Saturday, July 20, 2024

Dr. Nevers Mumba joins Presidential race


Nevers Mumba has joined the race to become the MMD candidate in the forthcoming presidential by-elections.

In an interview, Dr Mumba confirmed that he had presented his application to the MMD secretariat but refused to comment further.

Asked when he rejoined the MMD after having been Reform Party (RP) president, Dr Mumba said the MMD secretariat had all those details.

“I have applied but for further details you can contact the secretariat,” Dr Mumba said.

On his website Dr Mumba is quoted as saying “I believe in Zambia. I also believe in the Zambian people. We have what it takes to move our country out of this valley of poverty and despair. History encourages us with nations that had sunk and yet through a unified resolve, ended up on top…There is hope for Zambia. Hope for us to transform ourselves into a prosperous nation.”

Dr Mumba, 48, was a presidential candidate in 2001 when he lost to the late President Mwanawasa, who in May 2003 appointed him vice-president, the position he held until October 2004 when he was dropped.

He holds an honourary doctorate from Flint and an associate degree from Christ for the Nations Institute in the United States of America.

MMD Administrative Secretary, Augustine Chapita, said in an interview in Lusaka that a member who resigns from the party and wishes to come back should re-apply to the party’s branch committee before the National Executive Committee (NEC) considers such a one.

Mr. Chapita was commenting on former republican Vice President, Nevers Mumba’s application for adoption as the MMD’s presidential candidate in the forthcoming presidential by elections.

He explained that only persons who have been members for two years were eligible to contest any position in the party and contest elections on the party’s card.

The MMD presidential candidate would be chosen by the party’s national executive committee currently comprising 55 members on September 5.Meanwhile Minister of Home Affairs, Ronnie Shikapwasha has also joined the race for MMD presidency.

He is quoted as saying “I can confirm that I am going for the position because this has been done after wide consultation. I cannot say much but I hope I will be given a chance to serve the nation.”

Dr. Mumba and General Shikapwasha joined other contenders, who include acting president Rupiah Banda, former vice-president, Enock Kavindele, and former Works and Supply, Minister Ludwig Sondashi.

Others are Lusaka businessman, Sebastian Kopulande, former Constitution Review Commission (CRC) Chairman, Willa Mung’omba, Finance Minister, Ng’andu Magande and Minister of Health, Brian Chituwo.


  1. This is political prostitution which should not be encouraged by thses chancers. Ba LT the Post has carried a story that LPM preferred Magande to be his successor, leteni ilyashi iyo kabili.

  2. ba wateva Mumba pliz we are morning. so stop this drama. i neva heard you for prayers or u didnt want to be among us hypopotamus oh hypocrytes who wea announcing prayers so that we can be adopted just in case. LT pliz data from Moreen b4 we vote wat is saying. May LPM said something b4 he died oh b4 the trachea operation.

  3. There is no such a thing as naming a successor. Who gave ba Levy to authority to annoint a successor? And why did he not appoint his preferred successor Vice President? Democracy entails fresh elections in which all interested parties participate

  4. You chaps should make small sacrifices mwahitako ka paper once in a while instaed of soliciting for free news all the time awe mwe.
    Question: May I start by thanking you very much for giving me an opportunity to discuss some national issues at the time like this when you are mourning the passing away of your dear husband and friend. We are mourning with you, the whole country is mourning with you on this great loss. Please, accept our deepest condolences.

    But even as we are all mourning, a lot of things are happening; press statements are daily being issued. The one statement that immediately comes to my mind is the one saying that you should be allowed to contest the MMD presidency so

  5. Answer: Before I discuss my position on this issue, I want to say that it’s a very difficult time for me and my family. I am sure I also speak on behalf of the nation that the death of my husband who has been President of the Republic of Zambia, has robbed us an opportunity for us to take the country forward and has created a leadership gap which everyone thought would only come in 2011 when the President would have retired.

    I must admit that, yes, on several occasions I have been called upon to say that I am one of those people could look for to lead the nation. But I never thought that the call would repeat itself soon before 2011. I remember that I gave an interview to The Post in whic

  6. But I never thought that the leadership gap will come through death which affects me so much because this is my husband whom we are talking about; a very close friend, a person I have spent more than 20 years with. It is not as easy as that for me to jump on the bandwagon and declare that I must stand.

    I believe that this is the time for me to stand in the gap and remind the leaders and those who will be vying for positions what Mwanawasa stood for and whether any of our names being called upon are ready to take the mantle.

  7. Q: To your knowledge, what did Mwanawasa stand for?

    A: It is very difficult to describe Mwanawasa’s stand in one word. He is a man of integrity. We all know that. He is one man who had courage, bold enough to make tough decisions which would even affect him personally, which affected his personality.

