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Rupiah Banda is Zambia’s Fourth President


MMD candidate rupiah Banda and his wife Thandiwe chanting party slogans before he addressed the last campaign rally
MMD candidate rupiah Banda and his wife Thandiwe chanting party slogans before he addressed the last campaign rally

Acting vice president Rupiah Banda will be declared the winner of the presidential by election today after taking the lead for the first time since the presidential poll results were first released by the Electoral Commission of Zambia on Friday.

The results so far showed Mr Banda with 708,683 votes versus 682,171 for Michael Sata, the leader of the opposition Patriotic Front. The count was based on results from 148 of 150 constituencies.

With two constituencies remaining, Mr Sata is unlikely to gain many votes to overhaul the gap as both of the constituencies are in the ruling MMD’s strongholds.

But the PF have not conceded defeat. They have announced that they would be asking the court for a complete recount due to discrepancies between voter tallies and registration lists.

Michael Sata on Saturday morning stormed the Electoral Commission of Zambia election results center claiming Thursday’s presidential poll had been rigged.

Mr. Sata, who was visibly angry accused the ECZ of releasing inflated figures.

He alleged that constituencies in Eastern Province can not have 75 percent turnout when the poll has been characterised by apathy.

“I have evidence that results are being inflated. They cheated me in 2006 and they want to do the same,” Sata said.

Most regional bodies have declared the elections free, transparent and fair

Two African regional bodies have declared the October 30 presidential election free and fair.

In their Preliminary reports the African Union Election observer mission and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa COMESA- say the election was held in a free and peaceful environment.

AU observer mission team leader, Anil Gaya, says the election took place in a peaceful atmosphere in which voters were able to cast their votes without intimidation.

Mr. Gaya said the Electoral Commission of Zambia-ECZ- organized an efficiently run election.

He said the Presidential election was in conformity with the declaration of the AU principles governing democratic elections in Africa.

And COMESA Observer mission leader, Johnson Wa Binana said the election was held in a peaceful manner.

Mr. Wa Binana also called on Zambians to remain peaceful and united.

Also The Electoral Institute of Southern Africa-EISA- has observed that the October 30 presidential and parliamentary by-elections were conducted in a transparent manner.

Patrotic Front leader Michael Sata talking to journalists outside the elections results centre in Luaska
Patrotic Front leader Michael Sata talking to journalists outside the elections results centre in Luaska

EISA delegation leader, Leshele Thoahlan, says the polls were transparent because Zambians were allowed to freely express their will.

Mr. Thoahlan says the mission hopes that the management and announcement of Presidential results will be handled in the same manner.

He commended the people of Zambia for their peaceful conduct during the election period.

Mr. Thoahlan said this in Lusaka when he released a report on the October 30 polls.

The EISA Observer mission will produce a more comprehensive and final report on the entire electoral process within ninety days.


  1. It’s better to act like in other african countries if people don’t want peace. MMD is joking with the zambian people. Banda won’t do anything. Wait and see

  2. If anything, it’s better to do like it happened in Kenya ……………….. Wait and see what we are preparing after these unfair elections

  3. The opposition is to blame…..too greedy to sit down and agree to field one candidate has cost them a vital position to revolutionlalise Zambia. It should also be noted that the list of the candidates we had was not palatable but we had to do with what we had. Its sad to see people’s efforts in voting go to the dogs and we need to formulate a better system that will avoid us being found in such situations like these where villagers disagree with urban residents. Its also a source of concern that rural areas numbers have out numbered urband areas. I smell a rat…why did it take so long to release rural areas? Have you also wondered if there was more fax numbers to ECZ to send reuslts to?

  4. #4 & #5, Am a PF cadre and Sata lost fair and square. No need for Kenya rubbish. We won were we were supposed to win and too bad the turn out in urban centres was low. Anyway Next time. It’s just 3 years away. Lets just build the party across the country now. Am sure RB aftyer testing power is going to stand in 2011. Sata can have another go with him ..since HH is big headed and doesn’t learn. He basically cost us this election

  5. Miss Atl kweena after swearing at us, blogging yenu ya shupa.

    This is winter we have all gone for bomfires and stellas. Kwena sata chabipa good thing though is that we have a strong opposition leader that way we will have proper checks and balances. Well done Zambians keep it up.

  6. I like our knew first lady….she is very pretty and young…no make-up whatsoever, i hope taka sambilile shibukeni.

  7. Great thanks to the villagers who have saved this country yet again from the hands of Sata. The villagers have proved yet again to be better analysts of presidential candidates. They cannot choose someone less than themselves in terms of accademic attainments. What a simple standard! In 2006, they gave us LPM and sidelined Sata. Afterall, voting for Sata is voting for another version of MMD, its not voting for change. Sata, Danny Pule, GBM, William Harringtone and others are all recycled MMD. Zambia deserves better. The Zambian ship should be stable untill 2011 when we shall choose a real leader who will represnt real change. I hope this is the last time we shall be bothered by Sata.

  8. This is not just about Sata..its about change for the better and the issue at hand is that no opposition leader can outsit MMD with this kind of tactic. Even HH was ahead in election results like Sata, he still wouldnt have won because villagers are now deciding our fate. This means that the urban areas will act cold towards the goverment and it will be more harder to fulfill govt policies because urban pipo rejected Chi Banda…..we need new brains, faces to change Zambia’s political scenario. Its hard to go back home if you live in diasposra because there is nothing to go back to

  9. the best candidate has won clearly,we dont want kenya issues here….accept defeat (opposition)MMD will only be dislodged in 2011 if opposition come together but if they become selfish again,MMD will win….no doubt

  10. I have a belief that in 2001 Chiluba rigged the elections in favour of Levy M against Mazoka and there are many indicators to that effect. If the elections have been rigged this time, it must have been done in a smart way considering that the raw results were displayed at every polling station. That being the case Sata knows deep down his heart that he lost and keeping quiet will diasppoint his followers- the storm will be over within days. I also suspect that Sata borrowed loads of money for his campaign, how is he going to pay back – probably with another stroke. Too bad for king cobra experiencing what Mazoka went through.

  11. #7 Kijo,

    Rewind the announcement of election results in Zimbabwe and you will agree with me that the release of the results in Zambia were not delayed. Where in Africa have you seen an election where people vote on thursday and they get almost all the results by sunday. Even in the USA, George Bush is ruling because of a single vote.

  12. Sata must now think of retiring from politics. Thanks to people in rural areas for saving mother Zambias. MMD I hope will not forget these rural people.

  13. Finally my prayers have been answered.mmd conceded defeat in all parliamentary by elections.why can’t pf do the same.thoz who are talking about violence shud remember that sata and fred membe who are in the forefront can easily run to otha countries ‘nga yazanda.’and we’ll remain to be dealt with by the army & police.let sata jst go to court if he has facts of any rigging.violence must be condemed by all patriotic zambians

  14. Better this Banda chap than Sata. Having said that the decline of the dollar is an indication of what would have come had MMD lost.
    i hope Miyanda ca mke noise starting now!!

  15. Shame n our country,havin a figure head presidnt.i wil neva vote again until vj,katele and kalale are dead,these 3 rig elections in zed.they were traind js 4 tht by OP in Israel and is a waste of time in zed rili..

  16. Well done MMD campain team,now its time to work,no time for politics.Dont concentrate on getting back at your enemies,zambia is for everyone so no one should be sidelined.Let us all continue where our great leader LPM left off.Our economy is already dwindling,no more sleeping RB.Thanks to all the Zambians who voted wisely.

  17. RB should chase away those Chinese laborers. How can a country honestly import laborers when our own Zambians do not have jobs? This is a country with a president looking at these things happen. You will never see foreign laborers in China, so why should it be normal for us???

  18. I have been rooting for HH from the get-go.When it came down to Sata and RB, my conscience told me that with all that we have seen of sata’s lack of diplomacy, the last thing i want is for this man to represent the country that we all love so passionately.Can you imagine sata address the general assembly.This guy could very possibly be another jabob zuma.So better the devil i know than the one i dont.I await a more organised campaign by HH in 2011. We should learn from this.The americans learnt from the last election.Thats why Obama will win.

  19. What a shame that Sugar Daddy Rupiah has successfully rigged!! And Zed will seriously have an under 20 first lady????

  20. Have you heard what Sata did after his rally in Choma? He went to Shoprite just when they had closed the shop and asked the guard to open. When the guard resisted, Sata slapped him and stormed the shop where he grabbed some items and went out without paying for then. Typical Kapova! It was a big scene. We just hoped cameras where here. How could we have voted for such a man even if it wasn’t about being tribal?

  21. I think RB got it fair n square! Are these election results any different from those in 06? No!What we are witnessing is the same voting pattern meaning the opposition equally the MMD did not do their homework but it’s understandable, “its a by-election”! Probably they all thought they had enough time (3years) to sharpen their strategies. Come on Zambia!

  22. It seems like the MMD submarine has torpedoed the PF Boat. VIVA RB, I hope you can be a great leader for the next 3 years. As for Sata he should be considering retirement…

  23. Zambia,tod u th election was rigged in eastern,western and n.western..dnt even blame th vilagas,they dnt hav any reason to vote 4 mmd.

  24. Sata was going to be a disaster for our international relations too.
    And he did not even believe in democracy within his own party.

    But MMD have work to now – purge the dead wood and the corrupt.

  25. #28 to you Rupiah is change? We are fed up of MMD and their fake promises, especially ifi bwela mushi like Rupiah we needed change. I was even planning on visiting Zed instead i will stay here and drum up support for Obama

  26. Mr Sata must accept election results just he has accepted results from lusaka, luapula & northern provinces.

    We told HH and sata to work together..but as naive as they are, they refused.

    Sata and HH, you gave away victory to MMD and RB. lick self inflicted political wounds as you count your losses.

  27. Fellow Zambians let us accept defeat. The opposition – Sata in particular – didnt want to field one candidate. Kaunda tried to persuade them to field one candidate and who walked out of the talks – Sata. Sata was over confident. Too bad that this was his last chance. Greedy doesnt pay

  28. Why is it the Kwacha lost value when KK was president?Why is it that western countries stopped buying Zambia’s copper in that period?Did KK invade white farms to deserve the bad publicity that led to his ousting by MMD?Who controls the mines in Zambia?Who is farming and producing farm inputs?Why did EU observers not supervise the elections?Are Zambians really in control of the so called economic boom?MMD must have made concessions that are bleeding Zambia and the countries benefitting must be in Europe and America.Zambians are being robbed in day light.

  29. If there has been any rigging, which i suspect there atleast has been an attempt to do, the truth will eventually come out. I would like to thank Munkoyo and other emminent bloggers who have kept us all constantly updated with results and opinions. Thats Zambian unity at its best.I AM PROUD TO BE ZAMBIAN.

  30. “… Mr Sata, who leads the Patriotic Front, vowed during the campaign to transform Zambia within 90 days of taking office by forcing foreign firms to hand over 25% stakes to local investors…”

    My view:
    The Cobra’s lack of vision is what led to its demise.

    Zambia is big…

  31. Now is the time to put this election behind us. I believe most of the people in Zambia will agree that these elections were very transparent…probably more transparent than any other election held before.
    The PF should NOT blame HH for not forming an alliance because UPND will claim that had Sata agreed to become HH’s vice, this elction woud have been bagged Friday in favour of them. While alot of PF cadres talk about change, i find it hard to accept that their candidate was to bring that change. They have accused Rupiah of being UNIP yet their own candidate is known to have been ANC,ZANC, UPP,UNIP, MMD and finally PF. Why didnt they accept to field HH? Is it because one region in this

  32. I can’t wait to see what will happen to pipo who defected to pf.pipo like Geofrey chumbwe,christine Moonga and othas.
    Pliz mulongoti deal with the post,u promised us remember.
    RB pliz don’t fire Magande i knw he was nt supportive.u can jst fire shakafuswa or Masebo but start with chibombamilimo.
    Hw about bringing the likes of Chisanga puta Chekwe,Neo Simutani and others.

  33. country thinks it is smarter than others? Country men face reality. I have said it in the past that the majority of those who claim that Tongas and Lozis are tribal are the worst tribalists.
    Having said that we need to give PF a chance to expose the “tricks” that MMD used to rig this election lest the country calls them bad losers.
    If PF is serious about change, start by democratising your party. The flip-flopping of your party ona number of issues was testimony that SATA doesnt listen to his advisers. He is not a one man show when it comes to decission making. He is simply a LOOSE CANON.

  34. yaba,this country is ……,who is the most urgly president in the world,a hint?ahahahahahahah.

    honestly I pay so much TAX here,35% and i see nothing from this mmd gvt apart from the government workers who build mansions in Chalala.

    I get my CCVP, I’m outa here!!!!!by the way,peace is never a guarantee ,people got to be aware of such dangers,we are not immune to war.

  35. #43 RB should go ahead and fire Magande replace him with Mutati. We are fed up of him if the country cannot have change atleast the cabinet should. Magande retire to you farm and herd your cattle!!

  36. zambian stop looking at tribal issue, Hakainde is only canditate who can give hope to future of our country. next election don’t make a you hear me my fellow zambian.


  38. If RB is about change, he should keep the likes of Nevers, VJ, Nawakwi, Chitala etc away from his government. We want a new generation of leaders.

  39. #39 Joe you right on my dear. I totally share your views. As for the election results, there is no need to go the Kenya way as some bloggers are suggesting. It is very unZambian. WE ARE ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION. The Kenya way is one once you tread upon it, you can never fully recover from its destructive effects. Zambia is Zambia and all of us know that we have our own special way of solving internal problems. Let’s do things the way we have always done even in times of pain and bitterness. Twakana ama violence pa zed.

  40. my prayer has been answered….ba sata needs some rest,too much fi fwaka!!!!pf suporters plizzz bapeni pension… we r certainly not looking forward to another by-election

  41. #48, what are the reasons for wanting to fire Magande and replace hime with Mutati? You are the same person not interested in coming home ( i take it you are disillussioned) why the interest in the cabinet? Tell us what Mutati would do that Magande cant.

  42. #45 to hel wth ur tribal rubish….ur the same pipo hu say u cnt vote 4 pf,and u wnt to find an excuse bt u knw very wel ur reason is tribal…

  43. AU, Comesa, SADC and others have declared the election free and fare. This is definately in constrast to Zim elections..

    Therefore Mr Sata will find it difficult to sell his story to the world. Also esp that the American are voting in a few hours…the entire world awaits the big results…

    My brother is ‘die-hard’ PF…he tells me that MMD won fare and square. Let move on. In few days we will know RB intentions when he appoints cabinet.

  44. Now can s/one sot out m’membe? They thot satana waz goin 2 win. Jesus answered our prayers’ sata deserves where he his now. Bully/ mugabe.

