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Zambia withdraws offer to host 2011 All Africa Games

Headlines Zambia withdraws offer to host 2011 All Africa Games

Government has withdrawn the offer to host the 2011 All Africa Games. Chief Government spokesperson, who is also Information and Broadcasting services Minister, Ronnie Shikapwasha, said  the decision to withdraw the offer has been made to save money towards enhancing food security in the wake of the current global economic crisis.

Lieutenant General Shikapwasha said government decided to channel resources towards the provision of essential services to cushion the impact of the rising food prices in Zambia and the rest of the world.

Gen. Shikapwasha said the escalating food prices, declining commodity prices which have affected copper earnings and the decline in government revenue, which are due to the global financial crisis, have forced the Zambian government to forgo the hosting of the games.

Gen. Shikapwasha announced the decision at a press briefing in Lusaka today.

The minister, however, noted that government has re-prioritized it spending plans for the 2009 to 2011 Medium Expenditure Framework to concentrate on a few important programmes.

He stressed that government has decided to shift about K800 billion to identified priority areas, which include food production, hospitals, schools, water and sanitation and roads.

He  noted that government will continue to finance the construction of hostels at all the universities and colleges that were to have been used by participants as the contracts have already been entered into and infrastructure would benefit the institutions


  1. Shame shame shame shame shame..just like UNIP on AFCOn in 1988..SHAME SHAME..these are the leaders we have . They can’t deliver anything on the international scene. What an embarassement you are to Zambia

  2. Ba mumbwe imwe where are you taking the money? Unless increasing your own salaries. Criminals, you do not want to develop the future of the yuoths. this is disaster, worst govrment has ever come across. You do not listen to people’s cry. MILITARY RULE COULD BE THE BEST!

  3. I said that I will be on this site the whole night,but this headline has chased me.Good Night guys,dont forget to pray before going to bed.

  4. I thought Zambia is trying to develop tourism and this was also going to be ann opportunity to market Zambia and for hotels and guest houses to get some income.Pessimist see difficulties in every difficulty whilst opportunist see opportunities in ever difficulty. “Churchill” Sad, no strategy in this govt. They need to state exactly how much they are going to save and how they are going to channel it coupled with accountability versus how much Zambia was going to gain by this International opportunity. We need figures and analysis not just speeches and sweet talk. God bless Zambia.

  5. at least they have not demolished the ramshackle-ish independence stadium like they did dag hammarskjoeld in ndola when rupiah was a minister in the unip gava.

  6. Copper prices are just an excuse, the government did nothing when they were offered the games while the copper prices were over $8,000 look at the Independence Stadium and the UNZA land where the hostels were supposed to be built. The only people who benefited are the leaders and the Diangamo-led organising team!

    GRZ should have known they were biting more than they could chew, let big games be played by big men!


  8. Ha ha ha ha ….can Zambia manage to host anything….what a shame !We dont have a single stadia 44 years after independence. Thank you Ronnie for coming out openly that you dont have the means, can you cancel the contracts for all staff employed under 2011 games immediately,like Diagamo and transfer all the funds and concetration to other sectors like FSP…… GOODLUCK. By the way what is the fine for this??

  9. i knew it will come to this, coz i dont see gvt spending money where there wont reap, pa zed its me and my family and not national interest…


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    But as there are not many wild animals in UK zoos,
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  12. We should not expect anything good and sensible from Nyama soya’s banch of thieves.They are just here to enrich themselves. do not worry Zedians. What happened to Chungu, Richard Sakala, King Fred Chiluba,Bulaya and many others awaits them. today State House 2moro prison.

  13. #11 what are you talking about. Indepenece stadium is no more. The grand stand was razed down. And my dear football will never be played there under RB’s reign. UNIP, good at razing down stadiums. Ask anybody who has seen the stadium they will tell you the true story. This is a disaster. I thought at least we were going to have decent stadiums in 3 cities. Now looks like Woodlands and Konkola will be our main stadiums for years to come. What a country

  14. Good move you saved us from being embarrassed because Zambia does not have the infrastructure to host such a big event, the few hotels and guest houses are abnormally too expensive.This could have been a great time to attract tourists.But Zambia needs to begin to look inward attract the Zambians to come to your city so they can spend on hotel food and recreation.

  15. #11 don’t you know independence stadium was demolished. Its now like dag I doubt it will even be built now. Oh my country Zambia :((

  16. Cont..from #21 acrobatics swinging from tree to tree.
    As he is busy entertaining people, he accidentally
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    It was such a dramatic event that on that day ticket
    sales almost doubled!!! Yet till now, nobody knew that those animals were well and trully Zed guys!

  17. #6
    I disagree with you
    that mitary rule could be the best solution. I think the descion by government is welcome if they will really shift that money to what they have identified as priority areas. infact we would have just disgraced ourselves. we are very far from hosting such an event.

  18. We have let the world down.That 2011 thing would have brought development to Zambia and if properly handled Zambia would have benefited financially from the events and we would have used it to develop our antheletees and market the country.How do they explain the salary increaments if the situation is this bad.Zambians will never be trusted.

  19. true #9
    a sad development it is. this was going to be an opportunity that was going to guarantee future cashflows for the country in terms of exposure to potential tourists, the monies to be benefited by the local businesses, another zambian that could have been employed as need for labour would have risen.. let alone the demand for the kwacha would have increased comanding gain against major currencies, the whole world would have had a chance to see what zambia can offer. this was a strategic move in creating awareness for mother zambia. can’t we learn from south affrica? there should have been extensive consultation for this matter. will that saving stop the poverty????? sad..

