Zambia not planning a military invasion of Zimbabwe-Pande

Foreign Affairs minister Kabinga Pande (r) and his counterpart from Defence George Mpombo during a press briefing on allegations that Zambia and Botswana are planning to invade Zimbabwe
Foreign Affairs minister Kabinga Pande (r) and his counterpart from Defence George Mpombo during a press briefing on allegations that Zambia and Botswana are planning to invade Zimbabwe

The Zambian government has dismissed a website article suggesting that Zambia and Botswana are planning a military invasion of Zimbabwe, to remove President, Robert Mugabe, from office.

Foreign Affairs minister, Kabinga Pande, has described the article which appeared on the last Sunday as malicious, baseless and false.

The website article suggested that Zambia’s Commando units have been training jointly with the army of Botswana in readiness for the military invasion.

Mr. Pande said at a press briefing in Lusaka on Wednesday that Zambia is committed to working within the framework of SADC decisions in resolving the situation in Zimbabwe.

Mr. Pande who was flanked by Defence Minister, George Mpombo, said Zambia believes that peace and stability can only be achieved through effective dialogue among all stakeholders in Zimbabwe.

And Mr. Mpombo said contrary to the website article Zambia is keen to to assist Zimbabwe overcome her internal problems through dialogue.


    • u obviously dont know anything about the zimbabwean armed forces.go and ask the DRC rebels,they gonna tell u that all hell brek loose when the zimbabweans are around

  1. Mr. Mpombo is quite ugly and I hoped people would advise him on how to present himself. A clean shave of his grey beard and may some ‘mafuta from zaire’ which Chiluba uses would make him a little presentable.

  2. Zimbabwe has a well-equipped, battle-hardened army and air force #9, Zambia does not have any such thing…

  3. He should have just said Zambia has neither the military nor the equipment to invade anything.When did we last buy tankers,jets,uniforms? I’ll give Pande some kudos, you dont tell your everybody your defence capabilities,especially if you have none.But he need a press conference?

  4. # 10, how can people starved and suffering from cholera beat u….You dont even have courage to fight even with a sick man. Please reconsider your idea…

  5. Leave these Zimbabweans alone, we do not need to get involved, because they never appreciate our efforts. We do not owe them anything. To hell with them.

  6. Reading the story from Supreme Court is saddening. A recount must be supported as it breeds confidence in the Electoral System. Being Defensive is tantamount to putting a “rogue in power”.
    A quick disposal of that matter the better for the country….thumbs up Judges!!!

  7. Ah Kanshi you guys even read websites. am encouraged as a blogger. I thought Mpombo was busy try to find out which country makes these new 4X4 vehicles called websites so he can import one when he gates his gratuity because they are popular and everyone talks about them.

  8. You know what, whatever means are available, Bob must go. He has done enough damage to the pipo of zimbabwe.
    He should go…his time is up….

  9. #14 Stanford those 5th brigade guys are mean. Zim has Mig 29s, we have a few Hawk trainer jets. Zim has Mil MI-24 attack helicopter gunships, do will still have any of those Mil MI-8s working? Nadabwa

  10. Why should Mpombo apologise even if he has a great idea, let him back it up with a condenced face of his and a threat of SADC military action against Mugabe….only then, he can be invited in london for dinner

  11. No.13 use correct military terms.BP Zambia uses tankers while the military uses tanks. Natchi90, your bravos meqnwhile

  12. #21, I agree with you, but its not about the mightness of your military that matters, nor the strength of your army but rather its the strategy and the execution that matters…..

  13. We sacrificed hundreds of Zambian lives and millions of US dollars for Zimbabwe’s independence. Zimbabwe hardly acknowledged our grevious sacrifices.

    They still owe us US$70m for the Kariba South Bank power station. We should never ever sacrifice even think-time for Zimbabwe. We should just get their tobbacco farmers, their investors and their tourist trade and forget about them. Let others worry about them.

  14. Why should Zambia go to war for those ungrateful and docile Zimbabweans. It will be unjustified to waste our human and material resources in this way.

  15. AS no.15, should be very imature and not considerate. I am reading this article from Zim and see how our friends are suffering fending foodstuffs for their siblings and children. Remember a few years ago we were like them, holding a number of mealie meal coupons and could not find mealie meal anywhere except in NIEC stores then, where the shelves were always empty by the way. Those who had the means trekked to Zim for survival. These sufferings can happen toanyone including Zambia. Dont forget easily guys……….

  16. Just kachepa anyway the real story is we are selling out by allowing our countries to be used as launching pads for a British led invasion (zimbabwetoday dot co dot uk)

  17. lol is still laughing while that was a nice joke now lets talk about something more important.. like job loses on the copper belt… STOP PLAYING AROUND WE ALL NO ZAMBIA CANT FIGHT.

  18. We can only go to war , if some one is paying for it, say USA or UK. Not the way KK wasted our resources to support, Namibia, Zim and SA independence. And what did we get from it , nothing?>

  19. Its a good plan, wheather its true or false, How are we going to know that our military force(the commandos) are capable of delivering. Give it a try and see where we stand, infact it would be the best practice:d not just too much theory, tactics which they have never even tryed before

  20. Let the people who want to fight, fight themselves. Let’s concentrate in developing the only country we have. The reason Zambia avoids war is simple. We do not have any experience in war. But that does not mean we are a push over.