  45. Magande is fake to begin with, he did not even support his counterpart RB after loosing the MMD nomination, we only had very few ministers like Mutati campaining for RB. There is nothing super Magande has done for the country as Fin minister even Nawakwi did a beter job, the credentials he holds Mutati has better. So #55 i hope I have answered you as to why wolves like Magande need to retire and manage his farm investments instead

  46. Time to test your own medicine Mr Sata. I thought your started this rubbish of rigging and now you want to cry foul. Tawakwata mano sana mudala. You continue paying for the sins you committed.

    Bye bye Satana iwe.

  47. I pray that all Zambians will remain peaceful and accept the results. As someone had stated earlier, the opposition votes were split between PF and UPND. From what I have read, it seems that low voter turnout was also an issue. While Sata seems to be popular in several urban areas, he should accept that this is not the case in some key rural areas. RBs term is very short so the only thing he can do is to continue with the current MMD policies to maintain economic stability and confidence in the country. The next two years will be a transition period as parties prepare for the next elections. Maybe we will have new candidates for the next Presidential elections, particularly for MMD and PF?

  48. Bane the ship was too heavy with scrap metal and being navigated by drunk, stoned, blind captain. That is why it sank. Find another captain in 2011

  49. Pipo calin 4 m’membe to b sortd ot are js wasting their time..find smthing else to wish 4..m’membe is nt js alone n tht,he has backing,powaful than pink-liped teta,o fishy lokin mulongoti..

  50. Parties need to start grooming candidates for the next Presidential elections in 2011. It seems that HH and Miyanda are keen to contest again. It will be interesting to see which candidates PF and MMD will field.

  51. ………whatever will be, will beeee. The future is not ours to seeeee! ……….whatever will be will beeeeeeeeeeeee!

  52. There will be anational mourning on monday.Thr titanic boat has capsized with more than 680,000 people feared dead. The death toll may rise. It hit into two big rocks under water called mmd and upnd. Please pass on this information to your friends that might be missing a relative. The cause of the accident is that the captain of the ship was too old to navigate the ship.

  53. The peoples wish will never come fourth for as long as opposition parties are not together. Imagine PF and UPND numbers put together. MMD would have been an opposition party today. I voted for the opposition cos am tired of this MMD rubbish. I dont know who will make the opposition parties see and hear what the people are telling them to do. If no one pumps brains into opposition leaders we ill have the same problem in two years time.

  54. HH did not cost anyone the election as some of you may think. Sata stormed out of the indaba they had at KK’s residence because he thought he was more popular than any other candidate. In any case, God had other plans for Zambia. If He allowed it, Sata would be presido now. Since God had other plans, RB is there now. Remember what happened to Essau and Jacob, who was blessed through ‘cheating’? Jacob of course and God allowed it that way. So guys, the die has been cast, lets move on. Opposition, plan better in the coming 3 years.

  55. I support HH but in this election he should have teamed up with PF as veep. It seems my president has wrong advicers. They were looking at their ministral positions and not what the people wanted. He would have been a perfect choice for 2011.

  56. PF is largely centered around Sata so it may be difficult for them to field an alternative candidate with such mass appeal. I’m sure Sata would have retired by 2011. Other than Sata the most widely known PF members are Scott and Lubinda.

  57. Ahaaaaa-haaaaaa! Ati chi sugar daddy chawina! Ba Police basiye ku gwila ma Child-defilers coz we got such a one as our leader, te? Damn!

  58. Rili lokin 4wad to c hu wil be presidntial cndidates in 201..wnderin were prof chirwa wil go since he has bn rejectd by mmd,and Hh since its nw evidnt hs los t ground even furtha,and sata is hs time to retire.

  59. I hope the people have spoken???. Wait a minute the Copperbelt & Lusaka do not want MMD beacuse they have not voted for MMD. One should as why. I feel things are bad in the urban areas. HH you behaving like you did survive Mwanza’s axe 4 times (1981 – 1985). Please use your intelligence and team up with PF now. The writing is on the wall. Please analyse the voting pattern and find a solution to remove MMD from govt. They have become arrongant and brought us expat tractor drivers whilst my brothers and sisters have no jobs. Villagers we will stop sending you money and when you come vising bring food to feed yourselves and remember to come with Transport money for going back.

  60. Lets just accept defeat and make sure we push for Sata to reach further across Zambia. The problem is that this time he, as usual, focused on Luapula, Northern, Copperbelt and Lusaka – I think his advisors are useless and i think they should be fired. He should have been spending more time in Southern, Western, Eastern, Northwesten and Central. Its all about connecting with people. Look a lot of ppl thought HH would win in Central because of the Lenje and Ila connection but look how RB wiped him there just because of the ground work, Even our candidate made inroads in Southern this time. Even as close minded as we think the tongas are they too want change and with more time decent results po

  61. rejoice bonse ba mwadya mweka daddy! No.1 agenda ya sugar daddy, Pardon Chiluba. 2. All the vultures bene VJ na bashala will be given ministerial positions.. Viva mo corruption! nangu ti luze ni Pabwato.. we’ll see who will have the last laugh!

  62. 73. Crazy
    Some how you are right. the point is the opposition has a duty to serve the people. God only puts things in place for you. he never gives you give you in the hand. He did that in this election and the opposition didnt see Gods blessing. They both looked at what they will get after winning. Best is always fisrt. mind you i support UPND but PF has the numbers the results can show. HH should have accepted the position of veep. Thats my thinking.

  63. HH could have tested politics as vice presido with sata, atleast could have gained him points outside Tonga land. Next time he wont make it coz magande will stand in tonga land and votes will be shared with an experienced guru. Pity on big headed HH

  64. Tongas are not close minded, they are very intelligent pipo and always look for quality. If UPND was led by another quality person no matter where he was coming from they would still have voted for that person. If UPND was led, say, by Munkombwe, they certainly would not have voted for him. I think from the look of things, the Bembas are the ones who are so close minded, see how they voted for SATA. Records are there to see.

  65. #54 Canadian. Commissions upon commissions about this and that whose contents are never implemented or if at all implemented only those clauses favoring the sitting govt. In other words our special way of solving problems is not to solve them at all. Just play ignorant about their existence and continue in your docility because chili ukotuleya. Ati fikaisova kuntanshi. That is why the destiny of our great nation is being determined by villagers perched in the remotest parts of our land who may not understand the trend of the modern world.

  66. This situation is not good for the country. We risk having Mlogoti, teta, chitala, vj, and the others in cabinet. I can assure you the country will not record any meaningful progress.
    I cant wait to see RB’s carbinet.

  67. Here we go again. i dread going back home. We cant have a situation were rural zambia dicides who rules the country. one scholar says “in africa leaders create conditions so horible for there rural folk so that when they do a service, people think its a favour and give them a vote in return” and i entirely agree with him. weve seen what 1 bag of fertiliser can do in zambia.

  68. Goodnight Ba Sata. The cobra has always a very negative conotation in bibilical terms. You can now see the Chinese dancing around. Go back to bed, or open a language and moral school for the “Missed Calls” Ba Kaponya. It is now time for you to put a young man in PF and concentrate also in the rural area. We don’t want any moaning, but progress. Zambia will never be a Zimbabwe my shikulu! By the way all the election observers both local and international declared the elections to be free and fair. It is also high time for PF to send some of those missed calls Kaponyas to computer schools so that they learn about digital counting, computer knowledge. We are now in the modern world whereby co

  69. The people have spoken. I for one did not want Sata to win and am happy with the result. If anything Sata’s behaviour when he first learned of the results confirms my opinion of him – he is not presidential material. But that is in the past. We need to get together as Zambians and keep our country peaceful. Anybody wanting a bit of Kenya does not have the interest of our people at heart. What surprised me was that PF people started celebrating too early, just like in 2006. Every party has it’s strongholds so you have to wait for all the results before you start counting your chickens.

  70. He wants to introduce again Ba Kapaso mentality? Retire Ba Mudala and let the young take over, your time is gone. I am sure Chiluba and Regina are jumping up and down praising God!

  71. They havent finished counting there still two constituencuies,They can be MMD strong hold but who knows what can happen,who knows a miracle may happen PF still has a chance to win. People, I hear T.B Joshua said an opposition will win does it mean he lied in his prophesy, or MMD has won and its not the will of GOD, and would this mean MMD has rigged the election.

    Sata says he has evidence let us hear it later in court. Even though the court will be in favour of the ruling government they can never rule against.As the chief justice is appointed by the President.

    Whatever the results whether rigged or not i dont have a choice i will accept the results, after the last count.Pabwatooo

  72. Wats the issue bout anyway? RB has a yung wife n so wat? Has that got anythin to do wit wat he may o may not have to offer this country? Its coz of ppl like u who cannot reason that we in this mess in de first place. If you want change, be that change!

  73. Did u see the way SATA blasted at the international media it was embarasing a person we expect to lead our country saying such things its not good proper kaponya thank God he wont make it to plot one coz we can ve a dictator in zambia

  74. Mmembe’s recent failures,
    1.The self-confessed atheist, Fred Mmembe championed the divisive and anarchist debate of making Bemba as an official language. He failed lamentably with this narrow view.
    2.He was bulldozing Magende to be adopted as MMD presidential candidate by insinuating that he was endorsed by the late LPM. He failed terribly.
    3.He endorsed and campaigned for a candidate (SATA)whom in 2006 elections, he had decampaigned with a fierce passion. Sata has failed him. Of late Mmembe is a failure.

  75. Sata should have been campaigning more in the areas where he does not have much support. That is what they do in the US. Why waste time preaching to the converted? Also, people should not forget that despite our high levels of urbanism, most people in Zambia live in the rural areas. If you dont give them what they want they wont vote for you just like if a party is seen as favouring one ethnic group will not govern the country.

  76. Watchdog you’re the wo/man. Lots of sense in your blogs. Wish we had more like you here. Coming to HH, the pact was not only going to give him a position but a better and bigger platform. People would have started looking at him differently. Let him not cheat himself. Even in 2011, it will be the same no matter how hard he campaigns. He is the right person for the job but needs a bigger platform or needs to stand on the shoulders of giants as the old adage goes.

  77. @JJ i think on the part of the bible i dont accept. The bible does not always have anegative connotation on the cobra. To begin with have you seen the sign of medicine the badge doctors put on?And do you remember in the desert, when people where to look to the snake(Cobra) and they will live. The sign for medicine the snake(cobra) and the one put on by doctors is a sign of LIFE. So the cobra means life.
    So the King Cobra means good life and prosperity to all Zambians.

  78. RB used team work.Eg, FTJ,VJ, Edith Nawa, Katele, KK,Nevers. HH shud have teamed up with K.Cobra. Working with Cobra cud have earned a good reputation in the urban areas esp that he is educated though not as intelligent as old politicians. He was going to be instrumental in sata’s govt. What a pity. Nevers with his experience from LPM will be Vice Presido again. Look at big headed HH. Still a small scale director!!!

  79. can someone explain to me how the alleged vote rigging was done. as one of the polling assistants, my impression was that rigging was impossible as all parties had access to the raw results right at the polling stations. we await the evidence from the pf

  80. The only way the mmd riged da elctns is by using the old register and refusing new registration. They used the same pipo that voted 4 them in 2006 2 vote them bak into power. Then they reduced the risk of stronger oposition by non registration of new voters. Everyone has overlooked this conspiracy. Vj started work earlier than we thought.

  81. corruption still there people. EG 5th mobile service provider coming cos teta is still in goverment. He will team up with RB sons and instruct the communications authority to advertise for applications which will be useless for any one to apply for cos it will be just for them to show they are following the steps like he did when he was with the Mwanawasa group. Dont be surprised when you see this advert in the newspapers.

  82. I always knew that the bwato was a sinking titanic – that is why I never got on! Well done Zambians! Tisamazi pelekelela ku njoka! We have saved ourselves from a dictatorship. Our brothers and sisters in Zim are still suffering because of dictatorship. Our brothers and sisters in Congo are still dying because of dictatorship. We have saved ourselves from the poison of the cobra

  83. #70 thats whacky! We’re watching out for the casualties. I’m told the victims are too shy to go to UTH hence are rushing to ma sangoma

  84. so now villages are less zambian than you guys in other countries that can use the net? please…stop insulting my mother and grandmother! and villages never decided anything, it was a countrywide vote and without the votes Banda was winning in the towns he wouldnt have won

  85. Imagine presidents Sata and Jacob Zuma debating, a fight would easily break out…..there’s something very radical about these men, hope Zuma also fails to make in S.A elections…. Viva level headed leaders.. Viva RB.

  86. #109 – I was thinking the same thing. Zuma and Sata and their kaponyas threatening violence. Africa needs to move on from such leaders and grow up.

  87. RB you are not my president.Thank God Iam not even in Zambia Nshakabwele until your term finishes.Viva Opposition

  88. The fact of the matter is 20 years of the MMD will not be the right thing for this country. We need to move to another ruling party to move our country forward.
    1.Look at them fixing roads only when its election time.
    2.Reducing fertuliser prize from K250,000 to 50pin- who paying the differance? you and me.
    3.Ordering zesco not to have load shedding- it means we can have a situation where there is no power cuts cos the right pipo are running zesco.
    please mwebantu are these actions pointing at long term development?
    Clearly the answer is no!!!!!!!

  89. Folks, let’s try to look at the merits and demerits of these two candidates-Sata & RB. I still feel RB would make a better president than Sata. Why I say so is that Sata would alienate Zambia from the rest of the world with his seemingly dictatorial tendencies. Remember no child is an island. You cannot say that you are able to develop your country on your on. We are in a global village. Look at what is happening now. The problems in USA have affected the economies of other countries. So in my opinion Sata is not the best choice.

  90. Genesis 3:15

    And i will put enmity between thee (serpent) and the woman and between thy seed and her seed, it shall bruise thy head and thou shalt bruise his heel.

    The bruise against the head of the serpent is fatal. I’m wondering why there are people still calling for a pact between Sata and HH in order to dislodge the MMD. No matter how obsessed Sata is with going to plot 1, he has 2 imminent enemies, time (he will be 74 years old in 2011) and health.The wound inflicted on the cobra is fatal, he may not recover.

  91. i blame the opposition still becoz for me i’m not pro sata or pro HH but i’m pro regime change n these pipo cudnt put their forces together bcoz that wud have bn an easy win for sure so that i dont even know how VJ could have managed to rig it but still selfish politicians with no national interest now we have all the greedy pipo resurfacing MY HEART BLEEDS FOR ZED IN 2011 KAYA CHABE WAT THE NATION WUD HAVE BEEN REDUCED TO!!!

  92. Sata should now do the honourable thing and retire. He has tried 3 times and failed. The Zambian people clearly dont want you. Please get on your boat and sail away

  93. Congrats RB.I think Sata should be given a post of prime minister as that will be a sign of fairness and that will please Sata’s People.They can’t over look him ,if they do then they will over look a majority of zambians who voted for him and that will be unfair.For the sake of unity Sata deservws something in the next GRZ.