  20. I would rather they cancelled Funding to Faz than cancel the hosting of all africa games.Zambians would have directly benefited from the infrasture which we are lacking in the country.Lack of infrasture is one cause for hiv and crime

  21. bwapwa pwa pwa “chicken” this is the second joke of the year the first one being you Zambians electing for moi. Ha Ha Ha

  22. Nyama soya and your bunch of minnions mwatusebanya bamambala. How could we miss out on such an oppurtunity? That means we will be barred from participating in the 2011 games, and on top of that to be fined for failure to host! What have you to offer? Apo mwaishila mu power all is failure on failure: Ubunga mwalunda, load shedding yacila, forbiddin ama demo which is our right,kwacha yapona, where are going? Stop using intimidation of police and army nabo tuleculila fye mumo. How can they fight us instead of protecting us?
    Resign and call an early election bane, namufilya!

  23. This is a bad government decision.
    I am dissapointed with them. Dont they know that Zambia would benefit more on hosting the African games than on diverting money into ‘private’ bank accounts

  24. from the inception of this grandiose project i was sceptical the government would never see this to its logical end. ealry this year when the COJA team was housed at the new gvernment complex, i told one of the young ladies in Diangamo’s team that i was very sure the governmet was going to abandon the project. she din’t believe me and mind you this was long before LPM passed on. the ministry of youth and the diangamo team are jokers – and i couldn’t see any serious management brought to the preparations. the guys were busy scheming everyday on how to give their friends supply contracts to make money.
    it’s a shame but i perosnally fell the government has made an honorable decision instad of

  25. #26 good analysis. Our leaders did not realize the returns of hosting this event. The opportunity cost of not hosting the games will be very high in the long run.

  26. being embarrassed at the last minute. RB government has saved us this embarrassement…but we hope that indeed the funds now will be diverted to savng the zambians from possible starvation which will follow this impending drought. it is high time RB reshuffled his perm secs – apart from belonging to the family tree alot of them are non-performers…what do you expect from Bob samakai?

  27. I wish this govt could think twice and realise what revenue this event could have brought to Zed. Learn from China and see the stats of what was ploughed in and reaped back. Zed, same odd, same odd, gabbage in gabbage out.[-(:-\”

  28. Fellow Zedians, the problem we have in Zambia is the quality of opposition we have. My analysis on this issue is that the gov weighed the economic and political benifits of hosting the games. I am sure they are aware of the economic benifits but at the same time they are mindfull of the fact that 2011 is an election year and the likes of Sata will take advantage of the situation(no second guessing that Sata will imform the poor and illiterate that the gov is spending millions on games while people suffer). Economic benifits will be felt long after the games hence the political benifits outweighed the economic benifits that might be felt after they have been kicked out of power.

  29. It not about the government not realising the revenue and importance, they know that. They have just realised they are not up to the job of organising such an event – they are jokers and don’t believe in hard work.

    The fact that I understand that making a rocket will make my family rich doesn’t mean I should embark on making one! Start by making motorcycles, cars, trains etc… In Zambia’s case work on your basic infrustructure, hospitals, roads etc… then think about bigs things like these games! 😕



  32. hello…bushe kanshi nyama Soya niani???? how can he be soya and nyama at the same time…..nyama soya..nyama soya …its now my name nyama soya….


  34. Missed aopportunity for many businesses in Zed!! I dont think shikapwasha’s view hold enough evidence for hosting of the games to have down turn on hosting the events. Do these guys have advisors??. How bout the missed opportunity to bring in Forex especially in the events of the global crisis, Wouldn’t that have hepled to keep some businesses running?

    Even if the world is going through the crisis, wouldn’t have government and its agencies found a way to host the games and come up with a plan that would still support the games despite slowdown in ecomomic activity but still have added value to hosting the games??

    I wish they could copy from South Africa’s plan of organizing such.

  35. RB thought that being president was as easy as hooking up with the sweet-26 from chimwemwe. mwatichitisa manyazi achimwene… wats wrong with you RB?

  36. WHEN ARE WE GOING TO SEPARATE GOVERNMENT FROM GETTING INVOLVED IN SPORTS?? Don’t we have professionals that can run these associations without the Government. What kind of Country do these guys run?? People we need to wake up these guys are taking us for a ride.

    Why should it take a government to run sports associations. These are not political organisazations and yet the governmment still continues to interfere in running of these sporrts agencies. We need to file a law suit!!!!!

  37. I think the move is welcome if indeed they will proceed as they say they will. I think it would be a missed opportunity in terms of exposure but there are other pressing issues facing the country which the All Africa games funds can be used on. I am very happy there is no need to spend money on Africa Games yet they are more pressing issues. The people who are starving will not eat sports. I hope money will be put to good use.

  38. Shikapwasha why are you telling lies.You have just failed.Just from the biggining you have been strugling to really prepare adquately for the all african games. This global finacial crisis is just a coincidence,at least this government has found some relief. They have an axcuse for their failure to host the games.Even just by looking at the facilities to host such events,we dont have.Independence stadium ya mu 19 werensky.In Zambia thats where you find a government that doesnt put building hostels for students as a priority.The importance is given to all african games,and after using them thats when they can be give to the students.Now if it were not for that event do you think the students would have new hostels. Old tired,useles and finished Medula oblangaters.

  39. Hey you guys,its time to sleep now. You should marry,most of you on this blog one can tell that you are not married.so ifyakuchita ni blogging fye.Sata said it,that young men today are not marrying because they cant manage to do so.As a result of the mmd bad policies.Upeni the whole night you are just blogging. Vote wisely next time.

  40. RB’s team is doing what they promised to do…’finish the good works LPM started!’. Most of you guys will may have noticed that RB does not like complications and examples abound:
    Dismiss Magande
    Dismis state aids and appoint AKA
    Appoint an ailing VIP with no plan legal affairs (fikaisova)
    First state visit to Nigeria and comes back with a truck of sugar, cooking oil which is easy to distribute.
    Brings back Chungu for the and the court cases will to restart from O!
    Removes Namulambe from sports and ditches all sporting related investments. Presido made simple by RB,, he is a geneous o o Chikali bakamba!

  41. Ati RB aliya sende icishimba chakwa Idi Amin Dada,, and it is working look at the decisions and where the kwacha is in less than 90days of his,,,style! Chinekee,, Oh oh!