    But the difference is that it was not about him. It was about national interest. And on several occasions, he reminded us that ‘if I make a decision and that decision is not in the interest of Zambians’, as a President he was bold enough to reverse it. This is the kind of man that we are discussing today, a man who wavered opposition even inside government where he had to take bold decisio

  8. In the meantime PF have announced their presidential candidate as Michael Sata yesterday Saturday 18:00 hours news Phoenix, this was announced by their spokesperson and not Lubinda. So how does this tie up with what they said 4 days ago that they are not in the fever that has gripped some of the colleagues, guys open your eyes, you should have heard the way Sata accepted, all this stage managed. Bakc to Nevers, I think the man has no principles and I am not sure which God guides him, this God should be funny, changing positions when opportunities arise, today God wants him to be in RP, the next day God wants him to head MMD, “kabili niba paster mwana wandi – PK Chishala.”

  9. Because of the fiscal policies he put in place, Zambia now is proud to even talk about reserves at our central bank which was never existed. ZRA (Zambia Revenue Authority) can now talk about the revenue which is coming in the country.

    Regardless of what levels of society, Zambians will talk about the positive impact of the Mwanawasa administration even if they are just selling tomatoes in the market. They will say ‘I used to have problems to have capital at the market’.

    So we are talking about a President and policies which touched every level of society and everybody; whether you were a child, male or female, adult, working or you are in private sector. Mwanawasa managed to bring an e

  10. We need to look for a person who has management capacity, someone who can jealously guard these reserves. And this should remain within MMD because we know that for Mwanawasa to ascend to power, the opposition were not the right people to lead the nation. Therefore, this power lies inside.

    And when we look at the candidates that are there, this is the yardstick which we should use. Are they transparent? Are they sincere? Do they have managerial and financial skills which we should use to look after the resources? What is there background?

    It’s not about politics. Politics are there as a stepping-stone. At the end of the day, we need to look after the nation. It’s about MMD, except that

  11. So those people will be making a decision on whom to choose. Let us not look at what you can gain at a personal level from that person you want to put in power. Mwanawasa ensured that corruption should be done away with even at party level. Therefore, we should not allow corruption to decide the fate of this country.

    As for me, I want to connect the legacy of Mwanawasa and the choosing of the person that is going to look after that legacy. If the legacy is going to be associated with a corrupt leader on 5th September, I want to state that we will not accept that. We don’t want Mwanawasa’s legacy to be marred with things which he rejected when he was alive. It is us the people who are aliv

  12. Q: This point brings me to the contradictions the country has witnessed among government ministers. In the last few days, some ministers have said that the President had intimated that he preferred finance minister Ng’andu Magande to be the one to have carried forward his vision for the country after 2011 while others are saying it was not so.

    Actually, I have heard some minister(s) saying that the preferred person is the Acting President Rupiah Banda because President Mwanawasa chose him as his number two and left him acting when left the country…

    Being a wife to the President, I want to believe that you either knew something about this issue or you discussed the matter or you were to

  13. #4 this legacy talk is nonsense, if I died today and my wife was remarried why should my successor run HIS house the way I ran the or he should be his own man? Strange fellas Zambian’s are and you should see the way the post is panicking about this sudden shift in politics. Read their editorial for today.

  14. A: It’s very important that people must be sincere and put their personal interests aside when discussing such important issues because if I want, I can even tell you that ‘Mwanawasa wanted me’. I want to state that Mwanawasa knew my capacity, my strong political capacity to lead the country but he said it would be morally wrong for him to say ‘you have my wife as my replacement’.

    I can tell you that this man was being led by God. Elections were very far in 2011 but he started preparing, looking at the people in MMD leadership who can take the mantle. There are ministers who can bear witness that he had at least three names which he was studying about a year or so, ago.

  15. It is tough.I foresee unto schism in the MMD after the adoption process and some will opt to contest as independents.It ‘s good to see men of integrity join the race,scheming the cream is good for the country.

  16. He had the name of foreign affairs minister Kabinga Pande, he had the name of finance minister Ng’andu Magande. Those I clearly know that he mentioned them. And after sometime, he had remained with one name as far as I am concerned.

  17. Q: Which name was that?

    A: It was the Magande name. The President asked for my opinion. I discussed the name. He knew that he had strengths and weaknesses, but the strengths outweighed the weaknesses.

    And the President believed that the weaknesses were too minor, they could be worked on by 2011. He was looking for a manager. He was worried about where we should take this country to.

    Of course, by him entertaining a name, he realised we are living in a democratic environment. At the end of the day, that name had to be presented to NEC (national executive committee) and of course we all know that elections are open and people should compete.