  94. RB i wish all the best but please look at the labour laws. I know come tomorrow am losing my job coze i supported PF Head to Toe and the owners of the company wanted MMD and they told us what they will do to us . DIE HARD PF

  95. #119 I RESPECTED MWANAWASA FOR WAT HE did n lets face facts the economy increased by a lot when he was in power, but tell me on the ground did this mean that pipo who could previously nt afford a loaf of bread now cud get one or is it that pipo who could afford 2 loaves could now get 5 loaves.My point is the economy improving does not show that the standard of living of the average zambian did..the rich became richer n the poor still the same n the number of pipo living on less than a dollar a day is still staggeringly high. So we have policies that do not help the pipo at the grassroots n how cn we say we have moved forward?

  96. Anywhere, one can never be president single handedly. For Sata and HH to have deluded themselves to go it alone, that was their own undoing. This election was decided the moment they refused to work together. We only have One Zambia, and no one can work it alone. Just ask Miyanda.
    We need humble leaders who are wiling to work with others to bring about meaningful change and development, not selfish crowd pullers with less than 100% heart for Zambia. Now watch they way they will rape our mother Zambia. God help us.



  99. what has happenned has happened, we all have to embrace the outcome of the results and look forward. UPND and PF had we thought twice and merged that time it would have been a different story today,but so long as we remain greedy a similar situation is yet to hit us three years from today.which way do we go now? wheteher we accept or we don’t accept the results the only prudent thing to do will be for us to realign ourseves and give it a second thought, the opposition should get united and we will run to win in 2011.To remove the rulling party from government in Africa is not an easy will not do to start calling each other names on this blog.

  100. # 81, what ground work did RB do? It’s the body of the late LPM that campaigned for RB. The villagers gave him a vote of sympathy.

  101. 708,683


    PF why give up when the difference of is on 26,512 yet there are 9,132 to be won from Sikongo. From Sinjembela you still have 20,784 votes which have been counted. You can calculate. But you candidate must win all votes to pull through.
    = 29, 817 unless they are spoiled by GM and HH. Did your candidate there to campaign.

  102. If this man thinks he is going to finish this term well he is going to be the second president to kick the bucket becuase am very wi8lling to risk my life for his death and please don’t think am joking…. VJ is dying too. Crazy motherf***ers they are not doing it this time

  103. If RB win
    = 773,500
    If KC gets all results
    = 711,988
    Point of correct RB = 733,500

  104. We just have accept this result and move on. Some people on this blog have said that they will not accept RB, but I appeal to these people to calm down. Such reckless talk is what has lead to unrest and confusion in our neighboring countries. As Zambians, we cannot allow this to happen in our precious Zambia. Let us accept the decisions made by the majority of our brothers and sisters. While it is good that we have so many parties to choose from in Zambia, there is now a situation whereby the opposition is fragmented, thereby splitting votes. I wonder if we will see coalitions forming in future? Leaders seem to all want to run for Presidency, will they consider being a Veep?

  105. Ba 128. Ba Ndola. this has been my thinking for a long time. Look at the differance between RB and SATA. the opposition is to blaim for this situation. i dont think the elections were rigged. we were almost there. Coming together would surely garantee that.

  106. 132 Whats wrong with 131’s post? just because he posted in Chewa? PF supporters have been blogging in Bemba, no one has complained. So this guys blogs in chewa, then its a problem! Come on…Give us a break!

  107. here we go again MMD stealing from the people.zambians this time lets riot pliz dont accept this bloody spoilt results we want honesty and demand respect from MMD.Sata clearly won but MMD kept finding enough votes to offset the difference same tricks we are tired if its the villages representing you then Rb go to the villages we dont want you.CHINYAMA SOYA PIPO OF ZAMBIA LETS FYT.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. Whoever has won it doesn’t matter however what matters is the mission,Goals and Objectives of the President. We wish you all the best Money Banda. We hope to see an improvement on our economy, NO MORE KALULU STORIES.

    As for Ba Sata, all the best to you too. Pls retire from politics and go to the village. Im sure the time has come for you to do just that.

  109. Thanks these elections were won by better minded people than those PF guys.And all the noise is gone after the boat hit another iceberg, I guess if we replay the whole movie the captain will still hit the iceberg again again and again.At least sanity prevailed thanks to the rural dwellers of Zambia.They have spoken again.In urban Zambia, you talk bread and butter issues, people in rural areas talk life and death by hunger, so clearly, we can see the difference of lives in Zambia.You complain of fuel prices they have no mealie-meal for lunch, and poor PF strategist do not up to now pick this up.Sata represents the unhappy urban dwellers, employed folk, street vendors, etc.

  110. If what they say is true: “Knowledge is power.” then Zambia is not a great nation coz its leadership is being decided by the less informed people of rural. May I challenge the MMD and its supporters to think about this and think again. My fear is that they will keep illitercy levels in rural as low as possible so they can feast on that. Wake up people!

  111. RB Well done. I am sure a lot of Zambians are relieved to be led by a sober person like you. Imagine being led by a dreamer. I am MMD but I feel that HH did well as well. Keep it up my brother, 2011

  112. What has happened to those who were shouting Mwamukooooolooooo and others Pabwatoooooooo!!!! Today is our day the true Zambians who really love and care for our country. How could one think of taking the country into the hands of a dictator, corrupt and uneducated individual in the name of Sata? I am happy that the villagers or rather people in the rural areas have once again done their home work which they now know very well how to do it so as to avoid the snake. Urban pepople should learn to vote for quality. They bahave like the don’t think with their heads. Rural people seem to be much more informed. VIVA RBB. By the way I support HH.

  113. we are going to have anther 3 years of mmd,we welcome back,vj,ben mwila,nawakwi,christon,ngondo,cosmo,nevers mumba,are these the kind of learders u want in zambia.i dnt think levy wud have loved to stand or hang around such pipo who stressed him.advise to mmd,sata and hh brought out important issues that forced urban pipo to vote for them,mmd shud not ingnore those policies, instead extend a hand in implementing some of the policies.i only hope the pipo in the rural areas will looked after very well.ecz should be empowered very much so that our children outside zambia can also vote instead of blogging lol.peace to all zambians

  114. #141 violence is not the best way to resolve conflicts diplomancy is the way to go. If Sata feels that the elections were not fair, let him take the govt to court and justice will previal. Let us not judge without evidence. We just have to accept what has happened and move ahead. If you want our peaceful county to become another Rwanda, D.R.Congo and Kenya then you go ahead alone. Dont even encourage anyone to take part in such inhuman activities.


  115. Now lets break down the campaign issues here; 1. Tax breaks, Zambia has more than 65% unemployed people, so these people are not affected by this issue. 2. 25% stake of companies to be grabbed by GRZ, how does this affect someone in rural senanga, 3. Houses in 90 days again not appeasing rural voters,etc.

    We can go on and on, urban dwellers always remember that the people who feed you are the rural dwellers, so they have a say on who runs Zambia.I’m happy that another farmer has taken the reigns again, very positive for the country, we are moving forward.Advise to MMD go poach all those disgruntled PF MPs, so that your support base can grow in PF stronghold, and grow in south. prov.

  116. #141, you sound very bitter. No matter your personal feelings, you should NEVER call for violence. Shame shame shame on you. You have no regard for your fellow Zambians. All of us have relatives in the village, even you, so why are you showing so much disrespect to villagers. You also have no regard for the well being of your fellow Zambians whose lives and property would be affected by any violence. Your thinking is very small. You do not seem concerned with the development of Zambia.

  117. Rigging, was it really there? help us understand,

    (1)is it true that some people were caught with premarked ballot papers? If so what has the commission done about it?

    (2)Is it true that a vehicle broke down when delivering election materials to western and north western province? Is it true that in western province, voting went into friday?

  118. The campaign issues are never clear, the campaign strategies are sometimes questionable. At the end of the day in a sysatem such as we have the person who gets the most votes, even by one vote, wins the election. I hope next time the opposition parties will workout a strategy to get as many people as possible to go out and vote and possibly consider fielding one candidate to consolidate the votes. In any event congrats to RB.

  119. By the way, why are PF supporters talking of 2011? Their leader said Rupiah should now rule up to 2013 since anyone who wins is supposed to rule for 5 years. How I wish it happened that way so that by around that time Sata will not even be able to stand. The same weapon you use against your friends shall be used against you. Sata wanted to prevent elections in 2011 had he been elected and he justified that, it would be good to see RB follow what Sata desired to do. VIVA RB. I support HH.

  120. #141, cliffen,

    Kindly note that PF rigged these elections the moment michael chilufya sata walked out of the talks of an HH/SATA pact at KK’s residence. Unless you are new on this forum, you will recall that we predicted a victory for the ruling party immediately those talks failed. Mmembe however could have mislead you into believing his satamania lies. Otherwise the writting was very clear on the wall and no foreign/strange language was used.



  122. #144 Couldn`t have put it better myself. What is annoying is these same villagers are busy nagging for money for fertiliser! lol! Oh well they won`t any more will they? It only costs fifite pinny now! lol.

  123. From the time MMD came in to power,things have gone fron bad 2 worse. Zambian pipo,wake up! Why cnt we try another party? But its 2 late coz MMD has done what they r gud @ riggin! What a shame

  124. See that video on CNN (Constant Negative News)reporting at what is happening on Congo DR just our door step. Anyonw preaching violence must be sort out before he even attempt. Zambia has working legal system those who are not satified should seek redress in the court of law not purporting anrchy

  125. PF CADRES
    Tulamyeba ati mwilayangala na ruling party. Kabili mufwile muleibwelamo, Apo mwayambila ukucita contest but tamwatala amuwinapo.

    QUESTION: Have you guys started bringing back the oats that you were moving from one constituency to the other as a campaigning tool? If you have not done so, Can you please bring them back as quickly as possible for maintenance in Lusaka so that maybe in 2011 you can win and let your Michael Sata be the fifth president.

    It is very sad that the titanic is sinking.


  127. Cliffen No. 141. You obviously have not seen the pictures coming out of Congo Dr for you to say you want people to riot. It is irresponsible and criminal for you to wish such a fate on Zambians. I hope people like you are quickly identified and locked up. The peace we have should not be taken lightly by people like you. Grow up and have a peaceful day.

  128. a few pipo talked have vowed never to vote again coz voting does not make sense at all,i have to think twice before i vote in 2011.hh for life

  129. Sata you did your best to rejuvinate the folks out there about the gaps being created by the MMD. For sure, I was more interested in the party CHANGE -too much of the same party. This breeds complacency, know-it all, corruption and gradually the down-fall of the economy. MY ADVICE TO ALL THE OPPOSITION PARTY LEADERS- 2yrs is very near, A MERGE- is the only strategy that can boot out the ruling party. We are sick and tired of the same old party; For those who are UNIP haters, UNIP HAS BOUNCED BACK in the name of MMD- I admired one UNIP mining policy i.e of 51% Government control of the shares. RB PLIZ enact it again, Bob Mugabe may be unpopular but I respect him for that, He is right.

  130. Thanks United Zambia for rejecting this venomous mad snake called Satana.RB is our humble and Great servant and the wise rural population have just helped serve this country from this crown sata and his kaponyas like conductor nsanda,Mafontini.Bembas are the most troble chaps.LOzi and tongas are descent people like Easterners and North westerners plus central.VAVA RB.Abash Kaponya boat.

  131. Guys i am very unhappy to HH and Sata. These guys have made RB to win due to their selfish desires and power hungary. In 2011 we shud field only one opposition candidate agaist mmd. HH and Sata plz swallow your pride 4 mother zambia. Form a pact now!

  132. After a gruelling, hard-fought rollercoaster 35 days of insults, Rupiah Banda now stands on the brink of realising his improbable quest and making history by becoming the first aged Zambian President.
    But he has ignited a new fervour and excitement in a country frustrated by the same old faces on the political scene panicked by an economic crisis which has further dragged down Zambias poor economy and sickened by old recycled politcians like Mr Sata and the ungrateful Hichilema.
    In his meteoric rise, Zambian’s appear to be realising long-held dreams not the aggression we saw from Mr Sata.
    Archie Kasalika

  133. Continue stealing votes. One day mukebila inkaka. Zambia ikapasamuka. Remember Kenyans thought all was well until that one day. Zambia is not immune from such anger we saw in Kenya. Where will you run to, Zimbabwe? Congo? Angola? The best thing is don’t do it if you have to avoid such calamities. Don’t steal people’s rights. Don’t steal people’s futures. Don’t steal Children’s future for the sake of your children alone. if these people can steal one sacred paper from citizens, What else do they steal? One day the bottom will fall off.

  134. #166 is absolutely correct, A riot is not the answer. I am still for the MERGE as the only way to boot out those guys’ party-MMD. Carry out an election audit and forge aheard-2yrs is very close. If any thing this period for campaign was too brief to enable the opposition do their job of convincing those in rural areas-there are a lot of die-hards out there. Consider this election as a mock election for you Guys. Good luck!

  135. Guys bakamushi are busy voting for MMD when all we hear from them is poverty.

    Can we try and leave them alone for once please? These are people who should be more anooyed with this govenment than the ones on the CB or Lusaka.

  136. #171, Aisha,

    Have you considered Sata’s age in your advice. Please lets be kind to Sata. He is very old and sick. He deserves to rest after desparately trying to be president since 2001 (3 times now). He will be 75 in 2011. Consider a Given Lubinda-HH pact. Lets focus on the young.

  137. # 158,ine na dollar yandi tabakaimonepo libili. Capwa na juba. Mpaka bakacenjele. Ine ndipe, nafi junk food diba!

  138. I know that Sata’s supporters will console themselves thats the election was rigged; but anyone who cares to compare this election to the 2006 one will realise that the voting pattern has gone the same way in 2008 as they did in 2006. Sata won where he is popular and lost (lamentably) where he is unpopular. While MMD managed to get some decent votes in PF strongholds (eg in Lusaka for every 3 votes sata got, nyama soya got 1 vote); sata didnt manage to get the same in MMD stronghold (eg in north western province for every 25 votes nyama soya got, sata got 1 vote). Sata believed to much in the hype that the post created around him, a hype which unfortunately didnt translate into votes.

  139. I am disappointed that the blog has erased my beutiful message. I am requesting RB to enact the former KK’s policy of the mining industry- 51% government ownership of the industry- the so called investors are busy reaping your natural resources at a give away price. Convince your fellow legislatures.I am a very young lady but admire some of Super KK’S POLICIES.