  42. 5 types of benefits widely used to make the case for hosting mega
    # Urban regeneration legacy benefits
    # Sporting legacy benefits
    # Tourism and image benefits
    # Celebration, social and cultural benefits
    # Wider economic benefits

    These are some of the opportunity costs of not hosting the games. I hope that the decision was made having taken into consideration all these. Any infrastructure will have regenerated LK and the stadia would be legacy benefiting our teams. A good time to sell Livingstone and the development there. Celebration of our cultural heritage.

  43. #82 Sinjoko
    Oxymoron is a wierd play on words

    “organised Chaos”
    “Plastic Glasses”…etc are examples. When used in a literal sense they don’t make sense but they have a little depth in a figurative sense.
    When I said “LT Management” is an oxymoron I was mocking Lt as having no management.;)

  44. Africa 2011 would have attracted out-of-town visitors to LK, who spend money in the LK local community both inside and outside the games village, in our shops for the duration of the games, sell our city to the outside world.

    This ‘new money’ from outside the community creates income and jobs in the community for residents. Jobs such as more people employed at eating places to cater for the high demand from sports tourism leading to more household income for our Kaponya boys. Hence their capital growing triple. Simple economics for our leaders to understand that all nations will spend on their teams no matter the credit crunch.

  45. Having withdrawn, what happens to money that was released under Diangambo. False receipts from bogus suppliers are likely to be created tonight if not last night.

  46. Analyst, you have really made me laugh my lungs out by your story tonight. this was my first time to get to this site and i have enjoyed my evenning. 17%of my muscles have worked usefully and i guess, i will hav a good sleep. you are great MAN.RB Is not my best choice either,but what can we do. we are keeping them with state money. they are State O.V.C’s (Opharns & Vulnarable Children). :d/

  47. #90 Sinjoko

    No pressure! But its a two way street ka… Now you have to let me in on the Silozi so that I can eavesdrop on my nebaz. Do we have a deal?

  48. Shame, Something tells me there’s something ’bout Shikapwasha. I think 3 years is too long for RB, lets just give him 1 year, we need a leader in Zed seriously, the 2 month he’s been in power, things have deteriorated so much, what more three years?

  49. honestly did anyone hear what the minister in the uk said regarding the hosting of the olympics? If you didn’t then here is what she said ” if we knew what we know now we would have not gone for it” it’s a global crisis if a developed country would say this what of us this is the right move by government with people cutting down on travel what exposure are you talking about. We have already wasted a lot of money on elections only to confirm that bwezani continuos what more do u want

  50. Thats a plus but you should also withdraw your new conditions of service if you are serious with cost serving measures, further more, a minister/GRZ does not need more than 1 motor vehicle. So please GRZ officials should surrender those expensive extra, very expensive and a drain of limited resource. DO WE REALLY HONESTLY NEED A TAX PAYER TO CATER FOR A GRZ’S OFFICIAL’S FAMILY TRAVEL/LEISURE EXPENSES??

  51. Zed with unpopular govt is becoming a black skull on the continent.
    Sufferings, lack of food stuffs, medcare, clean water, housing, teachers, nurses, doctors with pothole roads everywhere is an eye sore and these bring wound back home. I have just told my relatives from the villages that if you need money to buy fertiliser just ask your President to stick to his K50pin price and don’t cry for the current price K300.000 per bag. You wasted your votes for cheap lies and now you are paying the big price for your deeds. Salary increments for politicans when the whole world has withheld all unnecesary increments. We are being ruled by dictators and the most corrupt govt Zed has ever had.

  52. Pipo Zambia has not missed an opportunity what Zambian have avoided is frustration, If Zambia had an infrastructure the games would have created more jobs these types of events brings in millions of dollars into any given city.

  53. Sara Jones, Thank you sister!! these kanbwangas can’t even understand basic simple economics moreover basic math. Give to a grade seven chap, he can explain how we can benefit. I was thinking of setting up a business with the premise of taking advantage of the games, now I have to think of a plan B.

  54. Good decision….lets give credit where its due, infact the opposition was supposed to suggest this idea instead of just planning demos.Lets have more initiatives that will help the nation.

  55. it’s time zedians to take actions and make this useless leaders pay.If we sleep like this we’re heading to hell.
    we need to fight hard zedians.why are we so lazy when it comes to development.come on guys let us become nationalists.I’m feeling bad here.I can really even go and stone RB.noooooooooooooooooooooooo come on guys what’s happening in zed.aweeeeeeee cine

  56. # 61, so what are your Suggestions! should LT remove them for the sake of your or you can choose suitable ones. I personally find your statement to be freaky!

  57. it’s a shame indeed,yet a bold move taken by the government to buy food as the maize in the silo’s was sold off and the remaining maize runs out in 2 months..anyway zambia yika lusa nayambi ama dollar to another country 😕 ….that’s y capitalism at times is better.

  58. You people who claim to be politicians,minsters and other posts that you have given yourselves in parliament,i would advice you to go back to grade 8 or 9 and learn your geograpy again.Hosting African games is not some thing to play with,the government would benefit drastically and even people themselves.
    I think we need a political university in zed that would atleast reduce a bit of politicians who are just claimants!!!!!! 😕


  60. what do you expect? abena vera making decisions. i pity you bane. if you can(abali abroad) pliz stay where you are. zambia has gone 20 years backwards.

  61. mediocrity and mediocre leadership which is highly myopic results in premature and unplanned for decisions. Why did you apply for the hosting in the first place? Dont use the recession as an excuse, unless you are not aware that South Africa is also going thru the same economical turmoil. But our friends have just commissioned a brand new stadium in soweto, one of the venues for world cup 2010. Ubu ni bu ……….. (kalya akanama kapala ababemba) at its highest level.

  62. As ONE WORD type | the citizens democratic party “dot” com|

    Find out why people are saying that this is one DIFFERENT party. Find out why it cannot be put alongside MMD, UPND, PF. Find out why it offers a different and better solution to our country. Find out why more and more people are joing it!