  18. I would love to post the rest but its all a campaign speach for Magande and the lost tape which will be broadcasted on 4th September and so on

  19. First Lady’s interview in the post gives a glimpse into the intelligence, wisdom and courage of this woman and also confirms LPM’s Caliber to have had such a woman. Sadly, we have missed a chance to have such a person to carry LPM’s term to its logical end because of her undecidedness. Goons of all hues are coming forward as vultures to devour the gains Zambia has made in the seven years. I do hope that she will rescind her position. Shame on Teta who was actually the first person 2 years ago to say Maureen was the best replacement for Levy. At that time it sounded weird but not anymore because Levy’s death was sudden.

  20. Uchipo,

    thanks mate i must say events are making an interesting twist everyday,

    Membe and Dipak are clearly tryin to influence this election,sad

  21. I wounder what the position of the media is in the country when it comes to politics.Particularly the post news paper.
    When i read what Patel was saying a few days ago it was like reading a novel meaning it was prepared or at least he should have aknoldged the original writter (ref)
    And today reading the post editoral is like reading somethimg that Magande would write or should i say his campaign team would say.If they want debate let it be so but hey what would be the point if the other person has already been put on top. I think they will just coz more confusion in the MMD and the country

  22. DIdo #22. You are a member of the family tree. Now admit it. Aren’t you? It is in the interest of the family tree to have someone closest to the family because they know well and rightly so that anyone from within the family is not acceptable. A widow should not give interviews, she has a chance after burial. It goes to show. OPEN YOUR EYES ZAMBIANS.

  23. @ Uchipo 26,

    me thinks Dipak and Membe already had Magande in mind right from the time LPM was incapacitated and they are now trying to shove him on to the masses subtlely,

    pity they have now adopted an atittude of Fox news in the US of trying to endorse republican candidates and the like incessently,shame


  24. Guys you are really wicked including Ba 1st Widow we are not a mornach even if The late boss prefered Mang’ende we are the people that decide. When are we going to be normal, Mareen is a liar!She should just come out in the open and say she preferes Ngende Mangende.I thought the 1st widow was non partizan any way iam just a bit diappoited i even failed to buy the post news paper today cos the headline was too hard on me.

  25. Nevers has a brain of a 5yr old! In church you are full of lies!You will never be president of Zambia buddy.
    Enock Kavindele plse just concetrate on feeding your lions that is if you can still afford,stop dreaming about being president of zambia,zambian are not like lions.
    Magande,try your luck!
    Ronnie,dont be funny,What do you take Zambian people for.
    Sata,go ahead.
    HH go ahead maybe,but im advising you not to go ahead until 2011 because of the constitution condtions,i guess wait,play smart.
    S.Kopulande??????Who are you buddy,explain yourself more.
    L.Sondanshi,what a loser!You think MMD if full of papets????Get alife,you will never be presidantial material.
    Rupia Banda,iwe jullbox.

  26. As for Nerfous Mamba i think now you are out of your mind!Who told you that Zambias need you!you wicked traitor. you betraiyed many christian. Where is the integrity that you preached in your book “integrity with fire”you are a gifted liar and a crook And a hypocrite. Go to hell.

  27. Maybe our problem is thinking that we need an economic manager for a president in my personal opinion it shouldnt be the case because there is more to it. There is the managing of your cabinet, the people of Zambia and everything else that happens in between. If somebody was elected and concetrated mainly on what everyone is suggesting manager what will happen to the rest. Some leaders are selected because they can relate to the people others by vertual of qualifications and others because they actually have the right people advising or generally sorrounded by hard working individuals, Others just bring out the best in others.

  28. lets just be fair here maureen is somewhat right in her analysis,ba late knew her skills very well,managerial tht is.Rupiah(money)banda makes a very good vp for now and later making him president will be suicidal i m sure balemutunka fye he is not ready .

  29. #39 The one who created this problem was Chiluba by appointing LPM. So everyone now thinks he can hand pick any person he wants to be a leader. So lets try and resist this habit otherwise we will be lead by dogs.

  30. RB is to old to be president. Lets give chance to young leaders. At 72 what do you expect from the man? He was given the position on tribal balance but not to aspire for presd. The man has got no morals because he would have refused. He is UNIP, he is not modern and thats why all the old finished characters are happy. Where do we want to take the country? Its even better to bring back KK. Abash old and finished characters. The world is looking forward to young generation. Exammles Obama, Kikwete. Dimitry in Russia and other progressing countries. Look at the problems in Zimbabwe and sarrogates like Kibak in Kenya. We chased KK when he was 66. Why RP now. A few supporting are doing so on

  31. but why MMD did not have its Vice President anyway?can someone educate us on that one.Because that should have been the begining of leadership problem in the party.Then today we are told that there was succesion issues which did not come out to the public.Zambians let us guide OURSELVES to greater heights.