  140. Whats up wit Sata i hear da man had heart attack after RB victory.WHOOPS DA BOAT SUNK SO BADLY. OLD MAN NEEDS CPR.

  141. I wanted HH to win, however Banda is better than the cobra. Pliz those who live with Cobra advise him to go p court and not start planning nonsense. All leaders must be ready to die for the sake of peace. Emulate People from the southern province i mean the likes of Harry Mwangankumbula. They gave Kaunda a chance to rule for the sake of peace even though he was not the rightful leader then. Peace is more important than going to plot 1.
    May the good Lord,GOD of the Universe reign over our peace loving country.

  142. Whle MMD MPs were out in their constituencies begging their voters to vote for RB, the few MPs that sata hasnt (yet) fought with were busy following him around basking in the glory of the mammoth rallies sata was holding. But rallies dont win votes, individuals win votes. A closer look at the pipo attending sata’s rally revealed a worrying trend of young men (who were probably too young to have voted in 2006 or too unruly to care about voting). Instead of being paraded in the POST everyday, sata should have spent time appealing to real voters (as did MMD and UPND). Just 5,000 more voters in just 5 of his constituencies in Lusaka would have won him this election. So he cant cry foul now

  143. #
    183. your flag Anonymous
    Nov 2nd, 2008 at 9:50 am 0 0

    I wanted HH to win, however Banda is better than the cobra. Pliz those who live with Cobra advise him to go p court and not start planning nonsense. All leaders must be ready to die for the sake of peace. Emulate People from the southern province i mean the likes of Harry Mwangankumbula. They gave Kaunda a chance to rule for the sake of peace even though he was not the rightful leader then. Peace is more important than going to plot 1.
    May the good Lord,GOD of the Universe reign over our peace loving country.

  144. I hope the old man sata is now on tranquilizers. We dont want another heartattack. LPM is not around and Sata may just be left to die this time around ha ha ha ha……

  145. #178 lol! Blimey. Can not stop laughing. I think you are right.

    Ine pound yandi tabakaifyompe bakembo. Kaili those villagers should watch it. Nkamonepo nganaya mukumona bayama kamo kakese ati tulelombako transport uncle!

  146. Now watch as The post tries to wash its hands of Sata. I can already see their headlines trying to change from their previously strong pro sata rhetoric. We already know you chaps and mulongoti is coming for you while Siliya is gunning for Zambian Airways

  147. #188 Iwe shetani “Tranquilizers” as you put it with a Z (typical of those Irish who call themselves Americans) will not stop a person from having “an” MI. Stop being a big time Charlie! Sha!

  148. You think Sichembela results will have any effects! they have already declared RB the wnner. Sata suppoters deal with it- lets ferge ahead

  149. I hope U.S.A elections will not disappoint us like our home elections. My prayer is for Obama to win…..this will be a turning point not only for Obama but for all African pipo throughout the world.

  150. Village Concept whose computer are you using? Katele’s? Joking. You are on the ground. My question is how come a person who won less than 30 constituencies won? I know Sata took almost all CB, Lusaka, Luapula, Northern, Some Central and some other few areas. HH took all Southern, some Western. Do they mean to say the turn out was only high in RB’s areas? Those places like Northwestern some areas had less than 5000 voters. What really happened?

  151. ba # 184 mwalasa point!!! #4 and #141 you shud be ashamed of yourselves for talking like that. why cant we learn from other ppl’s mistakes? we all know what suffering comes from violence. remember the 1996 election song, twakana twakana fwe bena zambia! tatulefwaya fyakulwalwa tatwakwata kwakuya. {excuse my broken bemba}. u overlook simple logic that fighting impedes development. you wont be helping anyone by rioting.all you’ll gain is disaster and lost time u’d have used more productively.

  152. This is not about Sata and Kaponyas, it is about liberating the country Zambia from the wolves. The manner in which election results have been anonounced over the past three presidential elections indicates that there is some systematic way in which things have been manipulated. MMD thugs don’t be surprised if nasty things start happening to you b’coz people are fend up and will be forced to look for other options.

  153. Chi Phsyco Mata, don’t even dare to claim that the polls were rigged, you 72 yr old bafoon! You and HH collectively got 60% of the vote meaning majority of voters turned down RBB so you LOSERS deserve what’s been handed to you…Congrats RBB, let’s move on and strategize for 2011

  154. Levy’s words comes superior again, that Sata will never rule Zambia; even over his dead body. May his soul rest in peace.

    Mr. Sata elias Cobra Presidency has failed, why don’t you try farming and become a recognised Commercial Farmer like Costain Chilala. Who knows you can eventually grab the post of FRA top most job.

  155. 201 great man good thinking maybe yah he should try farming, him being president would mean another cargo to zambia from Taiwan, RB for president HH for 2011….

  156. Sata and PF must not cry foul about rigging because all the results were pasted outside each polling station signed even by his polling agents showing that they agreed with the figures. He must blame himself and HH for selfish motives. Its Rb untill 2011 like or not.

  157. Sata, please next time be ware of the CURSE-OF-THE-POST; this curse managed to bring Magande down, it managed to alianate Maureen Mwanawasa from the people of zambia at the time she was mourning her husband. And now it has led to your downfall. SATAMANIA was just a figment of Mmembe’s imagination). Somehow I do not believe there is such a thing as “fourth-time-lucky”, but anyway lets see what 2011 has in store for you. Word of caution; wise people learn from their mistakes. Sata, you chose not to learn from your 2006 mistake. Too late to cry foul now

  158. It was a square game indeed, 2006 voting pattern was repeated. There is no one to blame pipo simply voted on party/tribal lines. we need to change this attitude if we have to get the best leader in an election. RB is certainly not the best but the pipo have spoken. No need for violence, lets wait for 2011 and vote for the best candidate.

  159. #192 mwaice wi lai chenjelesha. Teti untinye na ka MI (mayocardio infarction) wa lumbula. Obvious wa chitafye google. Anyway the old man needs tranquilizers to calm down so that he gets some sleep. If he continues being worked up like this, he may just cause some more plaque to shake loose and clog his arteries. His history is positive for all the risk factors. Just look at the way his jugular vein is sticking out in the post front page photo and you’ll see what im talking about.

  160. Sata is a coward, He is just aloud mouth. Let him try something and Mateyo will deal with him and his Kaponya. It is time now, to land the last blow to the Kaponyaz and thugs. Right now, the police and army are on hot standby and ready to go into action. Sata do us service, retire and violence will reduce in Zambia. Sanity will return again.

  161. Thank God Chiluba is free at last. Chungu, do you need any air ticket. Just let me know, I will send it to you. The pact signed between The Great Chiluba and Banda is set in stone. Oh, the way Katele is next VP. Nomba fulweni. Too late guys.

  162. Sata has lost and he will never rule this country..the cobra was misguaided by the post and bloggers who never voted for him. what is worst still is that she even goes to an extent of insulting journalists?? who the hell does he think he is? he is a mere loser with no international etiquttes..
    its good he tumbled..
    RB is Zambia’s president whether you like it or not.

  163. #7 and #14 i totally agree with you guys, we blame the opposition. Our opposition candidateare so greedy, power hungry and do not think about the pipo of our lovely Zambia. I thot oppsition parties had one go to work and save the pipo better than the rulling party. Now they have lost it all.

    Allow me to predict that in 2011 HH will notwin as long as he works in isolation. as for sata, his time is upand may he retire in peace. As an opposition supporter, i concede defeat.


  165. The Pabwato monister rallies; were are you and The Post ‘self acclaimed no fear nor favour’?

    I expect the Post to continue the Monister rallies it earned them billions. It was a very good iniative, but next time try to transport your papers to Sinjimbela, Kalabo and Sikongo to mislead these iliterate wise villagers.

    They have really cost you a lot. One lesson the Post to learn from this, is that they shud not take sides in National Matters cause u made some of HH supporters like me to vote for RB just to avoid SATA’s mediocre governance.

    Remember once beaten twice shy!!!!

  166. its sad that we have people with a mentality like yours #198. sata clearly didnt tackle the grass did he expect to win when all he wanted was hold rallies which, no matter how promising, dont always translate into votes.he just sounds like a spoilt kid who cant have his way.listening to him talk makes u charisma and truck loads of pent up should listen to the interviews he did with the bbc.some of his promises are just so childish that a 3yr old can see thru them.ati, im going to move the southern province capital to choma.what the hell for?????!!!!!!!!

  167. Zambia deserves better, MMD disrespectes and ignores the needs of Zambians for as long as it has been in power, you only need to go and see for yourself how Zambians are reduced to nothing, more than 65% of the people starving with absolutely no help from the MMD.

    Try your luck again God will deal with each and every MMD corrupted corrupter and cut off the excitement. The fact is MMD has failed the people of Zambia and it will always fail EXPECT NOTHING!


  168. #212, Village Concept. How solid was Chiluba Banda Pact? Could it translate into something worthy cheering about. Let me confess, I am Chiluba funny and having sat down with him, I loved what he did for Zambia. Those lines for ubunga, saladi, sugar, candle, milk, nafwaka kumo. Awe he did a lot for Zambia. How does it seem like?


  170. That’s not my president, but I can endure the pain better because I’m away from home. Seven times we fall, seven times we shall rise. God bless Zambia.
    And now all you who voted RB, no need to complain in future, what you vote is what you get. Arrested development once more.

  171. we shall continue to be role models where violent outbursts are concerned if sata’s kaponya dont get silly. i hope mateo keeps his 2001 promise. ati “my men and i are ready to deal with any law breakers. if you want to use stones, we will use rocks.”

  172. Zambia is bigger than the POST. Mmembe thought he was such a big factor in deciding who goes to plot 1. Now you know that we have wise villagers. I will definately settle in the village where i can interct with the wise. Iron sharpens iron.

  173. BBC 02/11/2008 Man is found glued to toilet seat
    A man had to be taken to hospital still attached to a steel toilet after super-glue was deliberately smeared on the seat.

    Firefighters were unable to free the man and were forced to remove the entire toilet with the man attached.
    The 35-year-old was in a public toilet cubicle in Brierley Hill in the West Midlands when he became stuck.

  174. He was taken to hospital where doctors were forced to get into the ambulance before using chemicals to free him.

    Toilet re-installed

    An ambulance service spokesman said: “He appeared to be none the worse for his ordeal other than being understandably somewhat embarrassed.”

    It is thought the glue had been smeared on the toilet seat by a prankster.

  175. This election was really a matter of choosing a lesser evil over a full blown evil; and the lesser evil won. Because of Sata’s verbal diarrhea (sic) which saw him making inflamatory statements day in day out (eg no elections in 2011), many voters in Lusaka who were gonna cast their vote for HH decided to give their vote to RB just so as to reduce sata’s chances of winning just so that we can have the 2011 elections and HH can stand again. As a result, RB performed better than expected in Lusaka, thus eating into Sata’s numbers big time. In Livingstone he told the rally that he was going to “deal” with the sun hotel and livingstone voters gave their vote to RB. Same as in in solwezi

  176. The Post Newspaper through our Cheif in Editor regrets the filming of Michael Sata’s monister rallies coz they have not really yielded the entended results.

    We also go further to extend our heartfelt condolences to PF Leader for giving him false opinion polls which may lead to his heart failure. Therefore we urge him to go for an urgent medical review since the top most job has been lost due to poor rains. As the message goes prevention is better cure.

    The good news is that we have found something for Mr. Sata to keep him busy as he goes through these hard times of seeing the State House from the TV; with effect from today we appoint him as the Board Chairperson/Spokesperson.

  177. #222, Is that guy from the Zambian High Commission in London? You know those people Mwanawasa sent abroad he got them straight from pa John Chinena and Mwachisompola.

  178. SINJEMBELA ACTUALS: RB 6284,HH 4931, SATA 554 HP 345
    TOTALS: RB 714,967 SATA 682,725,HH 351,458, HP 13,608 % RB 40.03,SATA 38.22 HH 19.68, HP 0.76 NO RIGGING RB HAS WON CLEARLY.

  179. if sata is president, the investors go away from zambia.
    without investors zambia can’t developp itself and can’t give job for people.
    the kwacha decrease a lot against dollar and push the inflation to a hight level this month and the next months.
    With banda, the kwacha/US dollar will increase because the confident in the contry will come back.
    But if banda wants to be president in 2011 he have to be strong with the foreign groups

  180. Banda president in 2011?? Hell no. Not even Sata and any old tried and wasted politicians. We need to start grooming a new generation of politicians in Zambia that will know they will be held accountable for Zambia’s welfare. Politics in Zambia at present still have an aura of honouring the leaders because the were part of the liberation movement (independence struggle). Well thanks but weneed to move on with the times

  181. am very dissapointed with the outcome of the elections.we again see the situ were rural zambia decides zambia’s fate.and fun enough they are the people who trouble us in towns as for money to buy fertilizer,salt to name a few.i think zambians in towns are to blame also,they shud have used the Obama kind of campaigning,calling and telling their relatives in the villages the right candidate to vote its the same story again but worse this time its UNIP in power!!

  182. #33, you selectively choose to refer to 21st century. What about 20th century (1991) when unip lost? We are only 8 years into 21st century so your analysis is statistically unreliable.


  184. Am glade RB won but personally i wanted HH to win but it better to have RB the have a persident with a solid education background and behaves like a kaponya…elections where free and fair, i think now the economy will stabilise as in the recent past invester confidence had lowered as can be seen from the depreciation of the kwacha against other major currencies….viva peace viva

  185. In every game, there is a winner and a looser or loosers. Sata has lost clean and squarely, he is just wasting his time by going to court. HH and Sata should have worked together, its now too late crying for spilled milk.
    Congratulation MR Rupiah Banda, the President of the republic of Zambia.

  186. #213, you are right, most HH supporters voted RB just to avoid Sata because they thought HH was non starter given the media blackout. For Post….what a dissappointment. I will never use their ka Zambian Airways..

  187. #228, you are so DULL. Ofcourse the “nshima cooking” investors would go away, not real investors! What do you know about foreign investors? Have you ever worked for any foreign investor and if so, how were your conditions of service? Zambians it seems have become immuned to suffering. It seems suffering is a NORM. Countries like nearby Botswana have investors also but believe me they don’t step on the Tswanas like Zambians are stepped on.


  188. Talking of the VILLGERS i think its a typical thin 4 easterners to CLINCK a party even its not doing any good to them it also happened in the UNIP TIME,hw ever villagers are not to blame bt MMD coz if u go the same village areas pipo wil tel u that they did not vote for MMD

  189. Who is going to be RB’s Veep? He is likely to pick among the following: Kabinga Pande,AKA(for the votes from Western),Teta…pliz assist! Pipo like VJ,Sable Transport, Rajan Mathani will walk way with fat cheques or big contracts.

  190. Lets move forward now.HH go back to the drawing board and reorganise UPND make a national party that it was before you took over the reigns from late Andy.You might stand a better chance against whoever the MMD field.We desperately need a strong opposition party in Zambia.PF will soon collapse its a personal party.Congrats MMD.I’m not really a fan of RB.