  63. So, how are we recouping the money that’s already been spent? This is what happnes when you lack farsightedness. This idea was from LPM’s cabinet anyway.

  64. so are they saying when they offered to host there was no food crisis? because ine ba bululu bandi ba fwa ne nsala

  65. Money used to increase salaries of Ministers should have also been used to cushion the impact of the rising food prices in Zambia. Why only channel the resouces meant for sports?

  66. If the reasons given could actually be believed then this decision is in the best interest of the Nation, the expenditure could possibly exceed the profitability and with global crisis fewer people will be travelling, people will be spending less money on leisure because of rising prices, so all expectations shift BUT SURELY IS THAT MONEY GOING WHERE ITS SUPPOSED TO? OLO JUST A CHANCE FOR MORE POCKET MONEY?


  68. BA MMD you have turned us into laughing storks! Why did you accept in the first place? we told you that the money involved was too much , i dnt know what to say now[-(

  69. Non visionary leaders!!! Do you appriciate the importance of hosting such an event????.Thats why you thinks building a new national stadium is a luxury and yet in your damn brains you cheat yourselves that zambia will one day quality to the world cup without such investments.Shame on you!!!!

  70. Huufu,these Characters know how to justify their failures. They have put it in such a way that it really sounds genuine.And already some of you have been convinced.So many jammed medula oblangaters.

  71. I always had a gut feeling Zambia was always going to fail to host the 2011 games. Facts on the ground show it was always going to be impossible. The only stadium with a running track, Independence Stadium, is a complete shack not fit for any sporting activities. The other stadium that is supposed to be built in Ndola still remains on the drawing board with little or no activity on the ground, yet it would at least 3 yrs to construct it. We at the brink of the year 2009, implying the Ndola stadium will only be ready in 2012 (past 2011!!) at the earliest!! Gov’t should spare itself embarassments of this nature by not attempting to bid for hosting mega sports events anymore!!

  72. …and so all the money that was spent on the so called COJA committee for the past 2yrs has gone down the drain?! Heads must roll.

  73. “That wife of mine is a liar.” said the angry husband to a sympathetic pal seated next to him in the bar. “How do you know?” the friend asked. “She didn’t come home last night, and when I asked her where she’d been, she said she’d spent the night with her sister, Shirley.” “So?” the friend replied. “So, she’s a liar. I spent the night with her sister Shirley!”

  74. We need facts and figures so that we can analyze the issue. How much was the budget for this same project, how much has been spent so far, how much will be saved and how will it be channeled? These questions need to be answered, the Govt can’t play with Zambian minds anymore, we are exposed and we are realizing our rights. Those that are asking for an extension of the NCC by 1 year, how much will that cost and where will that money come from in the midst of the Food crisis the Govt is talking about. Why aren’t measures being made to scrap off those NCC allowances and other Govt allowances if the food crisis is a genuine problem.hmmmmmmm:-?

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  76. what can we do kanshi in zambia we are alwalys failing.we should we do may sata would ve done us proud mmd awe mwe twanaka

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  78. This is a sad development and a big shame to our toad government, next time we will hear that Zambia has withdrawn from participating in the 2010 Africa and World cup to concentrate on the rising food prices in Zambia.

  79. #140.I was waiting for my dear.Those chemestry formulas tells me something about you.You are a metal,not as in physical but interms of brains.

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  81. Banana Republic. Politics of hunger all the time. When an opportunity knocks on your door, you knock it down! So no sports coz we have starving masses! 😮


  83. this is embarassing to the citizens of this country.shame indeed,why bid wen u cnt manage.cnt comment anymore its shamefull indeed.

  84. this country has lost direction,nothing is happening in this country.the failures to host means none of our sportmen will participate in the all africa games.this means that zambia will find itdifficult to send our sports men to the olympics in london because of the withdraw.

  85. Ha Ha ha.. I saved the best laugh for last. I kenw it and foretold it that Zambia is incapable of hoisting the all africa games. levy wanted a feating tribute, send off afetr hoisting the games but then he died early. This has changed the ball game. We have wasted so much money on that project and reaped losses.

    Zambia is a crazy circus with too many crazy ring-masters

  86. I forgot my name. Not anonymous.

    Ha Ha ha.. I saved the best laugh for last. I kenw it and foretold it that Zambia is incapable of hoisting the all africa games. levy wanted a feating tribute, send off afetr hoisting the games but then he died early. This has changed the ball game. We have wasted so much money on that project and reaped losses.

    Zambia is a crazy circus with too many crazy ring-masters

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  88. Mwasebana ba shikapwasha fya bupuba abanenu bale chita advertise ama countries yabo. Am telling you this group of garbage, shame maningi.

  89. I think we all saw this coming. And what an excuse by the minister, as though he was talking to grade ones,f.o.o.l I don’t know what next

    Just why did we bid to host the games before putting up some of the infrastracture like stadiums, I mean we did not have anything. On what basis was the decision to bid for these games arrived at and what model/process of decision making was used in making the final decision, “Gabbagecan” I suppose. What does the rest of African think of us. It seems the Homo Habilis mentality will always remain with us. Minister ubu la isoni monga ni ule

    We all know the money is there, so why put us thru all this agony Govt?
    The probem is that we :[email protected] too much

  90. Chewe

    That is true ‘Ubushimbe bubi’
    but we can always do heat and run or keep it isolated or loose

    And there is too much snow to make a good move

  91. Shikapwasha if I were you I would not even the press, for what? Everybody knew and even now we all know that as a Nation we can not host anything except heads of states coming to visit Zambia, then the money is there. Why can’t Govt cut on other things like reducing the number of ministers, Cabinate, trips abroad with almost the entire govt travelling.

