Refurbish Cathedral of the Holy Cross- RB

President Rupiah Banda, First Lady Thandiwe (centre) and Mrs Maureen Mwanawasa dancing during the Cathedral of the Holy Cross co-operate partnership ball in Lusaka on Friday night.
President Rupiah Banda, First Lady Thandiwe (centre) and Mrs Maureen Mwanawasa dancing during the Cathedral of the Holy Cross co-operate partnership ball in Lusaka on Friday night.

President Rupiah Banda has called for the refurbishment and continuous maintenance of the Cathedral of the Holy Cross which was built over fifty years ago.

Mr. Banda said all the problems that the country has faced have been solved through gatherings at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.

He said it was important therefore to have the church refurbished as soon as possible saying his administration is committed to seeing the Cathedral Partnership Corporate projects aimed at raising funds to refurbish the church succeed.

Mr. Banda was speaking in Lusaka last evening at the Cathedral Corporate Partnership ball whose theme was ‘ Restoring a National Spiritual Heritage through Partnership’.

The Republican President said the peace that the country is enjoying is unique as many countries on the continent have been to war while some are still torn apart from conflicts.

Mr. Banda noted that the church has a bid role to play in ensuring that the country continues to enjoy the peace and tranquility.

And speaking earlier Anglican Bishop of the Diocese of Lusaka The Right Reverend David Njovu said the Cathedral of the Holy Cross has continued to play a central role in Zambia’s spiritual affairs and in guiding the nation.

Rev. Njovu said the Cathedral was therefore a symbol of Christ’s Lordship over Zambia which has now become even more significant with the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation.

He noted that the church is humbled and inspired by the wisdom in the leaders to declare Zambia a Christian nation.

And the Duke of England Richard Roster who sent his best wishes for the Cathedral Corporate Partnership through the British High Commissioner, said the Cathedral was an important cultural centre.

Meanwhile Bank of Zambia Governor Kaleb Fundanga said the partnership should go beyond the immediate needs of the Cathedral but look further to the wider needs of the community.

In a speech read on his behalf by Bank of Zambia Corporate Affairs Manager Danny Kalyalya, Dr. Fundanga said there is enormous potential for public private partnerships to move this country forward saying the Bank of Zambia recognizes the importance of corporate social responsibility.

Dr. Fundanga who donated K10 million towards the refurbishing of the church urged the Cathedral community to open a Cathedral Corporate Partnership Account.


  1. Use private funds and not public money for the refurbishmnent.
    Other places of worship like Mosques,Synagogues and Many other churches have also contributed both spiritually,materially and through association to ensure that peace in Zambia prevails.
    Cathedral should not have a monopoly of the word ‘peace’ in zambia.

  2. great that they can dance together when it involves the church,come house giving and salary increment-they are at war………..

  3. LT this is what we like, a fresh story on the front page every time we log in. Not 2 days same headline…nomba mbelenge bwino before I comment any further…

  4. The first Lady does not look that young. She looks older than Maureen here actually. Why do people call her sweet 16? Yaba too bad maureen will have to wait for a while before she can find a boy friend to dance with at such events. Anyway that is how things work in zed.

  5. As who whoship from compounds advise we have not contributed towards the nation.Even christianity things there is segregation.Its a shame especiaaly that you are just using public funds.

  6. start with tha sckools a Banda,thats the place everything started.
    LT,there hasn´t been any sports updates…….

  7. Even a sleepy president can look sharp in a black baggy and white tuxedo! Coming to the story, I think cathedral is not in too bad shape compared to some other biuldings in Lusaka. Our Airport and Civic Center for example, but then it’s years since my last visit..maybe I better leave this topic to the Zedians at home to comment. Naleka.

  8. Ba LT dnt forget Monday is world AIDS day as PF we wish all brothers and sisters infected or affected all the best in Life dnt give up hope keep on topping

  9. Very soon you’ll hear ati niba Dr. Banda. Ba Maureen progress ka, Chaliamba ukulila? repair ama roads & improve on waste management programmes the cathedral is ayt. Ikamba cholera ka.

  10. #15 Chale is right naiwe. don’t you scan the city?? we know it’s Gods crib & all but it’s far much better compared the the buildings chale is talking about. take time to go round the city don’t just stay home all day, you’ll see for your self how messed up buildings in lsk are compared to Gods house.

  11. 16.Pa bwato I agree with you citizens,its just that things of God are not supposed to be compared.Yes the whole country Zambia is in a mess ,it needs a serious facelift.Some of the building are not even safety risks but we have roads that are not only bad but also killing people. The airport and civic centres generate enough money and there is no reason for them to be in a mess ,its just lack of infrastructure investing from management

  12. Typical hypocritical christians, what part of the bible ever told you to build and spend money on lavish buildings to worship in . Just a stone throw away from the cathedral are people starving and yet you hypocrites are pumping money into a useless venture that the creator or his son never asked you to build. The body is the temple and the place of worship

    Acts 7:48
    The most high does not dwell in houses built by the hands of men.’Heaven is my throne,
    (CU) and the earth is my footstool.
    What kind of house will you build for me, says the Lord,
    or what is the place of my rest?
    50Did not my hand make all these things?’

  13. May i remind you that the first ever cathedral was a pagan temple Emperor constantine ‘christianized’. So be careful to attribute unscriptural things created by men to the most high. The most high asked you to repent and obey not build useless buildings. Nobody on judgement day will be asked how big a house or how many stained glass windows they made . On judgement day you will be asked if you gave alms to the poor and here we have a perfect example a president that steals from the poor and yet puts money into useless endeavours.