  191. My humble analysis of the 2008 elections are that these elections are very regional or tribal. This author mentioned at the begining of the elections that those who wanted to see clean free and fair elections must watch western province for vote rigging and it seems that view was correct. The people of Zambia forget that we have about 500,000 registered and unregistered refugees from Angola who have illegally settled in western and north-western provinces. Most of these visitors have been given national registration cards as though they are Zambians which then makes them eligible to vote. All one has to do to win their ilegal votes is to spread rumors that they will be deported….

  192. #230, Big Mule,
    I’m equally disappointed with the election results from the urban areas. I thought these people in towns critically analyse issues. Even without analysing, it should have been clear to any well meaning Zambian that Mmembe and Sata were upto no good for Zambia. But the town dwellers continued to push for Sata. The villagers saw this and made up there minds to stop it. If we are to progress, Sata should RETIRE NOW and RB should HAND OVER power to a brilliant young man in 2011. Let the young generation take over. Times have changed. We cannot continue being ruled by people who faught for independence.

  193. imwe ba big mule. are u saying we villagers cant think? just because we have different priorities. we want someone we can identify with. sata is not the kind of person who would appeal to conservative old people who stil believe that when an old person opens his mouth, only words of wisdom should come force. there should be a difference between the utterances of a kaponya and those of a 72 yr old man. oh and the obama strategy wasnt gonna work, ppl in town are more broke than they care to admitt. and anyway there are always network coverage issues so the phones werent gonna get thru.




  195. Sata needs to show maturity to Zambian politics and retire quietly, maybe Banda will handpick him from his farm for the VP job lol? The man has nothing to offer. His rhetoric and U-turns would send the Zambian economy in a free fall. Sata would not bring about change because he was the chief architect under the Chiluba government.

    Just look at the people around him, Guy Scott? what did this man achieve when he was at the helm? real change will come about when these politicians realize that governing is about providing a service to the people. I don’t see that happening under individuals who try to bend the law to suit themselves.

    Banda will surprise a few, as long as we keep an eye on him

  196. nous saluons MMD pour gagner la electionsPF SATA et une meilleure chance la prochaine fois. Long live zambia Longue vie Ă  la Zambie

  197. qui pensez-vous que sera la prochaine MAGANDE Vice President? When will the swearing be? Quand la prestation de serment être? I wish i was in Lusaka Je voudrais, à Lusaka, a été

  198. People who keep referring to what the late president “preferred” as gospel truth really tick me off!! Zambia is not a monarchy. Pafwa abantu, pashala abantu. Get over it and start thinking intelligently and progressively!!!

  199. The Zambians Remembered those who acted in Hollly wood under chiluba. The level of economic declined we passed thru. The villagers in the rural areas reemember how it was difficult to get fertilizer. How the agro output fell. These are the ones when fertilizer price was reduced they believed Banda was better than Sata who was part of their misery we are not struggling to correct.
    Thank u Jesus for saving us from the Cobra and sinking the Boat.
    Sata now retire so that Banada can prepare the plat form where young vibrant politicians of this generation can not take center stage and move the country 4ward. Congrats RB for sinking the noisy canoe!

  200. Que la paix régner dans ce pays! ! La prochaine fois, Michael Sata souvenir sera de 3 ans seulement! 2011 RIP Mwanawasa 2011 repose en paix Mwanawasa

  201. Chawama, Bauleni, watever other Kombons on the copperbelt and Lusaka look far worse than our beutiful rural areas, so stop this rubbish about villagers etc. A cobra’s head was crushed

  202. Good morning people!!!!! haaaaaaa………am dreaming sata lost the elections and his kaponyas. how was the day.? Tell sata to brush his teeth.His teeth are rotten like his brains. KK advised this thug to work with HH with a solid promise. how do you expect to win the elections when you are telling us not to have elections in 2011. sata will still lose 2011 if it happens he decides to contest again one friend of mine left UK to zambia because he was very sure sata to win the election and him appointed high commissioner to UK.SHAME KAPONYAS.

  203. #231 Thankx for those results just show that Sata and HH have lost it. If they had teamed up we will be on talking about 319,216 votes passed RB.

  204. #230,#247 The vote form the urban ares is the real voice of Zambian people because people there are well informed and fully understand issues surrounding economy including their rights. MMD has been just about leading the country using SATA’s policies and sadly, MMD has no new ideas they can only continue to steal from SATA. SATA has the head for the job and can transform Zambia overnight.

    MMD cannot win in the urban areas because of senseless policies and unfortunately MMD cannot bribe in the urban areas with packets of sugar and T-shirts with his SHREK face.

    The people in rural ares are vulnerable, MMD WON THERE BECAUSE OF BRIBERY, RIGGING AND BRAINWASHING.

  205. I hope the opposition have learnt a lesson. It’s always going to be difficult for them to win for as long as we have 2 strong oppositions. There’s been no rigging at all Sata should accept defeat. I’m no MMD, PF or UPND fan, but they really need to sit down and give it a good thought otherwise 2011 will go to MMD again.

  206. Il est très important de rester unis! Only God can judge us. Seul Dieu peut nous juger. T. Les élections ont été pacifiques. . Sata et clairement HH doit fusionner, ou autre, ils perdent à nouveau en 2011. Lessons to be elearnt. Leçons à elearnt. Si seulement Sata a écouté Kaunda

  207. kk has no hiden agenda. he just want to have a good opposition. sata is better off to continue as an opposition leader not to take up the presidency.

  208. # 3. You are funny. Sweating bricks.

    Anyway, Congratulations RB. This congratulation is conditional. If you want my support and respect, you have to dribble all the corrupt people surrounding you. You know them. Late Mwanawasa did it and so can you.

  209. I told you the Boat wouldn’t sail through. Sata was going to be just like Mugabe. You should have seen his reaction on T.V. yesterday/last evening – it made rejoice in fact that we were saved from being ruled by such a hooligan.

    Now lets wait and see whether RB will fufill his promises.

  210. S’il vous plait, pourquoi vous parlez les francais? Please, why are you speaking in French? English please as some bloggers don’t understand French. Thanks.

  211. The firs lady will start looking the part. She will have people to attend to her. Watch this space and await the transformation

  212. 257, 271 and 274 write in a language that everyone understands. For all we know, you are probably hurling insults. LT, PLEASE FILTER OFF SUCH, UNLESS YOU TELL US THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THE LANGUAGE!!

  213. #249
    what i was trying to put across is that people in urban areas are the ones who feel the harshness of the economy and them villagers are just there waiting the next time they will receive the money from their relatives in towns.and it is because of this that i think the villager is supposed to vote as the one who will be feeding her after the elections and who want that PAYE reduced.

  214. Sata have just lost the election, it was a fair game among the four but RB was the best, Viva RB. The advice to RB is that he has to put Kafue nitrogen chemicals to start producing enough fertilizer in Zambia to boost agriculture to reduce porvity in the country and to give free education from Grade 1 to college level to empower orphans also.

  215. thanks #282. i thot the point here was to share views. how can we do that if we cant understand each other because some of you have taken it as an opportunity to display your multi-lingual abilities?

  216. Since RB has won the elections, what will happen to Chiluba, retired VJ, opportunist Nevers Mumba, No direction Sakwiba Sikota and many more?……………..

  217. There was no need for elections, should have just appointed RB as President BUT Sata wanted to try his luck. Worst of money!!!

  218. To say the rural people do not understand issues is to be very unfair. In a democracy the majority rules. In 1996 Sata was one of tose championing a defective constitution, included in it was simple majority for election of a President. If Sata and Chiluba had take an ear for the voices of Zambians, 2day we would be seeing a re-run to achieve atleast the 51% Majority. So he must accept and retire. He has lost. Let the wise man from the east even if sleeping rule.
    The empoverishment of the rural people during the 10 yr chiluba rule made people to vote for MMD because Mwanawasa had shown commitment to uplifting the std of leaving of the people. Sata retire please

  219. Whatever happens, do not lose Magande, Mr President He has held Zambia’s back and investors have developed the rquired faith in him.

  220. #244, what makes someone to be a Zambian Citizen? My! I think it is one birth and two parents beign Zambian. So, let us learn to accept reality and embraced Zambians of all backgrounds and race.

    “One Zambia, One Nation.” – Unkown.

  221. #270 Simphiwe,
    If the people in the urban areas are well informed and make use of the information to make decisions, then they could have voted either for HH, Miyanda or RB. But they chose the worst candidate in the name of Sata. Sata a clear dictactor, no elections in 2011. Sata a polygamist, 3 wives. Sata, a money launderer, ask South African authorities. Sata, supporter of Chiluba’s 3rd term bid, wamuyaya mentality. Sata, an aged sick politician. The list is endless. The people in towns are expected to have this information and use it wisely by not voting for Sata. Sata does not represent any change. He and the people surrounding him are recycled MMD. The villagers understood.

  222. Sata is a liar who can someone rig election when you have representives at all polling station. Ba Sata ala basuminafye tapaba nsoni mufililwefye ukuwina.

  223. Zambia unfortunately will have another period of lackluster leadership. RB will never be able to command the respect of his predecessors Kaunda and Levy, and he does not have the charisma and charm that Chiluba had. In short we have a really mediocre leader surrounded by people of questionable characters. In addition RB has been voted in by less than 25% of the registered voters. There is just something fundamentally wrong with our “democratic” system. Even Zim’s constitution is more on the ball than ours.

  224. This issue of cheating should be investigated thoroughly.We are sick and tired of being ridden on by engonged fellows with insatiable appetites for power and money. They are able to do anything to get money.

  225. ““I have evidence that results are being inflated. They cheated me in 2006 and they want to do the same,” Sata said.”

    My former history teacher always used to remind us in class that “history repeats itslef.” In this context, I am implying that Sata has just lost because he is used to losing.

    I am however waiting for all results to be officially announced before I give a statement concerning the losers and winner. As for the PF suporters, I hope pledged support and votes for HH in 2011 will come as a reality for rhetoric must not be entertained.

  226. the people in the village are no lesser zambians.i find the implication that we are impressionable really offensive. we may have been brought up in different places and with different opportunities but the fact that u live in urban areas doesnt make your judgment better than ours. we act in our best interests and we definitely wont wait for the town mice to tell us what best for us. judging from your actions, i seriuosly doubt you are as well informed as you’d like us to believe.

  227. We have got developmental issues at hand and to restore the falling Kwacha. Our brothers and sisters in the rural areas could not be cheated. Our brothers in the urban areas were advocating for change, some of them with their own personal agendas as a priority. The national interest should always come first. Peace is the cornerstone of national unity and stability is the machine to reconciliation. Let us hope for the better and view this election as a learning process. Age is catching up with most of us but they say age is only a number. No sides taken, very neutral. All you young educated Zambians, it is time to engage in politics and buid up your polical mileage.

  228. i will never come back to zambia. after i finish my studies here in russia i will migrate to USA and never return home. what has it got to do with me when everytime cheating prevails

  229. I agree with #273 opposition is to blame for RB victory. We seem to have a short memory because we have forgotten how MMD came into power. Combined effort from all parties removed UNIP for the top seat. In 2006 HH got 25% and now he gets 20% an indication that he is losing popularity. I suggest all opposition parties convene a meeting to map out a strategy on how MMD will be defeated in 2011. Mark my words MMD will still win if pipo like Nawakwi,Ben Mwila,Miyanda,HH,Sakwiba and many more want to stand for presideny. Remember it took Zambians 27years to learn about democracy and cannot afford to do the same. I believe the opposition must a team for them to move forward.

  230. ya! ba #306, kanshi you don’t even have citizenship or leave to remain but you still have the audacity to declare that you will never go back to Zambia??

  231. #306 we dont care to be honest. we wont miss your services if we never, wholeheartedly, had them in the first place. no country is perfect in case u didnt know. look at the ‘high and mighty’ USA in 2000. could it get any worse?

  232. good on you #306 Zambia is not for settling , it’s a place to invest and visit at intervals. Most of us made that decision ages ago not to settle in zambia but help it from the outside. Zambia is like quick sand you sink into poverty slowly

  233. The opposition will keep losing elections because they don’t seem to have any ideology that the people can beleive in. At independence, UNIP was popular because everyone could identify with the aim of gaining freedom from the colonialists. They then adopted humanism which was equally popular in its early stages. In 1990 the MMD started as a movement to advocate for the re-ntroduction of plural politics. Zambians believed in them because, once again, they could identify with their cause. Since then, the main opposition we’ve had has come from disgruntled former MMD members whose sole aim is to dislodge the MMD and take over the reigns of the country.

  234. Big Jim you have totally hit the nail on the head. What makes these kaponyas with high compound mentality think they are more educated than pipo in the rural areas? you go to shangombo, chavuma sikongo you will find very educated wise men and women. copperbelt- what educated pipo are there? Miners, in lusaka, kaponyas fullu fullu. please give respect to the villagers they have exrcised their rights. PF did not do its homework-should have formed pact with UPND if they had to win this election
    viva zambia

  235. #274 Infected meat leads to Infected brain! You probably ate too much British beef. Those are symptoms of Kreuzfeld Jakob (BSE disease). We know what you are saying but why use French?


  237. Almost everyone has the same empty rhetoric packaged a bit differently. What we need are policies and ideologies that the people can believe in. The PF is quite popular because of their promise of “lower taxes, more jobs and more money in your pockets”. Everyone would like that to happen but many other people recognise them for what they are (ie empty rhetoric). Some people feel HH is intelligent and decent but why has he failed to connect with the people? I don’t think HH and Sata would ever stand on the same ticket because their approach is very different If the opposition gave people a reason to hope for a better Zambia, one of them would have carried the day. For now its MMD/UNIP.

  238. Q1. Who is the best politician that Zambia has ever had?
    A. Vernon J. Mwaanga
    B. Micheal C. Sata
    C. Harry Mwaanga Nkumbulu
    D. Simon Kapwepwe
    E. Kenneth David Kaunda
    F. Frederick TJ Chiluba
    G. Rupiah Bwezani Banda.
    etc (fill in the blank and indicate your reasons).

  239. Lets now turn our energy on making sure the promises made during campaigns are delivered. Part of the MMD’s pledge was to create a middle income class in Zambia. It’s important for the MMD to take note because the voting pattern shows that people in run down and neglected parts of our cities have had enough and something needs to be done about it.

    We should not accept load shedding as a way of life but as a tool to put pressure on government to prioritize on issues that affect people directly. UNZA should never be allowed to shut, instead we want to see more money pumped into the institution to lift it to international standards. We should not be distracted from building a prosperous nation

  240. #318, Rogue Trader.
    On your “Some people feel HH is intelligent and decent but why …”, check out:

    “Q: What did you study at UNZA?