    This is a shame, but I think we should just accept that we as Zambians are crap and will never achive anything, maybe in the second world abu..pu..ba

  92. **== these chaps are failures embarassing everyone; is that what we get from a goverment voted into power by villagers? this is just the beginning of worse to come. RB should step down all the resources spent on bidding to host and paying the diangamos their perks and remember no one will trust GRZ to host other future events; they have failed without trying “shame”

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    Water wings for those non-swimmers.

    Use 500 of them to spell out “We Want Women!!” on your house.

  94. When you appoint Diangamo the plunderer to run things what do you expect? The fact is we don’t have event management capacity in zambia to organize the all africa games. in zambioa we just talk and criticise too much!!! the fact is at the end of the day it is a wise decision. WE don’t have the resource capacity to do it unless you guys want to starve to death! The decision to host the games was not made on the basis of already existing cash. it was made on projected earnings, and the fact is copper is down and the world economy is in recession, there is no where the govt would have gone to borrow money to build stadia for the games…and you guys would criticise them again. Let’s be mature.

  95. Why make plans that affect other countries based on projected income, that is very poor planning to begin with and to take other countries for a ride even makes it worse. We still need answers based on facts and figures. How much was the budget, how much has been spent so far and on what, lastly how much will be saved and how will it be used and accounted for? we don’t want to be taken for endless rides. We need answers and right away. We are not interested in prepared speeches.God bless Zambia.

  96. Here are some pretty solid reasons why alcohol should be served at work…

    It’s an incentive to show up.
    It leads to more honest communications.
    It reduces complaints about low pay.
    Employees tell management what they think, not what management wants to hear.
    It encourages car pooling.
    Increase job satisfaction because if you have a bad job, you don’t care.
    It eliminates vacations because people would rather come to work.
    It makes fellow employees look better.
    It makes the cafeteria food taste better.
    Bosses are more likely to hand out raises when they are wasted.
    Salary negotiations are a lot more profitable.

  97. In the first year of marriage, the man speaks and the woman listens. In the second year, the woman speaks and the man listens. In the third year, they both speak and the neighbors listen.

  98. One man calls emergency:
    – Come immediately, my little son has swallowed a condom!
    After five minutes, the same man calls back:
    – It is OK, I found another one.

  99. Good move RB. Accept that you have no venues fro Bola, basketball, Volleyball, hockey, squash, boxing, netball, swimming …etc

    By now these all these should have been in place

    Mother Zed…talk talk talk is cheap
    We are a poor nation . dont pretend to be richhhhh

  100. A lawyer defending a man accused of burglary tried this creative defense: “My client merely inserted his arm into the window and removed a few trifling articles. His arm is not himself, and I fail to see how you can punish the whole individual for an offence committed by his limb.”

    “Well put,” the judge replied. “Using your logic, I sentence the defendant’s arm to one year’s imprisonment. He can accompany it or not, as he chooses.” The defendant smiled. With his lawyer’s assistance he detached his artificial limb, laid it on the bench, and walked out.

  101. I fail to understand why some morons on this blog condemn even sensible things. RB & his team have made a very prudent decision in light of the global economic crisis. Cutting unnecessary expenditure & focusing on food, health, education & infrastructure is the common sense thing to do! I don’t see why we should spend vast sums of money on a mediocre sports tournament that won’t even bring in tourist dollars! To all the loud mouths on the blog, you’re just asahmed that RB is turning out to be a sensible, level headed leader UNLIKE your Kaponya PF leader! The Post & their minions have been proven wrong yet again…

  102. Please list all the expenditures that have been cut down one by one during this global crisis. How come MP’s salaries have been increased, how come NCC is being extended for another one year. We are also asking what was the budget for the All africa games, how much has been spent so far , how much will be saved and how will it be spent and accounted for. we need facts and figures. The days of general speeches are over. This is not about political parties let us not divert from the main issue by politising what Zambians are demanding accountability for , this is about Zambians exercising their rights and demanding for accountability.

  103. New Zambia #175, you’re obviously a very rational individual and your comment is valid. I agree, we require more figures & stats and I’m sure, Musokotwane will reveal the changes in spending priorities for 2009 in his budget in the nxt couple of months. However, I still fail to see why some of my fellow bloggers would see cancelling plans to host the ‘games’ as a bad decision?!

  104. RB has a decent group of advisors around him like Musokotwane, AKA, GK…These guys are humble, yet highly educated & understand the complex global village we live in. On the contrary, Chilufya Sata is a (daft/uneducated) scatter brain who would have the masses believe that the current slump in copper prices, & economic slowdown in Zed is RB’s making?! This Kaponya has the faintest clue regarding the global crisis & it’s contagion effects! Whether we like it or not, the emerging markets have NOT decoupled from the US & hence we will be affected directly or indeirectly, and chaps like Chilufya Sata should just go back to Kulima Tower, where he belongs…

  105. #174 Can explain why Banda and his gang increased their already salaries as the first thing when they assumed office? Is that what a any reasonable person with five senses can do. Sheikh Banda imagine that I appoint u as manager in my supermarket and the first thing you do is to increase your salary before you shall what you can do. Band and his gang should have first of all porved to the Zanbian people that they can deliver and after satisfying the people then they could have increased their pay as a reward and I am sure no one would have complained.

    Use your common sense, mune and if there is a moron then it is Banda, his gang, you and the idio..t that made the decision to bid for 2011

  106. The mentality of animalism will always be in our politicians. They behave like dogs, are not willing to share. Put a plate of meet between too dogs and u will hear angaaa, boboooobboooobb, angroooo,. Why not share the littel we have. Zambia is like “Animal Farm” with RB as Napoleon

  107. #177 This is reason Zambia is rich. People like you never stop amusing.

    Reason UTH has a million generators to save lives.

    Plum of the day award so far goes to you. What a wum you are!

    Cretins like you should look at you aunt who goes without food first before they open their gobs! I think a few sweets will get you thinking again.

    Ho Ho Ho! Wont put my house on it though! Cadres are very difficult to get them thinking!