  32. tribal lines and out of despertion. Why should zambia be desperate and bring surrogates who have no capacity to make dicision? The man is finished . Under pressure he signs unpopuar bills to plunder the economy. Abash tribalism in RB and use of state machinery and resources on finished characters like RB. No experiment and we cant live on hope because the constitution is still fragile.The ecomnomy is very poor because fuel, food and everything is very expensive despte the Kwacha gaining. In Chilba time rate was 5000 kwacha but things were cheap and available. This time its 3400 but things are expensive. Middle class has been destroyed completely. Abash finished characters and leadership.

  33. The Post has vested interests as has the FORMER first lady. Remember it’s FORMER. Maureen should not succeed Levy. We’re not a monarch. If the only qualification is how close she was to Levy please spare us. Intelligence is not her preserve nor is political judgement. We can find those traits in others if we look hard enough. She alludes to a silent third candidate her hubby preferred – herself I presume? As for Nevers he should be in the gutters – not in the pulpit, government or leading anything worth its sort. As a committed Christian I think of him as a disgrace and an embarrassment putting into question the good name of well meaning men and women of God.

  34. And one more thing Zambians – this terrible habit of taking honorary degrees too serious. Dr Mumba, Dr Mwanawasa, Dr Kaunda and Dr Chiluba. None of them earned their degree through academic pursuit. Kaunda’s degree is more honourable because we can ascribe an ideology to it which has been subjected to academic inquiry over time. Even then to use the title puts us at odds with other people. Just ask Madiba how many honorary doctorates he has. Yet he is still Mr.

  35. #44 cc Forget MMD and the constitution for a minute. Is it not time to have a vice President elected in the General election? It will do at least two things. 1. Automatically give a Zambia a president when the sitting President abdicates, dies or he is impeached. 2. Curbs the power of the President because he may or may be from the opposition. What say you thinkers? Also to avoid what we are witnessing right now, scheming, cronyism and the undermining of the constitution (such as appointing Nevers Mumba by late LPM) I must add.

  36. #44 that is good analysis,yes let MMD explain Why they did not have party VP all these years???I think the party is full of liars!Zambians lets be very carefull now plse in chosing a president,lets open up our minds.

  37. #50, that leave us with Sata and HH. Sata has been in government before and sure enuf his record says it all he did…… [NOTHING BUT LICK BOOT]

  38. Now that it is possible someone has to boot lick him, what kind of legacy will he leave. Ask Samukonga who was in parliament on FDD ticket the time chiluba was in Government and tell you what Kayope and his colleague in this case Sata used to do to the glory of Kafupi the King.

  39. Everyone says that time for change will be 2011 Mr Magande will be the right change for 2011 not just right now. There is the country as a whole to think of we only need someone to unit the country and this wont be a job for one person as a leader it will require everyone putting an effort in. For a start someone who can listern to others and not be single focused in the name of “CONTINUITY” we do not need a stubborn leader who will say what i say goes coz those that will loose out on the election will coz trouble eg Sata. I am Not a supporter of RB but in this moment he can stabilize the ship provided he is getting the right advice. We can cry change in 2011 but this is time for “UNITY”

  40. Continued #54
    Traditionally we call upon elderly people to unite the situation because of there wisdom and calmness and timely contribution only deciding to speak when there point will be heard. At the moment there a lot of people talking a few are being heard but the well meaning are still not speaking. I repeat my ealier sentiments that had it been another VP they would have made a meal out of the situation to gain political milage which RB is not doing and hopefully he will continue this way even after mouning the president.
    God bless and whatever everyone thinks God has a plan for us all we can only do harm to ourselves be wise

  41. Somebody tell me what uyu mambala alwisha, with all the PR errors he made, our international relations will be in danger.. He’s not presidential material fulu stop. I pitty he’s followers, next time he joins PF, they will follow him…lol.. uluse ama elders

  42. all these presidential hopefuls like nevers and the rest can just forget about it. their aspirations are nothing short of that of thieves and dogs.

    this guy was kicked out of MMD now he wants to come back to come back to MMD. why cant he contend under his party he has no where to go? hopeless chap!!

  43. #56 AND 58
    nOT MY POST but very funny i do not even wish to work in government or politics i run my on business if you would care to know and not based in Zambia just expressing my opinion since we are all Zambians shsould my children asking in futuer about Zambia i should be able to say well the biggining of the end was when a certain sombody was head of state

  44. Yeah i would also subscribe to Rupiah prez as a compromise candidate just to steady the ship till 2011,

    any other candidate would definately be too divisive

  45. And whoever posted 56 and 58 thanx at least i know someone out there is reading my comments and taking them seriously

  46. By the way my business is selling phone chargers at Chilenje kantemba supplied to me by dogge characters. So watch it.

