe me i have been there. There is never order in that house. Only time ministers used to shut-up was when brig-gen Godfrey Miyanda stood up to speak. Ndiye enzo bayofya.

  17. Prof Lungwangwa shud be demoted to mr lungwangwa. It seems title yamukusha umutwe. He is so datf that he has forgotten the Bobby Bwalya commission which spent billions of kwacha to come up with recommendations for UNZA and other institutions that have been facing closures.
    He is one useless lozi chap. I know some lozi chaps who are sharp but not this fisherman turned professor

  18. “Professor Lungwangwa said the Technical Committee has been tasked to device various mechanisms that will help the higher learning institutions to become stable from unnecessary closures.”

    Please, we are tired of this term “STABLE”

    Have we run out of vocabulary as a country, even Pofessors?

  19. Thats just it..our leaders are kaponyas. Parliament is like a bus station at 5pm..useless ranting and senseless arguments fueled by personal convictions, nothing to do with problems our country faces..yabba..

  20. Please help us because education is P-one.

    No education – no better living.

    I personaly value education more than wealth.

    So Honourable Lungwangwa, you are the engine of the nation.

  21. Iwe Mwanawa Imbwa, the problem uli soft so ma MPs bakudelela maningi. So next time tiyeseko ku sanka Miyanda as speaker cos ba fikamba ba muyopa.

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