  108. I am not saying that Sata should be the President, but I think we need a President from the coming generation in 2011. The present generation are there to enjoy before the pack, so why should they care how zed will look like in 30 years time. RB will be 101 and most likely soil, just like Sata.I think it is time to pave way for the coming generation to decide their destination

  109. bwana Justice Kafusha #178, I fail to make sense of your irrational posts filled with spelling mistakes! You sound like a PF member from Kulima or KMB? FYI, I’m not a big fan of RB myself & he obviously has many faults of his own. However, the heading of this story is “GRZ rescinds decision to host games”…let’s debate that!? Also, try using spellcheck nxt time around! C’mon, meet(meat), too(two) are not simple typos but clearly show your shallow grammar!!!

  110. #185, Santa ‘Clown’, seeing that you’re such a smart a_$$…how’s the credit crunch hitting you ‘Engee’ boys?! Hmmm, let me see, you just lost lost your job mopping floors at Tescos, can’t afford gas payments this winter for your East London shoebox flat & oh, even the old people’s homes have been impacted, so no more cleaning old people’s butts & changing their diapers…! Whose the dead MF now?!

  111. #186.My friend you may use good english in your postings,but if what you are saying in your posting does not make sense then everything together with your good english is useless.The decision made by RB and his colleagues is useless,I know you are a BANDA but when one of us makes a mistake tifunika kubauza ati mwapanga mistake.Be like us Bembas We don’t defend FTJ we all know that the chap is a thief.So Abanba osaseka munzanu cizungu,moreover english is not our languege.

  112. :(( time wasted. We could frmo the onset let some serious countries host. two years of lost time, resources. What a big shame. I knew that zambia could not hold anything.

  113. I saw it coming. Zambia has never been were hosting of such tournaments is concerned. Shikapwasha shouldn’t lie to us that the resources meant for this noble course has been diverted to hamper food security, because nothing absolutely nothing has ever been done on the ground. Look at our sporting infrastructure, very poor! Even Chad poor as it is, has far much better facilities than Zambia, not to mention Malawi, war torn countries like Rwanda , Burundi and Congo.

    What is wrong with Zambia kanshi???

  114. #187 It`s not Tescos it`s Tesco.

    There is no need to use swear words on these MBs.

    Why do you biggots think every Zambian with a British flag is a bum cleaner? And, yes if cleaning bums gives you a good life, then why not?
    Why do Zambians still have this monkey mentallity of thinking they all have to be managers? So cleaners are still despised in Zambia isn`t it? No wonder the counry smells. All people are businessmen and managers like yourself.

    You are a typical Zambian. They think everbody who is in the UK lives in London. lol! H0 HO HO!

  115. >:), if we should blame anyone for agreeing to this futile adventure in the first place, it should be LPM! But, i’ll let the man rest in peace, he obviously had good intentions thinking he could pull it off using the windfall taxes from the mines?! I’m anxious to see what Musokotwane’s first budget will look like? there are way too many problems in mother Zed right now that will need pragmatic solutions! I’ll forever remain a PROUD Zedian…**==

  116. Sheikh Banda You are thick.

    Wake up! How many budgets have we seen so far since 1964? Unless you tell me you are only in your 20s or 30s!
    Ho Ho Ho.

  117. Sheikh Banda.

    I am a bum cleaner but my son goes to this school and he is doing very well. It is worth it I think.

    Hope you are man enough to have a look!

    w w w.thomasdeaconacademy dot com/page_viewer.asp?page=Welcome&pid=1

  118. :)), #192 hahaha, ba ‘Engee’ boy ama wala tamwa kaleke!? Atleast, you’re brave enough to admit your vocation! No wonder some of you go under cover when we visit…go to Canary Wharf & you’ll find loads of Nigerian & Kenyan investment bankers but few Zedians? Let’s be more assertive bane & not settle for bum cleaning as our careers. Also, let’s stop sending misleading emails back to Zed, portraying a glamorous lifestyle when the reality is London undergorund and fish & chips! HoHoHo indeed…

  119. For sure we are still in the old stone age! The failure by the Govt to host such an event is unacceptable. In other countries, almost 80% of the costs would have been from the Private sector. This shows how selfish some of the Investors are, and hope Govt is learning lessons. Meanwhile high food prices shouldn’t be an excuse as we want a report on how the FRA famous bumper harvest was handled.

  120. #196. Why are you being a moron?

    my post said not all Zambians live in London and not all Zambians are bum cleaners. Did you ever get to do comprehension in grade 7?

    Ho Ho Ho.

  121. Sheikh can I come and visit you? You are more than welcome to visit. People run away from you because you come here asking for a lot. Man U shirt (knowing all Zambians are Man U fans), Mobile phone, Laptop so that when you go back mwaya mukuzimya.

    Ho Ho Ho.

  122. Ba Banda Sheikh Mwantinya Ze biggy.Most of the nigerias are crooks,but Zedian are honest pipo.#159 annonymous I know you dont do the Job you have mentioned above,and that tells me that you are a real humble Zambian.Banda you have to be careful with Nigerians otherwise you will find yourself kwamupezeni.One Zambia One Nation.So not ifyakuicita attack.Banda Sheikh come on don’t be so mean but be a nice guy like Matworld.Ha hah ah ah ahah!

  123. # 186 Sheikh mune those are typing errors. To be frank with you REXAM Beverage Can Europe Frederia A/S would not have employed me as an IM Site Support Analyst if I was as shallow minded as you think. All Zambians who know me know very well who I am. I never worry about id..iots like you who comes around and starts calling others names. I know that what people say about others is what they are themselves

    For your own information I left Zambia in 1990 at the age of 26 and since then I have never been there. I do not even know Sata so well, however I am concerned about the people of Zambia, cause no matter what it is my country

    Cheers mr. muzungu ani konde

  124. :-?, oooh, #198, seems I touched a nerve, ‘INIT’? ok ba guy, let’s get back to the topic at hand, the All Africa Games? Next time I’m in the UK, let’s make up over a pint of ‘Stella’ & a pub Sunday roast…but osanama ati mwana ayenda ku thomasdean?!, just thank the good Lord for NHS & subsidized Catholic schools, hahaha…just messing witcha’ mate seriously, Hope you & your loved ones have a Merry Xmas & prosperous 2009!!!