    A: Amos, I must tell you that I studied subjects which I am very happy about. I studied economics and business. I graduated with a merit in 1986.”
    Source: maravi . blogspot . com / 2008 / 10 / ive – come – to -u nify – country – hichilema . ht ml

  241. konichiwa #320 Biggie Jim

    Please send me some of my favourite anime’s and manga.

    They are



    -Soul eater

    -Nabari no ou

    -Dragon Ball Z

    And any you recommend.
    I like watching them so much.

  242. Kaunda and UNIP were doing the same things happening now “Rigging”
    This time around we should not blame rural dwellers,to them its like a tonga promised to be given a cow. he/she will not sleep until given (I am tonga).
    The two clowns we should blame are Sata and Hikainde who cannot see what the ex heads of states are doing to them.At some point Sata was on the side of Chiluba and Hikainde with Kaunda,in the end what happened?the two backslided and supported Banda.For Kaunda,its simple he wants UNIP Policies back and Chiluba to have his thieving cases squashed.KK and Chiluba can never embrace each other,how come they supported RB? Personal Gain!!

  243. It appears that the undereducated or uneducated and unelected Sata’s PF leader Micheal Chilufya Sata’s “speed” BOAT has just managed to reach the High/Supreme Court building in the Independence Avenue from all parts of the country.

    Some myopic cadres thought that it will reach State House Plot 1. Let us see how much progress it will make at the High Court, otherwise, I personally think that it is time for another “RECONCILLIATION by Sata this time with most probably the fourth Zambian President Rupiah Bwezani Banda”. Please, RBB do not forget to send Sata into Zambian Politics Exclude status as you promised in the MMD campaign messages country-wide if you win this one and be at Plot 1.

  244. #325 You may sink the boat but the real revolution never sinks! Seven times fall, seven times rise…we still have 5 times to go!

  245. Guys, lets move on to economic issues. The price of fertilizer has gone down. This will insure that farmers make huge profits due to subsidized fertilizer. With this, people’s livelihoods are bound to improve as there will be grain surpluses. This will lead in further diversification of the economy.

    How is a Zambian going to benefit from this, start a miller, start a company that manufactures cereal (e.g corn flakes), etc. The opportunities are endless. This will add to job creation as the farmers will be assured that there will be market for there crops thereby employing more workers and the manufacturers will also add to job creation. We must learn to be open minded.

  246. #296: You need to investigate further about Mr SATA the man is respected in the southern region and PF is growing pretty fast in and outside Zambia because people are tired of selfish and hopeless MMD.

    MMD steals form the poor, more than 65% of Zambians live on less than $1 a day.The vulnerable children and the elderly die like rats due to poverty and minor treatable diseases. Youth is involved in crime and prostitution, professionals are migrating in numbers, countless sad stories realy! Whad has/is MMD doing about such basic issues-CASHING IN!

    Correction: Mr SATA is fit and well he had what we call Coronary Angioplasty- .

  247. where are all the PAWATO bloggers? Are you too disappointed? You used to be so loud…..manje ni zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  248. Thanks to the bloggers for keeping some of us updated with the latest election results. Those in diaspora seem to have brilliant ideas about issues pa Zed, and the people concernd don’t read the blog, unfortunately. However, you are great think-tanks.

  249. Le problème sera le Post, ce qui va se passer? Sera-t-il fermĂ©? Peut-on prĂ©dire la composition ministre du gouvernement s’il vous plaĂ®t?

  250. #326, Free-Market-Capitlst, welcome. I have been waiting for you for some time now.

    What happened to your congratulations to Sata and PF for winning the 2008 Presidential elections. I advised you to take it from me as I sharee with you my experience for “EXPERIENCE IS NOTHING BUT LESSONS LEARNT FROM A COLLECTION OF PAST MISTAKES”

    Anyhow, I hope you have now learnt your lesson and will improve next time for may be it was hard for you to learn from me, but now you have your own personal experience. “History repeats itself” as my Former History Teacher used to say to me and my class.

    Have a good day though.

  251. #326 Free-Market Capitalist,


    I missed you on this blogg. Its a very trying moment for Sata, so we should be here to give him free advice.

    Concerning your request, will see what we can do.

  252. #320 Ka Biggie Jim na Free-Market-Capitalist stop exchanging shameful manga videos on this blog. Go to Bangkok Red light district.

  253. @#335. Maestro Hhehhehhehhe

    Yes, a lesson indeed. I have already started the door to door campaigns for HH. HH 2011


  254. Maestro, I get your point about what HH studied and everything. The fact the he is educated and intelligent does not make him immune to the methodologies of determining a politician’s success. One of these is acceptability. He has never gone around insulting other people or making unsubstantiated claims. However, he still remains a dark horse in Zambian politics. The reason is that he has not yet managed to connect with the common man. Even some intellectuals don’t connect with him. If he is to become a major political force, he needs to do everything in his power to make people understand and believe in what he stands for.

  255. @#338. Nine Chale

    I am cured of election fever. Back to economic issues.

    Read my post on #330.

    Please comment and rate.

  256. Florence Mumba’s just announced the final results… just awaiting the Chief Justice & Presiding Officer to declare the winner formally…

  257. To all social science researchers out there, an opportunity has risen for you to go and conduct a study in Zambia. I suppose most of the research councils will be willing to fund a viable project focusing on the role of rural areas in shaping an election result and many more titles.

  258. this victory means simply the poor are going to worse and we the rich are geting more richer VIVA MMD we are still eating and enjoy…No one will get our power with out permission…if we want 2011 we can even bring a grade 12 pupil and make him Zambian president….”IT’S IN OUR HANDS” VIVA RB

  259. #339, thats the way to go.Indeed we need to continue with the spirited hard fought fight we put up with the media against us. Only our door-to-door, phone-to-phone and chat-to-chat will work for us HH supporters. We have have got roughly 3 years to go and this is enough time to convince tribalist to listen to us. Let us not leave president Hakainde Hichilema and the mighty UPND to do the campagins alone. We have a duty not only to help the UPND, but to make sure that all Zambians also enjoy the things we have seen and come to appreciate from the developed world. Together, YES we can. Thank you all Zambians from all corners in Zambia. We need you full help the UPND’s manifesto to win in ’11.

  260. I hope LT will continue to update us with issues that affect people on the ground so that in three years time we can make quality assessments on pledges these political parties are making. It’s breath taking to be able to express our views and opinions this way.

    To my PF,UPND & Heritage party brothers – We are all Zambian at the end of the day. We all want the same thing ‘prosperity’ so lets keep up the check and balances in a civilized way so we can all live see tomorrow. I’m not an MMD supporter but a “Zambian” supporter who will support anyone with the interests of the people at heart .

  261. What is the nation doing about people who have sunk 2gether with the boat. They where busy calling people in the boat and now the maltitude is feared dead in the boat. However the cobra has been spotted on the shore complaning that the wiseman from the east pretended to be sleeping only to work up and grab the paddles and the boat immediately capsised.
    Since the boat is under now its Pamenshi, Pamenshi,Pamenshi!!!!!

  262. Congratulations RB. I urge you to now groom a younger leader for 2011.You must show an example to all like Mandela,Mbeki,Nyerere.We lack such people in Zed.KK was ofrced out,Chiluba wanted a 3rd term overulling his won constitution,at least LPM it was natural causes but now its you please aim to do better than leaving the country in limbo.Build MMd fight corruption like LPM but above all find continuilty within the party and leave the bar in time.You will have respect as retired head of stae rather than be voted out

  263. Zambians has anyone seen Fred Mmembe. I want to ask him why he misled people into getting onto the boat by spreeding falsehood. That Western province and southern Province are now in the boat. among those that capsised with the Boat none has been identified as coming from the 2 provinces. Only the Kaponya and the Minibus driver/call boys for love of money in the pockets were found on among the survivors from the two provinces. These have vowed never again to be cheated by one snake of the type cobra

  264. But zona is this the best that zambians can do!!!!!!out of 12million pipo this is the man u pick to be representin the nation dnt 4get the way he potrays himself to the outside world is the way evry one will be seein us zambians eya mayo umusebania TRAGIC!!!!!!!!!


  266. # 331 Simphiwe,
    I’m glad that you have not disputed any of my facts as presented in #296 except to say that i need to investigate more about Sata and that he is fit and had what you call coronary angioplasty.
    There is no need to investigate more about Sata because his misdeeds are all there for everyone to see and judge. It is ver clear for those that are willing to be objective like my villagers that he is not presidential material.
    Sata is old and sick. This is a fact. A fit person cannot undergo a specialised treatment procedure as coronary angioplasty. If you indeed love Sata the way i do, please advise him to RETIRE. His time is UP.

  267. It never ceases to amaze me how the incumbent government always wins in rural areas.
    Also in Africa it seems that for an incumbent government to loose is almost an historical event.

    I just think these are rather interesting set of circumstances.
    The predictability of the elections in Africa makes you wonder whether it is worthy wasting money on them…

  268. @ #355 pf supporter

    Just concede defeat and join the party that will move Zambia forward.

    HH promises 10% growth in the Zambian economy. HH believes in diversification of the economy especially in sectors like Hydro electricity and agriculture.

    HH is the only one who can move Zambia forward. Right now, RB is ok. But we have already started the door to door campaigns for HH.

    HH 2011. Please join the HH camp. PF is now dead.

  269. No, I see, how else would you have a legitimately democratically elected government?
    Democracy in Africa? Really? Since when and where have I been when such fascinating events have been unfolding?
    Societies where the majority of people are incapable of assimilating information regarding issues of national importance can not possibly be democratic.
    It is a bit like running your family on the basis of asking your three, five years children to vote on a range of critical household importance.

    Come to think of it, that is indeed how you get Africa!!!

  270. Goodday everyone, we are currently waiting for the Chief justice to declare RB winner of the Zambia 2008 Presidential Election.

    That ‘Serpent of old’, King Cobra, M. Sata, has been defeated. We’ve been saved from being ruled by a dictator. This should be no place for a dictator in this millenium.

  271. #341 Free Market Capt., I should’nt have taken these elections too personal. I’m still recovering from election fever, but I agree with you bro., we have to move on. Thanks for your impulse on 330, it sounds good, I will give it some thought.

  272. #340, Rogue Trader, thank you for acknowledging finally, finally that president HH is intelligent in your “Maestro, I get your point about what HH studied and everything. The fact the he is educated and intelligent does not make him immune to the methodologies of determining a politician’s success.”
    My opinion is that president Hakainde Hichilema and the mighty UPND have been terribly painted as tribalists and being a southern province party. However, amidst all this nonsense, HH is doing fine in general. The UPND will definately study the pattern of voting in this year and 2006 elections and will come up with a working strategy for 2011, which I hope will see HH be UPND president again.

  273. #362 Adama. Its the politicans at fault for not connecting with the people. Granted, the people can be a bit shallow at times (“more money in your pockets” in urban areas and sugar in rural areas. The truth is that none of the candidates seemed to address their needs. Thats why so many people didn’t vote. When everyone is fed up, we shall have a revolution which will blow away every irrelevant politician.

  274. Please all be advised that VJ and many who know Sata very well can not let Zambia to be ruled by an uneducated or undereducated Sata to rule us. So, the MMD needed all the experienced people to come onboard and defeat the Sata’s PF built on tribalism.

    Sata’s mouthpiece even brought a tribal issue of Bemba people being 43 or 46% and compared it to the great Tonga people at 17%. So, my relative VJ Mwaanga just had to do a more noble cause of coming out of retirement to make sure the RBB MMD campaign Team got a strong composition to win at the end of the day.

  275. we needed change in our young democracy nomba HH na SATA-do you see where you have taken us-you two will never rule zambia-that I can assure you-it is time for this party called MMD to work hard and use every machinery to win 2011 also-we should not even blame any one—HH and SATA your selfiness attitudes have rigged this year’s elections—you have rigged the elections by failing to make a sensible pact and decided to go each one with his losing group-what have gained now—-do’nt even petition results instead retire both of you from politics and find something better for your selfish chacteristics.Please zambians never consider HH and SATA again–they have wasted our time and energ

  276. INFECTED MEAT, please use a language we can understand. Effective communication is crucial on this blog since we can share ideas. You may have good and valid points but that language is strange to some of us.

  277. He has done it! He has made the declaration. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new president (yet to be inaugurated, though).

  278. Hands up to Sata despite losing this elections again weather on merits or demerits atleast you have been giving this MMD chaps a good run in everything as a strongest opposition party and i think they too have respect for you big man.As you prepare to retire from this mess politics pliz train someone with your capabilities from your party to takeover from you in 2011.
    As for MMD good that you have made it again through whatever means but just know that you will have tough time to do your work because taxpayers are tired of mismanagement of resources by you ( MMD)

  279. #371 continued.
    On another note, I kept calling for Sata and his friend Lubinda to endorse president HH upto probably the lastly day before the election day. I made mention that Sata can easily tell all his Bemba supporters to turn up in numbers and vote for HH. Selfiness by Sata which saw him leave the MMD in 2001 by not wanting to be lead by anyone or in 2001 by late Mwanawasa will continue seeing him as a loser in Zambian Presidential elections if he is not careful.
    Let Sata endorse president HH now and not later. We need the “One Zambia, One Nation” motto to carry us forward instead of Sata’s “we have 8 provinces and we do not care about (The) Southern Province.”

  280. #330 Thanks for your advice and i can see your points clearly from an economist point of view. Can you please allow me to ask you to expound on the mentality of most zambians that all imported goods are better than locally produced ones.i believe this has an effect on local producers eg people opt to buy cereals from SouthAfrican shops rather than zambians.Clothes from China are mashrooming in zed though the quality is really poorer than local materials.How does one deal with such perceptions.GVT policies on such issues i believe doesnt help.Who and what role can they play in such situations

  281. Rogue Trader… It is precisely the point I am trying to make. Given the nature of the society, it is pretentious to think there can be anything like democracy about these elections.

    But I do admit it is a rather fine way to legitimise a government at a great cost to the nation though both in monetary terms and in the most certain perpetuation of poverty and corruption.


  282. am not going to be suprised if the prices of fuel is hiked,already the the 50pin fertiliser that was promised can never be found in any shop.the salary hike bill will be approved,we shall see new cars for the president.since elections are over u wont hear of places such sikalongo,kachibiya,sicjembela,gweembe,then next time u hear of them will be 2011.

  283. This “Infected Meat” is saying nonsense!! I am myself French and what he is saying doesn’t make sens at all so may be it is a better thing that few people understand what he’s saying…
    Anyway I wish all the best to Zambia, the only thing that matters is that you remiain a great people keeping peace and unity in your great country.

  284. #377 continued.
    Please, Mr undereducated Micheal Chilufya Sata can you find time to seriously consider bring the TRIBALISM you have brought to Zambia as a Nation is brought to an end. I still believe that you, Mr Sata, can still do us honours by acknowledging your past mistakes and making corrections to them for the good of the country. Mr Sata, you reconcilled with the late President Mwanawasa and surely you can make amends with all the Zambian people (tribes) you have brought tribalism on. It is not too late for you, Mr Sata. Learn to work with others from the whole country and do not discriminate according to tribe or races. Let “On Zambia, One nation” thrive and bring us all together.

