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RB to commission Lumwana mine next April

Economy RB to commission Lumwana mine next April

Republican President Rupiah Banda is expected to commission Africa’s largest copper mine, Lumwana mine in Solwezi in April 2009.

Commerce, Trade and Industry Minister Felix Mutati disclosed this during his tour of the mine in Solwezi today.

Mr. Mutati said the mine will be commissioned by President Banda as it would fully functional by April 2009.

The Minister expressed happiness at the levels of infrastructure development and economic opportunities the mine is offering.

Mr. Mutati expressed hoep tht the Kwacha will gain its ground amid the global financial crisis once the mine became fully functional as they will be an increased inflow of foreign currency.

Speaking earlier Lumwana Mine Managing Director Harry Michael has expressed hope that his company will maintain its production efficiency so as to minimize loses and stand the falling copper prices on the global market.

Mr. Michael also revealed that his company is scouting for US$ 200 Million from its cooperating partners for the development of Uranium project at the mine.

Lumwana Mine has a total capital investment of US$ 910 Million, the largest single copper mine investment in Africa.


  1. # 2 espcially that they boast that the copper concentrate has 41% copper. I quote

    “Lumwana Mine managing Director Harry Micheal told Mr Mutati that the copper concentrate mined today had 41 percent copper adding that his team was targeting to mine 45 percent of copper ore.”

    Shame on these exploiters.

  2. #4 you are wrong, shame on our govt as the exploiter exploits zambians under govt nose and they get brown envelops and the poor zedians cant complain to relevant authorities,

  3. # 6 No. THAT IS MY OPINION AND I AIN’T. Look at International organisations theY generally pay high. ANd as you pointed out in # 2 K350pin. To my knowledge the governmment doesn’t pay so low.

  4. Lets be careful with these investors they will make money for themselves and leave us and the country in poverty.today kansanshi is cutting 298 jobs and yet when they came they said they have come to creat jobs for Zedians.

  5. Am afraid we are being colonised again with the full cooperation of those in power who stand to fill their pockets.

  6. Well, let’s see if ZESCO will still deliver power to Lumwana Mine until April….If you read the papers, there is a court case and ZESCO has threatend to cut the grid.

  7. Brothers and Sister, as we talk about going back to farming, there certain intricates that we should look at. A poor farmer cannot afford a plough or tractor he will really on his small hoe. How far is he going to get with thing? We need to get serious and find suitable equipments and implements for our farming to be enhanced. Tulechula fye, Chambishi mine has fired another 45 + 6 expartriets as of yesterday and more pruning are coming.

  8. #11 where are u? U have a point.I want to hookup with u.we are the solutions. Indians started moving back to India after getting the education in Europe and the United States,today India is an emerging market Walls street and all major American Companies want to invest in.#11 together we can build Zed please send me an e-mail at [email protected]

  9. As far as I know, Lumwana mine has a life expectancy of 40yrs.Zambians must benefit the fullest before that ore body under Lumwana gets finished.

  10. Lumwana Mine is for Australians,Sasas,Tanzanians and Ghanaians,while Zambians are just Kawayawayas.The break their backs during construction and now production.It seems in this country if you are foreigner than you are better will enjoy all the good work conditions.Now if you zimazed kwiilishanya fye lyonse.Just image mwachusa who does not know how to write his name is made a supervisor over educated Zedians because he worked with guys in TZ,or Ghana.Chasoni sana pa Zed.Thats why MD webo abutwike lintu Micheal Chilufya Sata are leading.

  11. If zambians are paid properly,kuti baleyumfwa.thats what we were told when we worked for the mines. Maybe if god takes time to pass through.

  12. You don’t want investors
    You don’t want nationalization
    You don’t have money to invest as Zambian private individuals
    What do you want?

    This is a negative society.
    Negative people.
    I feel sorry for Zambia.
    Who are these Zambians abroad who only want to paint a picture that Zambia is a failed state.

  13. No.1 – its very true, these guys must adjust salaries for their employees (local) more especially that they will soon start selling uranium as a by-product. the copper price is just fine, why are these investors instilling fear in the masses unjustifiably? RB wake-up and be an alert and informed President-YABAA!!!

  14. Minister caught up in punches;
    hey guys,where are we heading with this Carder type of government,ministers fighting with a unip carder.
    who is wise and should guide the other,what do we expect of a minister?
    in Zambia,there is no law,law is in the hand of individuals
    i am very much disappointed with Our minister Shikapwasha,his words of no respect,his mouth of no restraint.

  15. Thanks for the good words! From you it means a lot to me, Dale! Jess did a fantastic job on the shoot edit. Lighting was great. I love the way the sand fire pit build prgsoesres thru the spot from early work thru operation. I’m working to figure a way to get you out here Dale. Maybe we can wrangle you a good make-cation. Looking forward to seeing you on CNN this weekend . and at the USFLN.org symposium in April.

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