  125. 201 Kafusha
    Come back and be our president please. We understand you people there have learnt to be well behaved and have truthful minds and you are reasonable. Please come back my brother, twachula sana mu Zambia.

  126. Sheikh Banda this kind of English is really poor!

    “Let’s be more assertive bane & not settle for bum cleaning as our careers”. #196.

    If we have to get to the nitty gritty things Sheikh you will soon stop responding.

    Ho Ho Ho!

  127. Yes twamikata ba tombolilo, thats all you do in other people’s countries. Bum cleaning , yark!! Shopuld you be proud to go that far and clean bums, you must be PF. Come home and do something constructive, arent you tired of smelling…… Father christmas, my friend please come home and do something instead of talking too much on the net. At least pipo in govt are at hom,e and are doing something. Anyway, let ask you one question, if you go out of the country who do you think will develp the country for you? The govt educated you and you need to be engaged in some constructive venture at home. 🙂

  128. LT you might aswell remove this story because it’s just spoiling our day. Some of us are optimists who don’t want to drown in a sea of bad news.

  129. #198 Don’t you recall the name Sheikh Banda, I lot of ba kaboyi who were working for indians had such names. Sheikh Banda’s father must have been kaboyi wa ba samya. I recall their was one in Mpika they alled Sheikh Banda just because he worked for this mwenye. So uyu Sheikh ni mwana kaboyi

  130. Sheik banda, you too have made a spelling mistake, you are actually called ” Shiki ” Banda!!!(LOL). You are trying to defend “Klumpon” (aka akulu Mpuno). You are so short sighted if not “Reasonably” blind!! Tourist dollars my foot,this is a sporting event, Countries are obliged to send teams,so those are assured dollars, they will need accommodation,food,transport, etc. the mother body pledges funds to the hosting country. Entrepreneurs pour in their funds. That aside, when bidding to host any planner with a brain to be proud about, would have incorporated a “buffer” fund in their plans. Proposed infrastructure, would have been “killing 2 birds with on stone!” becoz need 4 later!!

  131. #205 Kwindi Politics is not my field. I am Ok where I am. I have managed to support some family members of my girlfriend by bringing them here and sending them to Colleges etc. One of them has done so well that he is now studying for a masters degree in Sweden and intends to come back to Zanbia one he completes. He worked for Konkola mines as an electrician

    Coming back to Zambia will be when I retire and then I can come sown and enjoy my pension that will taxi free and will be paid fromh here
    There are a lot of Zambians within Zanbia who are capable of being good leaders but they are blocked. I have examples but I won’t name any

  132. #205 Kwindi Politics is not my field. I am Ok where I am. I have managed to support some family members of my girlfriend by bringing them here and sending them to Colleges etc. One of them has done so well that he is now studying for a masters degree in Sweden and intends to come back to Zanbia one he completes. He worked for Konkola mines as an electrician

    Coming back to Zambia will be when I retire and then I can come sown and enjoy my pension that will taxi free and will be paid fromh here
    There are a lot of Zambians within Zanbia who are capable of being good leaders but they are blocked. I have examples but I won’t name any

  133. #207 Twafwa nomba! Bafika pa Internet Cafe guys! Imiponto shaisa nomba.

    I will try and be polite. Yes the government educated me and thanks for that. But then the same government let me down. I started school in the 70s and I remember writing on amaseleti. Education was free and if one was determined, you knew you were going to have a good life. It is no longer the case.

    I had to make a decision, it was a tough one but, God ain`t I happy I did?
    Zambia will have to be there of course. What is annoying is you have started getting donations from Nigeria. Now that is not a good sign.
    Well work had for you country. Stump out corruption and I might think of coming back. For now no!

  134. #205 KWINDI brother find a way out, go somewhere else and seek greener pastures, pantu uko it is like things will never change, and mind you noboday owns the world only GOD, you can therefore stay where you are OK, make a living and get home after retirement.

    Just look at how many Zambians are in Botswana, I know one who went to work there, he is now back in zed at 65, a house in Pamodzi in Ndola and a pub+restuarant, he is OK

  135. Hey, Zambians. Remember that 2011 is a yera of Presidentila and Parliamentary elections!!!! Nyama Soya and his men are not concerned about development, but how fill thier pockects

    So the excuse is not true, the issue is elections. MMD knows that they will direct their efforts to make all Africa Games a success as oppossed to finding other trategies of rigging elections!!


  136. The proposed structures are a definite must for the future as all structures have a finite life time! The jaw dropping issue with “old Shiki”, (aka shikapwasha) is that he is announcing a withdrawal from a later event rather than the most imminent, the World cup- so all the huffing & puffing about benefiting was useless hog-wash. This just clearly demonstrates how common logic or sense applies to our leaders – I guess we should now look to the looming press conference about how we shan’t be able to host worldcup teams. So old shiki what is the penalty that you do not wish to share with us?? or is it a state secret?? What do you expect when villagers try to run a country in the 21st century

  137. Ba Yama Ba Kafusha #201, bola panshi bakalamba. You’ve revealed your age (44) & I have genuine respect for my elders, albeit our conflicting opinions! That said, typing your employer’s details on the blog is something I’d avoid if I were you (reputational risk issues). Back to topic at hand, do you honestly think we should be hosting the 2011 All Africa games, given the economic uncertainty in the world today? Don’t get too offended by my sarcasm, i’m your young bro…

  138. Hey, Zambians. Remember that 2011 is a year of Presidential and Parliamentary elections!!!! Nyama Soya and his men are not concerned about development, but how fill their pockects

    So the excuse is not true, the issue is elections. MMD knows that they will direct their efforts to make all Africa Games a success as oppossed to finding other trategies of rigging elections!!