  47. Uchipa, RB’s campaign team is on the ground and causing a lot of noise and havoc. He is so far ahead of others on the ground but not receiving as much penetration. RB is thug, dont underare him.. He has no morals.

  48. #64 HK
    Thanx for the info on the ground going by the media i would think there is no such activity. Even the post editorial when they are actually calling for him to speak out you could assume he has been quiet through the mouning period.
    So please do tell me more about what is on the ground.

  49. My last sentence #67 should have read’ Even the post editorial when they are actually calling for him to speak out you would assume he has been quiet through the mouning period.

  50. #51 HH is better to contest in 2011 not now

    Sata!well he can go ahead this year,then lose in 2011.
    Magande looks like he can make a good leader tho very unpredictable,like i said earlier at#33.Probably lets research his history at Zanaco then we can find out his qualities of leadership!
    Dr Chitowa,probably no gd,not sure about him tho he sounds like a cool liar.
    I mean we need change of ruling party maybe,so that improper previous appointees can be demoted,e.g some Ambassadors Like kingsley Chinkuli and people like RB and many others.
    Zambian come on guys,

  51. Why can’t Nevertheless Mumbwe, sorry i meant Nevers Mumba concentrate on blessing Pule’s marrages rather than trying to serve more than one thing at a time. Bushe Mu Church havent he made enough money?

    By the way, am made to believe brother Mugabe (not Magande) is featuring on Wednsday for the burial. Bushe naishiba at ba WINDOW, sorry ba WIDOW baletafya kuno? Lwakwe nechi he was on the agende in Egypt.

  52. Why shud people vote RB for the sake of peace?this country will always have peace.the country needs a leader who is firm pls spare RB thats the best zambians can do for him.those ‘inducing’ him have vested intrest. Pabwato.

  53. i think like this
    rb mature and fit to remain as vp
    magande closer to the late sc in terms of principles and immune to corruption and solid economic focus but politically unpopularly with help from vp can make president
    nevers mumba clown that needs to be ignored
    sondashi herbalist with possibilities in the field of natural science and flying saucers
    kopulande needs to concentrate on his capentry workshop
    chituwo to cool and untrustworth
    kavindele try to get that railway line contract sorted out find a life pal
    sata please not another state funeral
    hh you had possibilities young man but that mazabuka tribal caucus that ushered you in 2006 as your party president reduced your chanc

  54. chances of becoming state president but you are not a politician becoz if you were u would have agreed to give sikota an opportunity to lose and try your luck in 2011
    the best man 4 the job i reckon is the late chamachakomboka

  55. You sound like Uchipo, soft on the incumbert and the inner circle, very hard on HH, Sata and other outsiders.



  57. #72 cha chappy,you are rite,Sata,healthy wise not good,found with heart problems and complications wen he was flown to SA nearly died.So i guess it confusation!!!!!!!!!MAGANDE ONLY QULIIFIES MAYBE!!!!!



    L.T ….Whats this we hear ob LPM preferring someone over another! please he was just one man, in a democracy and who should care about his preferences. He was a good leader that we can not take, but him crowning himself with the wand to pick our next president was a bit to much! and any can someone show us more tangible evidence on who he was preparing for 2011…

  60. #72Cha chappy

    A good point of view the problem is are the party members willing to give in. All in all i appriciate your jodgement i give you a thumbs up

  61. Horrray Magade for moving inflation from 19%, forcing it by pen & paper, to 9% and guess what its just bounced back 16%(August 2008)… and doubling the price of fuel and mealie meal under the same period… I guess your performance will be exponential if you get full powers… What a genius!… NEVERS RETIREMENT HAS NEVER BEEN BAD!!

  62. what makes maureen think we were all happy with mwanawasa’s rule,she wants us to all fall for the fallen legacy which only her and the family tree benefited ,hell no,its us to decide,we dont take bed decision no more,there turn is over,let her shut her mouth and let the zambians decide by themselves,even angels fall,when time catches up.

  63. To draw u back a bit. i need to be educated, I feel there’re a lot more lies in the MMD. Tell me which came earlier? LPM’s death or The pushing of the bill through parliament and susquently approving it for sighning? And tell me if anyone of them vying for presidency under the MMD Party cried foul about increasing their already hefty Salaries and Allowances. What were really their reasoning in trying to stage a daylight robbery of our hard earned cash? Plse advise

  64. We have many opportunists in this country, but Nevers Mumba beats them all – by far. He has no sense of shame whatsover. He does not realised how much he is better off staying out. He has no principles and has been rejected so many times for betraying anyone that evr supported him. What kind of ‘optimism is this?’ Like his name suggests, he will NEVER rule this country.