  21. The war is about zambia and botswana closing boarders avoiding these cholera infested docile zambabweans have no choice but to fight mugabe. They expect too much favors now we know them.Nothing for nothing ZIm guz. We fought our KK, FTJ and eventually next…………No zambian blood should be sacrificed for Bagolegole.

  22. LOOL – this story is too funny. There is no way we can invade Zimbabwe. Even their granpa war veterans are more experienced than our army

  23. #37 You are really shallow and narrow minded at the same time, you are so ignorant…if it had been for KK do you think you would even be here? Well am not suprised people like you just need a little knowledge about ZAMBIA, are you even a Zambian?

  24. Zambia should not in any way think of invading Zimbabwe (whether story is true or not)! We have enough problems of our own. Like the others have said, what will we gain by helping the Zimbabweans except get insulted? I feel sorry for them but they did not show gratitude when they got their independence but instead they would continually point at us Zambians who visited their country for leisure or shopping as “Dirty and hungry Zambians”. They have to sort out their own problems this time no matter how badly I feel for them. Anyway even if we invaded them, our soldiers would not die from their army’s bullets but cholera. Stay away, I say!

  25. Let Zimbabwe sort its messy, we have enough chaos in zambia to deal with…what is zambian’s interest in going into Harare?
    Mugabe started this fire alone,,let the people of zim deal with him…by the starting a war is too costly, let that money for military assaulty go to rebuild schools, clinics and maybe give some to RB to spend as splash funds to buy more votes in 2011.

  26. 9. Stanford,

    ” Zambians are cowards. Why not invade Mugabe if that is the only way to help save the many lives under the death trap… ”

    Cowards are people who want other to do the fighting they themselves are unwilling to do.

    There is no reason a single Zambian life should be risked for the policy of the British government. They saw a way to renege on the 2 billion pounds they were supposed to pay to white farmers as compensation for land redistribution.

    Zimbabwe is under sanctions. If anyone wants to improve conditions in Zimbabwe, lift sanctions. Don’t call people cowards because they won’t do your fighting for you.

  27. Let Zim situation be the way it is plz. Monks are no longer starving in Zed as they can at least afford some cheap Zim girls around that have flooded the night clubs and Zed streets.


  28. Although i dont support the mmd government,but if these allegations of zambia wanting to invade Zimbabwe were true.I would support this idea 100% .Because all the methods to remove that old man Mugabe from power have proved futile.So if the military method can work why not go for it.Although i doubt if Zambia can defeat Zimbabwe. Maybe if zambia works together with other powerfull nations,like South africa,Usa and Britain.Enough is enough,zimbabweans have been reduced to beggers.Zimbabwe used to be a powerfull economy in Southern africa.But look at what is happening today because of Mugabe,he has to go.Cholera killing a lot of people,first time in the history of that country. Inflation rates higher than any other country in the world.Zimbabweans are selling sweets,and after those sells they make k2,000.All because of Mugabe,noways he has to go.

  29. I believe the solution to zims problems is to eleminate Mugabe, but let Zims deal with it. We have nothing to benefit from the invasion. Focus resouses on starving Zedians for they matter most.

  30. All wars start with denials. The usual denial is” No, we are not preparing for war, it is just rumours”. For instance Zimbabwe has denied sending troops to DR Congo but reliable sources indicate that it has sent 3000 soldiers. The truth only comes out when the fighting begins. I just hope Zambia does not want to make a big blunder of attacking Zim. Suck an attack can only work if its a SADC force

  31. Why is the world paying so much attention to Zimbabwe!!?? Cant you just forget Mugabe for one moment? There are so many other places around the world with worse problems but they never make headlines. What is it the UK and USA want so badly from there? Is it the white farmers who are still stranded with no where to farm!? Oh… these guys are just irritating sometimes…they think the world is theirs to deceive with propaganda on telly! We have cholera in Africa every rainy season. How many people in Lusaka alone die from cholera every year? does that make headlines on CNN? We all know zim is having it wild, send ORS instead of yapping all year round!

  32. There were reports that Zim cholera is spreading to Botswana, South Africa and Zambia! This is a lie!! We have cholera every year but no… blame Mugabe. Now Mugabe will be attacked. Its one lie after another. %-(

  33. Its amazing how a line drawn on a map by some colonial power can bring about such bigotry amongest our midist. I would urge alot of you all to take a long hard look at yourselves in the mirror,the rear view mirror… we are but the same people. Never strike a man when he is down.

  34. you guys, zims are very docile pipo maybe indeed they need a foriegn intervention so that they stop being a nuisance to their neighbours including zedi

  35. for us black people we should see that white people will create stories and mess your country up if you dont do what they say! I say thumbs up to Mugabe for standing up to these muzungus. infact all the zim blood is on the white pple’s hands. they messed up the country with sanctions and all else. they shouldn’t always be the ones to decide whats best for us. so what if some farmers are homeless now. they can go back to their homeland because white people deport blacks on an hourly basis. black pple should also learn to support one another. send help to Zim instead of troops. ba bululu besu ama zims. abasungu niba kabwalala fye!