  285. 361 Free-market Capitalist,

    You are providing practical business proposals free of charge. Thats very kind of you. The advice you are giving is worthy alot of dollars. You connect well with HH

  286. #376 you are right.sometimes the role of a party if to give a reallity check to the winning party.RB had a real scare which if he is clever he should learn from it and build the party now rather than later.It was really a good run.Even HH did well.The problem is that we all think everyone went for a win.i believe some candidates wanted to see how popular they are and where so they can improve next time

  287. i wonder if u feel what us in zambia feel about as much as u feel excited about mmd’s victory,u shud ask questions to why all the 3 enconomic provincies have rejected mmd from 2001 to 2008,honestly its not satamania thing but pipo want change no empty shud worry mmd and its supporters so much.if army,police voted against him,then it sends a message out to the rest of the country that all is not well.

  288. Sata is a man of action but he is a serious risk. He has not demonstrated that he has respect for a party or national constitution. Remember 3rd Term saga and the Chawama hatchets. Giving him the presidency is like giving a AK 47 or machine gun to a kid. For the sake of sanity, it’s better to have RB. Hopefully in 2011 MMd will offer a better candidate. RB seem to have passed his Best Before Date. He looks like a grandfather preparing someone else to take over, a retired man who has lived his full days. The nation can dp with someone more energetic and inspiring. Even John McCain looks a bit more upbeat. But the USA seem to know they need an Obama. We also need an Obama.

  289. I know its too late…..but,
    RB Characteristics;
    -he likes young girls
    -suffering from public sleeping sickness
    -not educated
    -he got no idea
    plse help for more……
    Levy why did you die plse ,see what you have put Zambia thru now,UNIP is back in power full swing!

  290. #379 Adama. I agree with you. At the moment, we have to make do with an imperfect system. I don’t know how long it will take for us to eliminate its imperfections. As long as it remains this way, we’ll continue to experience an increasing gap between the rich and the very poor. Eventually, when the music stops, we’ll see how far such a system would have taken us.

  291. It’s not a small undertaking, resource-wise, for a non incumbent polititian to cover all the rural areas of Zambia. For sure, now HH is the most viable candidate for 2011, but he needs our support (that is those of us who want real change not by way of ubwatoooo :)). MMW should have learned a big lesson from this campain, but knowing the kind of politicians they are, they will think they are invincible.

  292. Don’t you think it could be a good idea to include some PF and UPND members in the governement as they represent together more than 55% of teh voters? It could bring the approval of the Lusaka, Copperbelt and Southern province fans of Sata and HH and bring more unity while giving a better legitimacy to RB. Tell me what you think

  293. now that the chief justice has declared the winner,we need to move on and start talking about issues for the better zambia which belongs to us and no one else.
    ECZ—1.should be recommended for the improvements achieved as compared to the ireen mambilima’s team but can’t we make a system where i can be able to vote from anywhere as long as i am in the register,we need to move with technology-this system has costed us alot-image almost entering a 50 50 situation results,many did not vote bcoz of voting where you registered system thus denied chance to make a decision also.
    2.when shall we stop polics of tribal lines?come on zambia-it is a shame with what has been displayed in all provinces

  294. See now….
    – greedy
    – blind
    – no direction
    – not coperative
    – no game plan
    many more plse Add……..

  295. We need a new crop of leaders to stand in the coming elections,honestly i did not expect rb to rule this country and its just diffcult for me to accept hes president,levy was rejected but rose to the challenge and showed that he could perform wonders of which he did.but for rb,before he was even elected he mixed with chaps that levy singled out as being corrupt,am wodering if the campaign crusade will go on.

  296. In the U.S elections John McCain has been trying to use ..Joe the plumber.. to win the election, In Zambia RB simply used …the villager.. and he won. Its called micro targeting, knowing the needs of a certain group of voters, and campaigning to satisfy them.

  297. #391, SPEAKING TIME, you wrote “when shall we stop polics of tribal lines?come on zambia-it is a shame with what has been displayed in all provinces”

    This is a very good point and as long as we overlook it the PF will continuously lose elections in the Presidential bid for Zambian President.

    The root causes of TRIABLISM in Zambia are the undereducated Micheal Chilufya Sata and his (Sata’s) current mouthpiece The POST. The earlier we help them to give up this evil fight, the better for us all Zambians. Take care you all.

  298. no.390 that is a non starter MMD does not need them we have the majority of MPS in parliament the only way these wankers can ever get into govt is if they win elections thats all otherwise we will not allow rupiah to do that!!

  299. Zambian elections always useless and pointless when you know the winner will come from the ruling party. Too selfish ifima leaders, they can’t just let the people decide. Am back a more realistic Obama, finish tatwakabwele chapwa, its so frustrating pa zed!!

  300. Paster J…
    McCain is not giving sugar to no one. Are you really a pastor?
    Well may be you should stay one. I hate Pastors, what a bunch of hapless twats!

  301. #389 stop dreaming, Hakainde, Hichilema will never ever be President of Zambia, never, ever.
    He is pulling UPND down from where my favourite politician ever HK Mazoka left it. Lower in 2006 further down this time round and even lower if he stays on 2011. That tribal tag will never wash off.

  302. 378 – Very interesting point on the mentality of most Zambians (me included) that import goods are better than locally produced ones. The answer to this question is very simple. Zambia has a very bad track record with enforcing legislation to monitor quality and ensure international standards are met.

    The problem is not with the goods, but with government making sure that these products go through the same strict quality assurance process you would get on the international market. Poor quality chinese clothes is a classic example of why the government should put together legislation to stop this happening.

  303. Maestro Hhehhehhehhe,,Rb did the same as well,he asked the easterner’s to vote for one of thier own,hh was just implicated into the tribal thing,

  304. What about these stories i read online bout riots in Mandevu? Can somebody tell these pipo that peace is irreplaceble?

  305. #390 bringing in PF and UPND sound a good idea but I wonder if it will have much impact on LSK and CB voters. The voters want change. We laready have had opposition members assimilated into MMD Govt before – look at Teta, Masebo etc etc. They go in and become MMD. they are no game changers. If they went in and pushed for Pf and UPND ideas to be included and implemented, then that is what their voters want. Of course this is assuming the voters voted based on ideas. But if it is on sentiments and tribal grounds, then they will be happy their people are in power. Then you will have Lsk and CB enticed.

  306. #399, Georgia Russia, your wrote “fellow bloggers do u think its making sense to have a president elected by 700pin out of 11million citizens” and my response is that I think so.

    There is nothing wrong with that especially that both you, Georgia Russia, and me did not participate in the voting of RBB as Zambia’s fourth President.

    Have a great day and regards to your family.

  307. Maestro, I salute you the real son of zambia. Keep it up with sweet messages of reconciliation and direction in this rough period. I supported HH and have no regrets to make. The man made it to some extent in the middle of the biased media.We need to reach out to our Bemba counterpart who do not care about quality. Zambia needs quality leadership. Come 2011, we shall still vote for HH even if Magande and Munkombwe team up. Fellow Bembas, Lozis, Nyanjas, Kaondes,Luvales, Lambas,Lundas etc. One Zambia One Nation and in the interest of the nation and quality leadership. Lets consider HHHH 2011. He is quality. Abash Monisters.

  308. #313 thats the truth if these guys dont do thier home work and expert things to work,it will not at all.All the best to RB and to PF and UPND make a pact guys then you will carry the day in 2011 its only 3 years to go.

  309. Hidden in the tall political grass of the urbanites, the legndary red-eyed cobra spewed venom through its vicious snake bites along the Copperbelt, Lusaka and the Northern/Luapula Provinces until one old Eastern by the name of RB sought an anti-dote from ruralites against the ensuing cobra snake bites. Indeed, RBs predecessor, too, knew very well that only the village people had the traditional medicine against the cobra’s venom… And so it was that the cobra was neutralised… And then people lived ever happily again!

  310. #403, tax payer urban area, I hear you. As long as Sata does not correct the TRIBALISM nonsense him and his image builders the POST brought to Zambia, we as Zambians will continue having tribal voting.

    I mentioned about this tribal voting way before the elections we conducted and most bloggers on LT took me as joking or insulting them – though they failed to provide any proof to me to beef their claims.

    In National Interest, I kept calling for the undereducated Sata to endorse president Hakainde Hichilema until almost the last day before the October 30, 2008 elections. A few people took me seriously. Unfortunately, tribalists kept writing that HH was not a factor in the elections.

  311. Le problème sera le Post, ce qui va se passer? ? Sera-t-il fermĂ©? CPeut-on prĂ©dire la composition ministre du gouvernement s’il vous plaĂ®t?

  312. Iam so delighted, sooooooo drunk, finished 2 bottles of Red wine/ poped my special champaigne saved for this day……..
    I told you so bena Zambia. SATA teti ateke abantu/ichalo, kanofye ifipubafye. He will die without tasting any presidential sweetness.
    Umuntu ifikoni mbweee, insele mukanwa ni mbwee!!!!!!Ubufontini doublefold, kafwileni ukutali ba SATA! My prayers have been answered. I REST MY CASE……. PABWATO PA DIMBILA IN THICK MUD FOR EVER , NO RESURRECTION!… Buy the correct toothpaste and toothbrush this time to erase all those insults, then God will forgive you.

  313. @ #378. Chills

    There is one answer to this question. More competition. The problem in Zambia is not less govt regulation as #402 has put it. It is lack of competition. Sure in some cases there should be govt regulation like healthcare but in cases of quality of product, that should be left to the market.

    An example would be cellphone companies and the whole Zamtel saga. The way to save zamtel and provide quality cellphone and landline service is simply through the market. [tbc

  314. Maestro Hhehhehhehhe and fellow bloggers help me understand to why our enonomic provinces,namely southern,lusaka,copperbelt, have rejected mmd from 2001 to date.are u attributing this to tribal matters or also u think its safe if a president can have his security men vote against him,eg state house compound,skianze camp and other barracks

  315. Zambia is a useless and pointless country anyway, who gives potato about Zambia!
    If you all dropped into a ditch and died of hunger, it probably wouldn’t even make news on the main channels.

    People around the world are serious about bettering themselves and improving the lives of their loved ones, they are not interested in some quarsi-banana republic pretending to be a country.

  316. Can anyone surely claim that this election was rigged? It is interesting to note that the people in the rural areas were able to see that Sata was cheating them when he said he would increase their salaries when they are not even employed. HH for 2011, One Zambia one nation…

  317. Right now in Zambia, there are only 3 cellphone companies. That means there is no competition. Basically a cellphone company can provide the most crappiest service and they wont care because you don’t really have much to choose from. What should happen in less govt intervention in the sense that govt should allow more companies to come into the cellphone business. This will force companies like celtel to provide quality service since they don’t want to lose there customers. An example of this is when cell z first came into the scene. They introduced SMS service and other companies where worried that they’ll lose there customers and so they also introduced SMS. [TBC

  318. its over over . RB has be decleared winner. I hope he will keep to his promises. To RB all the best to the loosers hard luck try hard next time. i know its hard to accept defeat but the ballot has spoken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  319. #407, dimuna, thank you very mush and greetings to you my fellow Citizen. You wrote “Maestro, I salute you the real son of zambia. Keep it up with sweet messages of reconciliation and direction in this rough period.” and now I inform you that I am greatly humbled.

    Very few people in this life can acknowledge reality. Anyhow, we all have a Zambia to build together. What I like most about this election is that we now know who is who in Zambian Presidential elections and so we can build up on this 2008 experience. I think it has provided us all Zambians with a better picture of our current political and geographical standpoint as a Nation. The election brought improvements to most Zambians.

  320. Maestro, plse join me in this big celebration. I WILL SOON HELP YOU CAMPAIGN FOR HH. Firstly he must change his second or middle name to Banda or Phiri or Sakala or Bwalya, Mulenga, Musonda, Kabwe or something close to those lines… How about that!

  321. Sata needs no pleasing. He is just a useless political mercenary who thinks he is better than others. Gone are the days of one man politics – It is team work with respect for others. Tell that ‘handsome’ man SATA that self praise does not win a prize and that is why he has tried three times and has been beaten three times. Can’t he ask himself questions? He was very close to Chiluba but Chiluba dribbled him. Can’t he ask himself questions? KK said it and many others have said it – does Sata listen at all or he just wants to shout? I think education is crucial mweeee!!

  322. #399 Good question, but most most people seem not to have voted with their heads but with their bellies. Now what next? I can see a firm path leading into a swamp…

    My only pride and joy is the peace which prevails. We now have one of the eldest and sleepiest leaders in the world. If only our nation wasn’t so vulnerable, I could say I don’t mind, but living and working in Europe for 15 years has taught me not a lot about the indifference and injustice of the west towards Africa.

    So unless we can produce iron leaders like Gadaffi, who can put up some serious economic resistance, we have to live in fear of loosing our resources and our future. Think about it.

  323. [CONT FROM 419

    On the issue of Zamtel. The answer is simple, let a lot of private companies provide landline services. So it will work like this. Zamtel will just be responsible of providing cables, then private internet, cellphone and landline companies will providing there respective services but they will be using zamtel cables. So if a private comany wants to provide landline services, you can subscribe with that company but the company will be using Zamtel lines. The govt should then reduce taxes for all companies that will be using Zamtel cables, etc but the companies will be required to pay a fee to zamtel for using there services. There you go, the company is saved. [tbc

  324. Rogue Trader,
    Have you got anything to show for as a country?
    If I wasn’t Zambian, would you help me know why I should concern myself with this pointless piece of land?

  325. #415, Georgia Russia. You called by writing “Maestro Hhehhehhehhe and fellow bloggers help me understand to why our enonomic provinces,namely southern,lusaka,copperbelt, have rejected mmd from 2001 to date.are u attributing this to tribal matters or also u think its safe if a president can have his security men vote against him,eg state house compound,skianze camp and other barracks.”
    1. Southern province has educated people who simply vote for quality.
    2. Copperbelt province has been hit by privatisation bad especially the insensitivity of the new mine owners. Also, there are a lot of Bembas – not only by tribe but by speech. Kaponyas are too many there too.

  326. [cont from 428

    So to put it simple. Zambia has such bad quality products because of monopolies. Kaunda believed in one company for this and one company for that and this just slowed down the quality of goods process.

    You want to increase the quality of a product, make sure there is a lot of competition in the market of that product.

  327. There was a way in which God saw things in zambia! He then gave us another man with a sober mind rather than an explosive all shouting and insultsone. Thanks to God for yet agin saving us from the ferocity of having sata as president.