  65. wiseman89, Like his name suggests. Nevers can never fail to rule this country. There’s one thing he has failed to do and that is to set priorities right and repent of all his sins. His decisions are outragious and defies logic. He needs to observe from the polical terraces maybe he might sober up. 1 more thing he should strive to put his interests last and not first, as the case is on his vying for presidency in MMD. If he had good intentions and that of the party MMD, which he later joined when he served as Veep, he would have remaind in MMD. They wouldn’t have been all these rangles in MMD. Be patient Nevers, all else your dream to rule Zambia will be a pipe dream.

  66. RB has never been prezdo material. What MD should know is that the candidate they pick is one who is capable of getting a vote from zambians not only MMD members.

    By the way our kwacha is still a bit stable beause investors still have a bit trust that the MMD will pick on a good candidate like Magande or Mutati. The moment it is announce that they have picked RB, you will all see ho fast it will drop.

  67. I say the former Vice President be given achance. He has the right qualifications and has experience in a ‘BIG’ office

  68. Akapondo #90. Having good qualifications cannot be over emphasised. He’s manovuers leave much to be desired. He has grown abit, however, He needs to grow-up much more in political circle and stop the acts of betrayal.

  69. Ba Nevers u wr rejected in yo village in Chinsali bcoz villagers saw opportunism in u. Teka bola panshi, God gave u a chance to be Veep & u started saying politics makes u reach more pipo than church! Alas, yo fall is coming..

    Pastor it’s important to ve principles. Look at your friends: Pule, Lembalemba, Pastor Chiluba, Committee Njase etc Did u guys go to the same schools of no PRINCIPLES?

  70. I really don’t know about Zambian politics small country tu ma party fulu fulu munga ni tu ntemba i guess tht jst goes to show tht the politicians r jst power hungry & r doing it 2 better themselves & acquire as much katundu 4 themselves as possible.Look at america huge country only 2 parties y zambia y?i’ll tell u y it’s bcos they(usa politicians) really have the people @ heart & the president is nt given so much power knowing tht 2 much power corrupts.Ba nimvesa nsoni ma politicians ba kumishesu!!Ka zed population is the population of california PULIZI MWE BANTU NA PAPATA MUZIMVELAKO NSONI.

  71. I have just finished reading the post editorial and it is PATHETIC… it is sooo obvious that chi M’embe has a scheme, he has praised Maureen sooo much and it is clear that he is campaigning for Magande… Talking about unity ala!!! #96 i TOTALLY agree with you, ba Zambia 12 million population ( i stand to be corrected)… insoni nakalya….

  72. This man is very power hungry.he has realy tried all his efforts to find himself at plot 1.Who keeps on lying to him tht he has support frm zambians.i dnt trust this man he appears not to be stable and nt knowing where he belongs.shame on pastor.Y cnt u just concentrate on the word of god?nichani kansi offering yachepa?But get to know its abt time u became serious and choose one way

  73. #96
    get your facts right they in the USA do it for there people are u sure have you followed the business associates that BUsh has dating back from his fathers days and particularly who his companies deal with 9-11 dig deep you can find the answeres.
    As for the many political partys i am afried i have to agree with you there we should introduce a system that restricts the number of political partys they are just to many but again that was kafupis fault with his engineering doctorate

  74. imwe maureen owns 50% of the post shares that’s y they seemed nt to dig deeper in mwanawasa”s illness cause they jst can’t publish nthing wthout her consent.Great Mwanawasa died along time ago people.

  75. # 82,HH is a person who knows wat time it is for anything he says or do wil b used against him during this trying time.

  76. Dr. Nevers Mumba my foot! I hate this idea of glorifying people with honourary doctorates. We are the only country that refers to such people as doctor and it just shows how self-important they are. We are forced to discuss people instead of policy. Our current crop of politicians are failures and the biggest loser is a certain ex-televangelist from Chinsali.

  77. If u look critically at the candidates,only HH offers hope 2 Zambia.The rest RB & Sata r recycled politicians wit no real knowledge of solving problems of the 21st century.Think twice.

  78. Citizen, you obviously mean well by singling out HH. However, apart from his consultancy career, there is little to suggest that he will solve Zambias problems. Remember that he had to ride the crest of a tribal wave to ascend to the UPND presidency. Please educate me on what policies he intends to persue when in power. While you are at it, what is UPNDs ideology?

  79. Banda was born in Gwanda, Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe); his parents had come from Northern Rhodesia to find employment prior to his birth, and he was sponsored by a local Dutch Reformed Church preacher (and later, the family of B. R. Naik) to continue his education into adulthood.