  14. #5 Chisushiii, you’re bringing ama irrele pa blog area, we that observe, wanna now bout ideas wise men come up with. U sound female – who must even be more in the GOSSIP circles (ILLITERATE-KACHEPA)

  15. Ninechale, civic center looks like one of those houses in friday the thirteenth or hammer house of horor. thats how old they look,its scarery for kids if you take achild there i can asure you the kid will have nightmares,especially the old building (were they register marriages.the whole city nees a facelift

  16. #1 PF DIE HARD
    Channel that cash through my account, i happen to be the focal point for such donations. Alternatively you can send it using western union.
    Name: Mala M. Wanzili
    Address: 24 Chintobentobe RD, Senama, Mansa.

  17. You are all comedians who don’t deserve to be taken seriously.Moreover,it seems all of u LT bloggers are grade 12 failures who failed to make it to Zambia’s prestigious Universities and are now just wasting time giving substandard analysis to innocent net blouzers

  18. Who is the man dancing with the first lady? Ba first lady looks much older than ba Maureen. Ba Banda sibu hule che manje dancing with your friend’s widowed wife? Anyway nipa Zed.

    #18 – 19, I agree with your points. Some of these buildings have hidden meanings that very few people understand. Catholic churches and paganism go hand in hand.

  19. Where is Vera (Chiluba) Tembo ? As a former First Lady and leader of HOPE Foundation I would have thought she would be prominent on such occasions, even though we all know she hasn’t made the grade as a Deputy Minister, neither was she expected to.Or is she pondering the Malawi connection?

  20. RB what are you saying the cathedral solved our problems is this a joke you have problems even within the MMD you are not wanted,there is cholera in some parts a sure sign of poverty and the list goes on……

  21. Nine chale you are spot on our so called international airport is such a joke it is very embarrassing.RB and yo croonies please refurbish the airport

  22. Ba RB,as much as we appreciate the importance of refurbrishing the cathedral.Lets look at what might have driven RB,even to say what he said. Everyone in government including RB,wil support that,because thats where they sometimes go.But we also have schools which look like monuments. There are no desks,and everything just in a mess.Even some buldings in government ministries are very delapidated. Therefore RB should not only talk about the refurbishment of the Cathedral,just because people who are perceived to be high class go there,but even other buldings the government should mentain them.By the way which church does RB go to?because i hear that alabunwa sana RB.Ati pali ba ka bear.He was dancing because he knows that he wil be getting a heft salary and allowances.

  23. RB wil encourage us to be going to the Cathedral to pray for Zambia. Since our country is a Christian nation,but him and colleagues wil be busy enriching themselves. By the time we say Amen in 2011,these characters wil have walk away with good graduities. And the National treasury wil be empty.The last 3 yrs they wil be massive deeping of fingers in the national treasury.God help Zambia.

  24. I have benn listerning to X-mas music the whole just set me in good just smiling all the way to new year.

  25. maureen, mkafwilwa alefukumuna amasha! Lp must be turning in his grave. judging by his temper i wouldnt be suprised if comes back as ghost and haunt his enemies!

  26. Nice to see Maureen with a smile….its been hard on the family. As for refurbishing the cathedral, I think the state and the Church should not be forged into one. What about other Churches? will govt fund their renovations as well? RB should clean up Lusaka and stop the mashrooming of sub-standard buildings all over the Country. Zambia now looks like a refuge camp with temprol structures….where are the Building inspectors.

  27. #41 Mooye, maybe kamwala should be given an Indian name he he he, I like the structures comming up around acades and unza area…we must have standards

  28. MMD mole in the opposition Edith Nawakwi should also have been on the dance floor with this thieving group maker Chiluba. You will all be dancing to Kamwala soon.

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  31. 2 be honest the building may need renovetions . The question is who are de owners ? If its 4 catholics let dem renovet it not da gvt no. We need proper clinics in gwembe not chi cathedral where u dance wen u drunk ba Banda . Up 2 now u cant guide yr mouth . Its like u open yr mouth b4 u think.

  32. Now RB wen ar u goin to tell the nation js hw sum1 typed a wrong name for veep?thosf of us hu knw,are aware tht it was Inonge Mbikusita hu was to be our veep…u mean u cnt make corections,u js read thru even wen u knw its wrong..

  33. Roughly 1067 days to go before the 2011 elections. You and i can make a difference by empowering all the Zambians to vote with knowledge.

  34. iyo ba RB paliba ukusabaila.Since when did the government start refurbrishing cathedrals. repair amaroads nefipatala mu zambia.

  35. There is a Zambian Chat called where people are free to start their own threads. We can utilize that forum as well to debate National issues because anyone can’t start their own topic.

  36. I escorted my friend to the Cathedral, people there were only to showing off their latest fashion or dozing. A lot of flirting was going on during Mass after the service we went to Intercontinental Hotel for lunch then later up to the rooms for some good sex and a lot of wine. At night the indian guys and street girls use the car park for “short time”.

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  40. Who is that merry widow dancing with RB?

    Mukamfwilwa bwelela.
    Don’t get excited Maureen.
    Soon it will be a wedding with Darlington and he will enjoy LPM’s benefits.
    Glorious Boys were are you?
    Please play NSAMBO YAMFWA.

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