  36. Imwe ba #53,Anonymous.USA and Britain are just not happy with the way the Zimbabweans are suffering.And not only USA and Britain but even some african leaders have condemned Mugabe but he doesnt listen.For people like Mugabe,dialogue dont work.What can USA get from Zimbabwe?nothing at all.Its just that most of the countries are tired of the Mugabe nonsense.

  37. The situation in Zim is unbearable. Mugabbage does not deserve to live, going by the number of innocent lives that he has terminated by design or default. Why should we sit back and watch our brothers suffer?

    So, what is wrong with joining any force that would be put in place to assist the suffering masses of Rhodesia? Remember that Bob and his cronies are not feeling the pinch.

    Hang Mugabe, hang the murderer!!!

  38. Mugabe may have overstayed as president but how many african president’s have done the same? he has taken care of his people since independence. they had one of the best ecnomies in central and southern africa. do people honestly think its his wish that they should die from cholera and have inflation in the millions? i think let us be fair in our judgement of the man. outside forces are messing him up left, right and centre.

  39. Though i would not support such action at what ever cost this situation wil only be sorted through such means. The people in Zim are suffering like animals because the gov says they will not give up power to some who will listern to white people or anyone from the west. This for me is not a good reason if say they are having problems of tribes and division in the nation they we could say let them sort it out themselves. But in this case the Zim people need help but it wont help if it is made public as this wil give rise to opportunists that grave for war in the region

  40. I am back fellow bloggers. How is the evening Chewe, Baby C and the rest of the crew. I thought Zambia last time mentioned of sending troops to Congo DR to help Kabila.Zimbabwe has already sent 3000 troops and intends to add upto 10,000. So how will Zambia fight alongside Zim troops in Congo if we are planning to invade Zim

  41. # 62- I beg to differ with you on this rogue. He has overstayed his usefulness. He was good at the struggle for liberation, granted, but that does not make him an economic manager.

    We shall therefore, not be apologetic to call him by his rightful title: MURDERER!!

    No one in the USA/UK is doing that to him. He is just trying to run economics the way of bush walls he fought in the 70’s!

    So, hang the murderer, hang him!!

  42. Guys,am not happy with what i heard.A child has died in Choma and two others are battling for their lives in the hospital,although the their condition is now stable.That happened after they ate poisonous roots which their mother was stil boiling to remove the poison.But after she left to fetch for some water,they got and ate because of hunger.Thats why am always hard on this governmen.Because they exported the maize which would have helped these villagers to Zimbabwe and Congo.And then a minister from the office of the vice president said two days ago that,its oke they people can eat poisonous roots as long as they get some energy. Is this what he wanted? Shame on these selfish people,the so called mmd leaders.when i talk you say Chewe,Chewe is this good.

  43. If you have not heard- now you have heard;

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    See why more people are joining this party. See why it’s bringing a new hope for the country.

  44. Let Mr Blair(lair),Mr Bush and now Mr Brown invade Zim,They are the ones who lost the land in that country.Why should they use Zed to do their dirt tricks.

  45. Altough I dont support Robert Mugabe, I wish to strongly condemn the double standards played by the western countries. When Smith declared UDI in Southern Rhodesia ( now Zimbabwe) they showed no interest in removing him from power. The goverment of Ian Smith caused alot misery and deaths in Southern Rhodesia and countries like Zambia. When Zimbabwe got her independence, Smith was kept in Zim and not taken to the Hague.Mugabe should relinguish power or be forced out but the western countries are not the right people to solve the Zim crisis. Who supported Savimbi with arms? Who killed Lumumba? For how long was Mandela jailed while the west remained quite?

  46. Mugabe should go. But Zambian cannot attack the battle tested Mugabe troops.They have served in Congo and waged a bitter war with Smith. they are hardened. Our Airforce cant fly at night.they have never done precession bombing nor fought a war. Zambians in short cowards. Zim is outr neighbour, they can subortage the Kariba dam & Power facilities. we can stand to loose. Botswana army is highly paid and disciplined they can wage a sucessful war backed by the british or Americans. Mugabe must go.but a neutral person should be found not Morgan Changirai

  47. Ha ha ha ha! I will follow this one like I did with the Iraq war. It started with………….Can anyone remember? There is no smoke without fire.

  48. Mugabe is a thug/criminal dressed in a British tailored suit-(the same Britons he condemns). He is a fraud and is no African Hero. Even Bob Marley saw thru’ this tyrant thru’s his song Zimbabwe which he sang for Zimbabwe’s independence- he clearly stated and I qoute “soon we’ll find out who the real revolutionary- and I don’t want my ppl to be tricked by mercenaries”. The stup!d African leaders who fail to outright condemn him are spineless. Not REAL leaders. And one day we will all wake up and ask ourseleves how we let this devil kill his people. Fcuk Mugabe and all those who fail to condemn him. I’m tired of this criminal being treated like a president.