    His experience with Finance Ministers “In 1991, he was defeated in Munali Constituency by the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) candidate Ronald Penza. Although he initially intended to run again for the seat in the 1996 election, he supported the UNIP’s boycott of the election.[3]”

  80. Hey guys, I have read comments about Nevers Mumba, especially from JJ in Germany, 78, 79, who has really personalised issues. I wish Mr. JJ you knew the rest of these candidates the same way u claim to know Nevers.

    Tell me ladies and gentlemen and be frank. Which presidential candidate in MMD is not a chancer? I have a problem selecting a genuine leader among the MMD candidates. Lets not say terrible things about Nevers becos he might just be better than the rest, in MMD. Otherwise they are all chancers.

    Just think of it, how can one party have 15 candidates for president. How? This is one big indication of absence of unity and coordination. This party useless, now.

  81. HH is a thief naimwe ndiye bakabwalala benzo sebenze na kafupi mu background kusheta ndalama za ramcopz & meridian bank u pipo hu r saying hh check out his past uja mutonga hakaivotele umwine! i voted last time wud like to go & vote again but there’s no 1 2 vote 4.I changed my mind about sata ni mugabe.

  82. Wa papish’icalo iwe we mwanakashi iwe, nshaku lumbule ishina nalakwebakofye, abantu bonse balishiba kuti iwe walifwila, ala ichindike twapapata!

  83. First I would like to address this confused person calling himself/herself Uchipo beg him/her to shut it. Secondly I think the election process is on course and no one should be advanteged or disadvantaged. Let us let democracy rule, nobody should stop anybody from standing and no one should impose someone or something on others except what’s in the constitution of a party or the nation.

  84. “JJ Germany” Bamunyina you are right in what you are saying. We are witnesses of his rise in his ministry and it’s true he never cared about his assistants. What goes around comes around to haunt you big time. He only thinks about himself.

  85. Mr Mumba you were a better person preaching the word.There is more power in the word of the Lord than in state house or where ever.

  86. What happened to my pastor-nevers Mumba?I will give it to him though I greatly enjoyed worshiping the almighty God at Victory ministries Kitwe in the early 90s.I’ve never had such an enriching spiritual experience like I did then.I had a few question marks though,like when that guitarist called John died,none of the pastors seem bothered and yet he was an intergral part of the team I thought. what happened to funds we contributed for buying chairs for the church? What has happened to victory ministries now?does it exist? Perhaps all focus was on nevers and not God and the inevitable happened- God had to humble him.Perhaps thats why people don’t like him anymore.

  87. I have neva in my life seen such a power hungry conniving useless twit of a man.come on florence, tell him to get a are the laughing stocks of zambia.nevers please shut the ##$%&^**** up!

  88. #124 Please that’s too much why insulting we wont go anywhere…have a heart dear atleast! Never is a human being just like you.

  89. @ 124..FAR OUT,

    You overrate the man when you mention conniving and him in the same sentence,

    this man is no inept at strategy and planning,

    imagine if he had kept his calm,kept his loose in check as VP,

    maybe who knows this might have just been his opportunity to step in,

    it sometimes help to play the fool in life unlike his know it all attitude,

    What a shame,poor man

  90. @ 124..FAR OUT,

    You overrate the man when you put conniving and him in the same sentence,

    this man is so inept at strategy and planning,

    imagine if he had kept his calm,kept his loose mouth in check as VP,

    maybe who knows this might have just been his opportunity to step in,

    it sometimes help to play the fool in life unlike his know it all attitude,

    What a shame,poor man

  91. Nevers is not focused, he is an opportunist. He is never there for the party when they need him. He always appears from nowhere and you find him on top of the tree. This time around NO HIGH ways FAKE PASTER just go to hell you fool!!!

  92. No one enjoys death, but if a person dies, it does not mean the end of the world, as hard and painful as it is, life has to go on, and the sooner Zambia has a president the better. The prfect candidate is one who is well equipped for the positions in terms of education, and knowledge, someone who has the people’s best interests at heart and most importantly someone with integrity, a believer who know who he is in God and who know what power he possesses through God, someone who will not be ashamed to share the gospel with other head of states.
    It is so painful to see how ignorant the church in Africa still is, who said politics are for unbelievers? Wake up Christians

  93. The world has blind folded u for too long, its time you rose and took our stand, its pity that even though the blindfolds have been removed from our faces some still live as though it were still there. I say Dr. Nevers has discovered who he is in God, God created the earth and called his own to rule it, subdue and have dominion. The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof. Dogs only back on a moving not a stationed car, coz I believe they see it as a treat to them, as long as the car is not moving, they wont bark, so press on Sir, God is with you, this race is not yours to take, but Gods, He will give you strength, Africa is standing with you, and raising your platform even higher