  139. #215 I feel the same like you. How do leave a place where you are OK and go to a place where there are problems. The people who created problems in Zed must be held responsible and be forced to solve them. The earlier they do it the better.

    So Kaunda and Chiluba plus their gangs must sit down and get the country to what to was before, and then they can handover to those leaders with the people at their hearts

  140. #219 My point was we should not have bid for those games, as we were aware of our infrastructures

    About my employees it is nothing secret.

    My age yes in Denmark you do not hide age, even a kid at 5 is free to ask how old you are, and you simply say ” I am 44 years with a big smile”, ku mwesu if you ask your dad how old he is, iwe, however he would still want a birthday present

  141. 216 Kafusha
    I have a house, my wife has ACCA, but we are worried of leaving our nice house to come there in UK. We are told, decent houses are difficult to get and thinking of leaving a 4 bedroomed house with 3 self contained bedrooms, how can it work for me. I may leave the house to someone who may not take care of it properly. Do i sell my 4×4 and the other nice car, what gaurantee is there that i may drive the same out there. I need to secure my future, cause from now all i see for me and my family is a nose diving future. This financial crisis is really biting zambia. What’s your advice bro there?

  142. #219 in addition Justice Kafusha is my real name for I fear nobody else than GOD. If I had a chance to meet Lupiya I would tell him exactly what I mean (a spade is a spade)

    Last thing is that now that Banda and his gang know there are economic crisis they should lead by example thus thruogh reducing their salaries until the economy is back to normal

  143. Father Christmas says if you want to come to the UK you have to realise that even people on benefits drive 4X4s.

    4 Bedroomed house? Well I bet ba Kawimbe should have a 10 bedroomed house. But the fact that he has accepted to be Deputy Minster for Luapula makes you twich!

    That is reason I am scared of coming back. We have seen people who were rich get reduced to nothing in Zed. It is alright when you are working but once out of employment! Father Christmas says it is Ho Ho Ho!

  144. #224 Kwindi I understand u very much. In your sitiuation it is difficult, I would not leave what you have as well if I were you. It makes things difficult. Here in Denmark people who do not have problems staying when they come are single women as they simply get married, but for men and married couples it is a rock.

    In your case you have to start some business, I do not what business one can do in zed, I was at one time thinking of doing business with my little brother but I was not sure it was going to work. However if I can find a trusted person who is not a family member and who can give ideas of what is best to deal with in business in zed maybe we can make a team, who knows

  145. Sheikh banda you seem to have a lot of contempt for zambians in england. What is your real problem son , tell me. Udwala kunyu? loko yakuluma nsanya? kamba mushe mwana why ku kalipa monga wadya kazizi kumozi namapepe

  146. Good idea. While there will be less tourism and fewer facilities built, these sports facilities cost a huge amount of money. Better to spend the money on food security.

  147. The waest goverment we have so far, how can they promote tourism
    industry, does this leadership knows what it means to host a big event like that.
    Levy we shall always ador you. Even the building of stadia will be the talk of the past in this goverment.
    A big shame to us all as a nation.

  148. I think the real issue is execution. Unfortunately, there are many talented and wonderful people in this nation, but very few who can put the ball in the back of the net when it comes to anything larger than a guest house or bus company. I hope that our capacity can grow to the point that we can run our own mines, keep our own wealth and realize our own dreams. I believe that day is not too far off. God bless Zambia.

  149. Ala anyandule mwa sebanya ichalo chesu. you have been failing to run the nation since you rigged your way into office. very sad indeed.

  150. when are we going to realise that sport is not just a hobby or enrertainment? it builds careers, it is the difference between a life of crime and poverty for some people!! sport can unite people! God knows we need that in the country!!!! people turn to sport to upleft their sprits and forget their problems!!! which seem to be getting worse by the day. And most importantly our government does not realise that sport is a BUSSINESS!!! do you know how nuch money is made from the EPl
    its a disguisting situation that we have come to a point were there is no national stadium to talk about? how can we even consider playing international games outside the country? ATA!! where is the national bride?

  151. :)]Hello, yashani Mwebuteko?Yours decisions is tantamount to stubbing Pan-Africanism a sociopolitical world view, and philosophy, as well as a movement, which seeks to unify both native Africans and those of the African diaspora, as part of a global African community. These games that we have failed to host were conceived as Pan African Games as far back as 1920 by Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the Modern Olympics, whose ideal was met with opposition from the colonial powers who were wary of the unifying aspect of sport among African people whose independence was denied. Zambia twasebana.


  152. When it came to increasing MP salaries, high world food prices were not considered. When it comes to sport which will put the country somewhere, then HIGH FOOD PRICES ARE CONSIDERED.
    Things from which we will all benefit you dont like them but things that only MPs benefit and the rest remain with dry mouths those are the things you push forward. WHY SO? SELFISHNESS.
    Upcoming President. :o:o

  153. Two of Shikapwasha’s sons have been involed in sports at a professinal level, infact they are professional atheletes, they should call Dad and say, You blew up on that one!!

  154. What on earth is happening…???? Am proud to be Zambian but guys on this development am not.In 1988 we failed and now we have failed lamentably…

    Who ever voted for these group of thieves is cursed…!!!
    Angola a country known for war is hosting the 2010 AFCON…Kuti wapapa sana…is the democracy and peace we boast about? RB IS CURSED.!!!!! Please God serve us from this mess…what a disapointment Zambia is..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. Zambia has just become an annoying place! There is more annoying news from our country than good news. For how long are we going to be in this agony? Well, you had better invest that money for the good of the country you mwadya mweka daddies! Its not money for your pockets!!

  156. hungry mofos. copper prices drop and all yall start starving. maybe we need to send more truck loads of food.

  157. Nyama soya and yo government what a shame and it is trully a setback to the sporting industry in zambia wake up and realize the power sport can bring to a nation





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