  49. I am posting my blog at 21:00hrs connected on my laptop using my MTN modem. By the way i also have the latitude of using my desk top connected to zamtel. By the way have most of you realised that getting connected is cheap and affordable not just from those tuntemba cafes calling themselves internet cafes. So noisy bloggers doing it on company computers only, its time you got desk tops and laptops at home so we can keep the blog live even after 17:00hrs. The work internet pilfers are the loudest on this blog shame on you guys and ladies. Get connected not only at work for a livelier blog napapata sana bonse bane. By the way let me see what games are to be televised on DStv. Gd nite.

  50. Zim soldiers are battle tested and are currently in the DRC with angolan soldiers keeping Gen Nkunda at bay.Zambian soldiers made history by being the first UN peace keepers to be captured on a peace keeping mission- when they were captured in Siera Leone by Fodeh Sankos men.Invading Zim they havent got a prayer

  51. I really wish Mugabe and Co. would just disappear tommorrow. God help the people of Zim, but it is not for Zambia to do. Once we start, we will never get out of such a war. Just look at the mess in DRC/Rwanda! The Zimbabweans here say that there have been many attempts on Mugabe through the years. All those people are now 6ft under.
    Do we even know anything about war? Those guys fought a very harsh bush war. We would be destroyed. Let us look after our own first. I feel for Zimbabwe but they must sort themselves out. Who has veer helped Zambia after all? It is true Zimbabweans want peace but at what price? To see Mugabe& co getting richer while people die? They have to do it themselves.

  52. Whants wrongs with UNIP we spent all our resourses rebalating other country for no aparent economic gain. shame Zimbabwe.

  53. 83
    Sorry if i did clarify myself with yourself. Just blog from 1 to 82 and see how most of the bloggers are just up there numerically, meaning they did blog using the company computers or the internet cafes which close by 17:00hrs usaully. Again notice or see that they flood the earlier numerals like one who is going to miss on blogging once home. So if you are in some developed country as an educational refugee or economic refugee, i must hasten to remind you that sooner rather than later a lot of bloggers are going to disappear from here when companies close enmass come Jan 2009. Reason, they blog from coy computers.

  54. Zambia is not capable of fighting any war. Even with ZAmbabwe in its current state. Zambia can never beat Zimbabwe. Put it this way-firstly, you need a lot food to feed the fighting soldiers. A lot of amoury. Not even going into detail military logistics. If zambians are currently dying of hunger where would food come from to feed the soldiers. What about money for the ammunition and other artilery stuff? Botswana can fight war to even beat zambia hands down. They can ably feed their soldiers and provide necessary material for the war. In fact Botswana does not need Zambia to help, if that were the case. The only thing I can say is that Zambia was never interested in war. Its unnecessary

  55. cntd…especially amongst neighbouring countries in the southern region of africa.

    The only problem with Zimbabwe is that they have in opposition a chap who is not fit to be a leader. He is a big-time @sslicker. Even Mugabe knows that.

  56. For CIA
    There is no Chosen leader yet for CDP. It’s explained on the site;

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  57. You have no ability to invade an country in the world.Zambian soldiers are trained to oppress Zambian civilians.Zimbabwen are trained fighters.

  58. In the past we did have a good crop of soldiers-pipo like zuze,miyanda,tembo etc but the crop that came after that generation have sadly been decimated by aids.Read the cia website on how aids will affect the ability of the majority of african countries to defend themselves.

  59. Paul Kagame can invade Zimbabwe not Zambia. Our soldiers are ill-trained and weak. Try Banyamulenge from Congo DR/Rwanda….

  60. There are too many self-taught military gurus commenting on this site. It is rather silly for anyone to state the military strength of any country- unless you have the specifics on the military leadership and and their operation. Read Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” and all of you will realise that any conclusion you draw on either Zambia’s or Zimbabwe’s militarty is basically stup!d. There’s more to miliary tactics than meets the eye. In short, stop making silly conclusive statements on subjects you are not qualified on. None of us on this blog know anything about waging and winning a war. Rather, just discuss Mugabe’s tyranny and the suffering it has brought-blog solutions not delusions.

  61. Please, Please Zambians keep out of Zimbabwe’s problems. Let them sort it out we have our own problems to sort out. we should first take the log out of our eyes before we remove the speck from Zimbabwe. What we are supposed to be advocating for are sanctions to be removed from Zimbabwe. Let’s not be hypocrites and let us not be used by the west.We are supposed to be offering conflict resolution solutions between the west and zimbabwe.It should be a win-win solution, let’s put Int pressure on the lanchaster agreement to be honored by the British and of course President Mugabe needs to apologise to Zimbabweans for trying to resolve this issue in a wrong way.He should have used Int Pressure

  62. CIA;

    That’s I am glad you’ve joined the CDP- I have seen the difference right from looking @ their site. For a youth like me- that’s the only party which has made sense to join. I have also been hearing from ppl back home that they’ve been moving very tactfu;lly underground with the MMD and the press wondering who these ppl are. That’s strategy for you!.