  94. Dr Mumba, Africa is standing with you, Zambia is the heart of Africa and God has positioned you there to fulfil His purpose. You have been on the porters hand, been through the furnace and have come out strong, I know you will not break no matter what is thrown on you. My God will not fail you, Let them make their comments, they have no idea that its God’s plan to show you off. Faith obtains, faith births, faith creates. God’s word will never return unto Him Void without accomplishing that which he has sent it for. Christians really amaze me, in every church you go to, the leaders are saying Africa for Christ, Africa will not be save with you sitting and folding your arms, Africa will n

  95. Dr Mumba is a being a chancer,he should not abondon his Reform Party the way he abandoned the NCC.Please let him demonstrate to us that he can be a man of principle too in addition to being a man of the good word.

  96. Number 138,it´s very obvious you have no clue who Nevers is and what he wants…ask people that know him for years.if a man can treat his Assistant pastors the way he did,i for one do not think he qualifies to govern a country of millions.MAY be florence his wife knows better seeing she handles the cheque book.

  97. Nervous is the local prostitute always looking for power and money whenever the opportunity comes along.
    He is such a shame to the Ministry, a liar, a crook and a man of the bad word. He has completely lost direction because he has been consumed by the way of the world. This former man of God is now a man of satan

  98. Actually according to Jeff Kaande,the deputy MMD national Secreatry,Nevers Mumba’s application was the first one to be turned down.Good riddance!!!

  99. “I believe in Zambia. I also believe in the Zambian people. We have what it takes to move our country out of this valley of poverty and despair. History encourages us with nations that had sunk and yet through a unified resolve, ended up on top…There is hope for Zambia. Hope for us to transform ourselves into a prosperous nation.”

    These are words of the man whose very presence reveals the insecurity of many. If we really knew Nevers cant perform we would not have constantly denied him chance. Let us not be afraid of those who have pontential to do better than us.

  100. His first name is “Nevers” and he shall surely live up to his name when it comes to being Zambia’s prezdo. He will never be one.

    I doubt his sanity. It is clear he can’t win any election. Well, he has embarassed himself. He should hsve stuck the his calling as a preacher.

  101. It is confusing to hear that Dr Nevers Mumba applied to be president of MMD. I thought he was RP president. Please clarify how this is possible.

  102. What Barack Obama Can do about the Conflict in Congo and Africa as a whole
    In Africa the things that should unite us have been used to divide us and the outcomes are hunger, poverty, impoverishment, penury and wars. At this moment (Nov the 5th 2008) in the United States, history has been made. Barack Obama born of a Kenyan father and an American mother became the 44th President-elect of the United States of America.
    American democracy is not perfect. It has its short comings and pitfalls. The rigging of votes by George Bush in Florida in 2000 and the dirty campaign mastered by his father will remain as some of the most shameful highlights of American democracy. Nevertheless the peaceful

  103. Two principal ones have been indicated. The first is the need to achieve national unity. The new States in Africa are the creation of Colonial Powers. At Independence, narrow tribal and regional loyalties re-assert themselves, and the new State has to be welded into a nation. For this task, it is argued, a strong leader, a strong centralized government, and firm measures are required; therefore, according to the apologists, what in the old democracies may seem undemocratic measures are justifiable in the peculiar circumstances of Africa.
    From this, the apologists slide into the assertion that it is not right to judge the African situation by the standards of Europe. This is, I think, dangerous for international relations. It would seem to set up different standards of democracy for differ

  104. Pastor Freddie Nsapo

    Daily Devotions

    Do not get too comfortable

    Exodus 5:18-23 Go therefore now, and work; for there shall no straw be given you, yet shall ye deliver the tale of bricks. And the officers of the children of Israel did see that they were in evil case, after it was said, Ye shall not minish ought from your bricks of your daily task. And they met Moses and Aaron, who stood in the way, as they came forth from Pharaoh: And they said unto them, The LORD look upon you, and judge; because ye have made our savour to be abhorred in the eyes of Pharaoh, and in the eyes of his servants, to put a sword in their hand to slay us. And Moses returned unto the LORD, and said, Lord, wherefore hast thou so evil…

  105. Nevers Mumba is a liar and a money laundering machine

    Him and the deputy Mr Nz oya are staling tax payers money. They had fired Mr Tem bo because he knew about this scam and was? against it. They also have a office sl ut , Caro lina Rodri guez who is also abusi ng the money. The Ottawa Zambian mission are thieves.

  106. I’m extremely impressed together with your writing talents and also with the format to your weblog. Is that this a paid topic or did you customize it your self? Either way keep up the excellent quality writing, it is uncommon to see a great blog like this one nowadays..

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