Increase our salaries also- Mushabati


The National Society for Public Service Pensioners, Retirees and Retrenches of Zambia (PUSERREZA) has endorsed the proposed salary and allowances increment for cabinet ministers and constitutional office holders.

PUSERREZA National President, Charles Mushabati said the Ministers and Members of Parliament (MPs) deserve decent salaries and allowances adding that the cost of living has also gone up.

He said the increment will motivate the beneficiaries to perform their work with more dedication and commitment adding that this will improve service delivery in the country.

Mr. Mushabati however expressed concern that the proposed increases were far above the reported 15 percent increment.

He said the disparity in salaries will be abnormally wide if the increases are approved by parliament.

“The reported existing salaries for permanent secretaries is at K8, 445, 445, 00 per month while the proposed one is K24, 545, 445, 00, while our humble calculation at 15 percent gives us K9, 712, 2274, 00,” Mr. Mushabati said.

Mr. Mushabati noted that the salary gap between civil servants, MPs and senior government officials will be further widened.

He said there is need for government to extend the salary increments to other government officers and pensioners in order to improve their living conditions.

Mr. Mushabati noted that the current K40, 000 and K150, 000 monthly annuities for pensioners and retrenches was too little to sustain their livelihood adding that the current cost of goods and services is too high.

He noted that most of the pensioners are living in abject poverty adding that government needs to increase their monthly salaries to at least up to K1, 000,000.


  1. This will teach Zambians to vote for the rightful people into Parliament and not people who join politics to enrich themseves through allowances and tax payers s money.I support enrichment of fellow Zambians but there is a way in which it can be done.Lets not vote on tribal lines like our friends the tongas and their UPND and chosing leaders lets use morality and the Bible

  2. A wide pandora box has been opened. I wonder what GRZ will do to these genuine requests in view of their own increments

  3. The rest of gvt is corrupt.there is no other definition of what is happening in the country than SCANDOLOUS, since LPM got ill.I have never heard of such increaments in the history of our country.From 8m to 24m is a huge leap for a country that is telling every one to tighten their belts.Where is this money going to come from??

  4. Its true Mushabati! I don’t agree with tribalists like Choma 1.Politics is just like that.let’s not be tribal at all.get down to psychology and you will understand the reason why people do what they do…

  5. Currently it seems there is no politician who has the interest of pipo and growth of our economy at heart. All of them say one thing and do something else once they are elected. It will take some time to do away with such stupid and selfish leaders.

  6. no ways bo Mushabati. why do you have to live on your pension. find something better to do than wanting to get employed through your association which i would term getting back to a salary through the back door. learn to invest your income wisely rather than crying for something which you know has already passed. you are a bad example to young kids like anonymous. your association should not be concerned with monitoring what the government is paying out but to innovate ideas that will make your members self sufficient.

  7. The issue of tribalism should not come up on such matter of national importance bordered on increasing poverty for the disadvantaged and welfare for the few. #1 bear in mind that no matter what you can do, you shall never reverse yourself to be white if you are black. Tribe alike no one can change it. Its the attitude of individuals which should be talked against here. It is evident enough that some politicians especially in the MMD went into politics to make themselves rich and not to serve the majority. VIVA well meaning politicians like HH who are selfless and committed to the vulnerable in society

  8. #8 By nature tongas have been subjects, and if the tribalism I saw in Southern province continues then then expect the worst ye bo Suntwe.Hichilema has no money as he claims I was studying with his brother at ST Marks Sec school,All am trying to say is i dont see Hichilema deliver if he cant deliver to his own family.Ye bo Suntwe dont be the deceived.Magade can do a far better job than that product of tribalism ie hichilema guy,I distate tribalism

  9. I guess that is a compliment conman. I am young and not as old I look.

    I guess I should improve on my looks I guess.

    Thanks akulu akulu.

  10. #1, You have a very serious mental problem that requires remedy. You can never be a servant leader. You are the one who is pertuating tribalism. You should assess yourself or maybe you don’t yourself ask someone to help you. I doubt whether it is illiteracy or uncivilization.

  11. Naiwe Choma1 wayambako nzelu zausilu! The problem we Zambians have is that even when someone is your distant relative you want to claim to be your bro just coz of names.

  12. #1.. Choma 1, SHUT UP!1 SHUT UP, SHUP UP, will you, if you have nothing constructive to talk about shut up please. Let others who are a lot more sensible make some posts. Wanikalifya naenda mukugona, uzaona nikauka. I hate people who talk on tribal lines.

  13. These guys do not deserve anything. They are in politics to provide services to the electorate not to milk-dry our hard earned financial resources ment for all of us.

    Get real jobs if your are in politics to exploit the tax payers, ba pompwe imwe!

  14. During Kaunda era there was financial conservatism, during Kafupi’s we had a bunch of thiefs involved in financial plunder, and now that Levy is incapacitated, we have day light robbers using the cover of the constitution to award themselves heft emoluments what a shame. Zambians what is wrong with you? Have we gone back to being docile?

  15. Where is the money for the hefty salary increase coming from? I guess from the budget support of some foreign nations. What would the tax payers of those foreign nations say if they knew how their tax dollars are spent here???

  16. Choma 1. Please stop the rubbish you are talking about. No one is interested with the utter allegations you are mking and reading between the line it is actually you who is tribal.Foolish chap and i am reliably told who you are and we shall soon expose you out.

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