    Big ups to Zed1 for constantly adverising my party! CDP
    | the citizens democratic party “dot” com|

  63. #93, Chinsali. As a retired Major, I think I have the authority to comment on the weakness/strength of the Zambia Army. Lt Gen Christone Tembo, Gen masheke were my mentors…

  64. Well “Retired” Major. Then you will be familiar with Sun Tzu as he’s a standard military reference for armies worldwide. And you will also know that the winner of any type of war is the one who plays the game of deception best. I don’t know whether Zambia’s/Zimbabwe’s CURRENT military chiefs is more formidable deceptive wise than the other. And my point was to stop these self taught military gurus to stop engaging in debate they have little facts on.

  65. “The Zambian economy has grown strongly in recent years owing to highly favorable external circumstances and significant progress toward macroeconomic stability. In 2008, the external environment has become progressively more difficult. Rising world food and fuel prices early in the year pushed inflation up steeply. More recently, the sharp fall in copper prices, in the wake of the global financial crisis and slowing world growth, has adversely affected export proceeds, the profitability of the mines, and government revenue from the mining sector. The slump in copper prices will inevitably have a detrimental effect on Zambia’s economic prospects in view of the mining sector’s central role

  66. The slump in copper prices will inevitably have a detrimental effect on Zambia’s economic prospects in view of the mining sector’s central role in the economy.
    “In these circumstances, it is essential to calibrate macroeconomic policies carefully. A loosening of fiscal and monetary policies aimed at supporting economic activity needs to be balanced against the risks for macroeconomic stability over the medium term. Moreover, fiscal policy should be guided by the need to create the fiscal space necessary to increase spending on infrastructure so as to encourage diversification of the economy. Monetary policy should continue to be oriented toward bringing inflation firmly down to single dig

  67. Monetary policy should continue to be oriented toward bringing inflation firmly down to single digits over the medium term.
    “While the fiscal policy stance has generally been prudent in recent years, budget execution has exhibited weaknesses. In particular, the pattern of spending has deviated significantly from what has been budgeted, notably in regard to capital spending. The authorities are committed to managing and using its available resources more effectively in order to sustain growth and poverty reduction.
    “The tight resource constraints and challenging environment that Zambia faces in the near term further underscore the urgency of structural reforms that would allow the most eff

  68. Anyone know whats hapened to the postzambia web site the chaps didnt bother to enail its members to let them know the site wil be down

  69. It’s like most of you are proud of being bloody cowards… War is not the best answer to the crisis in Zimbabwe. I suggest those who have a rough idea of the army’s capability, should be silent about such because it’s not only Zambians who are reading this blog. Such details are not really helpful to ordinary Zambians but they can arouse interest from people outside Zambia with ill intentions.

  70. #106
    If any of the blogers actualy had any such information they would not be here opening :(( thatwide mostly its people who only want to have something to say on a topic. Believe you me non of them have any information that they can share regarding the armys capability

  71. Everyone is busy yapping. Blah blah blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
    Mpombo will issue another statement on you all. Stop talking about the Zambian army fulstop

  72. You Zambians muliba kuwe sana, We actually do have a better trainied army and airforce. How the hell can you talk so ill about your, my army? Though we have never had any war, when humanbeing face such events they actually do fight, but this is not our call. I have always advocated for beefing up the millitary. Chiluba made a huge mistake in that area.In any war, psychologial issues play an important role.Given the situation, our focus is not war, however there is no smoke without fire!. Whatever happens in Zim, peace or war we will impacted. We should promote peace by all means. However whatever goes up will certainly come down. What is the cost benefit of war and peace!!!!!

  73. As Chinsali put it best- all of you talking about military capacity shut up- he said it best:There are too many self-taught military gurus commenting on this site. It is rather silly for anyone to state the military strength of any country- unless you have the specifics on the military leadership and and their operation. Read Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” and all of you will realise that any conclusion you draw on either Zambia’s or Zimbabwe’s militarty is basically stup!d. There’s more to miliary tactics than meets the eye. In short, stop making silly conclusive statements on subjects you are not qualified on. None of us on this blog know anything about waging and winning a war. Rather,

  74. Zambias army would have a tough time invading chilubi island never mind Zimbabwe. Zaf has only Mig 15’s or is it mig 8’s with 5 operational helicopters.

  75. Lets decist frm commenting on security issues if we do not have the necessary data. Who are we to say our army can or can not do AB or C. If and when they decide go to war, the Army will not seek your permission or get you and me to tell them what to do. Lets be concious of what we post here and not post while in semi conciousness state.

  76. #96 You are a frustrated former soldier. You don’t even know the 10 principles of war. Modern warfare is won by coordination with allies and use of specialized forces. That why even the USA needs allied army units and equipment.

  77. Ba Pastor J- stop commeneting on things Chinsali Inc has articulated very well. You shouldn’t go around calling people who have pledged to defend the country “frustrated and unknowledgable”. You have no idea what goes on in the military worldexcept what you see on CNN. And if you are over 10 years old and believe CNN you are just another hoodwinked person. Please have respect for the general mission of the soldier to protect their country.

  78. I know we zambians don’t have the military machinery to remove Mugabe. But with a little help from the West, A)S)S)A)S)I)N)A)T)I)O)N) of Mugabe should be an option. The man really needs to go. May Mugabe be the last of these African so called leaders.