  328. #423, Msanide, goodmorning and greetings to you family. Thank you very much for “Maestro, plse join me in this big celebration. I WILL SOON HELP YOU CAMPAIGN FOR HH. Firstly he must change his second or middle name to Banda or Phiri or Sakala or Bwalya, Mulenga, Musonda, Kabwe or something close to those lines… How about that!”

    Definately we are together in celebrating the victory by RBB and sad painful loss by the undereducted Micheal Chilufya Sata who seems to always have negative EXPERIENCE – losing.

    As of, president HH and the mighty UPND, we have done a good job. Hats off to you all who participated, but let us carry on with our Zambian dream and not leave it as a nightmare.

  329. You will never move forward until you are ready to confront your own mediocrity.

    It is simple, prove it or shut up. I put it to you that Zambia is a useless country, people don’t care about Zambia and most have never even heard of it.

    Over a period of anything like 15 years, Zambia would have been mentioned no more than three times on most main channels.

    Do you need any more proof that this Zambia thing is useless?
    So why are you constantly in denial?

  330. ONCE MORE I wish to commend the rural voters, particulary in Western and North Western Provinces. They have shown us that they can not be decieved by someone promising to put more money into their pockets. Unfortunately people in town get decieved easily.How could they bet on someone playing AKA RED NAKA BLACK.Be careful of such crooks.We find them in Politics and the Churches

  331. #416, that’s exactly what I’m talking about in my comments at #426 when I say life in Europe has taught me a lot. The western world does not care an inch about African countries unless bold leaders like Gadaffi and Mugabe rise up to defend their people’s rights! Sata would have dared, but not your sleepy RB. I’m not radical, these are my convictions.

  332. You are over 70 years old.You have already lost 3 times in a bid to become president. What does that tell you? PF=Poor Finishing.Sata is like a striker who mesmerizes on the dribble but cannot put the ball into the net.3 times he has failed to come up with a strategy to win elections now tell me is this the man we can trust to pull us out of our problems when he cant even solve his own problems with the rural electorate.There is something fundamentally deficient about this man.As someone pointed out all who really know him well from the Unip & MMD days testify to the mans qualification to clean up a hospital but not for the highest office in the land.You need more than kaponya skills for dat

  333. May I as Maestro Hhehhehhehhe take this rare opportunity to congratulate Honourable Rupiah Bwezani Banda for succesfully winning the October 30, 2008 Zambian Presidential Elections and ultimately becoming the fourth President of Zambia. I will issue a more comprehensive message in the thread containing the real winning news and numbers of MMD and its presidential candidate RBB.

  334. #386 You are talking about history.Sata was a man of action some 15-20 years ago.He is now an old man and there hasnt been any action from him for years now.Please dont live in the old frame.The man should retire.He should have been president years ago not in his evenings of his life.we dont lack younger energetic educated men of action except that these old guards keep killing them to protect themselves.Where is Paul Tembo,Ronald Penza,Baldwin Nkumbula,dean Mungomba etc etc.FT saw potential in their capabilities hence they had urrently most capable young men in MMD or PF, do you think they can try to be presidents???Thats why i suggest and appeal to RB and Sata to groom a young man????????

  335. 414 – The question was how do you remove the perception that local goods are not inferior to imported goods. If people are opting to buy cheap chinese goods produced in Zambia, then surely competition is not the issue as Zambia is a free market economy anyway. With free markets,the need to legislate to protect the consumer is good and gives consumer confidence in the product they are buying.

  336. #436 you’re right, but I tell you that our time will come, because what goes up, comes down and what goes around comes around. The western world is slowly but surely crumbling and eventually there will be no where for them to run except to the poor countries.

  337. #415, Georgia Russia, continued analysis.
    You called by writing “Maestro Hhehhehhehhe and fellow bloggers help me understand to why our enonomic provinces,namely southern,lusaka,copperbelt, have rejected mmd from 2001 to date.are u attributing this to tribal matters or also u think its safe if a president can have his security men vote against him,eg state house compound,skianze camp and other barracks.”
    2. Lusaka province has a lot of educated people together with Kaponyas whom Sata meets at Northmead Complex Centre giving them a good Chat. Kaponyas are too many in Lusaka too and most of them are Bembas or Nyanjas. Also, the MMD service delivery has been pathetic.

  338. @#436. Some people

    Then why are you commenting on this blog. You may think Zambia is useless but it is precious to me and I love it and if you want to be a European then fine but don’t come on this blog and talk the country down. We are here to discuss serious issues and not listen to your Sata like rhetoric.

    There is a saying, when you face a brick wall, drive around it. Instead of waiting for govt to boost the economy, why don’t you make a contribution by at least starting a shop. Of course you cannot do that, you would rather talk the country down. You need help.

  339. #413- That is rather strong!!!!! I dont think you are more knowledgeable than Sata. What makes you think he cant rule after commanding all those votes. He is the hero to most of the Zambian Pipo. At least he makes the govern. work as confessed by the late President.

    We need pipo like Sata who can stand and speak 4 injustice rather than you who are seated but are busy critising your friends.

  340. Home dwellers have shown that you ignore them at your own peril. Good lesson. Don’t ever call them un-informed! They know exactly what is important to them, and they know you never share a boat with a cobra 🙂

  341. #415, Georgia Russia, continued analysis.
    You called by writing “Maestro Hhehhehhehhe and fellow bloggers help me understand to why our enonomic provinces,namely southern,lusaka,copperbelt, have rejected mmd from 2001 to date.are u attributing this to tribal matters or also u think its safe if a president can have his security men vote against him,eg state house compound,skianze camp and other barracks.”
    4. Having written enough in points 1,2,3 above;I will now inform you that most Bemba People have completely taken a Blind eye to what is important for the country because of looking up to Bemba-tribalists like Sata and m’membe. Kaponya’s read the Sata’s mouthpiece the POST

  342. @#442. FutureZed

    Good question. The consumer perceptions of Zambian made goods has come from a history of monopolies. But I love following economic issues and I seem to recall that we signed a free trade agreement with SADC and that means Zambian goods are not limited to Zambia only.

    I also here there are shortages in Zimbabwe and DRC and that is a good export market. Also I read that Namibians have a high demand for Zambian products. With competition and the more Zambians improve on their products,the perception is bound to go away. Another way to do it is just educate the public on the quality of the product and know your consumers.

  343. In this election nearly every Zambian had calculated the probability of MMD winning, P(MMD win/PF) = 1. From the engineers point of view it shows something really wrong!. This meant right from the start P(PF/MDD)=0, no ways. But ideed MMD has won, from the probabilities above, it means the result was already fixed as predicted by every Zambian. Shame on MDD!

  344. It is so funny that people can compare SATA to HH worse more Mugabe & Gadafi. In some countries Sata cannot even qualify to run for president all because of his education background. Please look at the CVs of these people(Mugabe, Gadafi & HH)u are comparing Sata to.

  345. Free-Market-Capitalist,
    I am here because I an investor in Zambia. I have invested more money in that dead-wood than you would ever earn in your lifetime.

    I do so mostly because I don’t just want to give you hand-outs, I want to create jobs and hopefully help you move forward.

    But your confused mental state, an almost insane baby thought process is extremely frustrating.
    Other than for philanthropic reasons, most sane business people would not bother investing in Zambia. The trouble with you is you can not even distinguish aid from real foreign investment.

    Too got up in “progress” we are seeing in Zambia. Do you all lot require some kind of medical assessment?

  346. #415, Georgia Russia, continued analysis.
    You called by writing “Maestro Hhehhehhehhe and fellow bloggers help me understand to why… ,namely southern,lusaka,copperbelt, have rejected mmd from 2001 to date.are u attributing this to tribal matters or also u think its safe if a president can have his security men vote against him,eg state house compound,skianze camp and other barracks.”
    5. Hence tribalism has played a big part in all this voting for undeserving individuals though the MMD has largely failed us as a Nation.
    6. On security men,I congratulate them for voting wisely.It is their democratic right to vote a person of their choice. Hence, it is very much SAFE.

  347. Time will tell!!!
    I pray for peace for my beloved zambia!!!!
    God knows why it is like this again!!!

    H H its our time never give up!!!
    Fear no Death but defeat!!!!

  348. i guess the rural guys did vote wisely.maybe the best mmd can do is to make sinjembela,kaputa,chavuma and sikalongo more accesible, some of us get to hear about the remotest places wen its time to vote.i want to assure that these our rural friends have given them the vote again,but one day they will turn thier back again.

  349. #2, you are not the only one. We were all worried. We could not imagine a Zambia with SATA as president. I am sure even Chiluba was trembling. Butsuper KK was just cool and playing golf laughing.

  350. Some People. Proof that Zambia is not a useless country is that you are actually spending time reading about it (unless your time and attention is useless).

  351. #452. Some people

    You are lying to us. No investor has ever gone to a country to “give jobs”. They do so for profit. The numbers on the financial statements is what matters. Govt will never help people. All govt can do is pass laws. I have never seen a govt on this earth that is not corrupt. The american govt is run by large co operations which fund their campaigns. We’ll see if anything will change if/when Obama wins. It will be a different face but same politics.

    What matters is the people. If an investor invests in a car factory, the people can benefit by starting car dealerships. It is driving around the brick wall. [tbc

  352. No wonder zambia will never develop, free and fair elections?? that doesnt happen…..lets see how far his gona tek us..

  353. Bangwele! Baku nyunyani nafuti. All history is revisionist anyway so when we look back, the fact is RB is president. Sata is a mere paragraph in the chapter of the book.

    We soldier on. Boma or no boma.

  354. cont from 459

    BTW, What business have you started in Zambia. I would like to see a related business that can be started from it and maybe recommend it to some entrepreneurs in Zambia.

  355. MMD uses the forsaken to manipulate!!!!
    Truth will be told,the forsaken will speak again next time very loud disputing what is attributed to them +455 MMD has to pay back in appreciation for using our relatives to their advantage!!!!
    Time will tell !!!!

  356. MMD has won … I hope it is for the better. I’m a strong PF supporter. I really needed change. We need discipline in our country. I hope RB will effect change in that line. Good luck MMD …hard luck my Fellow PF supporters. I bet the whites couldn’t wait to impose unjustifiable sanctions on Zambia in the name of finding faults in Sata’s government. Let’s see what excuse they are gonna bring forth. Life is simple and straight forward: too black to bad you’ll have to pay. Leadership that claims not to be their puppets will certainly see itself being thrashed out of power, no matter how democratic. RB, make sure FTJ still pays for his sins. You almost lost because who surrounds you!

  357. Am pround to be zambian and since am no longer in russia am changing my blogg name from Georgia Russia to true democrat.thanks guys for the u all


  359. |452 Some People,

    If Zambia is such a deadwood why invest there? What kind of investor are you? What is your expected return on equity? Is it negative or positive? Are you a real investor or just some feel-good wannabe philanthropist? How many jobs have you created?

    If there is anyone that needs a medical assessment, it must be you. I suggest that you channel some of your money to Chainama Hills Hospital and book yourself in for a full psychological evaluation – I think that you have some deep seated issues to deal with.

  360. fellow zambians,lets embrace every one and see to it that zambia moves forward.we have a lot of pressing issues at hand and hope the ncc wont be scraped out coz we need the new consititution amended so that we dnt have issues after elections in 2011.i pity sata and his commrades along with HH who personally i voted for,but becoz a tribal tag has been put on him,it made it diffcult for him to win

  361. who said the chopper sata used during his compaigns belongs to him, no he cheated people from south africa that is going to win the elections because I came from the bemba tribe who always wins the elections in zambia. To back up his claims, he pointed out how he came to close to the late president. He betrayed himself.kaponyas.He forget that any one wins the elections in zambia needs all the tribe. To be specific at least supported 7 provinces not 3 provinces or one province like sata and HH.

  362. Iam HH Supporter but after seeing SATA in this picture, I just wish they had given the man a chance to rule. He has something to show!! Sat5a start negotiations with HH now , we need you on the politicval arena. If you dont do it you have two options. Go back to MMD or quit politics all together!!

  363. 442 – Good point, however for Zambian products to compete on the international scene, we need build up the brand and this can only be done by making sure all the processes are followed and supervised by standards agencies and ensuring we maintain standards.

    Taking the ‘Post’ for instance, an established Zambian brand that has successfully put off it’s customers because of back tracking on it’s own ethics. We now need a strong independent media regulator to keep both private and government media in check.

  364. Some People = That is a nice strategy to catch every blogger’s eye. However, it is no use mentioning your profession because that is the basic rule of the internet and forums “You can be anything you want”; more so u can just be “Some people”. So just stick to your radicle way of looking at Zed.

  365. RB please check yourself on who surrounds you, lest you lose it all!!! Congrats MMD once again! Hard luck UPND and PF … learn from the mistakes of our PF and UPND mistakes! Ruling party is always in the lime light mainly because government machinery usually helps evenly spreads their stronghold, where opposition is sleeping politicking tribal. To defeat MMD will require only two political parties standing … like did MMD to UNIP! Can you imagine if Sata and HH had merged?

  366. Ba PF please not ukwisa kuli Football.Ichifukushi chipwile ukokwine.Had Sata won,the Pabwato word could have appeared most frequently and irritated most of us.
    What happened to that POST NEWSPAPER headline “RB must start packing katundu”?

  367. #471. gita it will be very unwise to use words like kaponya,we know how bad sata is but he deserves some respect as well,hes spoken so well on casual labour,pay as u earn, and crap investor.all these policies were implemeted or adoped by levy at one time,so lets give credit were its due,there a quite a number of things that one can point at that sata did.can some one openly tell me what rb achieved when he was in unip.he cnt even stand against the young hh.

  368. #452 I think you are in Zambia because it offers you good business orportunities, not because you want to help the poor – not from your logic anyway. As a capitalist (your own words) you decided to invest in Zambia because you obviously figured the returns were worth the risk.

    Out of many who genuinely want to help in poor nations, it’s usually those with a very good understanding of the workings of the target society who succeed. From what you saying it seems you rushed into this solely to make a buck, and now you realise it’s not plain sailing.

  369. What the opposition parties seemed to have over-looked was that in 1991 it took the MOVEMENT for MULTI-PARTY DEMOCRACY to beat the all-powerful UNIP. i repeat MOVEMENT FOR MULTI-PARTY DEMOCRACY.emphasis on MOVEMENT and MULTI-PARTY. Dr. Kaunda in his infinite wisdom tried to advice these parties to come together in order to win but the egos of Sata and others wouldnt allow that.A former teacher of mine used to say”keep doing what you are doing, and you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting”. Sata is too ill-tempered and lacks the acumen to be head of state and i am RELIEVED he has loss(fairly or unfairly). working together will do it in 2011.

  370. # 470. your flag True Democrat hey pipo am still Georgia Russia some one is trying using my blogg name,there