  79. in Jesus name we bind all plans of war and we declare peace in our country and on our neighbours. Every spirit of war and provocation we bind you in Jesus name. Zambia will be a light and peacemaker to other nations. In Jesus name. Amen

  80. #38, if I put my photo on this blog I will create more problems in families All the women will be looking forme. I must be the most handsome man Zambia has ever known. Check me out on your internet profile. Ndiwa chabe ine. You ugly boys seek advice||| Women are easier than you think and they need you whether you are handsome or not. Just be responsible!!

  81. AS former service personnel, i know how ill equipped and poorly trained our army is. Most of my fellow senior officers are too fat even to run. an invasion will backfire and have very serious repurcussions. Our army is not battle tested. worse still, most of our soldiers are sick,,,, ^:)^

  82. PETER 84, i disagree with you on your conclusions about the zambian army. As for CHINSALI Inc 94, man you are spot on.

    We have an army that have gone into those troubled places in africa and have come underfire yet they have managed to stand up. we helped trained those zimbabwean war veterans to fight Smith. remmeber, most of them grew up in zambia. if you want to know go to the UN and see how those men in uniform you are belittling have achieved. don’t talk about what you don’t understand.

    I think the comments here should be on the pro and con of taking military action on Mugabe.

  83. Hey this time around, we need peace and stability not a firing range. Mugabe should just be told off in his aged face that its time he relinquished power. The problem is RB came into power thru fraud and this leaves only Khama junior to talk straight into Bobs eyes in southern africa. Forget about mozambique and angola, they are recovering from the wounds of civil war. Forget about tanzania, they have zanzibar as a thorn in their flesh. Malawi is toothless. so this leaves no option but for AU and SADC as big groups to echo some sense in old Robert

  84. Without a clear foreign policy we shall continue to play defensive. RB needs to articulate himself clearly on the Zimbabwe question. Atleast Levy had his point clear and was ready to tell Bob point blank! Fcuk the SADC rhetoric. People are dying in Zimbabwe,

  85. Why should we go and meddle in Zimbabwe’s business when we have alot of problems in our country.

    Government please use those resources to improve lives of the Zambian people not for loosing battles.

  86. Fellow bloggers remember when LPM went into coma, the same chaps denied that even when great Malon Zaza had said Levy is dead, they still disputed that. Can we surely entrust these white bearded men? Kabinga had a dream that LPM is coming back, Impala also was defying messeges from Chituwo about alarming the nation. Who ever put these pipo in power must be arrested, oh sorry he is already dead

  87. Even though whats happening in Zim is trully sad; zambians should brace themselves for the inevitable economic downturn that will hit zambia as soon as zim is liberated from mugabe’s iron clutch. Unfortunately we cant compete with zim as far as infrastructure and investment climate is concerned, hence the few serious investors ‘squating’ in zambia are just waiting for mugabe to drop dead and it will be ‘goodbye zambia, hellow zim’. Good riddance, some might say, but it will also be ‘goodbye’ to even the few jobs and briefcase businesses dependent on this investors. On top of that there is the expected recession in 2009. Tough times ahead my friends; I hope y’all cushioning yourselves

  88. #115, Pastor J, you must be a frustrated Pastor as well. Instead of commenting on war, you should be preaching the word of God. You disappoint us……

  89. What is Zambia in terms of Military. Mushala and his gang gave our military nightmares and you talk of Zimbabwe. In Zed we do not even have a single plane at our air bases. Rebel leader Ian Smith used to bomb Zambia with Zambia doing nothing. Helicopters in Zed the zambia air force running away to hide in the bush, and Dictator Kaunda hiding in the world peace while he knew very well we were crap in trems of military

    If in Zambia we forced former dictator Kenneth Kaunda to change things the Zimbabweans can as well do it themselves. We helped them during thr struggle for independence where billions of kwacha from the copper mines was spent by Kaunda, instead of feeding and building Zambia.

  90. The bible says blessed is the nation whose Lord is God.It’s a well known fact that Zambia is a peace loving nation and i believe beyond any shadow of doubt that Zambian are praying for the peace and healing of the nation of Zimbabwe. May God bless Zambia. Amen

  91. cont… When Zim got independence what did Zambia gain, nothing at all Bushe abena Zimbabwe taba ka sumuke kwi bele lyesu, bena bakala onkafwe lyonse, no way. Let them solv their problems. Even Tsvangaria or who ever he is will do any better for Zimbabweans, we have seen that in Zed with Chiluba. What garanti is there that this Tsvangaria is going to be perfect? He will just plunder Zim once in Power, just like all African leaders do

  92. Pst E. Musukuma do not involve God and the church in the politics. Mind you the saying goes “GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES”

  93. Why can’t these Zims get rid of the Black Adolf by themselves. Let them Shakespear’s Julius Ceasar and learn how to get rid of a mad dictator. We have too many problems to get involved in other peoples problems.

  94. 137 Justice Kafusha and others. Please lets not discuss matters hinging on National security on Internet. Having an Army, even with inferior weaponry, but with overwhelming support, resilience and will of the citizenry,is usually deterrent enough for your would be enemies. We cant as Zambians, whether at home or abroad start disparaging our own Army, even if we know their limitations. We are simply playing in the hands of the international intelligence communities that surf the net for just such data from citizens. Be patriotic for once!!!

  95. #50. Chewe
    Has SATA been consulted on these issues or he is still busy with the protests and the vote recount?
    I would would like to get Mr SATA’s views on this issue.
    This is the only time I would support SATA, because I know that he can’t support any idea that suggests invasion of Zimbabwe to get rid of Mugabe. Mugabe is his role model in leadership. I dont support Mugabe and SATA’s learship style but on this one I would stand with Sata because while Sata would be looking at the plight of his man Mugabe, me I would be busy looking at the plight of the many Zambians that would suffer the consequences. Sata and I would have different interests but same resolution, ‘No such Action’.

  96. Mugabe is just a silly chap, but just as much as i sympathise with my brothers and sisters across there, i cannot support any invasion because the people there had become too big headed for nothing. Now they are wallowing in poverty and sickness. Let them sort it out themselves. As for Mpombo, surely we have so many barber shops in zambia. Nishani? I suppose thats why our neighbours think we will invade them…The chap looks frightening.

  97. whoever statred this story should be investigated.We have never been a war advocateing country and i dont nsee why we can be such now.We have our own problems to sort out and cant afford to divert our resources to war
    We helped liberate Zimbabwe the rest is their to sort out too.This is a busy farming period and we are not inerested in any war at all.The economy if falling while copper prices are dwindling so people should worry about alternative solution to counter the effects of all this rather than war

  98. A lot of people have no idea what they are talking about. :-@ Maybe you just want someone who really knows something to be frustrated, such that they end up telling you the truth. I assume those talking about the army and air force got the information from someone inside the army or air force. This “someone in the army or ZAF” who is proudly the parading weakness of his country to allow a possible invasion of Zambia… Yes that makes sense! The people who really what equipment the army and ZAF have will never tell you… anything. The majority of you are showing that you are not proud of your country… but I think it’s fear more than anything.

  99. Discussing any country’s military capability is tantamount to treason. “Freedom of speech” has its own limits. Ignorance of the law is no excuse for not being prosecuted. Please seek legal aid when in doubt.

  100. #151. Minister
    I agree with you totally. In fact I would like to believe that lack of seriousness and sensivity on the part most of the bloggers here is what is driving them to make any comment they think of.
    Most of the comments are based on how they feel about Zambia, about the army, airforce etc, and not what they know about this country and its institutions. To some people anything Zambian is of low standard, whatever it maybe but anything from outside is of great value wherever it is from. Now, looking at the comments on this topic i tend to believe many people are not mature, but they view everything commedy, theatre, and computer games point of view. They fail to draw a line betw

  101. Zimbabwe facts
    1. Land seizures are the centre of economic issues in Zim and the West wants Africans to know that if you mess with them they will deal badly with you.
    2. Whites have no genuine concern for blacks. Most wars are started by them to loot our wealth
    3. Zim leaders should be selfless to allow others to take over and correct the situation.
    4. Mugabe deals with his people ruthlessly and needs to go
    5. Most African leaders are convinced this is white versus black war

  102. #154 cont’d
    They fail to draw a line between matters of jokes and those of seriousness.
    They fail to make distinction between matters of national concern and personal matters.
    They fail to distinguish between security, sensitive matters and ‘variety show’.
    This kind of attitude has also led as to complaining more than working and yet we see people from other countries see great opportunities in our nation and they prosper.
    We have chaps who dont do any work, but drink all day from begged moneys.
    I think our general attitude towards things that matter must change if we are to mature and contribute to the general warefare of our country.

  103. Go Zambia Go! We need to go kick some ass! Besides our soldiers have been idling for too long and need to earn their salary. Lets go invade them chaps and capture those beautiful Zim ladies…..

  104. If there are such plans then that is a good development which should be suppoted by the whole world. Mugabe must be overthrone. People in Zim have suffered and its enough.

  105. Come on guys Zambia doesn’t have any enemies, don’t be paranoid. Costa Rica doesn’t even have an army, because they don’t need one. Treason my a**

  106. 153. Ichalo Lifupa…….
    All this info about zambias muilitary cabability is on the net, in the public domain.
    These shona pipo are indeed hopless. They support mugabe, and condem the UK yet there are thousands of them cleaning white pipos bottoms in the uk. The west has the right to trade and sanction who they want, its their money, their technology. If you dont rule by expected norms, expect sanctions, dont trade with them, trade with china, the choice is yours. The core of this issue is rascisim. Properties were confisticaed from zimbabweans based on the colour of their skin. After 20 yrs mugabe should have used a different tactic to buy votes.


  108. Zambia has problems of its own. We should not forget the many pipo who died because of Zimbabwe.

    Let us concentrate resolving our internal problems – many pipo are starving in this country. We don’t have resources please. Even if we had resources why should we fight on behalf on Zimbaweans? They voted for him.
    If we concentrate on Zimb we shall allow our ministers plundar of our resouces.

  109. For all those advocating for military action in Zim I am in total agreement but let’s not send the army, lets send the agitators. If feel so strong about the situation in Zim form a rebel army and go fight for them.

    I don’t see why a Zambian soldier should die for this crap, no child should lose a father for Zimbabwe, we did not install Mugabe, Zimbabweans did. We have been the good regional samaritan for long enough and what have we gotten in return?

    To hell with Zimbabwe, they made their bed let them lay in it. If they want to remove Mugabe, let them leave places like Z, SA and the UK and go fight in Zim; instead of being a nuisance. We have our own problems, if some of you didn’t know.

  110. It could be the worst thing Zambia can do in human history to raise aganist his own blood brother Zimbabwe.Zimbabwe has been stiffled and suffocated by the imperialists,and what Zambia needs to do is to unite forces with Zimbabwe and fight the worst and common enemy-the imperialists.If the west is thinkinng of invading Zimbabwe like they did to Iraq, they are making a grave blunder they will live to remember.Southern Africa including zamnia is ready for them. (~~)

  111. Let the Zimbabwean situation resolve itself,we have already lost a President over the Zim issue.Zimbabweans are docile it does not hurt enough,why must we feel their pain?Such nonsense cannot happen in Zambia.We helped them with Ian Smith thus enough they have to sort out themselves.Such intervention definitely comes with human loss we are not prepared to.

  112. Eliminating Mugabe is a cheaper option.Note how things changed in Angola when Savimbi was eliminated.Only requires one sniper or for an overkill, a suicide bomber to send him to the other side.

  113. hope this GOVT is telling us the truth, no war.

    Zed at war what a joke – even Shaka’s war would be better than ours, AK 47 and rocket launchers (filled with gun powder or what) Guys lets be serious. instead facing the many problem in zed, we want to fight zim. :o:o:o


  114. Don’t forget that all or almost all the freedom fighters from Zambian’s neighbours and beyond used Zambia as their base.They were fighting what could be perceived as tougher Western world backed opponents in their own countries- and they all won their independence.This went on for 3 decades.
    Just because a person goes about beating people does not mean that he is the strongest!
    As for Mugabe his forces are devided and they have had enough.So an invasion would only take ONE day.

  115. Invading Zimbabwe is not a smart move, it would be very expensive and innefficienty. The best way would be to motivate Mugabe’s bodyguards to raise against him .it would be cheaper and smarter

  116. A war cannot be won or lost in one day – not matter how weak you think your opponent is.

    The best example is the war in Irag.

  117. Guys… Get real… Your are not blogging her. You are posting comments on a news article on a online news provider.
    Look at what a blog is at wikipedia.

    Anyhow… Remember that that Bush and his allied wants to bring instability to Africa. Its more easy for them to take over the resources here if they can make you guys kill each other first.

  118. :-w we do not know Zimbabwe’s allies in the SADC region. You may find Zimbabwe’s biggest ally is Angola which is well equipped and experienced to finish Zambia in a couple of days.

    I agree, lets not invade Zimbabwe. Lets be good Zambian citizens and mind our own business and fix the mess we have in Zambia.

  119. Agreed we can waste the little resources we have invading Zimbabwe. We spent so much helping the Zimbos get their independence and for what?? – Let Zimbabwe sort out it own mess – we should just secure our borders and make sure make gains in Tourism and Manufacturing while they are still down. Oh and lets not forget – take the opportunity to build the bridge between Botswana and Zambia – Zimbabwe has prevented us from doing that for many years. :d/

  120. Turn on BBC africa on the radio and just listen to how they “overcover” the issue with Cholera in Zim.

    This is to defend an invasion for the country. Once there they will not leave… Read the cards, Africa…. Today US troops wants to go chasing “pirats” even on land. tomorrow they will be you neighbor. This is nothing less then the start of overtaking the whole continent…

  121. #166 You are a dreamer. If the West were to invade both zim and zed they would be done under 4 hours tops. There would be nothing that zim and zed would do. The dennial we have is amazing. What will Mugabe have to do before African like you say enough.

  122. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  123. Realise that they want to turn brother against brother, who are they the wild west. In all this we in Zimbabwe are more than conquerers

  124. You may win a battle or two but you will never win the war, We are African super powers. We dont wanna fight our own brothers so we urge you to desist from such evil thoughts

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  127. my brothers from zambia & bots be warned! Munofira mahara. Zim can and will obliterate you. Besides an invasion will rally nationalist sentiment and before yu know even tsvangirai will rise to defend motherland. If you do decide, prepare 2 things. 1. Exist strategy when yu have to leave in a hrry& invade agai

  128. hello!,I like your writing very a lot! proportion we keep up a correspondence more about your article on AOL? I need an expert on this area to unravel my problem. Maybe that is you! Looking forward to see you.

  129. Just google Zimbabwe Army and see for yourself that its not any Army which little fellas like Botswana can stand against as for Zambia she is our friend and we would not have allowed her to be influenced by western pupperts like Botswana though militarily she is no stand against Zimbabwe.Zimbabwe has been deployed to almost all hot spots in Africa as it was the one which defended kinshasa on the brink of collapse to the rebels,it also helped in the Mozambiqian conflict against the Renamo bandits,it also led the final assault which killed Unita leader Jonas Savimbi,it has been to the Darfur Region,Somalia and many other UN missions.Against this backgroung how on earth did weak Botswana and our Friend Zambia inteded to attack Zim?Instead they did the right thing by saving their men’s…

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